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FfH2 Bug Thread

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Kael, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    FfH2 Bug Thread
    Use this thread to post any issues with FfH2.

    Please do not post issues with the scenarios in this thread. Post them in this subforum: http://forums.civfanatics.com/forumdisplay.php?f=332

    Mod: Fall from Heaven II 0.41
    Media Pack: Media Pack
    Patch: Patch "o"

    Patch 0.41p (unreleased)
    1. Fixed an issue causing Sons of Asena to explode when they die and Pyre Zombies not to explode.

    Patch 0.41o (will break save games)
    1. Fixed an issue causing Dain's favorite wonder to be the Pagan Temple.
    2. Fixed a CtD when pyre zombies kill a players last unit.
    3. Units running in fear with no place to escape to stay in their plot (instead of dying).
    4. Fixed a CtD checking invisibility on units without a plot (fix by Snarko).
    5. Fixed a WoC (joining an illegal group) in ConquestMove (fix by Snarko).
    6. Fixed a WoC (hiddennationailtiy) in ConquestMove (fix by Snarko).
    7. Fixed a python exception in doCrusade.
    8. Fixed a bug that was causing resists from promotions to be doubled (fix by Sephi).
    9. Fixed a WoC when the first player is killed (fix by Snarko).
    10. Fixed a WoC caused by AIControlled and Hidden Nationality units grouping with each other (fix by Snarko).
    11. Fixed a WoC (or unneeded bounce) when a unit moves between invis and non-invis or vise versa (fix by Snarko).

    Note: Patch's are cumulative, so you only need the latest one. But older patches are supplied in case players want to run at an older versions for some reason.

    Patch 0.41n ("Breunor's patch")
    1. Fixed a CtD caused by a conversion in a stack with enemy units.
    2. Fixed a CtD caused by taunt causing a unit that can't attack to attack.
    3. Fixed an issue that caused the AI Balseraphs to build freaks endlessly.
    4. Disciples of Acheron start with Loyalty.
    5. Sons of the Inferno start with Loyalty.
    6. Fixed a CtD when the Bannor cast rally and an enemy unit is on a town.
    7. Fixed a CtD that can be caused when a player founds a city in a plot with enemy units (the fun of invisibility).
    8. Fixed a WoC from summons (found by Snarko).
    9. Fixed an error in the Order vs Veil random event.
    10. Fixed an issue with applying the POISONED_BLADE promotion through explore lairs events.

    Patch 0.41m (will break save games)
    1. Customized the No Tech Trade Threshold (generally made the AI more willing to trade techs).
    2. The AI should gold rush more frequently now.
    3. Scorpion Clan Goblins now with 100% more scorpions (art from Kohan 2 converted by Deliverator).
    4. New Avatar of Wrath model (art from Kohan 2 converted by Deliverator).
    5. Fixed an issue with feasting Denev found (no idea what the actual impact would be, but it cant be good).
    6. Fixed an error with the discovery chances string.
    7. Updated all the leader attributes for Sephi's AI settings.
    8. Disciples of Acheron/Sons of the Inferno will no longer be capturable by For the Horde (will fix a python error).
    9. Genesis will now correctly remove all hell terrain from the players lands.
    10. Rewrote genesis and correctly set some allowable terrain on some features to fix some feature wiping conditions.
    11. Fix for stack casts (multiple units opening a chest as one, etc) by Denev.
    12. Rust is 20% easier to resist.
    13. Ring of Flames damage reduced from 20 to 15%.

    Patch 0.41l
    1. Fixed the Vampire and Vampire Lord icons.
    2. Fixed the Kuriotate Recon line animations.
    3. New Druid model by WarKirby.
    4. Removed a block that was keeping barbs from summoning.
    5. Fixed an issue causing feature growth to be at 1% the normal amount.
    6. Removed barbarian strength growth (it slipped by in the wildmana merge).
    7. Fixed an issue that caused fireballs (and other bombardables) to always bombard instead of attacking cities.
    8. New icons for all the high priests.

    Patch 0.41k (will break save games)
    1. New Kuriotate Scout model by seZereth.
    2. New Kuriotate Hunter model by seZereth.
    3. New Kuriotate Ranger model by seZereth.
    4. New Kuriotate Assassin model by seZereth.
    5. New Kuriotate Beastmaster model by seZereth.
    6. Genesis now removes all hell terrain from your lands (though it might convert again, idea from WildMana).
    7. Promotions that pass promtions to summons won't pass them to abilities (ex: Hire Goblin, idea from Denev).
    8. Improvement discovery chances are now modified by game speed (idea from jdog5000).
    9. Feature disappearance is now modified by game speed (idea from jdog5000).
    10. Feature growth is now modified by game speed (idea from jdog5000).
    11. Hundreds of AI updates from Wildmana (all Sephi's latest AI python and SDK code reviewed and many changes checked in).
    12. Checked in Sephi's OOS fixes.
    13. Fixed a CtD caused by switching to no religion (fix by Sephi).
    14. Fixed a CtD caused by some spell where the caster dies before the spell resolves (ie: taunt, fix by Sephi).
    15. New Illian Adept model by Esvath.
    16. New Illian Mage model by Esvath.
    17. New Illian Archmage model by Esvath.
    18. New Malakim Adept model by Esvath (old Malakim Adept moved to Malakim Mage).
    19. New Malakim Archmage model by Esvath.
    20. Fixed a python issue with the doCrusade function.
    21. Added the Disciple of Acheron unit (fire caster that will occasionally spawn from Acheron's city, chance based on difficulty).
    22. Added the Son of the Inferno unit (upgraded form of the Disciple of Acheron).
    23. Fixed an issue where players could hang around after being killed if they had an equipment still in the game.
    24. New Calabim Adept model by Esvath.
    25. New Calabim Mage model by Esvath.
    26. New Calabim Archmage model by Esvath.
    27. Updated Profane model by Esvath.
    28. Updated Prior model by Esvath.
    29. New Priest of Leaves model by Esvath.
    30. New High Priest of Leaves model by Esvath.
    31. New Speaker model by Esvath.
    32. New Vicar model by Esvath.
    33. New Cultist model by Esvath.
    34. New Grigori Adept model by Esvath (current adept moved to mage and mage moved to archmage).
    35. Updated Runekeeper model by Esvath.
    36. New Vampire Lord model by Esvath (current Vampire Lord model moved to Vampire).

    Patch 0.41j
    1. Privateers check wasnt valid (fixed by Turinturambar).
    2. Fixed an issue with prereqCiv on units (fixed by Denev).
    3. Updated joingroup ai function by Sephi.
    4. All leaders xml settings reviewed compared to WildMana (mostly involving AI changes).
    5. Civic AIWeights adjusted according to WildMana.
    6. Fixed an issue that would cause the Barbarian World to do nothing when selected (and sometimes activate when it wasn't selected).
    7. Fixed the Tower Shield event so it provides the cover promotion instead of combat.

    Patch 0.41i
    1. Fixed an issue creating Pirate Coves.
    2. Fixed a reference to the Mazatl civ in CvGameUtils.
    3. Fixed an issue that can AI to not build catapults (thanks Lone Wolf).
    4. Fixed an issue with automatic terraforming.
    5. Fixed regenerate map so that all the actions happen on the first turn.
    6. Fixed an error loading the Into the Desert scenario.

    Patch 0.41h ("Sephi's patch", will break save games)
    1. Reduced the Harpy event unhappiness from 15 to 5.
    2. AI: Better AI by Sephi (from the Wild Mana Mod).
    3. AI: AI Improvements by Skyre (as merged by Sephi).
    4. AI: Automate casting by Sephi.
    5. AI: Better trigger for declaring war from spells by Sephi.
    6. Stasis pauses golden ages by Sephi.
    7. AI: Autocasting by Sephi.
    8. Regenerate map option by Sephi.
    9. Challenge modes modified by game speed by Sephi.
    10. Tons of text fixes by Loocas.
    11. Fixed an issue where the infernals caused an OOS whenever they captured a city.
    12. New Beast of Agares art (model by WarKirby, texture by seZereth).
    13. AI: AI Taught to declare nationality when appropriate (from Better Economic AI by Turinturambar).
    14. AI: New build orders (from Better Economic AI by Turinturambar).
    15. Infernals blocked from building health buildings (will help noob players and the AI).
    16. Building promotion removal and adding move from unit doturn to city doturn (for performance).
    17. New withdrawl function added (used for retreating withdrawl/feared/invisible units) that limits retreat to 1 tile and kills units that can't retreat (no more teleporting).
    18. Fixed an issue with the Prisoner Merchant lair result (reported with fix by Doug Piranha).

    Patch 0.41g
    1. Fixed an issue that created blockades when a unit gained hidden nationality.

    Patch 0.41f
    1. Fixed an error in patch "e" where bonus affinities were accidently removed.
    2. Removed orc sounds form the elohim axeman, archer and longbowman.
    3. Fixed an issue that made Freaks unbuildable.

    Patch 0.41e (will break save games)
    1. New Elohim Scout model by seZereth.
    2. New Elohim Hunter model by seZereth.
    3. The Clairone (harpy) event now applies hurry anger with the free bard instead of riot turns.
    4. Animals can now get courage.
    5. New Elohim Adept model by seZereth.
    6. New Elohim Mage art by seZereth.
    7. New Elohim Axeman art by seZereth.
    8. New Elohim Champion art by seZereth.
    9. Genesis won't create forests in cities anymore.
    10. Barb's get free Ogres instead of free champions (which don't exist for them anymore) after they learn iron working.
    11. Into the Desert: Fixed an error when Dirage is razed.
    12. World units won't be given out in late game starts anymore
    13. Fixed an issue that caused blight to effect player 0 (usually the human player) twice.
    14. High Priests of Winter can call blizzards like priests of winter.
    15. Marsh's build modifier increased from 25% to 50% (25% more work required to place improvements on it).
    16. Fixed the issue that caused damaged stacks to always have the normal number of units.
    17. Fixed an error that occured if you started the game next to the Guardian of Pristin Pass.
    18. New Elohim Archer unit model by seZereth.
    19. New Elohim Horseman unit model by seZereth.
    20. New Elohim Chariot unit model by seZereth.
    21. New Elohim Longbowman unit model by seZereth.
    22. New Balseraph Chariot unit model.
    23. New Elohim Horsearcher unit model by seZereth.
    24. Tons of text fixes by Nor'easter.
    25. Fixed an issue that could make blockades permanent when using revelation on a hidden nationality unit blockading your ports.
    26. Ashen Veil and free demonic buildings won't be given to captured Infernal cities unless they are kept (keeps the AC form lowering when the Infernal raze a city that they just pushed the AV to).
    27. The Radiant Guard: The Radiant Guard units start with the Bronze Weapons promotions.
    28. The Radiant Guard: The Mercurian area starts revealed to the player.

    Patch 0.41d
    1. Fixed a crash when starting as a civ with a unique race (fix provided by Xienwolf before the issue was reported, now thats skill!).

    Patch 0.41c
    1. Into the Desert: fixed an error in the defensive pact assignment when dirage is razed.
    2. Fixed an error with trait changes (most commonly seen with the Adaptive or Insane trait changes).
    3. Fixed culture growth rates that were changed by 3.19.
    4. Civics won't show up on the tech chart if you aren't the civ that requires them (so only the Bannor see that Fanaticism enables Crusade).
    5. Fixed a crash that could occur during scenario loads.
    6. Fixed an issue that can cause unit selection issues (fix by Maniac).

    Patch 0.41b (will break save games)
    1. Updated Searph model by WarKirby (original version by C.Roland).
    2. Converted to BtS patch 3.19.
    3. AI will pursue favorite techs (usually religious techs) correctly now, weighting improved and it looks deeper in the tech tree when considering techs).
    4. Fixed an issue so Unrestricted Leader game option works.

    Patch 0.41a
    1. Fixed a graphic error with the Dwarven Smithy.
    2. Fixed a graphic error withe Adularia Chamber.
    3. Fixed a graphic error with the Amurite Archer.
    4. Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when the game starts if the Hyborem menu is selected (thanks to Zifnab!).
    5. Fixed an issue with the Decius model (he would show up as a red blob).

    Patch 0.41
    1. Fixed a divide by zero CtD in CvCityAI::AI_updateSpecialYieldMultiplier().
    2. Removed Blue Marble.
    3. New Temple of Leaves model (from Kohan II).
    4. New Song of Autumn model (from Kohan II).
    5. Pact of the Nilhorn changed from a wonder to a ritual.
    6. Fixed the Tablets of Bambur model.
    7. Went through and corrected all the building pedia entries.
    8. Fixed a problem with the main menu backgrounds so the old ones are back in.
    9. New Arthendain model by seZereth.
    10. New Khazad Crossbowman model by seZereth.
    11. New Angel of Death model by Ploeperpengel.
    12. New Khazad Berserker model by seZereth.
    13. The Black Tower- Fixed a CtD that can happen when attacking Tebryn's capital.
    14. Lord of the Balors- Keelyn will now display her victory message correctly.
    15. New Dwarven Paladin model by seZereth.
    16. Fixed an issue with Wonder that caused summoner players to keep units for 3 turns instead of 2 turns.
    17. Dispel Magic now correctly dispels enemy buffs and allied debuffs.
    18. Fixed an issue that could cause unique events to never trigger.
    19. Added the ability to examine cities before you decide to keep or raze them (code by Smeagolheart!).
    20. Mulcarn Reborn- Updated map.
    21. New Pillar of Chains model by Deon.
    22. AI: The AI won't priest spam city trapped (UNITAI_MISSIONARY) priests anymore.
    23. Units with a duration (ie: non-permanent summons) won't cost unit maintenance or away costs.
    24. AI: The AI is more likely to give items in trade for peace if overwhelmed.
    25. New Orc Paladin model by seZereth.
    26. AI: Leaders can now have a favorite unitcombat (so amelanchier will prefer archers, alexis melee, tasunke mounted, etc) which helps in building units, choosing buildings, and selecting techs.
    27. AI: Leaders can now have a favorite tech (instead of the python forced teching).
    28. New Svartalfar Beastmaster model by seZereth.
    29. New Bannor Chariot, Calabim Chariot, Sidar Chariot, Sheam Horse Archer, Amurite Chariot, Amurite Horse Archer, Doviello Chariot, Doviello Horse Archer, Illian Chariot, Illian Horse Archer, Lanun Chariot and Lanun Horse Archer by the Coyote.
    30. 70 Meg smaller than version 0.40 (improved loading times).

    Spoiler Older Patches :

    Patch 0.40z
    1. Fixed an issue where removing invisibility from a treasure chest deleted the chest.
    2. Monks can be upgraded to Paladins or Immortals.
    3. New Herald model by seZereth.
    4. New Repentant Angel model by seZereth.
    5. New Chalid model art by seZereth.
    6. New Ratha model art by seZereth.
    7. New Bannor Champion model art by seZereth.
    8. New Donal model by seZereth.
    9. New Ophanim model by seZereth.
    10. New Luchuirp Archmage model by seZereth.
    11. New Clan of Embers Archmage model by seZereth.
    12. Fixed an issue with Magnadine hiring units in other cities.
    13. New Ljosalfar Mage model by seZereth (old Ljosalfar mage moved to the archmage model).
    14. New Ljosalfar Druid model by seZereth.
    15. New Sidar Palace model (from Kohan II, compliments of Walter Hawkwood).
    16. New Doviello Palace model (from Kohan II, compliments of Walter Hawkwood).
    17. New Guild of the Nine model (from Kohan II, compliments of Walter Hawkwood).
    18. New Svartalfar Palace model (from Kohan II, compliments of Walter Hawkwood).
    19. New Infernal Palace model (from Kohan II, compliments of Walter Hawkwood).
    20. New Spider Pen model (from Kohan II, compliments of Walter Hawkwood).
    21. Devout can be upgraded to Empyrean priests.
    22. Barb units won't pillage lairs in players borders (hellfire, etc).
    23. New Svartalfar Marksman model by seZereth.
    24. New Corlindale model by seZereth.
    25. New Dwarven Smithy model (from Kohan II).
    26. New Pallens Engine model (from Kohan II).
    27. New Adularia Chamber model (from Kohan II).
    28. New Temple of Kilmorph model (from Kohan II).
    29. New Tablets of Bambur model (from Kohan II).
    30. New Blasting Workshop model (from Kohan II).
    31. New Soul Forge model (from Kohan II).
    32. New Temple of the Order model (from Kohan II).
    33. New Code of Junil model (from Kohan II).
    34. New Stigmata on the Unborn model (from Kohan II).
    35. New Temple of the Veil model (from Kohan II).
    36. New Gibbon Goetia model by seZereth.
    37. Return of Winter- Modified to make the AI more aggressive, especially at higher difficulty levels.
    38. Hidden Nationality units will now show attack odds correctly (thanks to Xienwolf!).

    Patch 0.40y
    1. The Iron Orb event no longer occurs to the first player to qualify (its random like most other events).
    2. Fixed an animation issue with the Khazad/Luchuirp hunter.
    3. Lord of the Balors- Added rivers to the map.
    4. Mulcarn Reborn- fixed an issue that would cause Volanna to spawn on the ocean.
    5. Fixed an issue with the blood effect on gorilla's.
    6. Cities reduce spell damage by a quarter of their city defense to units in them (so pyre zomebies, tsunamis, ring of flames, pillar or flames, etc isnt as effective against units in well fortified cities).
    7. Tsunami's average damage reduced from 50% to 30%.
    8. Worldbreak and the city fire event cannot destroy Demonic Citizens anymore.
    9. Demonic Citizens won't be granted when the infernal gift cities anymore.
    10. Mercurians no longer get angels when animals die.
    11. Pillaging will remove promotions that are removed by combat (such as invisibility).

    Patch 0.40x
    1. Fixed the animations for donal, paramanders and tuetorix.
    2. Fixed an error with the Steal spell.
    3. Updated Against the Grey scenario by Nikis-Knight.
    4. Fixed an issue with the Tolerant trait that allowed the player to have 2 palaces.

    Patch 0.40w
    1. Fixed an error with commerce reads in building loads.
    2. Magic Immune give 50% resistance to the magic damage types, instead of 100%.
    3. Vitalize wont show as castable on marsh's (since it doesnt do anything to them anyway).
    4. Barnaxus will get the abilities from the city he is built in (if they have the pallens engine, etc).
    5. Fixed an issue with invisibility from promotions (units that could see invisible couldn't see them).
    6. Fixed an issue where defensive withdrawal caused the attacking unit to lose double the normal amount of movement points.
    7. The new player popup wont happen in multiplayer games anymore.
    8. Fixed an error with the Shrine of Camulos event.
    9. OCC no longer has a limited amount of national wonders.
    10. Added the Against the Grey scenario.
    11. Fixed an error that could cause python errors and CtD's when casting For the Horde.
    12. Fixed an error revealing invisible units (now they will be kicked out of stacks invis allowed them to be in) that could cause CtD's.

    Patch 0.40v
    1. Fixed an issue where barbs granted way to much xp.

    Patch 0.40u
    1. Civ specific unit art will now be used for upgrade buttons.
    2. New Govannon model by seZereth.
    3. Mistform is now an elemental.
    4. Immortality will not save an angel sacrificed on the Pyre of the Seraphic.
    5. Mulcarn Reborn: Auric can't create 2 Drifas.
    6. New blood splatter combat effects by seZereth.
    7. Included Alex's OOS fix: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=310116
    8. Fixed an issue that could cause the random good/neutral/evil leaders to spawn as colony leaders.
    9. Fixed the Counterfeit event (so that it correctly reqs Runes to pick the 3rd option).
    10. Fixed an issue that prevented a city from ever having a negative production modifier (such as a new city under pacifism).
    11. Barb units offer less xp than the units of your enemies.
    12. Barbarian world units (Orthus, Acheron, etc) will grant xp, even past the 100xp limit.
    13. Fixed a WoC error when the AI tried to set a hidden nationality ship to the Assault ai type.
    14. Fixed a major AI issue where Ai (or automated) workers were unable to improve a plot if they started the turn in it.
    15. Fixed an issue that could cause upgraded units to get bronze and mithril weapons.
    16. Fixed an issue where units effected by fear could charge into enemy stacks.

    Patch 0.40t (patch t will break save games)
    1. Fixed an error in the Holy Child event.
    2. Started the great code review (simplification/removal of unnessesary code).
    3. Pacifism loses the +1 gold cost per military unit, and gains a -20% military production modifier.
    4. Events that target and spawn wont promote both units (ie: the enchanter event wont give enchantment 1 to both the spawned unit and the axeman/swordsman).
    5. The Radiant Guard: fixed an issue that can make the scenario unwinnable if you kill Hyborem before Basium arrives.
    6. Poisoned will be removed the turn you fully heal, not the turn after.
    7. Fixed a CtD when capturing a unit with hiden nationality from a stack with neutral units.
    8. New Svartalfar Longbowman unit model by seZereth.
    9. You can no longer declare nationality when on a stack with enemy units.
    10. Barbs can't found cities on mana nodes or found disabled plots (like the dungeon area in the Cult scenario) anymore.
    11. Being immune to magic won't make you immune to abilities.
    12. Releasing a unit from a cage is now an ability.
    13. Extra duration from the Summoner trait decreased from +2 turns to +1 turn.
    14. The Summoner trait now allows all summons to start with Combat 1.
    15. Added the Reveal spell (allows a unit effected by Nox Noctis to forfeit its invisibility).
    16. Production popup now has the civ race icon graphics instead of generic icons (so the orc warrior icon instead of a normal warrior for the clan).
    17. Immortals won't trigger the unitkilled python function (keeps Decius from cloning when an immortal host dies and fixed other problems).
    18. The Great Library gives 1 free sage instead of 2.

    Patch 0.40s
    1. Fixed the Boar Rider (its supposed to be a Horseman UU but it had Horse Archer stats).
    2. New Svartalfar Ranger model by seZereth.
    3. Added an Intro popup for new players.
    4. Fixed a CtD if an invisible unit uses mirror on an enemy stack.
    5. Wages of Sin: You will only see the Valin and Rosier intro messages the first time they are created (for black mirror combos and such).
    6. Mulcarn Reborn: turns between switches changed from 20 to 40.
    7. Mulcarn Reborn: Decius now enters the game on turn 5.
    8. Mulcarn Reborn: Increased starting units.
    9. AI: lowered the AIs chance to spam ships (weighting lowers if ships > players amount of cities).
    10. Heroes and non-UU units only one civ can build (like flagbearers) are correctly listed in the pedia as being unique to a their civilization.
    11. Fixed an issue that caused players that entered the game late (Basium, Koun, some scenario characters) to start with a reduced score (they weren't getting power/asset/score points for the techs their team had).
    12. Reduced the cost for the Mithril Golem and Meshabber from 5000 to 1200.

    Patch 0.40r
    1. Fixes a post combat python function with Lightning Elemental.
    2. Added the Wages of Sin scenario.
    3. Added the Mulcarn Reborn scenario.
    4. Fixed range problems with a lot of the units (so they would act as melee in the combat animations).
    5. Fixed the Lion upgrade to Lion Pride chance.
    6. All great people are now marked as defensive only (so they won't be mutated).
    7. Fixed Ars create wraith chance.
    8. New Lanun warrior that doesn't look quite as advanced as the old one.
    9. Strategy text added for all buildable units (woot! this took forever!).
    10. Crazed and Enraged are no longer possible outcomes from mutation.
    11. New Infernal Assassin model by seZereth.
    12. New Infernal Marksman model by seZereth.
    13. New Infernal Crossbowman model by seZereth.
    14. New Infernal Phalanx model by seZereth.
    15. New Calabim city art by C.Roland.
    16. New Calabim Palace by C.Roland.
    17. Heralds Call now gives the blessed instead of the burning blood promotion.
    18. Unit specific abilities will be displayed in the unit help text.
    19. Cleaned up the promotions lost so that only valid promotions are listed (instead of every unit having all the spell spheres listed).
    20. Fixed a missing graphic issues with Luchurip/Khazad cities.
    21. Fixed a python error in the Taunt ability (getImmobileTimer).
    22. Fixed a python error in the Shrine of Camulos event.
    23. Immortal units duplicated with the Black Mirror won't be duplicated anymore.
    24. Culture flips use conscription rules now (so they won't be able to produce multipe heroes, units that can't be trained, etc).
    25. You can't cast For the Horde if you are at war with the Barbs.
    26. Increased the rate of the AC slightly (from 50 + 15 per player to 50 + 12 per player max).
    27. New Svartalfar Druid model by seZereth.
    28. AutoRaze barb units units will only autoraze their own cities (so they cant destroy allied cities they are in).
    29. Players with no state religion can inquisition now.
    30. New Luchuirp Mage model by seZereth.
    31. Bunch of new Malakim unit models.
    32. Into the Desert: the Calabim version has had a significant amount of tweaks form Nikis-Knight.
    33. AI: Fallow players won't value the food value of improvements (so hyborem won't be building farms).
    34. New Svartalfar Assassin model by seZereth.
    35. Archery gives +50% chop production.
    36. Lumbermills moved form Iron Working to Archery.
    37. Workshops moved from Smelting to Construction, given +1 commerce, the +1 hammer moved from Construction to Smelting, given +2 hammer at Guilds.
    38. Watermills removed.
    39. Windmills given +1 hammer.

    Known Issues:
    1. When Basium or Hyborem enter the game is causes an OOS error in multiplayer games. Dropping and rejoining the game will allow the game to continue.

    System Issues:
    1. "GFC error: failed to initialaize the primary control theme" error loading the mod. You will recieve this error if FfH isn't installed in the correct location (under Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods). If you don't have Civ4 installed to that location just make sure the FfH is installed in the same directory as Final Frontier, Age of Ice and the other mods that came with BtS. Also make sure you have installed the full mod and not just the patch.
    2. The mod loads okay, but when you go to start a game it crashes. You experience this error if you aren't running BtS patch 3.17.
    3. If you are running BtS 3.17 and the game still crashes when starting your computer could be having problems playing the opening movie. Disabling movies resolves the problem. If this is your problem you will often be able to play scenarios but not the main game (because movies dont play before the scenarios).
    4. If FfH crashes when starting a game and when you look in the Civilopedia from the main menu and you can't see units, then you have only applied the patch and you need to download and install the main mod (then reapply the patch).
    5. While playing if your units look okay when moving but turn back to normal civ4 units when standing still its because you have "Freeze Animations" turned on in your game options.
    6. Vista users have reported crashes if they have UAC (User Account Control) enabled.
    7. Some sites you download the mod from lose the .exe extension on the file, so you just get a file that windows cant use. Renaming the file and putting the .exe back on the end fixes the problem.

    Reporting Issues:

    I have five requests before you report issues:

    1. I dont expect anyone to read the whole thread. But please read this post and see if your issue is addressed in patches you don't have applied, in a patch that hasn't been released yet, or is a known issue.

    2. Please don't report cosmetic issues here, use the cosmetic issues thread for that.

    3. Please don't "chat" in this thread. I hate it when real bug reports get lost in other posts, so please try to keep this thread as on task as possible (just for bug reports) and I will try to make sure everything mentioned here gets resolved.

    4. Please don't report issues for other mods in this thread, even FfH modmods.

    5. If you are noticing an issue please make sure you have python popups enabled so we can see what the real error is. To enable python popups in your CivilizationIV.ini change:

    ; Set to 1 for no python exception popups
    HidePythonExceptions = 1

    ; Set to 1 for no python exception popups
    HidePythonExceptions = 0
  2. xienwolf

    xienwolf Deity

    Oct 4, 2007
    Location! Location!
    THIS LIST IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED. Bruenor is attempting to compile a new one, I wish him the best of luck at keeping up, shouldn't be too hard though, once he has caught up to current :)

    Listing of Bugs reported and not yet included in the changelog for the upcoming patch:

    • Posted Savegames with Unresolved Issues
      (List cleared if a Patch breaks savegames, as troubleshooting will require maintaining an older version)
      1. CtD at end of turn (Nikis-Knight - Post 431)

    • Bugs Reported with Fix Reccomended
      1. If an HN unit is blockading and the owner is actually at peace with you, by revealing nationality (willfully or by Revelation spell) the blockade becomes permanent. This can be fixed by updating all blockades for a unit (CvUnit::updatePlunder) whenever changing HN status (CvUnit::changeHiddenNationality) Check the code below for best method (Emptiness - Post 863)
        Spoiler for Code:
        Spoiler :

        updatePlunder(-1, false);
        m_iHiddenNationality += iNewValue;
        joinGroup(NULL, true);
        updatePlunder(1, false);
      2. Units are blocked from taking a promotion via XP spending which places them over Withdrawal cap, but if by spell or upgrade they exceed the cap the unit is allowed to have the excessive withdrawal capability (snarko - Post 1018)

    • Reported Bugs (General)
      1. Losing Invis while sharing tiles with a hostile unit (happens with Nox Noctis is captured pretty easily) can cause a CtD (Ahwaric - Post 534)
      2. Animal Lairs can spawn new animals while a Barbarian Ally unit is sitting on the tile. If the HN Animal and the other unit remain co-habitating and another animal attempts to attack the tile, CtD occurs (Medicine_Man_55 - Post 529)
      3. Pearls as set as <bNormalize> which allows them to be used to enhance poor starting locations, and thus means the locations REMAIN poor for all but 1/21 civs (Seven05 - Post 335)
      4. Barbarian Heroes can get snagged in the Python control forcing defense of certain lairs (Bitwise - Post 273)
      5. Equipment items are destroyed if they start the turn on a water tile. Could possibly be solved by granting them the ability to move in all terrain (shouldn't cause any new issues as they have no movement points) (Damocles12 - Post 272)
      6. CtD due to illegal tile sharing after quite specific action sequence detailed in post (Nikis-Knight - Post 258)
      7. Patch S: Got a champion with both Bronze & Mithril (Shaymizz - Post 220)
      8. Had a "Get a Dungeon" event on a City Tile (Verdian - Post 151)
      9. Clan Worldspell managed to grant no units once, then a python error, then worked fine (Grey Fox - Post 140)
        • Python error was line 1252 of Spellinterface, a C++ error (Jenaelha - Post 150)
      10. Haunted Townhouse event's Infernal Only option doesn't seem to change any Commerce output for the city, nor the city tile.
      11. Hall of Mirrors can duplicate equipment (either enemy equipment dropped by the city, and thus counting as a unit, or enemies WITH equipment beign duplicated (bonedog - Post 121)
      12. Can keep the Demonc Citizens building if you convince Hyborem to grant you a city Diplomatically (opblaaskrokodil - Post 77)
      13. Life Node Flare event clears Ancient Forests, but doesn't affect Normal Forests (Emptiness - Post 8)
      14. Cannot upgrade a Kuriotates scout to a Centaur, but CAN upgrade it to a Centaur Charger or Centaur Lancer (mahazel - Post 1303)
      15. In numerous locations throughout CvPlayer and CvCity, checks are done for the city having buildings in them based off of the civ default building. This fails horribly with Assimilation as many of their cities have that CLASS, but not that BUILDING (Y T - Post 1263)
      16. Dedicating the Monument Event option to gain bonus Health had no effect on the city (Y T - Post 1208)
      17. Python error, line 1535 of CvSpellInterface, spellInquisition definition: getStateReligion called on a NoneType entity somehow (Ambreville - Post 1200)
      18. Equipment (in unit form) costs unit support (MiKa523 - Post 1146)
      19. Enraged units can be given orders and will still follow them through instead of accepting wild and crazy AI orders (RogueThunder - Post 1143)
      20. Unique Improvements can spawn on top of one another (tag doesn't match the improvement visible) (Kyroshill - Post 1142)
      21. Prophecy of Ragnarok grants Prophecy Mark even to non-living units (ie - demon promoted Infernals) (TheGreatSteve - Post 1068)
      22. Tolerant Civs can build UB versions of buildings when they have a basic version of it free from a wonder (forge from Guild of Hammers + Dwarven Smithy) (rasot - Post 1034)
      23. Barbarian World Units are destroyed when flipping a city by culture that they are nestled in (quick solution: Give them huge Culture Garrison values so you can't flip their cities) (Ranos - Post 1020)
      24. Enraged units can sacrifice themselves in cities to construct buildings (ie - Freak->Freak Show) (shoggi - Post 1016)
      25. Rust spell applies Rusted Promotion even if resisted (if resisted, weapon promotion is not removed, but rust is applied on top of it) (Emptiness - Post 984)
      26. If an Immortal unit turns Barbarian, they are also reborn in the capital (Deon - Post 935)
      27. Doviello who gain an Adventurer cannot upgrade them to a warrior, only to Scout/Hunter line (Master_Hugian - Post 929)
      28. Event for a city atop the remains of a patrian city offers to let you lose 3 population with no benefit, but also doesn't let you select the option in a size 6 city (Grey Fox - Post 897)
      29. Building Stir from Slumber, have the Celestial Compass: Mouseover claims that there is a bonus being provided, but actual change in production between turns does not reflect it (KnightBoat - Post 896)
      30. Perfect Sight cannot see units hidden by Nox Noctis (giddion - Post 864)
      31. AI can be granted free units in excess of National/World limits at gamestart (Doviello gain 2 Lucian on Deity standard start) (Jet - Post 851)
      32. Tolerant allows you to have 2 palaces (build foreign palace, destroys Elohim palace, build another foreign palace, now have 2 but cannot build another anymore (Gelvan - Post 841)
      33. Water tiles mor ethan 2 squares from land are not workable. Major issue for Kuriotates Coastal cities and any coastal city with CoaTS (Marnok - Post 771)
      34. Sacrifice the Weak claims to cause +4 :yuck:, but only causes +1 :yuck:
      35. Enraged units can be given a queue of orders which they will obey instead of acting enraged - This can be done post-enrage (far_wanderer - Post 692)
      36. Python exception in line 1052 of CvSpellInterface (spellDomination) (DemonMaster - Post 686)
      37. Double Brigit appeared on Circle of Carcer (giddion - Post 641)
      38. Neutral Khazad AI player (allied with Good Basium) managed to have Paladin units without ever being Good himself (most likely by upgrading in Allies cities) (reverend oats - Post 617)
      39. Lightbulbing help-text was incorect - Used a Merchant claiming he will bulb Mathematics, instead it bulbed Currency (beorn - Post 610)
      40. Medic III is a purchasable Promotion (nobody auto-starts with it), but lists no unitcombats, so can never be purchased (MagisterCultuum - Post 587)
      41. You FOund a Dungeon event triggered on a city, thus making it impossible to request the dungeon actually appear (DemonMaster - Post 577)
      42. City Governor Values working promotable Improvements (to include when it cannot actually promote to the Enclave) over working higher yield non-promotable tiles (Zechnophobe - Post 535)
      43. Wandering Enchanter event results in both Swordsman & Adept gaining Enchant I if you hire the Enchanter, instead of one gaining Enchant I and the other Enchanted Weapons (Verily - Post 532)
      44. Immortal rebirth doesn't transfer duration to the newly reborn unit (JanusTalaiini - Post 486)
      45. Pillaged a farm with a stack selected, every unit gave gold for pillaging (Deon - Post 475)
      46. Kuriotates can upgrade humans into Centaurs in the new system (possibly make the UpgradeCivilization field allow you to bypass the bCannotUpgradeTo tag and use those in mixture) (Zechnophobe - Post 355)
      47. Cannot build Pirate Coves near the edge of a non-wrapping map (RogueThunder - Post 312)
      48. Illusion Great People can be used to start a Golden Age (both that they can personally trigger it, and they can be taken as the additional required Great people for the GAs after the first one) (rasot - Post 311)
      49. Tooltip for Burning Blood states a 75% chance for the caster to die for casting the spell, but no such thing happens (rasot - Post 311)
      50. Python error in spellSanctify, CyPlot.setTerrainType does not match C++ arg types (westamastaflash - Post 310)
      51. AC went down after razing an Empyrean & Order Holy City (city razed by Hyborem) (Frozen-Vomit - Post 276)
      52. Using Illians Assassin's Snow Hide spell causes them to bug-out (do not give up selection autmatically, screen won't auto-center when they become active) (CuteKills - Post 273)
        • Same with Krakens and Hide (Fafnir13 - Post 274)
      53. Fireballs aren't immune to fear (Wyrmhero - Post 251)
      54. Bombarded a Luchuirp city to 0%, then captured it, and defense restored itself to Luchuirp values over time, even though the new status of the city would have demanded cultural defense only (Had 68 culture with 25% defense instead of 10%) (Dionesos - Post 92)
      55. Sent a single unit through a Portal while another unit was on the same (starting) tile, both units appeared on the other end of the portal, and the second unit also remained (duplicated) at the origin (Caradoc - Post 134)
      56. Crazed Swordsman event promises Crazed & 10 XP, but does not grant XP along with Crazed ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 88)
      57. Able to use "Add to Freak Show" without having a Freak Show in the city (Methuselah - Post 40)

    • Reported as a Bug, but actually a Feature
      1. You are allowed to gain Mithril/Iron/Bronze Weapons without having any tech at all, so long as you somehow gain access to the resource (trade or a building)
      2. Vitalize can upgrade a Floodplains/Desert to a Floodplains/Grassland. Spring cannot be cast on Floodplains
      3. Heroes that have abandoned a Civilization due to religion changes can be rebuilt by other (same) Civilizations with the appropriate religion Heroes/Units with Religion/Civic requirements will enver abandon the Barbarians
      4. Heroes with Channeling promotions are incredibly unlikely to defend, but generally not so unlikely as to be targetted by assassins either
      5. Sometimes Basium doesn't take over the city with the Mercurian Gate (this is because he has the OPTION to do so by a spell at any point in any city with the Mercurian gate. Occasionally he decides to move instead of casting this spell, and if he never returns to the city, he'll never think to take it)
      6. Building Shadows requires Esus religion is present in the City, not that you follow Esus as a state religion
      7. If enemy units are walking right through your units, that means you probably have Nox Noctis, and your units are invisible
      8. Pillar of Chains & Governors manor provide 1 bonus production per source of unhappiness, not per angry citizen
      9. Combat and Command (and possibly other) promotions which are sequential (Combat I, Combat II, Combat III...) STACK their bonuses. Thus even though each level says the same percentage, it is that much MORE than what you have without that promotion
      10. Combat Log is disabled to enhance game performance. It can be restored manually by editing the CallBack defines.

    • More of a Balance Question
      1. Bandit Neitz event can occur multiple times in a single game, while Neitz is still alive and rampaging (Broken Hawk - Post 332)
      2. Seven Pines Peace has no forced duration (can declare against them again immediately) potentially only an issue in MP (Kyroshill - Post 267)
        • Same goes for Corlindale's Peace Spell. No enforced duration. (Imuratep - Post 328)
      3. War Machine razes forests in your own territory (Black Attila - Post 212)
      4. Should Naval and Flying units be allowed to fight? (Shaymizz - Post 82)
      5. Wolves have a 1% chance to become Wolf Packs in combat, Baby Spiders have a 2% chance to become Giant Spiders in combat. Both seem abnormally low ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 1185)
      6. An event offers a Great Bard in exchange for a period of Unrest, but by using the Bards Great Works ability the unrest stops immediately (Zechnophobe - Post 1160)
      7. Rob Graveyard doesn't consume movement like Explore Lair does ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 1148)
      8. It is possible to gain Blitz and a 100% chance to perform defensive strikes at 40% damage, thus gaining a guarantee that no unit can attack your stack with more than 60% or so health
      9. (AlazkanAssassin - Post 1113)
      10. Mushroom even can trigger in a city tile ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 1083)
      11. Should changes to the AC from various sources scale with gamespeed and/or mapsize? (TheGreatSteve - Post 1068)
      12. Hyborem/Koun/Basium entering the world while Stasis or Arcen Lacuna are in effect are not "retrofitted" with the condition and can act freely (TheGreatSteve - Post 1068)
      13. Sidar can wane Rathus, res him, and then wane again a short time later since he has Hero (rasot - Post 1033)
      14. Cannot use a Healing Potion to remove Diseased from a unit unless the unit is damaged (Emptiness - Post 984)
      15. AI upgrades Archers to Horsearchers for city defenders, which reduces effectiveness dramatically (Thunder_Gr - Post 966)
      16. AI doesn't understand that Pyre Zombies offer no happiness for military garrison and will suffer while trying to defend itself with only undead (Thunder_Gr - Post 966)
      17. Can sacrifice temporary Hosts of the Einherjar on the Pyre of the Seraphic for permanent Fire Elementals
      18. Dragon Slayers do not upgrade to Luonnotars anymore (codediddler - Post 927)
        1. Can any unit? (feydras - Post 953)
      19. Should Ride fo the Nine Kings require Horses when many Civilizations use something else to handle their mounted line? (Jules.lt - Post 928)
      20. Unhappiness from feasting doesn't seem to stack (eat with 1 vamp gives same unhappy as eating with 3 vampires (Kjara - Post 905)
      21. Raging Seas can destroy Mushroom tiles, which cannot be replaced. Maybe instead make them permanent, but offer a spell to remove the mushrooms (and gain mutated maybe?) so they aren't destroyed so easily? (KnightBoat - Post 903)
      22. Is it appropriate that Lightning Elementals are only created after battle with a living creature? (Jules.lt - Post 892)
      23. Should Council of Esus have access to Cure Disease & Heal? (Skitters - Post 694)
      24. New event which can cause 12 turns of disorder ought to require that you have more than 1 city (Medicine_Man_55 - Post 848)
      25. Should an event offer Supplies and a Great Engineer as choices and have the same cost for each? (Justicar333 - Post 831)
      26. Is the new Orb Event meant to raise the AC on both choices? (Justicar333 - Post 785)
      27. Druids cannot Heal (westamastaflash - Post 777)
      28. Equipment bumped by expanding culture borders seems to jump farther than normal units, or be killed/deleted (Inkling - Post 714)
      29. Hide lets you voluntarily TAKE Invisibility, but doesn't provide any way to voluntarily LOSE Invisibility (far_wanderer - Post 692)
      30. Kraken being a Beast unit means they can get a lot of weird promotions which don't do anything for them out at sea (far_wanderer - Post 692)
      31. Should Bronze Working be on the path to Sanitation still? (w
      32. irving - Post 688)
      33. Forts inside borders, but outside workable radius, do not upgrade ever (Ahwaric - Post 645)
      34. At AC 100 event, most of world was good, but Basium got almost no angels (Sarisin - Post 632)
      35. River of Blood does nothing to size 2 cities ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 599)
      36. Should Devouts be Disciple units? (uberyeager - Post 588)
      37. Overcouncil needs a repeatable vote issue so they do not run out of things to vote on (Avahz Darkwood - Post 547)
      38. AI undervalues economy when choosing Techs to research ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 543)
      39. Temple of the Hand should gain a bonus from Religion Civic (giddion - Post 534)
      40. Illian should gain +1 commerce from riverside in tundra/snow (giddion - Post 534)
      41. Grand Menagerie, Nexus, Blood of the Pheonix & Gensis don't offer any benefit to Team Members, only building Player (Karnja - Post 416)
      42. Number of Priests of the White Hand gained via ritual should scale with map size (Iainuki - Post 368)
      43. Herbalists are not worth the hammer cost now that no civic can boost them to grant a bonus 1 (Zechnophobe - Post 355)
      44. Basium killed by Final Five, but the Permanent Alliance wasn't reset (still shows player research on Scoreboard, and cannot form a new Permanent Alliance) (civplayah - Post 347)
      45. Elohim can perform Illian Rituals in Illian cities (rasot - Post 315)
      46. Great People can be reborn through Immortality after doing Great People actions, like construction of buildings (rasot - Post 311)
      47. Casting Limit for Druid/High Priest permanent summons is set without checking religion of the potential casters, just promotions (so you can have too many easily) (rasot - Post 311)
      48. Grigori Medics can have a religion type and thus cast divine spells without limit (rasot - Post 311)
      49. Peace should be linked to a Feat so you can only cast it once per game, since Corlindale is easy to ressurect (rasot - Post 311)
      50. Promotions which require a Living unit to gain them can carry over after the unit stops being considered alive (possibly modify bValidate to also check for Living Status requirements and utilize it) (rasot - Post 311)
      51. Units gifted from a dungeon inside another player's Territory without Open Borders (via HN unit) are spawned in the borders and thus unable to move anywhere unless you negotiate for Open Borders (Sarisin - Post 305)
      52. Agnostic Civilizations can Bulb Religion Technologies (avalonnn - Post 303)
      53. Herne cannot gain Defensive Bonuses, but other Centaurs can (MagisterCultuum - Post 292)
      54. Kuriotates are blocked from Great Library & Similar Wonders on maps where they cannot build sufficient (3) cities (uberyeager - Post 226)
      55. Mithril Golem & Arthendain have Divine, but no Channeling to accompany it and grant any spells, instead they can Summon Earth Elementals and Destroy Undead (respectively) rather than Crush and Cure Disease (which may have been wanted) (nikosison - Post 267)
      56. Should gaining Immune to Disease cure Diseased? (Merddyn - Post 270)

    • Unconfirmed Reports
      1. Nox Noctis grants revealed Nationality Shadows Blitz capability (bonedog - Post 461)
      2. Infernals lose Demonic Citizens in the Capital when moving their palace (Iguanna - Post 236)
      3. Level 6+ Sidar Warrior drank a Healing Potion and died from it (Musashimaru - Post 157)
      4. Are Barbarians counted among the score list for High to Low games? (cabert - Post 119)
      5. Fair Winds is not applying the promotion to vessels (Mknn - Post 104)
      6. Workboats under AI control (automated or AI player) seem to be parking on tiles and waiting for no good reason (DemonMaster - Post 1139)
      7. Gained Mithril Weapons without having the needed Tech after capturing an Infernal City, only the units in that city gained them (Mesix - Post 1129)
      8. Blinding Light is heavily resisted, while Entangle continues as normal (cabbagemeister - Post 1121)
      9. Infernals gain Ashen Veil in captured cities before being asked to raze them, so always decrease the AC and gain Manes when razing even the holiest of cities (TheGreatSteve - Post 1068)
      10. Centaur Archers require Stirrups to build (Xuenay - Post 1019)
      11. Is taunt working? Should units attack immediately, or on their next available turn? (iffi - Post 963)
      12. Boar Riders not buildable with Pigs + Archery + Stirrups + Stable (Sarisin - Post 917)
      13. When under AI Control from Enraged, are units selecting their own promotions with available XP? (indzasa - Post 875)
      14. System Freeze on loading game with End of Winter Selected (Xtiaaan - Post 859)
      15. Seven Pines spawned on top of a mountain (Emptiness - Post 832)
      16. Units scattered by fear when attacking can wind up on the same tile as your own units (Reporter had Nox Noctis and was attacking a city, it could be that the terrain was placed under his control before the units were moved to tiles with now invisible units, but the dislocation should have happened before any change of territory ownership) (Tasharil - Post 637)
      17. Still able to get Copper + Mithril weapons on patch K (Ashrak - Post 593)
      18. CtD if taking a city with a tiger in it (Sid_Unbreakable - Post 595)
      19. Not gaining Health bonus for Riverside (Black Attila - Post 127)
      20. Sheelba's Wolfriders appear to have Marksman capabilities (HadesScorn - Post 46)
      21. With No Tech Brokering enabled, returning from use of Impersonate Leader leaves you unable to trade any of the tech you personally discovered before the impersonation (KingOfLands - Post 71)
      22. Ability to Summon (but not ability to cast other spells) mysteriously vanished, returned when MP opponent deleted his summons and suddenly player was capable of summoning again (uberyeager - Post 357)
      23. Bloodpets lost Blessed when Upgraded to Vampires (odalrick - Post 395)
      24. Some odd issues with display of Typed Damage (occasionally shows as pure standard, sometimes omits the typed completely) (Meee - Post 398)

    • Cosmetic Issues
      1. Immortal units can be disbanded when on STRIKE, resulting in them just popping back up in the capital and probably being disbanded again next turn (megamanx06 - Post 146)
      2. Barbarian units can pillage Hellfire (Rystic - Post 114)
      3. Flying units attempt to auto-load when moving over a transport unit (Shaymizz - Post 82)
      4. No Result from lair isn't announced as being no result on purpose (Ranos - Post 1239)
      5. Life Mana comes from the Divination Tech (1 of 5), but is required for the Alteration Tower (Alteration Tech only providing 3 mana) (ExMachina - Post 1145)
      6. Production display doesn't reflect Governor's Manor/Pillar of Chains properly (renardargent - Post 1098)
      7. Event which offers to let you kill a prophet for some happy, spare him for a Great Person, or support him for an academy doesn't specify if the happiness reward is permanent or temporary (vivictius - Post 1065)
      8. Magnadine's Hire Merc ability is blocked by Arcane Lacuna, but standard Merc hiring is not. Magnadine's ability also pops the merc in a city other than the one he is in (Ambreville - Post 1035)
      9. Pedia shows units as being able to upgrade to UU versions which aren't upgrade-able to (scouts -> Centaurs) when viewing it as that Civ (mahazel - Post 946)
      10. Multiple-Level promotions which offer the same benefit (Combat, Command...) would be nice if they always included mouseover information on the unit to demonstrate that they ARE working cumulative to one another (Inkling - Post 930)
      11. It is possible to capture multiple units from a single enemy (worker & settler by capturing settler with a Command unit) (Inkling - Post 930)
      12. Hidden changes Unit Artstyles, so Sidar Worldspell causes all of their units to appear as default instead of Sidar (Fafnir13 - Post 922)
      13. Hellfire spawns Champions, but they look normal, not demonic (Tyrs - Post 904)
      14. Cannot build a sawmill in an Ancient Forest, but a Sawmilled forest can become an Ancient Forest and keep the mill (baddl - Post 571)
      15. Hellfire Spell Prereqs should move out of python and into XML so they auto-document in the Pedia (thus show that it is Infernal only) (MagisterCultuum - Post 568)
      16. Map Grid looks funky (shrike2005 - Post 869)
        • Possible demonstration picture (Cliftor - Post 1260)
      17. Casting Dance of Blades on a unit caused his Combat Odds displayed to go DOWN instead of UP (Nameless One - Post 802)
      18. AI/Automated Workers love to build over that which they JUST built (cypher132 - Post 791)
      19. AI offered a resource for free which both the AI and the human had, and even when it was accepted, continued to offer more (KingOfLands - Post 774)
      20. txt_key_event_werwolf_morality_good should be txt_key_event_werEwolf_morality_good (Tielby - Post 751)
      21. Basium's spawning kicks your units out of the city, even if he doesn't decide to take it (far_wanderer - Post 692)
      22. AI Continues to stockpile units in Barbarian Cities (Sarisin - Post 649)
      23. Warrens units do not move to an established Rally Point (westamastaflash - Post 616)
      24. Acheron can gain defensive bonuses, cannot cross impassible terrain, does not ignore terrain movement costs
      25. All 3 are contrary to the other Dragons ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 599)
      26. Landmark tags sometimes appear with no landmark, or duplicate in the tile next to the actual landmark and proper tag, especially frequent in Multiplayer (Leigekiller - Post 581)
      27. Mouseover of Production details shows happiness from angry citizens adding hammers, rather than from every angry point (odalrick - Post 559)
      28. Equipment that starts the turn in a water tile is destroyed instead of moving to the nearest valid tile (SweussDuece - Post 536)
      29. Hell Terrain spread clears Volcanoes, making an originally Peak tile become passable flatland (MagisterCultuum - Post 508)
      30. Obsidian Plains never appear (MagisterCultuum - Post 508)
      31. Chopping forests reports that Production bonus is granted to the nearest city, instead of the nearest city belonging to your team, which is where they really do go (ie - says wrong city if you are nearer to an enemy city than one of your own) (Deon - Post 475)
      32. Treasure Chests can pop Goodyhuts ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 404)
      33. Worker Animations are occassionally inconsistant with current activity (PieceMaker42 - Post 403)
      34. River Crossing Penalty not displayed in Combat odds (Dora190 - Post 402)
      35. Grigori Luonnotars start with Inquisition, but the ability granted can never be used without having a state religion (Methuselah - Post 401)
      36. "Double Movement" bonuses cause units with 1 move point to be allowed to move 2 tiles, but for other units it just cancels the 2 MP cost normally associated with the tile (Moos - Post 358)
      37. Can recieve Malakim Pilgrimmage Event without having Open Borders with the Malakim (Zechnophobe - Post 353)
      38. Ancient Forests can spawn Treants when the player isn't capable of seeing the invisible unit which moves onto the tile, but Treants can't see Invisible to find the intended target (Sarisin - Post 351)
      39. Popup asking if you want to convert to Caste System describes the Vanilla Civ version of the Civic instead of FfH version (Mesix - Post 339)
      40. Jungle Marshes have no food output, so have to be manually cut before you can build a cottage on them (MiKa523 - Post 258)
      41. HN units damaged by spells which declare war results in a pop-up announcing who owns them (and falsely claiming you risk war) (Fafnir13 - Post 124)
      42. Airships can load into other Airships (Kartoffelvampir - Post 239)
      43. AI is willing to start a Golden Age during Stasis
      44. Would still be nice if GA timer would stop during Stasis too (westamastaflash - Post 234)
      45. Elohim Devouts cannot upgrade to Empyrean Priests (Pike the Hands - Post 230)
      46. No Attack Odds shown when HN units attack Barbarian Trait Civilization's units (Sarisin - Post 213)
      47. Fear gives a message that you aren't willing to attack even when you pass the 10% chance and DO attack (mahazel - Post 212)
      48. Goblin Forts have become very rare (PotatoOverdose - Post 194)
      49. Civilopedia reports that Fire 1 gives Scorch (should say Blaze) and Mind 1 gives Charm Person (Should be Inspiration)
      50. On smallest resolution, some of the text display on top center screen is covered by the upper left interface piece (The Doc - Post 138)
      51. Manabar Toggle button doesn't use a TXT_KEY and so doesn't get translated (The Doc - Post 138)
      52. AI seems to undervalue Defensive Strikes (Jie - Post 130)
      53. Missing Text key: TXT_KEY_TRAIT_MAGIC_RESISTANT
      54. Soundtrack looks for ectehouse.mp3 in assets/sounds/soundtrack. File is actually named ECTheHouse.mp3 ([to_xp]Gekko - Post 101)
      55. AI wastes a lot of processor time moving units back and forth between 2 tiles. Might benefity from some weighting toward building up Fortification Bonuses? (Morikal - Post 95)
      56. Music doesn't always play when first starting a game (always seems to after reload though) Sometimes lose music mid-game(leo. - Post 70)
      57. Unit/Building graphics appear as red/black blobs at random (Sarisin - Post 15)
      58. Ancient Tower spawned on Pool of Tears (no pool present, just the nametag on a tower) and Guardian of Pristinus Pass spawned on a non-mountain tile (hbar - Post 47)
      59. Defensive Strike chances and Damage are not listed on unit mouseover (needs to be listed for bOneLine/bShort so you can see it on enemies) (rusty217 - Post 48)
      60. Shadowwalk promotion misleads the user as to which defensive bonuses it actually bypasses (uberyeager - Post 56)
      61. Unit Graphic overlaps the Help Text (westamastaflash - Post 61)

    Last Updated as of: Post: #536 and Patch W: Item 9
  3. MagisterCultuum

    MagisterCultuum Great Sage

    Feb 14, 2007
    Kael's head
    Would you mind posting the patches in reverse order, with the most recent on top? Once you have that many patches it gets annoying to have to scroll down that far, and easy to overshoot.

    Also, any idea when patch r might come out?
  4. Mesix

    Mesix The Allfather

    Mar 17, 2006
    There seems to be a problem with the new Bug thread too. It says patch q. I thought patch r (with the two new scenarios) was out...maybe not.

    On a more serious note, we found a bug in a multiplayer game last night. Units seemed to go missing (two early scouts, a few warriors...). Then we started to pay more attention and noticed that the game was not zooming into combat for the player to view. We assumed that the problem was caused by combat taking place on the other players turn and the AI moves not being tracked on the local computer. Not a problem, we could just read the combat log to see the results. Then we discovered that the combat log was not recording anything. None of our combats were shown in the combat log at all. If you would like a save game, I may be able to get Unclethrill to post it later. He hosted the game and the saves are on his computer.
  5. Brugarin

    Brugarin Warlord

    Jun 21, 2008
    No, we're still drooling over it.
  6. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    it seems like a couple entries of the "to do list" got lost in the database issue. too bad I can't remember what they were right now. :\
  7. Sandro

    Sandro Chieftain

    Aug 3, 2006
    Cph, DK
    The Balseraph world spell should check whether stasis has been cast. Just had Keelyn activate her golden age while there were 16 turns left of no production and no research :rolleyes:
  8. Emptiness

    Emptiness []

    Jan 7, 2009
    Incomplete Combat Odds Breakdown: Griffon attacking Lizardman, breakdown of combat factors does not show the Lizardman's +50% vs Animals. Combat odds themselves are calculated and displayed correctly, however.

    This is a cosmetic issue. Is there a cosmetic issue thread, or did I imagine that? I didn't see one sticky in the forum index.

    Life Node Flare-up Event Destroys Ancients Forests: All the AFs in a 5x5 square centered on the node are removed by this event. Forests and New Forests are not affected. This seems very out-of-flavor for the event; the event text states that the flare-up causes healing around the node site. I don't think AFs would be considered a type of damage.

    If the event is intended to remove AFs then it should probably just demote them to forests, or else forests and NFs (and burnt forests) should also be removed. Hopefully this is unintended, however, in which case the removal of AFs should be prevented.

    Crazed Angry Old Man Event: This event triggered in a city that contained temples for OO, FoL, and RoK. Event options for all three religions were available. I was able to drown the man and receive a Stygian Guard (the OO choice), even though my civ followed FoL. The SG did not abandon me for failing to follow his required religion. I would consider this a feature, actually, but thought I should report it just in case it warranted a fix.
  9. Emptiness

    Emptiness []

    Jan 7, 2009
    Speaking of cosmetic issues, two of the issues in xienwolf's cosmetic issues list above are a single issue, and should not be assigned multiple numbers:

    24 & 25

    In "More of a Balance Question":

    31 & 32

    "Bugs Reported with Fix Reccomended" should be Recommended.
  10. Ranos

    Ranos King

    Feb 6, 2002
  11. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox Master of Points

    Dec 19, 2001
    Just thought I'd mention these Multiplayer bugs/crashes and their quick fixes for players;
    1. Game often crashes at gamestart. Loading autosave fixes this so not that big of a problem, if you know about it.
    2. Rejoining causes OoS every time. Rehosting with save fixes it.
    3. And of course, changing to Hyborem or Basium causes OoS, rehosting with save fixes it.
  12. Medicine_Man_55

    Medicine_Man_55 Warlord

    Mar 21, 2004
    Burnaby, BC, Canada
    #10 of Unconfirmed Reports in Xienwolf's list is interesting to me.

    I presently have an epic game as the Bannor on turn 429 that is hanging indefinitely upon ending the turn. I suspect, but don't know for sure, that it is the Illian ritual The Deepening that is doing it.

    I was trying to upload the save to the forum last night, but was getting some errors. I'm going to try again when I get back to my game machine.

    Until then, I have a question: Does The Deepening trigger an unusually long delay of game normally?

    EDIT: Added my save game file.

    I tried changing the pre-reqs for The Deepening to TECH_NEVER and managed to get to the next turn. It still runs slowly but at least it runs. Nevertheless, I'm not entirely convinced that this is a problem with the ritual. My success in getting this unstuck could be due to powering down my computer for the day and trying again (ie. a memory leak of some sort).

    Regardless, this game I'm playing right now is a useful showcase for how things slow down later on. If I play 10-15 turns, I'll eventually get a FATAL ERROR: Bad Memory Allocation message followed by a CTD. Most annoying. I hope one of the tech guys in the FfH team finds this interesting.

    UPDATE: The Deepening doesn't make the game hang forever. Just a very long time. I managed to get past that turn. The save is still a good one for seeing the speed of the game later on. Not unplayable though.

    Attached Files:

  13. Fritzworth

    Fritzworth Chieftain

    Jul 13, 2007
    Running patch q, single player, XP, Prince level, Tasunka, custom game.

    I completed researching Education, opted to switch to Apprenticeship civic, selected Drama as my next research, went into one turn of anarchy -- and then apparently got stuck in anarchy. The "Anarchy!!!" banner went away, but the replacement research banner was stuck at "Drama (1)", and all my city production queues remained at anarchy speeds (i.e., very slow). Pushed ahead 10 turns, tried switching back to the Tribalism civic, but the problem persisted.

    Save file is attached. ..fritz..

    Attached Files:

  14. Mesix

    Mesix The Allfather

    Mar 17, 2006
    We continued our LAN game referenced in #4 above and ran into another problem.

    We cannot gift any units to each other. My ally had killed the unit with Orthus Axe (not Orthus, the unit that had taken the axe) and the intention was to give the axe to me sine I had the mounted hero from the Order with 5 movement (Mobility 2) and gitting the free Blitz promo would make our conquest that much quicker. There was no way to accomplish this since the axe now belongs to him and my units cannot take it, pick it up, nor can he gift me a warrior with the axe to make it mine.

    In previous versions there was a problem where gifting mages gave a free promotion every time it was gifted. Was disabling the gifting of units the fix for that bug?
  15. Methuselah

    Methuselah King

    Dec 28, 2007
    Yes, it was disabled. If you're not in a permanent alliance, you could war him to claim it.
  16. Senethro

    Senethro Overlord

    Mar 18, 2007
    The cutest of cephalopods
    The Calabim Governor's Mansion still gives +1 hammer per Angry Face instead of +1 hammer per Angry Citizen. Is this working as intended? If so, I could provide some save games as to why its a bad idea!
  17. Ranos

    Ranos King

    Feb 6, 2002
    I'm not at home atm so I can't check your save, but the problem could be that Stasis was cast. Look on the right hand side above all of the leader names. If Stasis has been cast, it'll say something like, "Production suspended for X turns" and "Research suspended for X turns."
  18. vale

    vale Mathematician

    Mar 14, 2007
    San Antonio
    Running Vista home, patch q. CTD whenever changing to No State Religion from a religion. This has been going on for some time now (at least since the beginning of .40 for me.
  19. Monkeyfinger

    Monkeyfinger Deity

    Oct 24, 2006
    Just curious, why do you even do that?
  20. Zechnophobe

    Zechnophobe Strategy Lich

    Sep 1, 2006
    Goleta, California
    The Illians have a world spell, that when casts freezes all economic and productive efforts for the duration (20 turns on normal). The spell has been cast recently in your game, and will continue for 10 turns after the save game you have. Now would be a good time to change civics.

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