Sorry bout the low quality. I tried the paint tool, I am not going to do it again.

I plan to get a scanner soon. And get more stuff up.
Yes, yeeees, soon MS Paint will become the dominant medium once more! :mwaha:
It does actually look sharper digitally.

Noice to see Shake back again finally. :p
MSPaint looks great when done right. Personally my mouse just doesn't do the trick for it. It tends to make square-y shapes when I make curves.
Say, what's that evil dictatorship been up to when we weren't looking?

Spoiler Full Article :
NEW YORK (W.A) - The situation at sea, air, and orbit around Eurasia remains tense, the increasingly bellicose advances of the Union of Transatlasia challenging the peace which has existed in this corner of the world since the end of the late Hacker Crisis. As regular readers will recall, the so-titled “Great Leader” of Transatlasia, Bowie, was a close ally of the infamous hacker Pul Wat Aa, and the arrival of the Transatlasian 2nd Foreign Operations Fleet at Wetickra, headed by the cruiser Fearless under Admiral Ramon Tiago, heralded what was tantamount to a declaration of war against the allied powers of Earth. Although little fire was traded between the Transatlasian task force and the Coruscanti space navy, Transatlasia seemed to retire from the war not long after, withdrawing its fleet back home and resuming the silence it has existed in for the last 40 years.

But all was not entirely quiet – Transatlasia has remained technically at war against the Free Western forces, the Eastern Union, and the Republic ever since, refusing to have surrendered alongside its erstwhile allies or to make diplomatic overtures to its enemies. Transatlasia never suffered any great military defeats in the same way as the defunct Umbrella Corp. did during the conflict, allowing it to weather out the storm and continue to rattle its sabers at its enemies in the time ever since.

Extensive patrol flights of the Transatlasia Atmospheric Air Force have been a common sight over the Mediterranean, very nearly encroaching on Spanish and Greek national waters, and a strict embargo upon incoming goods from the allied countries has been imposed by the civil authorities in Tangiers, Oran, and Tunis. The whereabouts and actions of the Transatlasian Space Forces are unknown, though reliable sources say that at least one of the fleet's capital cruisers is currently missing from Earth orbit and thought to be in another star system.

No senior officials from any of the powers concerned could be reached for comment, so it is as of yet unclear what the so-called 'Triple Entente' makes of the potential threat posed to it in the form of Transatlasia. It can only be hoped that peace and reason will, ultimately, prevail.


Welcome back. :D
Now y'all are tempting me to make a genuine return!

Also GK, Coruscant is just an artifact title since I'm conceptualizing on renaming my faction to the Republic of Nova Terra.
GK, come to chat. :p

People could use it more.
You know what? I've come back to life.

Introducing Tabitha Mia! A completely normal, blue-skinned woman going on an adventure with nothing but the clothes on her back, her wits and a Bag of Holding that carries an immense arsenal of weapons she has no idea where or why she has them.
You know, like all normal women.

Password as always: 5tr@v!n5k3

Suggest topics here.
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See preceding post for code.

Sadly I don't think this intro will feature again.
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TIL Fegelein = Schedule. Does this mean that Schedule=Ass-pats?
But what happens when Fegelein = JoanK????

Omg. It's amazing. Laughed so much.
:hatsoff: Some Untergangers say by the time the video finally goes to upload, they're sick of it and never want to touch it again. I figure if I can still make myself smile, it's fit for general consumption. :p
I did not liked it. :mad:
Honestly I thought it was too predictable and self-indulgent. :p

It had fun bits, though.
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