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First Victory on each difficulty level

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by Choeimok, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Choeimok

    Choeimok Spreading the confusion

    Jan 27, 2011
    Do you hold some fond memories of those glorious pioneering efforts and want to share some anecdotes of these games?

    Myself, I remember them all. Some vaguely, some precisely. I played my first game on Settler with Mansa on a fairly big lakes map. I had no idea what I was doing - think I settled my first city straight into the Tundra, got one or two cities razed by barbarians, got declared on unprepared by Monty, was unaware that you could stack units and generally lost cities all the time - just to win Time shortly before getting over the Domination limit in 2050 :D

    A few games later, I did actually have some basic ideas about the most basic of mechanics - vague knowledge about what food and hammers do, that was enough for Chieftain. Genghis on a huge earthlike Tectonics map on Marathon (and I actually started vaguely in Mongolia), that one was sluggy. There were lots of wars, especially with my northern neighbor Mehmed and I eventually took out some AIs with Trebs. Crawled to Biology, suddenly all these brown cities settled thousands of years ago that had been useless so far became good and I think I just rolled over the rest of the backward world with tanks. Noticeably harder than the Settler game :p

    After some Chieftain games, I started to read on some advice and picked Willem on an Archipelago for an easy first Warlord win. Another Huge/Marathon map. I was "good" enough to know I could use the GLH but lost to Augustus. I lost my third city to the Hun event, still an easy win, way over 25 cities without a fight (though I think I stole one city from Monty and made quick peace). Then SB declared on me and I took out one AI after another with Industrial stuff.

    Noble - the level where neither AI nor human are at an advantage (except for unit upgrades, of course). Sounds scary, and I actually managed to lose a game or two here first by making waaay too long-term plans. In the end, it actually was Montezuma that got me my first win. I took out neighboring Charlie with Jaguars (I think he lacked metals, so it was just Jaguars, at least one more with Rifles and yet again won a military victory. Around here, I finally stopped playing Huge/Marathon games and turned over to Standard/Standard.

    Next came Prince. Oddly, it yet again was an AGG Leader that led me to victory here, this time Ragnar. Continents map, I got Maces before my only neighbor Izzy got Feudalism so I took her out. Then teched Astro, fought some easy wars and won my first Diplomation.

    I did not stay there for long and went on to Monarch, this one was a NC game as Zara. I messed up an axe rush against Hannibal but choked him in his last city, settled my and his land with nice help from Zara's traits and eventually took him out. This was new for me, often I just thought "my rush failed, this game is lost" Caught up in tech and the rest was a renaissance/industrial walkover iirc. Again, some kind of miltary victory.

    After a two years break, Emperor was the first difficulty to have me struggle at first since noble. I got RQ-Dan-Quaile'd a bunch of perfectly winnable games in a row - messing up a rush, losing a city to barbs, declared unprepared in late Renaissance so another AI was going to win culture, not whipping my offshore city enough in a defensive intercontinental classical war, boxed in at 4 cities with Alex plotting against me (nobody else bordered him) at Pleased. (Only NC Joao is looking good and far from lost, but I'm playing it as a - for my standards - high effort game and didn't feel like even trying to optimize things today). All silly on their own, but for my next game, I accidentally selected a small map size. Round team battleground, so basically a balanced Pangaea. Rolled Sitting Bull. Elephants in BFC. Settled one commerce city and one desolate plains cow short-term production city with (otherwise useless) grassland copper in the desert and reached Construction. The AIs were really odd in this one, Stalin already had 7 cities and soon settled an eighth. I took out 3 of his cities including Moscow, got a ceasefire, regrouped, killed the stack he had by now and took him out (though 2 cities were taken by his religion and warmonger buddy Napoleon who stabbed him). Around that point I noticed Huayna Capac and Charlemagne both were still at one city :eek: So I took them out with my Elepult army and Nappy was the only AI left. I was standing before Paris, he still didn't have Feudalism at 1200 AD, a city came out of revolt and I got a border pop somewhere else, Domination. I had been constantly bleeding gold at 0% since halfway through the Stalin war, stopped teching after Construction, Currency and CoL, never researched Sailing, Alphabet or Aesthetics, even my core cities hated my guts from whipping and WE... and won my first game on emperor, and with Sitting Bull, too. Granted, it was an easy map, but... Then again, a lot of things were just playing in hand. Elephants, PHI getting me the 3 classical era key techs in time, not much land to settle while my neighbor went rexing crazy, the other AIs being so underdeveloped... Hell, even the Dogs were useful as stack defenders against the occasional Spear. While I did have some strike near the end, I probably could have gotten my economy back on its feet by building cottages and wealth... but watching the world burn was more fun. It's somewhat ironic, the games where I tried to play well I lost, this one was just "Elepult you, Elepult you, Elepult you and Elep- oh, I already won", I wasn't even trying. It's not the level of Duelling Gandhi, but it does feel like a cheesy win... :undecide:

    Immortal and Deity are still missing, but some day... :)
    I think it's odd that I won military victories in so many of these games here, usually I just go Space. Yet not a single space victory under my first ones. The leaders also strike me as odd, only 2 actually/debatably good ones in here (I don't think I can count Mansa, I really had no idea what I was doing...), lots of AGG and PRO...
  2. plastiqe

    plastiqe Grinch

    Oct 5, 2004
    Canada, eh
    You have a good memory! I reset my personal hall of fame a while ago so I don't have any of my beginner games, but since I was a veteran of earlier Civ titles I think my first win was on either Noble or Warlord with Ramesses. I vaguely remember noobily building a lot of Wonders and founding a lot of religions in that game.

    Congratulations on your first Emperor win. I agree that the smaller and landlocked maps make things a lot easier. You can try increasing map size and number of opponents when you're looking for a bigger challenge. : )
  3. Manco Capac

    Manco Capac Friday,13 June,I Collapse

    Mar 1, 2010
    My personal HoFama was reset like 6 times due to computer failures that forced me to change the hardware lol. I may be from 2010, but was a long time lurker back to 2005. And indeed, I don't recall many of my first games. I just recall I was full of myself and say: "Hey, I can win on EMP without problem on CivIII, so I felt self-reliant to start with EMP on Warlords". Oh yeah, that was fun...not really in fact. I just recall my first game was a highland map with Peter on marathon. And with raging barbs. Oh god.
  4. Seraiel

    Seraiel If you want anything from I please ask in German

    Sep 6, 2011
    I started playing Civ ages ago, I think it even was Civ 1! I think I also played Civ 2, and I believe I liked both, but that's so long ago that I don't remember any details anymore, only that I liked the game because I found the theme that it handled very interesting, building a Civilization and going through all of history, well, ok.

    I didn't have any connection to Civ III because in the meanwhile I had drifted into the semi-professional-MMO scene, I was about 18 and had lots of free time, time that I almost exclusively invested into games like Ultima Online, Diablo II or Dark Age of Camelot, "the best game of all times" back then, played it 6y long and in international hardcore groups, there are no words that could describe what I felt when playing those games...

    However, I still had Civ in good memory, so I took a sneek-peek into "the new Civ 4"! Everything looked familiar, level, hmm, "Civ was always quite difficult iirc, but I've become an expert gamer, let's start on Chiftain" .

    2h later, Chiftain mastered. AI didn't stand a chance against my superior Warriors. No clue about anything, everything automized except for unit building, choosing what is needed to win seemed my specialty :> .

    "Let's try Noble" .

    Still no problems. Once I had reached Axes, the enemies fell before me.

    "Prince... Monarch... Prince... Monarch... The last game was already a little close, I had to tech to the 2nd unit and I have no clue what I have to do, let's try Prince first."

    "Experienced" like I was, I fast-teched Bronze Working, then I conquered the first target, but something didn't seem to match with the numbers, because when I wanted to conquer my 2nd target I had too few units.
    I tried again, but something, and I didn't know what, didn't match, I simply had too few units".

    "Let's look for a Walkthrough in the internet!"

    This brought me to this site, and I couldn't believe what I saw. The "fanatics" . "How sympathetic :) , they really love the game :) . Let's see what they write..."

    "Ok, Axe rush, I know that already... What do they write further that could get me more units... Chop the trees... No idea what's that supposed to mean... Let's search, what does chop the trees mean... *reads further* "

    :rotfl: "I can use Workers and convert all those Forrests into units" :roftl: "No, seriously, this is too easy" :rotfl: "I only have to build Workers and clear those Forrests with them... What do they write further... Elepult... Collateral... Collateral?"

    :rotfl: "Omg, there are units in the game that can damage multiple units in 1 attack, this is too easy..."

    You can imagine that Prince was absolutely no problem after having read these things. I rushed Bronze-Working, I chopped the map clear, and I think the other Civs died even before I reached Catapults" . I still asked myself what those other things in the game were supposed to mean, "the Mids... Unlocks all Civics... What is a Civic... Well, I'll learn that when I try Emperor" .

    I didn't. All of this had been far too easy. I was a pro-gamer at that time, and what I had experienced was, that I needed nothing but basic knowledge over the game and simply keep destroying my enemies. But just to make sure, and because the HoF-genes were strong in me at that time already, I got myself a 6 Gems start when I tried Emperor / Huge / Normal 18 Civs!

    "This is the ultimate game! The map is as large as can be, I got as many opponents as possible, I got the best start ever, let's roll!"

    I rushed Bronze Working, I chopped all the trees, of course I improved my land manually like a pro would do it, I built 10 Axes, and went to my first opponent, but "wtf is that? He's got Archers? How can he... Well, doesn't matter, I've super-fast-teched Bronze-Working and I chopped everything there was, I even built a 2nd city, Archers cannot be so strong..."

    *Sacrifices all 10 Axes against fortified Walls / Hills Archers with maybe killing 2 units*


    "Ok... They told the truth when they were saying that EMP was quite hard... Rushing didn't work... What did they say next... Elepult... Ok, I'm simply gonna peacefully settle and try out that Elepult"

    *reaches Construction but has something like 3 cities still, without 6 gems this wouldn't even have been possible"

    "Ok... Construction, but I still got too few cities, all AIs have more cities than me... I'm gonna expand further, take the last remaining land, and meanwhile I'm gonna tech further... AI cannot compare against my 6 Gems start... I'll reach better units than AI has and then I'll try again" .

    Unbelievably, this worked. The power of the 6 Gems was so amazing, that I reached Rifles before the AI did. I still had no idea about Civics, Wonders or anything, I still only new the power of chopping, I had somehow catched up that one could also whip units, I reached Rifling, and I think I conquered my next 2 neighbours, giving me so much land and so much pop because AI had been so nice to grow it's cities for me that I was finally able to win by time in 2050 AD.


    "Ok. Damn, was that hard, it took me the whole game and I was only able to conquer 2 Civs, and that with the most awesome start that must have been available in the whole game! Let's not try out what they programmed above that level, it's probably totally insane... Immortal... Deity... No, those levels are probably designed to not be able to be won... Let's just be happy that I conquered Civ up towards Emperor and let's leave it at that" .

    It took many years, years in which I again played MMOs exclusively and advanced to the best gamer I ever was. However, MMO's were dying out, they all were the same... I tried Quake 4, beat it on ultra difficulty without dying, I even beat a totally unknown console game at my friends place on hardest difficulty in 1st try. He said "Omg, what's up with you, it seems like you can only play on the hardest difficulty anymore and still don't really get challenged... Tell me, what's the hardest game you have ever played philip?"

    Then I remembered Civ 4 and remembered that that game still had 2 difficulties above what I already found extremely hard. "You can only play the hardest difficulty" , those words went through my mind for very long, and it was the beginning of when I returned to Civfanatics, this time with only one aim.



    End of part I, part II would be about the journey towards my first Deity win only, because that one took longer than all other difficulties from Civ together. I will post that one only if people are interested in it however, because it'd be a lot of work to remember everything, it would probably get quite nerdy and not always beautiful and it'd show me from in the time from when I first really joined Civfanatics. I would mention a lot of people that changed my ways in becoming the Civ player and human I am today and I guess it could become quite interesting "re-living" the past 2 years. Maybe though I'm totally wrong and nobody cares, then the above will be all from me in this thread.

    @ Choeimok: Read everything you wrote.

    @ Tachywaxon: Choeimmok and I here gave (you) the model. Write more biatch, I / we want to know your way and give us the details :devil: .
  5. dohh

    dohh Warlord

    Sep 18, 2013
    After hardcore gaming on civ 1, I have never played below monarch for warming up when new part comes out.
  6. fed1943

    fed1943 Emperor

    Nov 28, 2005
    I remember, 1991 I think, CivI, started my first game without reading the manual, did nothing wrong,
    but my city (Washington) became unhappy...
    Then I decided no more to play before I read the manual.
    CivI, Colonize, Imperialism, CivII, a little CivIII, CivIV, BTS.
  7. dohh

    dohh Warlord

    Sep 18, 2013
    Yep, I remember that feeling too:) I could not get, what the heck is wrong my civilization, Im doing everything right, they just get unhappy! Only thing that was even harder to cope, was corruption in civ 3. Took me a lot of playing before i understood, that corruption will not only eat new cities that are far from capital, but main cities also stay weaker as empire grows.

    Poor solution of growth limitation via corruption was main reason I moved away from civ3. Tried to play now... After playing civ 4 its impossibly booring:)
  8. Reg Pither

    Reg Pither Warlord

    Sep 14, 2004
    The thing I noticed most when moving from Noble to Prince was that the AI suddenly forgot all about seige weapons. In Noble, they were a constant scourge as stacks would appear including as many as 50% catapults and the like. In Prince, I remember a city of mine being assaulted by 380 of Napoleon's troops... with just 2 trebuchets. :confused:

    Does anyone else remember this kind of thing happening, or was it just me?
  9. CivNoobie

    CivNoobie King

    Aug 20, 2012
    first game was on cheiftain...lost the game because of some vedic aryan random event

    after winning my first chieftain game eventually by domination with cannons and knights, I skipped warlord and head straight to Noble.

    Noble: I always tried to build as much wonders as possible. At this level, I didn't know that commerce was the thing that is responsible for research. The only times I had won was because I spammed cottages everywhere because I thought they looked "right". My first victory was by time, second victory on this level was by cultural. *Note: I started playing Civ back in August 2012, and it wasn't until spring 2013 I was able to win Noble by domination.

    Prince: This is the level I learned to whip, also using siege weapon to take city, Someone also told me to always build granary/lib in your cities. Civil Service was the thing that caused irrigation (previously I had always wondered how to build farms on grasslands)Took me about 2 months of practice (by mid-summer 2013) to beat this level.

    Monarch: took two tries (a week) to get through this level.
    what I learned on Monarch: how to generate great people by using specialists (before this I never assigned specialists), built my first GP farm and use the first GS to settle an academy.

    Emperor: took one try to get it through; very similar experience to Monarch; Attack'd my closest neighbor with swordsmen and catapaults by 300AD and took all his cities.

    This was the level where I learned what Bureaucracy capital does, and the importance of building Oxford asap and that this tech called 'Liberalism' gives you a freebie!

    Immortal: Diplomacy was everything on this level; I learned to trade excess resources for gpt; learned different types of rushes, most importantly cuirassier. At last but not least I learned different tech paths such as rushing for Aesthetics, oracling, bulbing philo etc.

    Deity: haven't attempted

    in summary: it took me 6 months to beat Noble then about 2 weeks to go from Monarch to Immortal
  10. dohh

    dohh Warlord

    Sep 18, 2013
    Very good post, noobie. I would have very little to add. Only thing that I notice, is that I experience these aspects of civ4 1 level higher than You described. Up to emperor (including) its very easy to outtech Ai, or outbuild or even outspawn depending on circumstanes.

    From there up, early military power, diplomacy, whipping/chopping etc. become vital. I have now won 6 Deity out of 8, and can confirm, on deity without diplomacy You cant do a thing.

    Good proof is One city challange on deity that I managed do win (via permanent alliance ofc) that I considered completely impossible few months ago.

    A factor of luck (or making/delaying single decicion) can be also desicive on deity.
  11. CivNoobie

    CivNoobie King

    Aug 20, 2012
    I think on deity, I might try the nationhood civic aka drafting for a change from solely running slavery.
  12. dohh

    dohh Warlord

    Sep 18, 2013
    Being stubborn as hell, I still try to draft/whip as little as possible and build more. I still struggle to find a compromise between specialists economy and gottage economy, I tend to cottage a lot, which makes surviving early game key moment for my games.
  13. Macksideshow

    Macksideshow Prince

    Jan 28, 2013
    You guys have good memories. I can remember getting stuck on Prince, I had Noble dialed in but really struggled to top Prince. I'm pretty sure I got over it using Hatty and War Chariots, the strat was basically eat one opponent and then build economy, then upgrade CR2/3 maces to Rifles and win.

    Then I found this place and knocked off MON and EMP pretty easy by fully understanding the difference between commerce and gold, the trade route mechanic and some diplomacy hints. Now I sit at IMM which I can win pretty easy by cherry picking a good start or really concentrating for the first 100-200 turns. Or just going HC. All of my first wins at those levels would have been HC Quecha rush cheese.

    I can remember my first DEI win, mainly because its my only one, A duel map with one opponent, I picked Julius and Preat rushed for the win. I remember it was more challenging and fun than I was expecting. I thought it would be routine. But I don't really count that as a proper win. I'm not ready for DEI yet, I enjoy IMM it's a good challenge for me when I take a random leader and play the first map generated which is how I like to do it.
  14. strijder20

    strijder20 Wallowing in irony

    Jun 28, 2010
    In Dystopia
    The first four levels I mastered in one game and after each other. My first game was as Alexander (domination) and the third (Warlord) as Genghis (Domination on a Huge/Marathon map - never again :lol:). It took one loss to win prince, and three to Monarch.
  15. Pepo

    Pepo Prince

    Nov 27, 2012
    i started on noble and beat it on the first game.haved won up to emperor,but beating difficulties isn't what i like about civilization.i always play on inmense maps(with mods obiously) on prince-noble for making a good story,making some strategic errors,not loading a game after losing my big doom stack,doing world wars with really small chances of winning...that's what i like about civilization
  16. ZeekLTK

    ZeekLTK Warlord

    Oct 6, 2002
    I don't really remember specific levels, but I do specific victory conditions. It seems like I only ever win by Time or Diplo victory, so one game I set out to win cultural with China.

    I think it was "fractal" or something, but basically there were 4 "continents/islands" - in all four cardinal directions with a big ocean in the dead center.

    I started alone on the north island, while most civs were on the east and west islands. There was also another "lone" civ on the south island.

    Since I didn't have any neighbors, I quickly settled the whole island (which only had room for 9 cities) to get rid of the barbs and then, since I didn't need any military, I just built cultural stuff. I had been lucky enough to found an early religion, so I mostly built temples, monasteries, and cathedrals.

    By the time I made contact with other civs, I was well behind in techs, so I didn't even consider trying to go fight any of them. I just built a decent sized navy of my own to keep watch. A few of them tried to attack me over the years, but I was able to keep them at bay. Even when they did land a few units, it wasn't nearly enough to do any major damage to me.

    As such, once I got to drama I realized that I could win culture if I really pumped some money into it, so I set my culture slider as high as possible and once I got rifling I pretty much stopped researching at all, trying to run culture at 100% and build as many cultural buildings as possible in my three main cities.

    This turned out to be extremely BORING, but ultimately it worked - 3 of my cities hit 50,000 culture and I won.

    This has been the ONLY time I've gotten a cultural victory, and since it was just not fun to sit at 100% culture and twiddle my thumbs for like 70 turns, it might be my "last" for a long time too!


    For domination, I tried an 18 civ tiny pangaea game. So that probably means it was easier than normal, but it was still challenging and interesting. Basically each civ was only able to settle 1 city and then would have to fight to expand (although there were a few who managed to squeeze in 2 cities).

    I played as England and ended up starting on the far eastern coast of the map, with like 3 seafood resources near me. This allowed me to grow my city extremely fast and then whip a lot of units out. I rushed neighbors France and Inca before iron was even discovered and then once I had 3 cities (which was more than anyone else had) I was really able to build up and attack.

    By the time I got to the middle of the map, I found that Monty had been doing well himself, he'd taken a few cities and was about the same size as me. This was the hardest part of the game and I was stalemated with him until I finally got red coats, in which I slowly started to turn the tide on him and eventually conquered him. The thing that made it really hard was that I had to "waste" a ton of units to stay behind in city garrisons, because otherwise the Roman/American/Arabian/Malian cities I'd taken that were bordering the Aztecs would revolt due to the huge culture from the nearby Aztec capital (whereas none of my nearby, recently conquered cities, had much culture at all). I actually had to recapture the Mali city 3 times because I kept losing it to revolts. :/

    But anyways, once I finally beat Monty I had taken over 50% of the land and had more cities than everyone else combined, not to mention that everyone left only had 1-2 each. This meant I pretty much just made my way west, mopping up one civ at a time until eventually I got the domination win. This has been my only domination win so far, but at least it was way more fun than the cultural one.
  17. GreekAnalyzer

    GreekAnalyzer Back from the Dead

    May 9, 2013
    Noble - Qin Shi Huang, Space Race. I played Vanilla after reading Sisutil's ALC. The most memorable part was one turn before my spaceship got to Alpha Centurai I launched a bunch of ICBMs at Cyrus. His Mech. Infantry took one of my border towns, lowering my score, but it was worth it. :lol:
  18. FengYun

    FengYun Chieftain

    Dec 25, 2012
  19. UnforcedError

    UnforcedError Settler

    May 1, 2012
    Budapest, Hungary
    I used to play Civ III before I bought this game some six years ago and therefore began on Warlords (randomly rolled Capac IIRC who was AGG / FIN back in vanilla), beat Warlords, beat Noble, skipped Prince, had some losses before I could beat Monarch, then got hopelessly stuck on Emperor (reinstalled the game 5 times ever since, so I don't know the actual dates). Emperor games looked so ridiculously unbeatable that I googled up this forum (I think roughly about three years ago), read the war-academy, read writeups, read SG discussions, checked HOF games, checked videos. And sure, that got me to Immortal very fast (or Deity, whenever I decide to give the game some thought).

    I'm not quite sure why it was exactly Emperor I couldn't beat on my own. Maybe this is the first level where the AIs might outtech and still outsettle you unless you play a focused start. The first level where maintenance can wear you down quickly. Of course I learned an awful lot here about game optimization, whip cycles, chopping techniques, great people usage, tech choices, etc. Unlike Seraiel, I had no natural feel for early rushes either, I never dared to war before Construction, and for some reason I was convinced I had to found a religion to get one :)

    Fun times.

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