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  1. Yilar

    Yilar Prince

    May 23, 2008
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Entry class: Open
    Game status: Domination Victory for Aztecs
    Game date: 10 AD
    Firaxis score: 7030
    Jason score: 11968
    Time played: 04:57:34

    Well this was rather easy. I just missed the bc win again, I had to wait for an enemy civ to complete the ToA again :(. I couldn't find the Dutch, so conquest was out of the question, but if the dutch hadn't been on an island I could have won on conquest earlier. Maybe I should try building it like Neo666 next time we get such an easy domination map.

    Finished with 81% land and 96% pop hehe :). France wouldn't grow his cities and for whatever reason and my units kept failing on Paris till the very end. So France survived the enslaught, I killed a couple of civs at the end cause they hadn't grown to size2 or expanded their boarders in time.

    I do wonder if I even needed knights. I had 37 horses and 29 knights at the end and I was primary building horses as I didn't have any cash to upgrade, ww is a pain in the ass if you don't handle it correctly. Also I figured out I should have gifted republic to the enemy before I attacked them, them poprushing away their pop sucked :(

  2. Kulko

    Kulko Innocent Bystander

    Feb 27, 2006
    Well being regent the AI proved unable to do anything useful at all. I am not sure the ToA was build while this would habve been helpful in my game. The only wonder the AI finished that I got to use for a while was the SoZ and it probably made more trouble (I had to kill 5 ACavs and produce 4 myself) than it was worth.

    Also I am wondering more, what the correct thing wopuld have been to handle the whole problem. I "wasted" 2 Core cities spamming out settlers and waited for several expansions to avoid razing, just to have 100 extra towns which produced the grand total of 10 Settlers before the game was over. Of course they also helped a bit with research, but I doubt it was notable.

    On the other hand not building them means lots of empty spaces for Barbs to spring up, so you need more military units to patrol your borders. If you go for conquest I wonder what is the best startegy for this problem.

    Thanks for the flowers about my finish date, but if you look at both Dom victories you see there is still a lot of ground to cover. Because of the dutch this scenario wasn't inviting for conquest, which is exactly why I chose it, but had I gone for Dom I would have lost by 40 turns at least.
  3. TheOverseer714

    TheOverseer714 Overseer

    Feb 12, 2007
    Duplicate post.
  4. TheOverseer714

    TheOverseer714 Overseer

    Feb 12, 2007
    Yilar is scary good, so not beating him is no shame. As to Neo666, same thing. You come within 5000 points of either of them, you are doing pretty good. I think Conquest is a viable option for finishing first in a type of VC award, but overall, fast Domination tends to win the gold medal. Work out some bugs and you might just get the gold. I'll never see a medal, but I can always use these XOTMs to boost my private game. My personal goal is to hit 10k Firaxis on a standard map and it not be Histographic.
  5. Racinante

    Racinante Dragon

    Jan 7, 2009
    Collierville, Tennessee, USA
    Nice finish Yilar, how did you make the animated gif?
  6. Yilar

    Yilar Prince

    May 23, 2008
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Run Civ Assist 2 in the background doing game.
    Goto "World Map" tab
    Right click small mini map and click "export multiple minimaps" (if it is blanked out click the "archive" button first).

    Then it creates a neat gif picture which you can upload onto the internet :)
  7. Spoonwood

    Spoonwood Grand Philosopher

    Apr 30, 2008
    I recently did that in a non-GOTM game. I didn't have any native luxuries and really didn't have much motivation for markets until the industrial ages either, as I had poor luxury opportunities. There do exist more conquest and domination games that way (and some 100k games) in the HoF for that, but in terms of playing time at least... it might work out easier to go diplomatic. Then again, you'll need to play with a quick tech pace and trade fairly well.
  8. Andronicus

    Andronicus Emperor

    Feb 18, 2005
    20k victory in 1485 AD

    Culture builds

    Palace 3950 BC
    Temple 3050 BC
    Oracle 1400 BC
    MoM 1200 BC
    Library 1175 BC
    Great Library 900 BC
    Colosseum 875 BC
    Pyramids 650 BC
    Cathedral 610 BC
    Hanging Gardens 390 BC
    Uni 270 BC
    SoZ 110 BC
    Shakespeare's 250 AD
    Sistine 430 AD
    Newton's 550 AD
    Copernicus' 670 AD
    Heroic Epic 690 AD
    Bach's 770 AD
    Universal Suff 840 AD
    Wall St 850 AD
    ToE 900 AD
    Smith's 950 AD
    Pentagon 960 AD
    Leo's 1020 AD
    Hoover 1090 AD
    UN 1200 AD
    Lab 1220 AD
    Apollo 1230 AD
    SETI 1285 AD
    Internet 1325 AD
    Cure Cancer 1360 AD
    Battlefield Med 1365 AD
    Longevity 1395 AD
    Manhatten 1420 AD
    Mil Acad 1435 AD
    Intell Agency 1450 AD

    I await to see if Ignas can beat Lord Hamster's best COTM 20k date of 1460 AD. This was certainly a strong site for 20k game.
  9. Spoonwood

    Spoonwood Grand Philosopher

    Apr 30, 2008
    Nicely done Andronicus... especially since you didn't have any SGLs.
  10. Kulko

    Kulko Innocent Bystander

    Feb 27, 2006
    ToE in 5 Turns! :eek:
  11. Andronicus

    Andronicus Emperor

    Feb 18, 2005
    Well, MM paradise (or hell depending on your perspective) growing and shinking the capital.
    I kept a bunch of 24 workers on duty for the capital from onset of railroads till end of game. These ensured 1 turn pollution clean up as well as minimising wastage of shields. On final turn mined tiles were irrigated until there would be no wastage if pollution hit the highest shield producing tile (4 shields). During rushed builds (cash rushed buildings and leader rushed small wonders) I built up the food storage to max with irrigating everything so I could mine everything and run max shields, but food shoirtage, during wonder builds.

    I made a few mistakes, particuarly not getting Shakes early enough. On a coastal 20k site it is not so critical as typically it only adds another 4 or so shields, here it added at least 8spt IIRC (from 27), so significantly sped following wonders. This would have allowed me to build KT as well which I missed by 1 turn to Portugal (in Sun Tzu cascade). I had MM'd to build KT just as industrialisation researched so could then get immed factory and coal plant, but this required change to Cops and delayed my factory increased shield production. Running short of time in modern age I didnt bother leader fishing for the last few small wonders - I doubt it would have enabled me to get the extra 30 culture to finish 1 turn earlier.
    I also had some ill luck - early disease in my worker pump slowed development of the capital (not only do you lose 1 pop twice, but each time the governor set it to 4fpt so it took 3 turns to regrow the next pop not 2). Also had what felt like 100 elite victories before my first MGL (but I shouldnt complain having recently had MGL on first elite victory (the recent Roman COTM) and on this occassion the second victory was soon after the first). Finally when steam came in I found coal on about the only jungle tile my army of slaves had not roaded, took 2 turns to connect delaying RR in capital.

    Looking at Ignas' culture builds it seems we built the same culture improvements to 270AD, though in different order with Ignas going for granary early. His earlier Shakes and HE would have put him some turns ahead at onset of industrial.
  12. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    Predator class
    Going for Conquest

    MONTEZUMA LOOKED OUT over the forested plains in the south, where
    coyotes, chinchillas, otters and possums were roving, and thought that
    could be a site for his capital, where two shields per turn would be
    produced in the city centre. His Worker team he sent to the adjacent
    Furs Forest with the purpose of cutting it down.

    ONCE ARRIVED in the Forest, Montezuma saw Desert, a Hill and
    apparently Flood Plains by the river. "Let's climb that Hill!" he
    said. His people groaned. "You said we'd settle here!" "My feet are
    aching!" Bingo! There grew Wheat on those Flood Plains.

    MONTEZUMA was celebrated as a great leader and his Cihuacoatl, that is
    First Counsellor, a fellow called Più Freddo, quickly made up plans
    for something quite extraordinary: The Aztecs would use a despotic
    Golden Age for a Warrior and Settler four-turn combo factory before
    having mined ready for a regular factory. As it turned out, The
    Republic was discovered just after the Golden Age, which made it
    possible to collect 10 slices of bread per turn in Tenochtitlan.

    TENOCHTITLAN was founded in 3850 BC and produced the following until 1000 BC
    • Wealth
    • A Jaguar Warrior for scouting and triggering the Golden Age
    • A Granary
    • A Worker
    • A Settler
    • A Barracks
    • During the Golden Age: Five 3-turn Settlers and 1-turn Warriors
    • Under Depsotism: Another 3-turn Settler
    • Under Anarchy: nothing
    • Under Republic: Three short-rushed 2-turn Settlers
    • Wealth to grow and eleven 1-turn Workers
    • A 1-turn Settler
    • A Horseman


    3850 BC Found Tenochtitlan
    2630 BC Found Teotihuacan
    2390 BC Found Tlatelolco
    2230 BC Found Texcoco
    2030 BC Found Tlaxcala
    1910 BC Found Calixtlahuaca
    1600 BC Found Tlacopan
    1425 BC Found Atzcapotzalco
    1375 BC Found Tzintzuntzen
    1350 BC Found Malinalco
    1275 BC Found Tula
    1175 BC Capture Berlin
    1000 BC Found Tamuin
    1000 BC Capture Corihuayrachina​

    Quick Start Challenge results

    3 Cities
    12 Towns
    49 Citizens
    10 Contacts
    21 Workers
    7 Slaves
    4 Horsemen
    3 Archers
    3 Warriors
    9 Swordsmen
    2 Jaguar Warriors
    9 Barracks
    1 Granary
    Horses, Iron, Furs, Incense
    Missing Construction, Literature, Monarchy
    QSC Score: 6675​


    4000 BC Discover Warrior Code
    3350 BC Learn Pottery
    3000 BC Discover The Wheel
    2850 BC Learn Masonry
    2850 BC Learn Bronze Working
    2850 BC Learn Alphabet
    2630 BC Learn Ceremonial Burial
    2230 BC Discover Writing
    2230 BC Learn Mysticism
    2150 BC Learn Iron Working
    1950 BC Learn Horseback Riding
    1870 BC Discover Code of Laws
    1675 BC Discover The Republic
    1675 BC Discover Philosophy
    1550 BC Learn Mathematics
    1300 BC Learn Map Making
    1200 BC Learn Polytheism
    1000 BC Discover Currency​

    Other news

    3350 BC Meet Inca
    3050 BC Meet America
    2850 BC Meet Portugal
    2630 BC Meet England
    2590 BC Enter Golden Age
    2190 BC Meet Mongols
    2110 BC Meet Russia
    2030 BC Meet Maya
    1870 BC Meet Germany
    1790 BC Exit Golden Age
    1725 BC Meet Spain
    1675 BC Establish Anarchy
    1550 BC Meet France
    1550 BC Establish Republic
    0950 BC Build Forbidden Palace in Texcoco
    0450 BC Build Heroic Epic in Tenochtitlan​

    MONTEZUMA ATTEMPTED TO CONQUER the world without ever leaving the
    Ancient Age. The MP Warriors were upgraded and a few more Swordsmen
    built, since finding and connecting Horses took some time. The hope
    was long high in the Aztec empire, that the Dutch would be found and
    conquered as well, but suicide Galleys sank at sea.

    350 BC Destroy Inca
    350 BC Destroy France
    250 BC Destroy Germany England discovers Construction
    _50 BC Destroy Maya
    _50 BC Destroy America
    _50 BC Destroy Spain
    _30 BC Destroy Russia
    _30 BC Destroy England First sighting of Netherlands border
    _10 BC Destroy Mongols Galley sinks
    _10 BC Destroy Portugal​

    AT THIS POINT, the whole home continent was Aztec. A few turns
    earlier, once the Dutch borders at least had been spotted, it was
    clear they couldn't be touched without another age of research. The
    decision was made to make a very late switch to Domination. Montezuma
    cursed the evil earth-god of civ_steve! More than 400 tiles were

    Entry class: Predator
    Game status: Domination Victory for Aztecs
    Game date: 130 AD
    Firaxis score: 6738
    Jason score: 11811
    Time played: 34:55:23​
  13. Yilar

    Yilar Prince

    May 23, 2008
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Not bad Piu.

    I didn't submit QSC as the deadline is earlier for some reason.

    But if I had I would have had:
    1 city (cap)
    11 towns
    39 pop
    10 contacts
    14 workers
    6 slaves
    13 horses
    3 jags
    5 barracks
    3 granaries
    Horses, furs and silks hooked (yes I started my warroad fairly early hehe)
    All AA techs cept monarchy. I entered MA in 1000BC, so I traded my way to mono to.

    I'm kidda wondering why did you trigger your GA so early? I had 1 turn horses in cap when I entered GA when I attacked America in 900bc.
  14. greatbeyond

    greatbeyond King

    Jan 7, 2002
    Open class

    Domination victory in 1010AD, Jason score IIRC ~9300

    I had hoped for a much earlier Domination win, but this map took forever to settle and fill in. I expected some early finishes but was still surprised by what a few accomplished.
    I went for a preliminary Archer rush followed by some Swords when they came in, and cut back Germany, America, Inca, and Spain.
    I let things calm down a little, then when I got MI, it was back to war with the same AIs and I also threw in England and France. Most, except the Inca were cut back to just 2 or 3 cities. I continued to expand, and was dismayed to see around 0BC that I only had about 20% of the land.

    I rushed to Chivalry and eliminated, Germany and America, followed by the Inca who took longer than expected. I had left the Maya to their own devices and they quickly became a cultural powerhouse. I started the war against them with my Knights, finally using a Jag to spark my GA ~400AD restarting research and finishing the Maya as I got Cavalry.
    Then I eliminated the French and Spain. The Mongols who I had several fake wars with were next, then the Portuguese. I ended up having to take a few cities from the Russians for the win. I had thought of going for Conquest but learned fairly early that the Dutch were offshore and figured a Conquest would take a lot longer.
    These kind of games are good for the ego after getting killed in the Deity game.
  15. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    Very good! I sort of didn't get around to it. Partly because of my other mistake building only 11 one-turn Workers and not many more. Building an early war road cannot be underestimated in such a game. I'm ashamed.

    Well, I thought it would be a funny experiment. Everybody is always complaining that an early GA is such a loss, especially during the REX. In this case, I had my factory ready very early and reached Republic very early. It wouldn't have made sense with say an industrious tribe.
    It certainly wasn't out of carelessness, but minutely planned.

    And it seems it wasn't so silly.

    I had one-turn Horsemen in my capital, too, at size 12. Admittedly at a deficit of 8 fpt. So two turns at +8 fpt, 19 spt for one HM, then two turns at -8 fpt, 30 spt for two more. 3 HM in 4 turns. But very late in the game. Again, far too few Workers.
  16. Norsk

    Norsk Chieftain

    Dec 30, 2008
    San Diego, California, USA
    COTM56 was my first CivFanatics GOTM. Fun. Looked up Civ Assist 2 and downloaded; would like to try while doing COTM57. What do I do if it is blanked out but archive button is also greyed out?
  17. PaperBeetle

    PaperBeetle Emperor

    Aug 23, 2004
    The Ancient Age
    I settled two population pumps on the flooding river, pushing out 14 towns during the QSC. Research was Pots and the Republic slingshot, as usual. I traded for Maths during the anarchy, and once in Republic quickly mopped up the remaining techs, to enter the medieval in 1075bc.

    Recession Bites
    Once in the medieval, my economy started to collapse under the weight of unit support. I was running the capital as a 1-turn worker pump in an attempt to get the land improved fast, followed by big population jump when the workers rejoin cities. However, there always seems to be more work to be done, so I never got around to the add-back, and the workers just kept on coming. I researched up the top branch of the medieval tech tree at about 12 turns per tech. I eventually stopped making native workers much later in the game, when I had over 200 of them!

    Armies East
    On entering the medieval I traded for Germany's free tech, Monotheism (Russia drew the same), gave them a desert town in which to spend the rest of the game, and then went to war, sending in horses. They didn't offer much resistance, so I was happy to send the horses further east into Spain, right after Madrid put up the Pyramids. I took Madrid, but it was harder going due to the heavy jungle cover which restricted my troops' movement. So when the Inca sneak attacked my western borders, I withdrew from Spain, resolving to finish the job later.

    Armies West
    The Inca were easily repulsed, and then dispatched, followed by their neighbour America. By now I had finished researching the top branch of the tech tree and was starting along the bottom at 4 turns per tech. The Mayans eventually came up with Chivalry, which I bought. Knights became my weapon of choice for the rest of the game, for no-one ever discovered Mil Trad, and of course the AI never reached defenders worthy of infantry/artillery war.

    Reducing Russia
    After claiming the western coast, I went back to finish off Spain. As my armies were in the area I lined up Russia next. I had just reached the industrial, so I gifted Cath and Otto up, trading for their free techs (both Medicine and Steam), but I wanted to curtail Russia's power before she actually managed to build some decent units. My minimal force of knights found the Russian towns still defended by spears, so it didn't take long to capture them all, leaving Cath a single town on the Dutch islands. Mongolia fell next, followed by Portugal and England.

    Settling Down
    I finished the conquest of the pangaea by knocking out the French, who had ancient cavs, and the Mayans, who had templars and a confused border with me as I had settled the southern peninsula on the Mayans east border. A couple of infantrymen kept me safe from any AI counterattacks, and pretty soon I was left with just the Dutch, and the two scientific city-states. I started re-arranging towns on the pangaea to maximise population, while building a wall of towns to gift to the Dutch, which would protect me from border-popping over the dom limit.

    A Change of Heart
    As I approached the modern era, it became obvious that I wouldn't need to build Internet, so there wouldn't be any uncontrolled border popping. No need for the Dutch towns then; I attacked Holland, reducing them to a single city on the smallest island. Then, once I had traded for the German and Russian modern free techs, I destroyed those two nations. Darwin was also arranged to complete as I entered the modern era, picking up Computers and Miniaturization.

    Finishing Up
    From there on, it was just cruising to space in 1255ad. I had maintained 4-turn research ever since starting on the bottom branch of the medieval tech tree, and given the exceptionally milkable map, I did the whole modern era at 50% science or less. So if only I had been able to research faster at the start of the medieval, I could have saved 5-10 turns on my finish date. The thing is, I never had a golden age. Somehow, I forgot about when I entered the medieval, and by the time I remembered, I realised I could do the rest of the game at 4 turns per tech without it, so I thought I would make a point of skipping it. This did cause me some trouble when completing wonders; I could never build Internet, and I had to keep gifting away cities with military wonders, and then taking them back later. :backstab:
  18. Kulko

    Kulko Innocent Bystander

    Feb 27, 2006
    Well that sure sounds like you made the Heptatlon and also like you are a crazy lunatic. :)
  19. PaperBeetle

    PaperBeetle Emperor

    Aug 23, 2004
    Well I hope so, but I haven't yet seen the result of the spacemaster himself, tao. I believe he has been responsible for every COTM space award that I didn't get!
  20. ignas

    ignas kunigaikstis

    Jun 9, 2004
    Finally finished. This one was time consuming as I was trying to milk a bit while going for 20K in capital.

    20K victory in 1460 AD
    Firaxis score: 7738
    Jason score: 12148
    Time played: 51:04:56

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