[NFP] Civilization VI - Late-Game Religion Suggestions (Future Mod?)


Jan 16, 2016
Personally, I’d just make passive spread more viable. Say for example a relic in a temple doubled passive spread, but also buff passive spread in general. Maybe 50% buff to passive as is now, then relics in temples double that.

I’d also make it so Martyr isn’t a free promotion. Actually let all religious units gain promotions and make Martyr a tier IV. Religious units gain a promotion whenever they use a charge, like Rockbands, and gain XP through religious combat like military units. So unless you can get to 5 charges, you’ll have to use a combination of spreads and combat. It also means missionaries, inquisitors, guru’s, and warrior monks can give relics on death or when used up.
Aug 17, 2018
Rio de Janeiro, K11 (Kwanza)
Rastafari (1930s) - Okay, I sort of knew this movement existed, but it's so far back in my mind that I forgot it existed... but when Lord of War N02 made the suggestion, I searched it up. Apparently, it's as much of a religion as Scientology is. So, why not add it? And add it I did.
I support this idea, but Rastafari can appear as a early religion as a game mechanic implies.
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