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DoC v1.15 Changelog

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall - Dawn of Civilization' started by Leoreth, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. SeekTruthFromFacts

    SeekTruthFromFacts King

    Nov 2, 2009
    This changelog must have been a large amount of work in and of itself. But the work that it describes is much greater. Thank you, Leoreth (and other contributors, mainly merijn_v1, I believe) for all the effort that you continue to put into this modmod.

    I am jumping from 1.14 to 1.15RC2, so this complete listing is hugely helpful. Here are a few things that were not clear to me, having missed so much forum discussion:

    * Wonders only grant free buildings to cities in a valid building location
    What is a valid building location, please? Is this about tile stability, continents, or something else?

    * Jail (Law): +2 espionage, -25% maintenance, +25% espionage
    * Courthouse (Social Contract): -25% maintenance, +1 statesman slot

    Does this mean that Jails and Courthouses no longer improve expansion stability? I know that stability effects can't be shown in Sevopedia, but it might be helpful to clarify this point in the changelog.

    * Public Transport (Infrastructure): +1 health from Village, Town (and other places)
    * Happiness and health change from improvements only apply when being worked
    Improvements can give happiness and health??? I have seen this is another mod many years ago (History Rewritten?), but it might be helpful to emphasize this in 'Major Features', as it's a major change to one of the core mechanics of Civ IV.

    * Trading Company (Economics, colony): +2 trade routes, +1 health from Spices, +1 happiness from Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Tobacco
    Does this still grant conquerors to certain civs?

    * Collapse after overextension triggers collapse to core instead of a complete collapse
    I read this as including human players, which is indeed a change from the last version I played. If I have misread, then it might be helpful to clarify.

    Also, I believe that the English third UHV goal change is missing.

    I hope this is helpful feedback.
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  2. Leoreth

    Leoreth Prince of Blood Moderator

    Aug 23, 2009
    House of Hades
    It was! It took me maybe a week to collect and write everything. That's especially because 1.15 is so big and changed so many different things, so to remember everything I used both my (not always exhaustive) completed tasks lists and then later the Git history to find everything. Tedious. Maybe I should get better at maintaining this file as I go along.

    Yeah, 1.15 is probably bigger than the two versions before it combined, and they were much bigger than everything that came before them. I hope I can keep releases smaller in the future.

    Valid building location means that the city (not the owning player) fulfills all requirements to build the building. For example, techs are a player thing so that is not checked for. The reason I had to implement this was the Great Lighthouse (free Lighthouse) wonder: without this change, it would give Lighthouses even to landlocked cities. In this context, Lighthouses are not a valid building for non-coastal cities. Similar conditions exist for rivers, and maybe other things that I don't remember right now. Instead of handling all special cases I simply reused the same check that controls if the city can build the building in the first place.

    To clarify, Jails and Courthouses still improve expansion stability

    In my opinion this applies in neither of the feature logs. This aspect of Jails and Courthouses remains unchanged, so there is no reason to mention it in the 1.15 log, and the complete feature list introduces the stability mechanism in its entirety and does not go into that level of detail.

    It's not on the same level as the other aspects in major features, but it should be reflected in Game Rules. Will update if it isn't.

    As with the above, this remained unchanged, so I didn't document it.

    You're right, will update.

    Will check and add if missing.

    It is, thank you.
  3. Tigranes

    Tigranes Armenian

    Sep 11, 2008
    13 pages of features! Dear, dear!... Monumental work. :goodjob:
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