34,000 from techs, the last has only 9,000 (or less) in units. Is there an advantage in techs for you or the other? See you all towns (the best has pop 4, 2; the last only pop 2).
The other 9 have 475,000 and with the 2. ~62,000 you get 305,000 for the other 6 player ( 4. til 9.) without the techs only 101,000 for units, pop and buildings (barracks, if one has it).
If you see jags (6,000), you know the best.
Aztec is propably no1 in power as they have barracks, 3 jags an axe and a warrior. Mali I think is second with 6 skirmishers and a warrior.
Demog update....turn 45.

This is after I played my turn.

I am no3 in power, only 7.000 soldiers from 1.

I have 5 immortals, 1 warrior, 2 archers, 2 axes, 1 barracks & 8 pop.

So there is no big stack yet anywhere...


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