Extremism: Thoughts and Solutions


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Nov 24, 2005
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I don't consider any of us extremists except ... (checks thread :shifty:) ... nope, none of us. Not in any practical sense, given the spectrum of 'extremism' available. So, for those fringes, I think that the ability to communicate (or spin communication) is vital. Or, to notice when communication is being mishandled or perverted. IMO, that's a causal factor when it comes to the intensity of the extremism.


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Oct 10, 2007
Gen X is an exception.
A contributing factor that in why Gen X is so much smaller in that chart than Millennials and Boomers is because Gen X is defined as lasting 15 years, while Boomers are defined as 20 years and Millennials as 16. As an aside, in my view Gen X is better defined as 1967 to 1986 or 1970 to 1989 or at its largest, 1966 to 1990. I have no idea how that changes the totals, but calling someone born in the early 60s Gen X is a stretch depending on your view of the characteristics of Gen X. But I guess if we want to shift the meaning/character of Gen X a bit, you could define it as 1960-1984.

My point is that the 1965-1979 definition doesn't ring true to me. You're either starting the generation way too early or too late, and in all cases you're ending it way to early with that definition. My view is the "generations" should be in the 20-25 year range and relatively consistent in duration. The other option is to subdivide the generations with groups like "Gen Y", "Gen Z", "Gen Alpha", "Silent Generation", "Greatest Generation" and so on.
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