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Do you use Craigslist?

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keeping it real
Jun 1, 2002
Haverhill, UK
Do you use Craigslist? I find it's one of the awesomest and most useful sites on the net.

Just curious if people use it and if so if you have any stories (good, bad or ugly) about it's use.

Personally, I've found one or two apartments with it. Sold a bunch of stuff. Gotten free couches, books & assorted knick-knacks. Given away stuff. Haven't gotten a job with it yet (though called about a couple). I never met any friends or lovers thru it (haven't really tried to). I did connect with some board game club at one point but never actually went to their meeting (this was awhile back, in Florida I think and it was too far for me to realisticly get to without a car).

Anyway, in case you've never heard of Craigslist, here's the list of all the cities they're in.

One of the coolest things about it, BTW, is that it's free (no ads even). :) So now share your C-List stories. :)
I've put ads there looking for musicians, and currently trying to use it to find a rehersal space. I know people who have actual long term relationships from people they met from craigslist. I also know people who have met ***** crazy people that way :)

I wouldn't use it for dating. I'm not that desperate.
I have never been. Just because I have never been. Don't really have a need to.
It's awesome for soliciting for underaged sex.
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