Crisis in the FalkLands


Jan 31, 2009
Manitoba, Canada
(This is from me playing the First Strike 2, on a hotseat game with my friends, who insisted on letting people play pro-soviets and pro-westerners in addition to WARPAC, NATO, India, China, and Brazil)

The Falkland islands are a small group of islands in the Southern Hemisphere, a long ways off the coast of Argentina. Te Falklands islands are a British commenwealth (in a sense. I believe the british hold the Falklands for pure Strategic-Sheep-Shearing-Purposes) and the is a small NATO airbase on it in 1975 (in the scenario at least)

We also edited the scenario i teensie bit before hand, really all we did was add some spies

My friends and i also liek to roleplay a bit, e.g we'll have "Meetings" (which in the end helped me a ton!)

How the game went:

WARPAC's move, Jan 1975:

-The entire Soviet Pacific Fleet in Vladivostok leaves harbour, going east.
-Elements of the soviet Black-Sea Fleet leave Sevastopol heading for the straight of Gilbralter, so they can get into the Atlantic. (NATO monitered this from Istanbol)
-Baltic Fleet leaves
-NATO outraged by Soviet long-ranged bombers flying over Europe, and one landing in an unoccupied airfield in Sicily.
-Leningrad Begins production of a MRBM destined for a NP Submarine, coming by.

Cina's Turn
-Chinese Forces land near Manilla, headed for a neutral airfield

Pro-Soviets Turn
-Habana begins construction of a bulk Carrier

Pro-Westerners turn
-2 Garrisons of rouge troops move out of Manilla to secure the airfield Chinese forces are heading towards

NATO's Turn
-NATO, knowing Soviet ships are heading for the Atlantic, expects something big. As many NATO ships as possible in America leave for the Atlantic.
-British Marines board carrier ship for unknown destination.
-NATO Reconaisance plane spots Baltic Fleet sailing into the atlantic
-NATO Marines leave Newyork, destined for Paname, and then the Pacific. They are heading for Hong-Kong.

Feb 1975

-WARPAC Marines land on Sicily! NATO plater (me) begins "Discussions" with WARPAC player. WARPAC player refuses
-Fleets conitnue on to Atlantic

-Chinese forces take control of airbase near Manilla, and dig in!

-Troops of Manilla dig in, and prepare for expected offensive against Chinese forces.

- Atlantic fleet prepare to blockade baltic fleet
-Long Range bomber lands at the airbase on the falklands islands

May 1975 (sorry, forgot march)

-Had a meeting with President "Mao" of China. Soviets discussed plan to 1. Blockade the Falkland islands; 2. Let Pro-Soviet forces from cuba invade islands and capture airfield there, and 3; Land long ranged bombers at the Falkland islands. WARPAC's initial plan isto have a launching site for their invasion of South America, and they need a place where they can put bombers. The Falklands is this place!
-continued moving fleets, regardless of blockades. Long ranged bombers leaave sicily, but Soviet Marines stay
-WARPAC Marines land on Ireland! Surprisingly, NATO doesnot know this.

-Chinese forces prepare to reinforce Manilla in the now known "Manilla Crisis"

-Bulk Carrier (transport ship) Will be completed within the next month, and will transport cuban forces who will rendavous with Soviet fleet

-PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE! A Pro-western F-4E Phantom attacked Chinese ground forces, only to be shot down. Chinese suffer minimal casualties

-Engages in communication with Chinese forces, regarding withdrawel of forces near Manilla. China says no, but instead tells NATO of the Soviets plans in the falkland. NATO doesn't believe, but will send a garrison of Paratroopers to the island anyways.
-Tries to reform blockade against superious Soviet Fleet.
-NATO Recon plan spots Soviet Marines on Ireland!
-2 British Paratrooper groups paradrop into Ireland, ready to engage with Marines if they do not leave by August 1975.

July 1975

-Soviet Forces pullout of Sicily
-Soviet Forces pullout of Ireland
-Fleet continues it's steamrole to the Falklands

-1 of the 2 Chinese light infantrys defending the Manilla air field is destroyed when it assaults the Manilla forces there.
-1 Light infantry and 1 T-55 board the chinese bulk carrier destined to Reinforce Manilla

-1 Bulk carrier carrying 1 group of rouge troops and 1 group of T-55 leaves Habana, and heads towards the Soviet fleet

-Following a meeting with NATO who now believes that there may be merit to what the Chinese say regarding the Falklands, Pro-Western countries all over the middle-east attack pro-soviet, in a hope the Pro-soviets will ask for help
-Chinese forces on Manilla destroyed!

-NATO forces take control of Manilla and threaten any Chinese forces sailing in the area, wil lbe sunk
-The race for the falklands begins! NATO drops blockade and heads for the Falklands

September 1975

-Fleet tries to race ahead of NATO
-2 Marines land near Middle East to intervene and help Pro-Soviets
-1 Paratrooper is also enroute to middle east

-Regardless of NATO's orders, Chinese reinforcements land in Manilla, and dig in. China says they will send no more troops, and that this is jsut to show Manilla that the war would be far from over.

-It looks like NATO is winning the war to the falklands, as 2 marines and 1 paratrooper are enroute in ships to garrison it.

November 1975
-WARPAC navy gives up the chase for the Falklands, and turns back
-...Not before telling asking Brazil to put its nazy in the water and let the Cuban invasion force through. Apparently, however, Brazil has had a different idea for quite osme time now...
-Soviet Marines enroute to Middle East get stopped as they run into NATO garrisons, and have to turn back
-Much to WARPACS dissapointment, there submarine that has finnally been outfitted with a MRBM, cannot leave the baltics as it is blockaded by NATO

-Invasion ship conitnues enroute to Falklands

-A NATO Destroyer spots to Pro-Soviet bulk carrier carrying the invasion force
and is sunk (Lol we found a glitch here. The ship was destroyed but both the units weren't destroyed and jsut sat in the ocean :p )

-Unknown to the rest of the world, Brazil has sent an invasion force already, to rid the NATO presence in there south.
-2 Light troops of Brazil land in the Falk Land islands!

Jan 1976
-Some Paratroopers intervening in te Middle East are destroyed by Pro-Western troops. That means only 1 WARPAC troop (paratroopers) is left in the Middle East
- (Oops says the Warpac player :p who accidentally ran his destroyer into some paratroopers garrisoned in Irland) NATO Paratroopers in Ireland spot a destroyer off the coast, and thinking it as a second Soviet invasion force, open fire on it with they're artillary pieces, and sink the ship.
-Outraged, ("Rouge" :p) Soviet 2 Marines land in Ireland, bent on conqouring it
-1 of the marines is destroyed

-Chinese Forces on Manilla are pullout

-Long Ranged Bomber is ready to attack Brazilian forces on the Falk Land islands

(We foudn the reason we missed the first febuary...I dont think there is one...)

March 1976

-Last Soviet Marines are destroyed. world communit forces NATO-Soviet cease fire all over the world, and the innabilty for any type of military movement in Europe in Land, sea and air.
-Last Paratroopers in Middle east are destroyed in assault on Tehran

-Falklands is surrounded

-Troops invading the Falklands "surrender" (Senate wouldn't let us attack them, so we had to...yea...disband them)


Well thats basically what happened in the first 16 turns of our hotseat game. After that we nuked eachother..

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