Feb 24, 2002
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2144 A.D. President Lincoln of the American Democracy

History: In a world where there are 15 other countrys, America dominates all. America possesses the best army, culture, and has researched all technologies available. In the beginning America took out the capital of Babylon only after a few years of existence thinking they had wiped them out.

Lincoln stepped up to the podium a little dazed by the flashing of reporters bulbs, ready to address the nation. The German nation had made another threat and the public was questioning the Presidents abilitys. Lincoln addressed the nation by confirming that the Germans had made their second threat to America. Reporters asked questions if war was iminent and if it wasn't why was the president building up his forces. Information had leaked that the American forces out numbered all other countrys five to one. The president answered all questions saying he couldn't comment on them at this time.
Almost 15 years later the President walked into the secret conference room in Washington. His top advisors eyed him curiously. The President had called this meeting at short notice. Lincoln stood before his advisors and said, today my friends, how about we talk about the Russians. A low murmur of talk then silence. You see, the Russians occupy the area just below the Panama Canal and our spys have reported that this pathetic civilizations army consists of 7 Rifleman. The room erupted in laughter, tears filled the Presidents eyes, the laughter died down and the president spoke again. But there is a problem, you see, in order to get to the Russians, we must go down through the Panama Canal which is currently blocked by the Egyptians. The Foreign advisor stood up,"we could sign a right of passage agreement with them sir!" Yes we have thought of that, but we don't want the Russians to get suspicious, the General spoke up," are you suggesting a covert mission sir?" Exactly General, do you think you could whip something up? I'll get on it right away sir! The General left excitedly, later on they'd say they swore they saw him skip a little too. The President cleared his throat and the room was quiet once again, another issue i'd like to address, he said, is the growing German problem. But sir, the Foreign advisor said, Germany is the second largest nation in the world! Yes i know the president responded, but they keep on making threats and i think its time we start taking these threats seriously. Thats why i wanted you here Foreign advisor, we need to make friends with China, England, France, and the Zulu. I want a meeting with them next week ok, get on it now. The meeting adjurned, his advisors all stirred up wondering what the President had in store, little did they know, Lincoln was just getting started.
The summit meeting went so smoothly even Lincoln was shocked. China, England, France, and the Zulu all were more then willing to ally with the mighty America. For years they had tryed to ally, and now they could free of charge, Lincolns master plan was starting to unfold, and so far, nobody was growing suspicious.
Lincoln sat in his easy chair reading the spy reports for this year, the year was 2168 and so far the world lived in peace, that would all change he thought to himself. He looked over the Russian spy reports, chuckled, and tossed it aside, the Russians are getting stronger he thought to himself, then he laughed out loud. The Russians had increased there army over the past years by two, adding one Rifleman and a measly knight, his Modern Armor would eat them alive, the chance will come he thought, patience, all we need is a little more time.
Lincoln was woken up at three in the morning by his Foreign advisor who was acting histerical! He kept on shouting and shouting something, Lincoln finally told him to calm down, and the advisor told him that something terrible had happened over night in secret. Mr. President he said, our spys have just learned that Germany and England have signed a Mutual Protection Pact behind our backs! Lincolns face didn't change one bit, he chuckled, said good job and got back in bed, he thought how stupid the English had been, no matter, he would have to change his master plan a little, he went to sleep that night, dreaming of a glorious empire.
""""""Summary of Past couple years:""""""
The foolish Russians have reduced their army to six, with five riflemen and one knight. They will be easily defeated when the time comes.
A striking blow to the English! The English city of Manchester defected to our side, they are obviously impressed with our culture.
The foolish Russians try to ally with us, their attemp was met with a hostile no.
Our spies have reported that the Russian Army has been majorly reduced to four Riflemen, but they have one settler, maybe they will try to expand their pathetic empire.
Lincoln again called a secret meeting with his advisors, it seems that the Russians have not increased their army and their settler sits on his butt with no where to go. Since they have no ships they cannot get of the stinking continent they pollute. The foreign advisor stood, nervousness in his voice. Mr. President he said, it seems that everyone in the world has allied with somebody else, if we attack one person it will start a World War that could cost the lives of thousands of soldiers. The General stood, sir if i may speak, as of right now, for a hefty price, that you, Mr. Foreign Advisor, approved, we now have a reliable source of Uranium for twenty years and we now have over 7 ICBM's and 2 fully loaded Nuclear Submarines, and five Aegis Cruises with many more being produced. Anyone who wages war against us sir will definitely not defeat us. The trade advisor spoke up, but sir! As of right now, we are trading over ten different resources with 7 different countrys, a world war would be devastating to our economy sir! The president stood, i have heard all i need to here, i will decide tonight, goodnight gentlemen.
The next morning the red phone lit up in the generals offices, he knew this would be important, he took a deep breathe and picked it up...
PRESIDENT: General, i think you know why i called
GENERAL: Yes sir i do, when shall i start?
PRESIDENT: Right now general, i assume you have planned this attack already
GENERAL: Absolutely sir, i shall not fail you.
PRESIDENT: Let's hope not General, a defeat by that small of a country would ruin our reputation forever, goodbye General!
The General got on the phone immediately, he phoned the base in Delphi, the base commander understood, a covert operation of 4 Modern Armors would be transported and dropped off at the eastern coast of Russia.
It seems the Generals plans were working perfectly, he massed two tanks in the North western part of Russia and fat Catherine responded quickly, demanding us to remove our troops imediately, we responded by declaring war, the world was shocked by this declaration, we had lived in a world of piece for over 2,000 years, that would all change now, everything would change...
The Russian army consisted of seven men, seven brave men, seven dead men...
Our first assault was on the Northern most city of Tblisi, our group of 3 Modern Armor massed on the outskirts, she knew we were coming, but they're primitive roads could not bring her troops to the city in time, the city of Tblisi belonged to us now, the citizens were more than happy to join our modern society, which made the Fat Queen more angry.
""""""""""WAR REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES'"""""""""""
We took the city of Tblisi within minutes sustaining no damges to our units, the citizens rejoiced at our presence.
Next we are heading for Sevastopol, we left one tank behind in Tblisi in case the citizens have a change of heart, Sevastopol will fall in the morning.
Our troops have left Delphi, they will arrive on the eastern shores in two days, Catherine doesn't suspect a thing.
""""""""""HAPPENINGS AT HOME""""""""""
The President addressed the nation again, he stood up to the podium and began. My people, American people, as you can see, we will not be intimidated, yesterday, at 9:00, Bismark made outragious demands to us. He demanded we give up our techonologies our brilliant scientists worked so hard to discover, to give them up to ensure our nations survival! We will not give in, we will not surrender! America stood up to the bully today, and the bully walked away, but next time, America will not let the bully go unpunished, are we a nation of weaklings! The crowd all said no in unison, they cheered the president, waved their flags. I will end this by saying, we Americans worked hard for what we have, and we're not going to let anyone take that away from us! Lincoln stepped down to the cheers of the crowd chanting his name, America would celebrate tonight, and the next night, for they would not be defeated.
The Oval Office doors swung open, the President smiled at the Foreign Advisor. An impressive speech you made sir, he said. Yes it was, you know what, i think they like me, Lincoln chuckled a little, please sit down. The Foreign Advisor stood, sir, i have something i think you should know about. Lincolns smile faded, what is it? Well sir, the Greeks have ended the Right of Passage agreement with us, and refuse to renew it. It seems the nations are angry at us for distrupting world peace sir. Mr. Advisor, just keep on doing your job, let me worry about the Greeks, get some sleep, i have a feeling we'll all need it.
""""""""""WAR REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES'"""""""""""
It seems the town of Sevastopol is deserted, Catherine obviously cares nothing of her people, we have taken it with ease, although there is one resister, a sniper team has been organized, he will be taken care of. The rest of our troops have marched into the heart of Russia, with Moscow only a day away, we will take that last i think.
""""""""""HAPPENINGS AT HOME""""""""""
Lincoln burst into the Foreign Advisors office, fire in his eyes. Sit down Mr. Advisor, he said. The Advisor looked truly puzzled, and frightened. Two armed gaurds stood on either side of him, he knew he had been caught. Lincoln stood before him, a huge man. Lincoln kicked him in the face and said," So you thought you could trick us huh, we have figured you out you know. So this is the question, why did the Greeks end our Right of Passage agreement, and why will nobody else sign one with us, tell me, can you answer this for me?" The Advisor was shaking, well sir, I, I, don't know sir, maybe because we declared war on the Russians? Lincoln pushed everything off the desk in anger. No! That is not why! Because of you, because of you! You failed to inform us that we had a Right of Passage agreement with Russia! I never approved of such an agreement, did I! The Advisor shook his head, no sir you didn't. Lincoln stood, take him away and lock him up. Lincoln walked away leaving the pleas and shouts of his ex advisor.
""""""""""WAR REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES'"""""""""""
Our Troops have landed near the shores of Kiev and Smolensk, the towns will fall within three days.
The Iroqouis demand that we leave their territory, this makes it harder for our troops to enter Russia.
We've taken the town of Kiev suffering a loss of our Modern Armor, no matter, our other tank is badly damaged.
The town of Kiev is resisting to much for us to keep it, the Greeks were pleased with our present to them, Kiev is theirs now(only after we sold all the improvements)
Our troops have massed at the gates of Smolensk, one Rifleman stands between us and the city, we will have it by tomorrow.
We have taken Smolensk! Minor damages were sustained, and one still loyal citizen is resisting, he will be dealt with though.
We have also gathered at the gates of St. Petersburg, what a nice name, i think i'll change it.
Minsk and St. Petersburg fell to us quickly, i'm still debating on what i should change the name to.
The resister in Smolensk tragically died in a car accident, it seems that an out of control tank crushed him, we will mourn his loss.
""""""""""HAPPENINGS AT HOME""""""""""
The new foreign advisor, Griffin came bursting into the room, with the Trade advisor right behind him. Sir, they said together. Lincoln looked up from his work. Sir they said, the Aztecs and the Russians have signed a trade embargo against us! Lincoln chuckled a little, the Aztec nation consisted of three citys. So Lincoln said, the weak nations are coming together as one, i will contact the General, the Aztecs made a bad choice of friends.
""""""""""WAR REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES'"""""""""""
Our troops near Odessa, it will fall within days. We are also stationed outside Moscow, the final strike is ready, poor Catherine.
We have captured Odessa with heavy damage to one of our tanks, the city is resisting heavily, Moscow is the only city left, the Russian empire will be no more.
It seems Moscow is well fortified, we almost lost a tank but we narrowly escaped. Reinforcements have arrived, we will take Moscow tomorrow!
We have captured Moscow and Fat Catherine, the Russian Empire is no more, the war is over.
Griffin came into the Oval Office excitedly, Mr. Lincoln sir! The Aztects are resuming trade with us, the Russians are no more, and Catherine will stand trial in Washington, congradulations sir.
A parade was held in the streets that day and for the next couple weeks, the General was showered with gifts and the air smelled of fireworks. All was good in the land of America, tourists visited the ruins of once Russia and cheered at the sight of the American flag over Moscow.
The Aztecs now pay us twenty gold per turn as we demanded, saying that it was to preserve world peace not because they feared us, whatever the reason, they pay us tribute now. We will soon wipe them out, when the time comes, they will all be wiped out...
"""""""""""PEACE TIME""""""""""
The annual meeting of all the advisors was underway, first up was the Trade Advisor.
TRADE ADVISOR: Mr. President, our trade agreements are ending and we are losing valuable resources.
PRESIDENT: Well, why don't we renew these agreements then?
TRADE ADVISOR: Well sir, we are technologically advance, and they are asking for our technologies, preferably our militaristic ones.
GENERAL: Mr. President! We cannot give away our most gaurded secrets, we defeated the Russians because we had better technology, how are we supposed to defend ourselves if their army matches ours, the Egyptians are almost caught up with us, they have battleships now sir, thats the only reason we are close friends with them!
TRADE ADVISOR: I wasn't suggesting we trade our secrets General! You shouldn't jump to conclusions, maybe thats why you didnt' take Moscow on the first try, do you remember that General, because i remember it quite well, a Modern Armor defeated by a simple Rifleman.
GENERAL: You are way out of line soldier, oops, i mean, well, never mind. A mistake that i regret, but also, in that war, we destroyed a whole country sustaining only one loss to us.
PRESIDENT: Yes yes, if you two are done now, lets address the issue at hand.
TRADE ADVISOR: Yes, lets. Well sir, i suggest we try to trade with every country we can, even England and Germany.
PRESIDENT: Yes, i think you are right.
GENERAL: But sir!
PRESIDENT: Its ok General, you will have your chance to speak.
DOMESTIC ADVISOR: Well i guess i'm next. Well Mr. President, things are going better than ever here, all our major citys finished all the improvements long ago, and our newer citys are thriving. We do have some trouble in the area of Alaska, our citys up there are not growing sir, we are working on the problem now.
FOREIGN ADVISOR: Ahhh, i believe its my turn now. Well sir, Persia is growing cautious of us. If you approve sir, i would like to give them 100 gold, maybe then they will be polite.
FOREIGN ADVISOR: Excellent sir. Germany has not made any threats of any kind to us recently, and England has not made contact with us for some years now.
CULTURAL ADVISOR: Sir, i am proud to report that our culture is the best in the world.
SCIENCE ADVISOR: Well sir, with the massive budget cut, we are recieving funding at 10 percent, our future tech takes 20 years to develope!
PRESIDENT: But what does this future tech do, i have not seen you create anything new with it, when will i see results, thats when you'll get a pay increase.
GENERAL: Sir! I am proud to report that our troops have regrouped and are ready to take on the Aztecs.
PRESIDENT: General, do we have any reason to attack the Aztecs?
GENERAL: Well sir, a scout spotted a longbowmen near Moscow. They may be planning a large offensive sir.
FOREIGN ADVISOR: Mr. President, the Aztecs have only but 3 citys, they could not possibly make a large attack on us, they are out to date and small.
PRESIDENT: Yes your right. General, lets forget about the Aztecs for now. All of you, keep me up to date, and have a nice night. Oh and General, could i have a word with you?
"""They waited till everyone left then....
PRESIDENT: General, are you trying to give away what we are doing!?
GENERAL: No sir, not at all, i was just having a little fun thats all.
PRESIDENT: (laughingly) well, lets not do that again, although it was funny to see the Trade and Foreign advisors get offensive!
GENERAL: Yes it was sir. Back to business though, our troops are ready to board the transports, when you give the order, well leave for the Aztec empire.
PRESIDENT: Let us begin General, i want complete secrecy, the press can't get wind of this, dont' tell your troops what we are doing until the last possible moment, understood.
GENERAL: Completely sir. Oh, and here is the armys annual report sir, goodnight sir.
""""""""""ARMY ANNUAL REPORT (AAR)"""""""""
MODERN ARMOR----92 NUCLEAR SUB-------------4
T NUKES-----------------2 *(OTHERS NOT LISTED)

The General gave his men their orders, they were to set off on a peace keeping mission to the Aztec nation, it seems that they are making human sacrafices, and the UN doesn't like that. They set off from New York, leaving the skyscrapers behind, they set off on a seven day journey to a jungle land in South America.
A striking blow to our plan, the Right of Passage agreement with the Egyptians ended and they did not wish to resume it. Our troops were already stationed at the edge of the Aztec nation inside the Egyptian territory, without the Right of Passage, an attack on the Aztecs from the north would not be possible. We renegotiated giving them 500 gold to renew the treaty.
The Foreign advisor bursted into the Oval Office, startling Lincoln. Mr President he said, Cleopetra has declared war on the Greeks!!! Lincoln was alert now. What! he said. How can that be? It gets worse sir, we are in between both of these countrys and we have a Right of Passage agreement with both of them, fighting may take place on American soil if they meet in between sir! And it gets even worse, Egypt has a Mutual Protection Pact with France and France has one with Rome and Persia, and Rome has one with Babylon, this could start a World War, the first, could you imagine, a war with everyone in the world, its madness! Yes i understand, Lincoln said. We will see how things go with them, if this war goes on for to long then we will deal with it, right now its not our problem. Yes sir the Foreign Advisor said, he then left leaving Lincoln alone. Lincoln picked up the red phone, ready to apologize for waking up the General this early.
The General let the phone ring a couple more times before finally picking it up...
PRESIDENT: Urgent news General, Egypt has declared war on the Greeks!
GENERAL: Yes i know sir, its all over the new, Egypt and Babylon have a military alliance against them, and France and Persia have set out to destroy the Greeks also.
PRESIDENT: What! Nobody tells me anything anymore! No matter, i want all our forces on full alert then, stage Green ok!
GENERAL: Yes sir Mr. President!
The bases around America rang with the sirens, everyone was on alert, stage Green was in affect. Lincoln gave the Greeks 1000 gold to help them defend themselves, America was to help Greece in the shadows while the Aztec operation was still underway.
A striking blow to the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Zulu signed a military alliance against them, the Greeks will soon be defeated and we will have a new neighbor.
""""""""""WAR REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES'"""""""""""
Our troops have made it safely to land, we will launch our surprise attack tomorrow!
""""""""""GREEK WAR""""""""""
China signed a military alliance against the Greeks with the Egyptians, the roar of tanks going by our towns is frightening the American people.
The city of Keiv that we so generously gave to the Greeks has fallen to the Egyptian army, more will fall before this conflict is over.
""""""""""WAR REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES'"""""""""""
Our troops have landed on the shores of Teotihuacan and Tlatelolco
""""""""""GREEK WAR""""""""""
The Egyptian fleet has begun their bombardment of Sparta, it will soon fall, armys of all sorts are moving in from all sides.
""""""""""WAR REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES'"""""""""""
We have taken the towns of Teotihuacan and Tlatelolco suffering only minor damages and no losses on our side.
""""""""""GREEK WAR""""""""""
The assault on Sparta continues, the other nations troops will arrive with days to wipe out the Greeks, we have already planned a memorial to honor them.
""""""""""WAR REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES'"""""""""""
The remaining resisters in Teotihuacan died tragically when a bomb went off in their car, i guess some cars just don't run as good as they used to.
We will attack the final city of Tenochtitlan within hours, the capital will be ours!
Our armys have defeated the once Aztecs, i'm sorry to say Montezuma died a heros death defending his country. The war is over and we will garrison here and wait for further orders, its good to be an American.
Again the General was honored with gifts and parades, fireworks were everywhere, and everyone cheered him. The General again had assured sweet victory, the mighty Americans had destroyed two once empires, and more were to come.
"""""""""""PEACE TIME""""""""""
The General waited for them to confirm a secure line, then he dialed the Oval office. Lincoln picked up the phone...
GENERAL: Urgent news sir, we have caught an English spy in Washington!
PRESIDENT: What! Are you serious!
GENERAL: Absolutely sir, we have him in Prison now sir, he has supplied us with great information though, we have figured out a way to plant a spy in England now, shall we go ahead with it sir.
PRESIDENT: Yes General, and keep me up to date, how goes the war against Greece?
GENERAL: Well sir, Greece is holding strong, we are one of their few friends, the Egyptians are hitting them the hardest but the other nations haven't arrived yet, a few more days and the Greeks will be no more.
PRESIDENT: Sad, hmmm, well, i'll contact the Foreign Advisor and have him increase gold shipments to them, lets say, 1000 gold, i kinda liked the guy, he was nice, to bad he has to go.
GENERAL: That is all sir.
""""""""""GREEK WAR""""""""""
-Rome and Persia signed a military alliance against Greece, Rome has now joined the Greek War.
-The Greek city of Argos is holding strong and a Greek Frigate took out a Persian Iron Clad, a small victory for the Greeks, i dont think they will have anymore.
-The Persians asked us to sign a military alliance with them against the Greeks, we refused, the Greeks have it bad enough, we wouldn't want to take them out before everyone else got there.
-We have bought the Greeks more time by making the Babylonians and the Persians get out of our territory, it might only buy the Greeks an extra day though.
-We granted the Greeks another shipment of 1000 gold, other countries are starting to get suspicious of where they get their money. Our money
-The Persians have landed near the Greek city of Phocaea,it will fall tomorrow.
-France Declared peace with the Greeks then responded by declaring war an hour later.
""""""""""AT HOME""""""""""
Lincoln, once again had to address the nation, a group of four modern armors and one tank was heading for the city of Cleveland. A top reporter for the Washington Post spoke up,"Mr. President, will you dispatch troops to meet this Greek threat. The President responded calmly, no, the Greeks have long been our friends, we will continue to extend our hands in friendship to them, we will not attack.
""""""""""GREEK WAR""""""""""
The Greek squadran has left U.S. soil, they have returned to help fight in their home land.
The Egyptians continue the assault on Argos, it has not fallen yet, although the population has been dwindled, there is still a fight left in them.
""""""""""AT HOME""""""""""
The foolish English have renewed their Mutual Protection Pact with dirty Germany, they will perish for their foolishness, to bad, well, not really.
Our spy failed at exposing the fat Queens spy, he was caught and tortured, a team was organized to take him out, our secrets will not be reveiled to the English. A loss of one life to save a nation, a private funeral will be held this afternoon.
""""""""""GREEK WAR""""""""""
- The sly Chinese snuck in behind the Greeks, two of their citys were lost, with many causualty, but none to the Chinese. -The ruthless Chinese burned and pillaged the Greek towns, they are no more, some greek citizens were forced into slavery, at least the Greeks will live on, even if they are in chains.
""""""""""AT HOME""""""""""
-The Chinese have asked us to ally with them against our good friends the Greeks, after what they did to the Greeks, I think not!
""""""""""GREEK WAR""""""""""
The Greeks launched a massive offensive with their bombers, they attacked the outskirts of Hieraconpolis. Although no improvements were destroyed, we praise their effort in secret.
""""""""""AT HOME""""""""""
The President stepped onto the Generals front porch, took out a cigar, and lit it. Lincoln rang the door bell and waited...
General: Lincoln! What brings you here! Where are your gaurds!
President: Come General, we must hurry!
General: We will go to my study, its safe to talk there
President: The Greeks are strong aren't they General.
General: Well sir, i will admit i underestimated their power, they are holding out against many other countries.
President: With our support of course
General: No doubt sir, no doubt.
President: Well General, i am growing tired of feeding a country on the verge of death. What do we have to gain from helping them?
General: Your absolutely right sir, we should strike at dawn!
President: Now now General, we must plan this out first.
General: I have expected this from you sir, i have already made plans for this.
President: Yes General, i assumed so, a heafty pay raise might be in order, if you succeed.
General: Well sir, the Greeks are slowly weakoning, their citys only housing small militia, we can crush them easily right now.
President: We do not want to destroy them just yet, we will see what we can get out of them first General.
General: Of course sir
General: When the Greek army is just about to fall, that is when we will strike!
President: Failure is not an option General, we do not want any new neighbors. The Greek citys will be ours or nobodys.
General: I understand completely sir, the Greeks will be destroyed!
President: Not a breathe of this to anyone, when i give the word, we attack!
""""""""""GREEK WAR""""""""""
The Persians destroyed improvements around Phocaea, the citizens there are getting tired of the war, they have defected to our side, we greated them warmly.
The Romans, for some reason have pulled out of the war, they are at peace with the Greeks, how long that will last, nobody knows.
""""""""""AT HOME""""""""""
Lincoln dialed the General at the Pentagon....
General: Hello?
President: It is time General, we must strike now!
General: Yes sir! We already have three of their citys targeted, we have ten Modern Armors that can attack within hours and we have all our cruise missiles ready, i will give the order to attack now sir, goodbye.
REPORTER: We are here live outside the city of Sparta where the American forces are continuing the assault on Sparta.
SOLDIER: Get down!!!
REPORTER: Here is the commander of this attack.
COMMANDER: Well, yes, we have suffered the loss of 2 Modern Armors but we have taken the city finally, there is heavy resistance so we will fortify here till it ends.
REPORTER: Well there you have it, Sparta has fallen to us, we now take you over to the battle at Halicarnassus.
REPORTER: The troops here have just begun celebrating, they have taken Halicarnassus, am i pronouncing that right? Oh well, its ours now. Soldiers say they lost one Modern Armor and a missile which was used to weaken the Greek defenses. One resister has evaded military police and Martial Law has been declared until he is found. We now go live to Argos where the fighting is indeed intense!
REPORTER: Am i on? Oh, yes, well the fighting here is heavy, the assault on the city is not going good at all. A Modern Armor is heading for the city now, this will be the second offensive by us, hopefully they will not suffer the same fate as the tank before them...
''''''''''''''''''''''BATTLE FOR ARGOS'''''''''''''''''''''''''
MODERN ARMOR: We are approaching the gates sir, no resistance so far....
COMMANDER: Very well, proceed with caution.
MODERN ARMOR: Its very quite here sir, where the heck are they!? Johny! To your left!!! Sir! Sir! Th'y atck'd us fr'm t'' s'de!!!!
COMMANDER: Clean that up soldier! Whats going on out there!!!
MODERN ARMOR: Sir! My gunner is dead, they are closing in, orders sir! What should we.....
(They never finished the sentence, a large explosion in the distance, then nothing, they were dead)
COMMANDER: I want all of you out there now, you two, get going!
REPORTER: Did you see that! That tank exploded in a huge fireball! Two Modern Armors have been dispatched, they are engaged in a intense battle right now, we can't really tell whats going on! It seems that we are.....
REPORTER: Yes! The Commander has confirmed it, we have taken Argos! We destroyed three Greek units suffering heavy damage but no more losses, I am told that a few troops will stay behind to stop the resistance, Argos is ours, now to our reporter in Athens (cheers in the background, champaigne bottle popping, more cheers...)
REPORTER: Well the battle here is now over, we have taken Athens suffering one loss, we have 3 units fortified there, the battle is won. Now back to you in the studios....
STUDIO REPORTER: Well, the General will be getting many congradulations from Lincoln tonight, four citys in one day, the Greeks were strong but we were stronger, we will contiinue to update you on the Greek war, saying goodnight, this is the American News Channel.
""""""""""AT HOME""""""""""
The Advisors once again gathered in the secret conference room. This time, the General would do most of the talking, he walked up to the head of the table...
GENERAL: Well as you can see, our armys have been nothing but victorious!
FOREIGN ADVISOR: So far General, but how long can they last?
GENERAL: We have taken four cities so far and more will fall, half of the Greek cities on our continent belong to us now, but there is a problem.
PRESIDENT: Oh, what is it General?
GENERAL: We have suffered a few losses and we need more tanks on the front lines, we have taken all of the reserve tanks and we only have a few left that can fight sir.
DOMESTIC ADVISOR: General! Surely you do not want to call upon the draft!
GENERAL: Well, if you would allow it Mr. President, we would like to change our mobilization to war time and begin to build the much needed tanks.
PRESIDENT: Yes i believe you are right General, we have gone to far to quit now, permission is granted, Domestic Advisor, i want you on this right away, good day gentlemen.
""""""""""GREEK WAR""""""""""
-Japan and Germany declared a Military Alliance against Greece, more countries have joined the war.
-England, trying to take the Greek cities that are right next to us have agreed to a Military Alliance with the Persians, we must take the cities before they do.
REPORTER: We are here live inside the once Greek city of Mycenae where American forces have seized control. The battle for this city cost us one Modern Armor and slight damage to another, but nothing heavy. Two captured workers have been brought back to the U.S. to face 300 years of community service for aiding the Greeks, we now take you to Knossos....
REPORTER2: Yes, we are here live, and just moments ago one of our tanks was taken out by the Greeks. There are 3 units stationed in Knossos and they are putting up a massive fight. One of our tanks is moving in now...
''''''''''''''''''''''BATTLE FOR KNOSSOS'''''''''''''''''''''''''
COMMANDER: Alright, slowly now, be careful, they could be hiding anywhere.
MODERN ARMOR: We have gone halfway sir and so far no sign of any Greek units, wait a minute sir, whats that!! To the left, a Mech Infantry! Fire! Left more, no, more!!
COMMANDER: Can you see anything soldier, whats going on!?
SOLDIER: Heavy cannon fire sir, the Greeks have surprised us!
(Large explosion then silence)
COMMANDER: Wow! What the, who was that, was that us!?
COMMANDER: Modern Armor 6 come in, come in, can you hear me???
MODERN ARMOR: We hear you sir, we are badly damaged and my gunner is dead, we must return to base.
COMMANDER: Alright, return to base.
MODERN ARMOR 2: The city seems deserted sir! Where the %*^# us everybody, this is scary...
(Gunfire erupts from a hair salon)
MODERN ARMOR 2: What the! In that building, an Greek Infantry is hiding out there, rotate the cannon, 30 degrees.
MODERN ARMOR 2: He to fast sir, we are doing little damage, hold it steady, yes, when i tell you to, fire..... FIRE!!
(The Shell headed straight for the bakery just as the enemy unit ran into it, a large explosion then silence... when the dust cleared the bakery was no more then a pile of rubble, and the enemy unit was in a million pieces.
MODERN ARMOR 2: There is a Rifleman over there, he hasn't spotted us yet. Should i fire on him sir? Of course stupid!
MODERN ARMOR 2: Commander, are you there?
COMMANDER: Yes soldier, what is it.
MODERN ARMOR 2: If you want sir, we have a glass of champagne waiting for you in the city if you want it, and bring the rest of the army, the city belongs to us now.
""""""""""GREEK WAR""""""""""
-We have taken Herakleia with moderate damage, and we have tanks ready to attack outside three of their citys.
-The Egyptians continualy make it harder for us to travel in the Greek territory due to their relentless bombings of improvements from their battleships, we need to have a talk with them about that.
- Our tanks have take Ephesus, Marathon, and Rhodes with ease, we suffered no losses and have a new Greek slave. There are 3 remaining Greek cities, but they are on islands which will make them harder to take.
""""""""""GREEK WAR""""""""""
-Germany and Babylon have signed a Mutual Protection Pact
-One more Greek city remains, we have it in our sights, we have launched a transport with 8 marines to assault the city, the Greeks will be no more!
- The Iroquois and England have formed a military alliance against the Greeks, they have entered the war when it has just about to end, they will do nothing to the Greeks.
""""""""""GREEK WAR ENDS""""""""""
-The Greeks have been defeaten, the last battle similar to their civilization, a Marine defeating a tank, to bad, we at least have much more land now.
So, in conclusion the America and its crazy leader Lincoln defeated three nations claiming more than twice the land they had before. The whole (as we know it today, map speaking) United States belongs to America and there are 12 other countries out there just waiting to be provoked, the next chapter has already begun(i just haven't written it yet and this is to long so i will write it in a new story), and Lincoln is just getting started, the final phase of Lincolns plan is just infolding, and still nobody has a clue...
Continued in new story
"""""""""WHATS IN NEW STORY"""""""
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