DMI XIV - The Code of Junil (FfH)


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Nov 16, 2005
Munich, Germany
Hi guys,

as soon as patch e is released I will be starting a new FfH SG in the long neglected DMI series. This time we will play as the Bannor, and we have three variant conditions:

1) We must found Order
2) We must build the Code of Junil
3) We must build the Mercurian Gate in the city that holds the Code of Junil

Upon completion we will switch to Basium. There will be plenty of Evil Civs in the game - Conquest is the goal.

Players can express their interest in a roster spot from now on.

Hey now!

If you'll take a virtual FfH newb, and you're playing 3.19, I'll sign up.

Been wanting to really learn the ins and outs of this (what-seems-to-be) great mod ~
Bah, if I have you on the roster, we lose the game :D :p . Ah what the hell, for the sake of the good ol' DM times you're in!
Finally another FfH game, I can't miss it.
Unlike pholk, who is a virtual newb, I'm a total newb. :lol:
I'll join in your looking for more, my current FFH SG (OB08 - Tall Poppy Syndrome) is moving pretty slowly.

I'm rather new to SGs, but have decent experience with FFH.
I'll join in. Hope to be of service. Was in OB08 - Tall Poppy Syndrome, But went out early due to lag crashes. (comp has more ram now!)
1) We must found Order

Not signing up yet, but if so, don't select Malakim among the opponents. Varn is a religion hoarder.

And if you want plenty of Evil civs, avoid the Khazad, too.
On second thought, I'm signing up.

For the world to be more evil, you shoud pick Hannah and Os-Gabella as opponents - they are set to prioritize researching OO and AV religious techs.
I think dead is more like it. :mad:

If you need another, I'm always keen. Haven't played 0.41 yet though.

can't you upgrade it to 3.19? if so, i'll help finishing it off
Well, I don't think I can help continuing/finishing that game.
It's on Emperor level, and I can't even beat Emperor by myself in BtS.
Me playing in that game will be like a fourth grade student trying to do Quantum Physics. :D
It's on Emperor level, and I can't even beat Emperor by myself in BtS.

Emperor FfH is easier then in BTS, since the AI is stupider.
Part of it might be that in game game we are on turn ~600 and still only between 1/3 and 2/3 done.
Just played a couple of FFH games and I've gotten the hang of it. I hate actually hate taking a side and playing the good guys or bad guys. Neutral forever! I wish the Kuriotates were neutral. :lol:

So, when does this patch come out?
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