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DarthNES II - Superpowers Redux

Discussion in 'Never Ending Stories' started by DarthNader, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama :)

    Jan 27, 2006
    "She's a beautiful ship" sighed Peter von Dryke "Finally we will have a navy worthy of a white man's nation". Eric von Grunderson sighed. The navy worthy of a white nation was a creaking old destroyer. It was better than nothing he supposed, but at the same time it was still an embarassment.

    "Peter, it's exciting for you I know, but please keep in mind. Father does not feel a navy is important for the Unie right now. Only an act of God has brought this down. An omnipresent, wrathful, working in completely ridiculous ways white God"

    "I know Eric, I know" as they walked up into the ship "However you might find there to be a SURPRISE" as they entered the cabin a bunch of sailors popped out "SURPRISE!"

    Eric's face was shock, but then devolved into tears "You....remembered?"

    "Of course Eric. You're my first mate! Now, let's have some cake!"

    And it was the greatest birthday ever
  2. DarthNader

    DarthNader Destroyer of Worlds

    Feb 7, 2008
    Guido Island
    Computer issues are compounding. The deadline is pushed back to next weekend. I have orders from everyone but TLK (United States) and ZeletDude (Japan). I'm enjoying the stories and, because of this delay, I will be doubling the bonus I give for them (which is typically +1 stability).
  3. Gelion

    Gelion Captain

    Jul 25, 2004
    Earth Dome
    Picture taken through temperature sensitive scanner by a foreign intelligence service.

    - We are entering a dangerous terrain.
    - Father said that we must cease the moment. We may not get another for a hundred years!

    Another uniformed figure approached the group of two. Through a very dimmed light emitting from an old florescent lamp in the ceiling the features their faces were unrecognisable, only the strict lines of the uniform that they were wearing and the dark cowboy hats covering most of their faces. Behind them traces of a painted wall were seen. The kind that official institutions used when the government was down on their luck. The paint already began to come off. The two moved further from the wall into the light letting the newcomer into their circle.

    - So good of you to make it comrades. I bring message from Second Cousin. He is delayed in the North West of the country. He’s had a problem with shipment being delayed and he asked you, Younger Brother, to give him a hand handling it.
    - There might not be any time – replied one of the figures – it seems that we were called in for the final meeting. Tomorrow each of us, Second Cousin included will have missions in different parts of the country. If there is tomorrow for us, I will personally guarantee non-interrupted shipments from the North.
    - The final meeting? – the silhouette of the new interlocutor showed surprise with every muscle – We are not ready, we don’t have enough support in our own companies not to mention the nation!
    - It has been decided…

    As one of the silhouettes started to exhale the air preparing to explain a tall figure approached them and gestured them to come into a newly opened door. Rows of low-budget chairs with tall backs could be seen surrounding a long table. A similarly weak light was barely illuminating the room filled with cigar smoke. As around twenty people were preparing the take their place, the most important meeting in the history of Mexico was about to begin.

    Three days later the Mexican revolution began. History of the new Fascist republic of Mexico was born shortly after.

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