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[MOD] Game of Thrones

Discussion in 'FfH2 Modmods, Scenarios, and Maps' started by ciruela, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    Find reason of this problem.Upgrade Rule of Race promotion:
    Unit without race promotion only can upgrade to a unit without race promotion.
    Unit with race promotion only can upgrade to a unit with same race promotion orwithout race promotion.
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  2. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    v1.04 is finished
    Dragon is coming!
    Contains early patch changes. Bug fix,add 13 new dragon units,2 new techs and many minor changes

    V1.04 new unit and modified unit:
    Spoiler :
    From left to right:Hill Giant,Hatchling,Juvenile(4 colors),Wyvern(4 colors),Dragon(4 colors),Dragon Hero(4 colors)

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  3. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    new version v1.05 work progress:
    • clear leader traits promotion after civ leader trait change
    • change Wyvern(Black) from National unit to common unit
    2.Due to vanilla version map's total team num limit to 35,had to remove certain already added civs from several scenarios.now re-add them.
    • add Essaria on HS06,HS07
    • Dothraki civil war on HS06,HS08-HS11,S0,S02-S06
    • add Sarnor lesser king on HS07
    3.Major change
    • add more music
    • change enable Ocean trade technology to Optics
    • change Dragon Slaying promotion to +40% vs Beast
    • rename Juvenile,Wyvern,Dragon with their color
    • change Achorn/Drifa Dragon promotion to Fear
    • change Dragon(Red) requirement technology to Feral Bond,change Dragon(Yellow) requirement technology to Mercantilism,change Dragon(White) requirement technology to Religious Law
    • Add Raised in Volcano promotion,add to hatchling
    • Increase Grove's beast unit free exp to 8,add Raised in Cage to beast unit,and unit which end turn in the city with this building will remove Raised in Volcano
    • add Dungeon building:unit which end turn in the city with this building will remove Raised in Volcano
    • reduce Juvenile minlevel requirement to 2,reduce Wyvern minlevel requirement to 4,reduce Dragon minlevel requirement to 6,Tweak AI Flavor
    • change dragon unit exp on HS01,HS04-HS09,S05-S07
    • add grove to King's Landing,and add Raised in Cage promotion to all dragon unit except Vhagar,add exp at least to 10 on HS09
    • add New Eastern Essos Civ Eastessosi
    • add New Eastern Essos Civ unit style Eastessosi
    • add New Eastern Essos Civ diplomacy sound,soundtrack
    • change Dawn,Yi Ti,Leng,Trader Town leader to Eastessosi leader
    • change Dawn,Yi Ti,Leng,Trader Town civ to Eastessosi
    • remove Dawn,Yi Ti,Leng,Trader Town unit Dark Elf race
    • replace Carcosa unit's Dark Elf to Jungledweller
    • change Dawn,Yi Ti,Leng,Trader Town palace and mana resource
    • replace Dawn,Yi Ti,Leng,Trader Town new unit
    • add New Eastern Essos Civ Eastessosi unit/hero and buildling
    Civ Name Block Unit Block Building Special
    Eastessosi Mage,Archmage,Immortal Pagan Temple,all religion temples Jungledweller default race,can build improvements over Jungles,so no need waiting for Jungle remove technology

    Unit Name Base Unit Ability Change
    Terracotta Warrior Hero,Immortal Eastessosi only,Combat Strength 20,1 move,Golem,Earth2,Stoneskin,Resistance to Fire,Magic Resistance
    Swordman Axeman Common Swordman,+Jungledweller
    Aggressive as Fire Champion Eastessosi only,+2 First Strike,Drill1,Jungledweller
    Steady as Mountain Longbowman Eastessosi only,-1 combat attack,+1 combat defense,Jungledweller
    Swift as Wind Horse Archer Eastessosi only,ignore terrain movement cost,+1 First Strike,-Immunity to First Strike,Jungledweller
    Gently as Woods Ranger Eastessosi only,+25%Jungle attack,10% Withdraw chance,Jungledweller
    Quietly as Shade Assassin Eastessosi only,Hidden,Stealth,Jungledweller
    Devastating as Thunder Catapult Eastessosi only,+50% vs Melee
    Twilight Brotherhood Monk Eastessosi only,-Demon Slaying,+Shadow2,+Sun2,change required technology to Fanaticism,Jungledweller
    Eastessosi Medic - Eastessosi only,require Medicine Technology/Temple of Spirit building,Medic1,Medic2,Medic3,Jungledweller,only defend,can move impassable plot,50% Withdraw chance
    Repeating Crossbowman Marksman Eastessosi only,+1 First Strick,+Collateral damage,Jungledweller

    Buildling Name Required Technology Description
    Eastessosi Palace - Eastessosi only,National Wonder,Spirit,Mind,Body,+2 Great Commander Rate,+15% great people rate,+8 Commerial,+1 Production,+1 Happyness,+2 Culture
    Five Forts Masonry World Wonder,+25% City Defence,+1 Great Commander Rate,+8 Culture,Teams'all cities free Wall,Prevent barbarian unit from entering Culture border
    Temple of Spirit Religious Law Eastessosi only,free Valor,,unit which end turn in the city with this building will remove Withered+2 exp to Disciple unit,+1 Culture,+1 Priest slot
    Temple of Mind Divination Eastessosi only,free Loyalty,unit which end turn in the city with this building will remove Charmed,+2 exp to Disciple unit,+1 Culture,+1 Priest slot
    Temple of Body Alteration Eastessosi only,free Courage,unit which end turn in the city with this building will remove Poisoned,+2 exp to Disciple unit,+1 Culture,+1 Priest slot

    Promotion Name Description
    Jungledweller +20% Jungle defense,+10% workrate,-25% Fire Resistance,unit with this promotion will use Eastessosi unit artstyle
    Marshdweller +20% Marsh strength,+10% Poison Resistance,no penalty attack across river
    Giant Race,+30% Strength,+1 First Strike,+1 terrain move cost,+1 vision sight
    Giantsized +20% Strength,+1 First Strike chance,can be granted by mutate
    Raised in Cage only for beast unit,-20% combat strength,-25% exp get by combat,reduce heal rate
    Raised in Volcano only for beast unit,+10% combat strength,+25% Volcano feature defense,3% chance per turn grant Wild promotion to this unit
    Wild +20% combat strength,Immunity to Fear,5% chance per turn become barbarian,10% chance per turn to wear off
    Giant Slaying +40% vs Giant,require Combat1 or Dwarf

    Trait Description
    Giantsized add Melee,Recon unit Giantsized promotion
    Marshdweller add Melee,Recon unit Marshdweller promotion

    4.Minor change
    • change several civ colour
    • unit with Winterborn will use Illians unit artstyle,unit with Nomad will use Malakim unit artstyle
    • change Stannis diplomacy sound to Asshai
    • change Rickard Karstark trait to Aggressive,Giantsized
    • add House Umber Giantsized trait,add House Mud Marshdweller trait
    • add Copper near Yin
    • add Incense near Tiqui
    • add Reagents near Jinqi
    • add Cotton near Trader Town
    • add Tiger,Gorilla Jungledweller,add Scorpion Nomad
    • add Giant promotion,change Hill Giant&Wilboman Sentry to Giant promotion
    • add Giantsized Promotion,add to Umber,Karstark,Mountain that Ride,The Hound,Brienne of Tarth
    • add Giant Slaying Promotion,add this promotion to Dwarven Slinger and Tormund Giantsbane
    • add Fear promotion immunity to fear
    • remove Avatar of Wrath on HS01,HS02
    • add Marshdweller promotion,add to unit of Oldstones Mud king and unit of Greywater Watch on HS02-S07
    • move Yi Ti's capital Si Qo 1 square north on HS04
    • add Andal 1 disciple of order at Gates of the Moon,change all warrior to Axeman with Iron Weapon,change Scout to Hunter on HS04
    • add Valyria Freehold permanent peace to Astapor,Meereen on HS06
    • add Dungeon building to Meereen on S05,S06
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  4. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    v1.05 is finished
    New civilization Eastessosi is coming! and lots of changes about Dragons
    Contains early patch changes. Bug fix,add 1 new civilization which contains 1 new unit artstyle,9 new units,1 new hero,3 new building,1 new palace,and also 1 new promotion,1 new world wonder for all civs,1 new race,6 new effects,2 new traits and many minor changes

    You can download from this link

    V1.05 new civilization Eastessosi unit:
    Spoiler :


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  5. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    new version v1.06 work progress:
    • clear leader traits promotion after civ leader trait change
    • change Guild of Nine from +2 research to +2 Gold
    • remove float ice to make Sisterton and Lorath reachable by sea on HS03
    • remove House Hoare worker's Orc promotion on HS06-HS08
    • change several plot misplaced railroad to road on AdvTech
    2.Major change
    • remove Aggressive AI,Permanent Alliances game option
    • reduce Wild promotion betray chance to 2% per turn
    • improve Hill Giant cost,reduce Hill Giant strength to 6
    • change Golden Hammer to Valyrian Steel Blade on HS05-S07
    • add Qarth Walls on HS08-S07
    • add House Hoare 1 warrior,1 catapult,change scout to horseman,increase Harrenhal population to 3,make House Hoare playable on HS08
    • add Harrenhal wonder,Tower of Dread,Widow's Tower,Wailing Tower,Tower of Ghosts,Kingspyre Tower and their required buildings to Harrenhal on HS08
    • add Harrenhal Ruin wonder to Harrenhal on HS09,HS11-S07
    • add Harrenhal Ruin wonder to Riverrun on HS10
    • change road Which built by Valyria to Valyrian Road route on AdvTech
    • change Meereen's Prophecy of Ragnarok to Great Pyramid,move Prophecy of Ragnarok to K'Dath on AdvTech
    • Add Dracarys Technology which enable Valyrian Roads route,Valyrian Roads wonder,Valyrian Steel Blade equipment
    • add Norvos Cave of Ancestors on HS01-S07
    • add Wonders made by man
      • add Valyrian Roads route,Valyrian Roads wonder
      • change the Wall from Peak to Walls Feature
      • add Triple Walls wonder
      • add Three Bells wonder
      • add Long Bridge wonder
      • add Palace With a Thousand Rooms wonder
      • add Harrenhal wonder,Harrenhal Ruin wonder,Tower of Dread,Widow's Tower,Wailing Tower,Tower of Ghosts,Kingspyre Tower
      • add Great Pyramid wonder
      • add The Festival wonder
    Technology Requirment Description
    Dracarys Dragontaming,Sorcery/Mathematics enable Valyrian Roads,Valyrian Steel Blade Equipment

    Building Requirement Description
    Valyrian Roads Dracarys,Inn World Wonder,free Inn in all owner civ city,+2 trade route,+25% trade route yield,+8 culture,+1 free merchant specialist,+2 to Great Merchant
    Triple Walls Calendar,next to water,Palisade,Walls World Wonder,+6 culture,center map,+25% city defense,-25% damage made by bombard,+2 trade route,+50% foreign trade,+1 commerce to water tiles,+2 to Great Merchant
    Three Bells Code of Laws,Monument,Elder Council,Market World Wonder,+2 gold,+2 research,+4 culture,+10% military production,+1 priest specialist slot,+1 engineer specialist slot,+1 artist specialist slot,+1 to Great Commander
    Long Bridge Construction,next to river World Wonder,enable all Economy civics,+2 gold,+6 culture,+2 merchant specialist slot,+2 to Great Merchant
    Palace With a Thousand Rooms Code of Laws,Courthouse World Wonder,enable all Government civics,+8 culture,+50% Golden Age length,+20% maintenance,-25% owner city's War Weariness,-10 Crime rate
    Harrenhal Warfare,Construction,Training Yard,Archery Range,Stable World Wonder,+4 culture,+25% city defense,-25% damage made by bombard,+20% military production,+10% heal rate,+1 to Great Commander,+20% maintenance
    Harrenhal Ruin Never World Wonder,+2 culture,+10% city defense,-10% damage made by bombard,+20% maintenance,+10 crime rate,-10% heal rate
    Tower of Dread Smelting,Harrenhal,Forge +10% city defense,+10% military production,+10% production
    Widow's Tower Masonry,Harrenhal,Dungeon +10% city defense,+10% military production,-10% War Wearness,-5 crime rate
    Wailing Tower Festivals,Construction,Harrenhal,Siege Workshop,Carnival +10% city defense,+10% military production,-10% damage made by bombard,+2 culture
    Tower of Ghosts Mysticism,Harrenhal,Smokehouse,Pagan Temple +10% city defense,+10% military production,+1 health,+2 culture
    Kingspyre Tower Sanitation,Code of Laws,Harrenhal,Public Bath,Courthouse +10% city defense,+10% military production,+1 happiness,-10% maintenance
    Great Pyramid Masonry,Pagan Temple World Wonder,enable all Labor civics,+6 culture,+2 priest specialist slot,+2 to Great Prophet
    The Festival Festivals,total 3 monuments World Wonder,enable all Cultural Values civics,+8 culture,+2 bard specialist slot,+2 to Great Bard

    Route Requirement Description
    Valyrian Roads Dracarys Worker can build,cost 1/4 movement,need 5 Gold/plot,+1 plot commerce

    Equipment Requirement Description
    Valyrian Steel Blade Dracarys,Forge can be taken by unit,give unit Valyrian Steel Blade promotion

    Promotion Description
    Valyrian Steel Blade grant by taking Valyrian Steel Blade equipment,+1 Combat Strength,+50% vs Demon,pass Rusted to attack target

    3.Minor change
    • move Ghoyan Drohe 1 plot south
    • move Ghis sheep 1 plot east on HS01-HS05
    • move Pyre of the Seraphic to Ghis on HS01-HS05
    • remove five fort steady as mountain Iron Weapons promotion on HS01,HS02,HS04-HS09
    • move Andal archer and palace to Andalo,remove hawk on HS03
    • move Andal palace to Gates of the Moon on HS04
    • add Naath fort and a Valyrian Warrior with Held on HS06
    • add Held to barbarian's scout and warrior which original belong to Stark on S04-S06

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  6. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    v1.06 is coming!
    Wonders made by man!
    Contains early patch changes. Bug fix, which contains 1 new tech,9 new world wonders,5 new building which require Harrenhal wonder,1 new equipment and It's promotion,1 new route for all civs and many minor changes

    You can download from this link

    Valyrian Roads
    Spoiler :

    The Wall
    Spoiler :

    Titan of Braavos
    Spoiler :

    Triple Walls
    Spoiler :

    Three Bells
    Spoiler :

    Long Bridge
    Spoiler :

    Palace with a Thousand Rooms
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    Harrenhal Ruin
    Spoiler :

    Five Forts
    Spoiler :

    Great Pyramid of Ghis
    Spoiler :

    The Festival
    Spoiler :


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  7. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    new version v1.07 work progress:
    • clear leader traits promotion after civ leader trait change
    2.Due to More Naval AI version map's total team num limit increases from 35 to 51,add new civs.
    • add House Umber with Fellowship of the Leaves religion on HS02
    • add House Casterly on HS02
    3.Major change
    • add more population to Harrenhal,Summerhall and cities beyond Westeros
    • move Bitterbridge/Stonebridge 1 plot east,redesign plot in Tumbleton and Blackhaven area
    • redesign Dorne area
    4.Minor change
    • add more cottage of noble house
    • remove Westeros road between kingdoms and road sign on HS01-HS08
    • import schargiel's Mod Flag Art
    • add more resourse for seven kingdoms
    • change plot where Dragonstone,Highgarden and Sharp Point at to hill
    • add Dye near Tyrosh
    • add Naath a hill,and a silk,a wine
    • change Forest at Isle of Faces to Ancient Forest
    • add forest north of Pyke on HS01-HS04, HS06-S07
    • rename Shield Islands to Misty Islands on HS01-HS03
    • add a worker named Naathi with Diseased,Immune to Disease,Heroic Defense I & II at grassland of Naath on HS01-HS04
    • change Lion Clans of First Man start technology to Exploration,to make Grass Clans of First Man became the only First Man Clans which start with Agriculture technology on HS01
    • move Wolf Clans of First Man and Stag Clans of First Man start plot on HS01
    • rename leader of Grass Clans of First Man to Garth Greenhand on HS01
    • add inland sea of Dorne on HS01
    • add Forest around High Heart,between Cape Kraken and Cape Wraith on HS01
    • add Dungeon to Casterly Rock on HS02-S07
    • add Fawn with held at Isle of Faces to Children of the Forest on HS02-HS04
    • rename House Greyiron to Ironborn, change Grey King to Great Prophet, change Garth Greenhand to Great Scientist on HS02
    • add Barbarian Sea Serpent named Nagga with Held, Giantsized on HS02
    • rename House Leaders which decent from Garth Greenhand on HS02
    • give all House Lannister belongings to House Casterly,add Loki to House Lannister near Casterly Rock on HS02
    • add barbarian warrior with held for petty kings of seven kingdoms on HS02
    • add barbarian Hill Giant within Stormland on HS02
    • add graveyard near Barrowton on HS03-S07
    • increase Yronwood culture and population on HS03-HS06
    • make Yronwood playable on HS03-HS05
    • add Elder Council to Ironborn capital on HS03,HS04
    • rename House Greyiron to Ironborn, rename their leader to High King Qhored I Hoare, add 1 disciple of octopus overlords on HS03
    • change Flint's Finger owner to the Others on HS03
    • add House Oakheart as House Gardener's vassal on HS03
    • add House Hightower,House Redwyne as Ironborn's vassal on HS03
    • add Blackhaven/Summerhall Archery Range on HS04-S07
    • remove the Boneway pass road on HS04-HS09
    • add Stonebridge to House Gardener on HS04-HS06
    • change House Umber religion to Fellowship of the Leaves on HS04,HS05
    • add House Hightower,House Redwyne as House Gardener's vassal on HS04,HS05
    • remove Mountain Tribe and dungeon on HS04
    • add House Royce playable, add Royce Ursula Upcliff,warrior of Longbow Hall, Strongsong, Coldwater Burn, Redfort,Galley on HS04
    • add Andal Artys Arryn the Falcon Knight, Torgold Tollett, Qyle Corbray, The Hammer of the Hills on HS04
    • improve Andal relation to House Massey,rename House Massey leader to King Josua Softspear Massey,make House Durrandon permanent war vs House Massey on HS04
    • rename House Yronwood leader to King Olyvar Yronwood on HS04
    • rename House Greyiron to Ironborn, rename their leader to High King Harrag Hoare on HS04
    • change Flint's Finger to House Greyiron,remove Deepwood Motte,add Bear Island to House Greyiron,decrease relation from Stark to Greyiron on HS04
    • add barbarian Fawn with held at Isle of Faces on HS05-S07
    • add a worker named Naathi with Diseased,Immune to Disease,Held,Heroic Defense I & II at hill of Naath on HS05-S07
    • add 1 Ghiscari Warrior at Naath with Diseased on HS05
    • rename House Greyiron leader to King Rognar II Greyiron on HS05
    • change House Uller to House Yronwood,change House Allyrion to House Martell on HS05
    • add Valyrian Warrior at Naath Diseased promotion on HS06
    • rename House Hoare leader to King Harmund Hoare, change start religion to The Order,add city Castle Hoare The Order religion,improve attitude between Hoare and mainland civs on HS06
    • change owner of Old Town,The Arbor to House Gardener on HS06
    • change owner of Flint's Finger to House Stark,remove Bear Island city,add House Stark's Deepwood Motte city on HS06
    • rename House Dayne leader to King Vorian Dayne on HS06
    • change Deepwood Motte cottage to fort on HS06
    • remove Lannister's Brightroar on HS06
    • change Dragonstone to Broken Lands on HS07-S07
    • add Lannister Brightroar and rename Lannister leader to King Tommen II Lannister on HS07
    • rename House Hoare leader to King Halleck Hoare on HS07
    • change House Greyjoy city Great Wyk to Pyke on HS08
    • remove summerhall hamlet and sign on HS09
    • add more warrior of noble house support each Council on HS09
    • rename House Martell leader to Prince Qoren Martell on HS09
    • add Golden Hammer to Baratheon on HS10
    • add a Grafton warrior named Lord Corbray with Valyrian Steel Blade at Gull Town on HS10
    • add Mountain That Rides fear promotion on HS10-S04
    • add Yohn Royce Loyalty on HS10-S04
    • add the Prince's Pass road on HS10-S07
    • rename Arryn warrior to Lyn Corbray add Courage,Valyrian Steel Blade on HS11-S07
    • change Hodor to worker with Giantsized,Heroic Defense I & II on S01,S02
    • add Pact of Nilhorn to Wildling and Jon Snow on S01-S07
    • add Withered to Theon Greyjoy/Reek on S04,S05,S07
    • add Robert Strong fear,giantsized promotion on S06,S07
    • add Arryn a Champion with Courage,Valyrian Steel Blade named Lyn Corbray on AdvTech
    • change several civ start civic on AdvTech
    • increase each city start culture on AdvTech
    • change several axeman to other unitclass according to their orgion on AdvTech
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  8. Tholal

    Tholal Emperor

    May 19, 2009
    Cool stuff!
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  9. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015

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  10. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    new version v1.08 work progress:
    • clear leader traits promotion after civ leader trait change
    2.Due to More Naval AI version map's total team num limit increases from 35 to 51,add new civs.
    • add House Manderly as House Stark's Vassal,and Openborder with House Stark on HS07-S03,S07
    • add House Baratheon of Dragonstone as House Baratheon of King's Landing's Vassal on S01
    • add House Baratheon of Storm's End as House Baratheon of King's Landing's Vassal on S01
    3.Major change
    • Geography minor change
    • add Mercenary Bounty Hunter promotion
    • add Abashi,Arthendain,Losha,Brigit,Mary,Devout,Illusionist,Mobius,Nyxkin,Succubus, Valkyrie Sixsense promotion
    • add Knight and Squire promotion for the Order religion
    • add Sixsense promotion,which will give several unit type an new female art
    • add the Other Starting Gold,change start technology on HS03,S01-S07
    • change details of Season 7 scenario according to new season on air
    • add S08 Game of Thrones Scenario
    • add TS00 Chaos is Ladder Theme Scenario based on S01
    Promotion Requirement Description
    Sixsense Scenario only -10% Combat Strength,+2 First strike chance,+10% Withdraw chance,change unit art to a female counterpart for several unit type,can gain from mutation
    Squire Orders from Heaven Technology,The Order State Religion,Only for Melee,Mounted,Archer,Disciple combat type +10% combat,+25% experience from combat
    Knight Orders from Heaven Technology,Mobility1 and (Combat 3 or Squire),The Order State Religion,Only for Melee,Mounted,Archer,Disciple combat type +10% combat,5% heal after combat,+5% same tile heal,+20% chance to defend,20% Holy damage resist

    4.Minor change
    • change several civ colour
    • now unit with Winterborn or Nomad will not change unit artstyle
    • add SaibotLieh's female unit art
    • add Sixsense promotion to several female characters such as Brienne,Arya,Sand Snakes,Asha/Yara,Ygritte,Melisandre,Lady,Nymeria,and add to history female figure such as Visenya Targaryen,Rhaenyrs Targaryen,Meraxes,Vhagar,Silverwing,Dreamfyre,Meleys,Syrax,Tessarion,Moondancer,Shrykos,Ursula Upcliff,Doshi the Witch Queen
    • add Squire and Knight promotion to several unit,and rename them begin with Ser or Lord to show their society status
    • change Bear on the Bear Island to Polar Bear on HS01-S07
    • add sheut stone as star fall from sky near location of later Starfall city on HS01
    • add unit at Moat Cailin Held promotion on HS02-S07
    • add Lord of Night starting gold on HS03
    • add Flint's Finger Overlord religion on HS04-S07
    • add unit at Bloody Gate Held promotion on HS04-S07
    • remove Asshai 2 settler on HS05-S07
    • remove Tyrosh,Lys settler on HS06-S07
    • add All Karstark unit Giantsized promotion on HS07-S06
    • add All Stark children's Wolf Giantsized promotion on S01-S07
    • add Wildling settler on S02-S05
    • change Stark,Bolton,Karstark start unit and move some of them on S02-S03
    • change Tyrion Lannister to Disciple of Kilmorph with Spirit1,Earth1,Potency on S02,TS01
    • rename Both Baratheon House on S02,TS01
    • change Wall improvement to Hill with Citedal and road,rename the Wall sign to Shadow Tower and Eastwatch-by-Sea respectively on TS01,S03,S07
    • add 1 Angel with held to Guard Shadow Tower and Eastwatch by Sea on TS01,S03
    • Split The Other and Wildling into 2 team on TS01
    • change The Other to minor nation on TS01
    • move Qhorin Halfhand to Shadow Tower,move Dwarf warrior and Elf scout to Eastwatch by sea on TS01
    • add permanet peace between Arryn and Baelish on S04,TS02
    • remove permanet peace between Tully and Manderly on S04
    • change Nymeria to Wolf Pack on TS02
    • move Stannis palace to War Camp,change Dragonstone owner to barbarian on S05
    • move archer from Dragonstone,scout and worker from Storm's End to War Camp, immobile for 10 turns,move Dragonstone fishboat to Storm's End on S05
    • move pirate cove near Dragonstone to Eastwatch by sea on S05
    • Clear water way from Dragonstone to Eastwatch by sea on S06,S07
    • change Dragonstone owner to Barbarian,move Baratheon palace to Storm's End,remove Dragonstone Archer and fishboat,remove Storm's End Scout and Worker on S06
    • add Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis near Meereen on S06
    • change Tyrion Lannister to Adept with Dwarf,Spirit1,Earth1,Potency on S07
    • add Meereen and Casterly Rock Forbidden City on S07
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  11. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    Hot update for Ciruela's Game of Thrones mod S07 scenario, according to details from [HBO]Game of Thrones Season 7 first 3 episodes

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  12. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005
  13. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005
    love ur work,

    any chance of a standard size map?
  14. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    world of ice and fire with standard size will make Westeros too small for so many house and details, and i draw a new map only by hand,it will take a long time to accomplish.
  15. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    Hot update for Ciruela's Game of Thrones mod S08 scenario, according to details from [HBO]Game of Thrones Season 7

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  16. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    Hot update for Ciruela's Game of Thrones mod TS03 Chaos is Ladder scenario,you can play as little finger,try to survive between Large house and climb the ladder.

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  17. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
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  18. ciruela

    ciruela Warlord

    Sep 24, 2015
    new version v2.00 work progress:
    • clear leader traits promotion after civ leader trait change
    • [Python]fix python bug that when a civ gain a disciple from religion tech,all civs have the same FFH civ type will gain a same type disciple at same time
    2.Major change
    • Re-design Infernal civ as The Other Ice theme:
      • [Python]living unit killed on the Snow Terrain will rise as a unit of same unitCombatType and Tier with Undead and Vulnerable to Fire,Weak,Cold Resistance,Stigmata promotion,will also reborn as a manes,both to random Infernal city for Infernal if they are active,change chance of unit reborn as manes
      • Default race change to Frostling
      • add 1 hammer,1 commerce from Ice terrian and 1 more commerce by river for Infernal
      • change Infernal palace free resource to Ice mana,Death mana,Iron
      • re-design Hyborem to a Mounted unit with 7 combat,2 movement,can use Bronze/Iron/Mithril weapon,+2 ice mana Affinity,Hero,Loyalty,Sentry,Gela,Fear,Magic Immune,Divine,Channeling1-3,Ice1,Death1,Entropy1,Frostling,Sundered promotion,with Ars as unit art
      • add Frostling,Frostling Archer,Frostling Wolf Rider,Priest of Winter(need Priesthood Tech to produce),block Scout,Archer,Horseman,Chariot,Beastmaster,Phalanx
      • block Guild of the Nine,all Temples but Temple of the Hand
      • move Illians Temple of the Hand to Infernals
      • [Python]change AI build Temple of the Hand min requirement
      • move Illians Samhain,the White Hand,the Deepening,Stir from Slumber Ritual to Infernal
      • move Illians Drifa the White Dragon,Priest of Winter,High Priest of Winter unit to Infernal
      • add Frostling promotion get +50% combat from AC
      • change Death Knight from Demon to Frostling,add Ice1,Entropy1,Fear promotion,remove 2 cold combat,add 1 Ice mana Affinity
      • add Priest of Winter and High Priest of Winter Frostling,Death1,Entropy1,Sundered promotion,add +1/+2 ice mana affinity,remove Immune Cold,Winterborn,remove cold combat(add 1 from Frostling),Priest of Winter can also upgrade to Death Knight
      • add new unit Giant Ice Spider(replace Assassin) with 3+2 Combat(+1 Poison and +1 Cold from Frostling),with Marksman,Frostling promotion and Whiteout ability(can go into invisible until attack on Snow terrain)
      • change Manes from Demon to Frostling,only can upgrade to Warrior
      • [Python]add Hero promotion to 3 Priest of Winter which get from the White Hand Ritual and increase cost of the Ritual
      • [Python]change infernal start plot choose method,and change start 2 champion to 2 priest of winter,add Hyborem 'White Walker Leader' name,remove Immortal promotion,infernal civ will declare permanent war to all non-Infernal civs
      • add Frostling unitArtStyle and Undead unitArtStyle by combine several unit art
      • change Imp from Demon to Frostling,add Ice1,change Fire Resistance to Cold Resistance,remove 1 Unholy Combat(but +1 Cold from Frostling),Imp only can upgrade to Priest of Winter
      • change Hellhound from Demon to Frostling,add Giantsized promotion,remove 1 Unholy Combat(but +1 Cold from Frostling),can't upgrade
      • change Balor from Demon to Frostling,remove Fire Resistance,Stigmata promotion,add Biltz,Giantsized promotion,add Ivory bonus requirement
      • add new world unit Ice Golem,20 combat(10+10 Cold),2 Ice mana Affinity,1 move,+60% City Attack,with Golem,Stigmata,Immute Cold,Vulnerable to Fire,Sentry
    • Season System with change AC running method:
      • [Python]AC now present Season Counter,shows how long next season will come,Start of every turn Season Counter will add/minus several point,0-40 as Summer, 40-50 as Autumn/Spring and 50-100 shows Winter.Several rare season will effect Season Counter change length and change rate per turn,even reverse Season circle,such as Long Summer,Fierce Winter,False Spring.A full normal Season Circle will last 150 turn at standard speed
      • [Python]add new Plot Counter method to control plot colder/warmer according to the Season Counter, only work for map which top is polar region and botton is tropic.
      • [Python]death of a civ don't change AC(original death of Evil civ will increase AC,death of Good civ will decrease AC)
      • remove old AC Armageddon Event
      • [Python]remove old Plot Counter method
      • move Elegy of the Sheaim ritual to Infernal
      • move Hallowing of the Elohim ritual to Ljosalfar
      • [Python]change End of Winter to a new simple method used SeasonSystem mechanic
      • remove Game Option No Global Counter on HS04-HS08,HS10-S04
      • remove Game Option No Plot Counter on HS01,HS02,HS04-HS08,HS10-S04
      • remove Game Option Double Global Counter on HS01,HS02
    • [Python]change Mokkas Cauldron wonder rise dead unit as a unit of same unitCombatType and Tier with Undead and Vulnerable to Fire,Weak,Cold Resistance,Stigmata promotion
    • [Python]When a civ which has DragonTaming Tech capture a city with Harrenhal Wonder,will change Harrenhal Wonder to Harrenhal Ruin Wonder
    • [Python]move Elohim civ's reveal unique improvement plot ability to Ljosalfar civ as Citadel
    • [Python]when a unit promote Knight promotion,give add 'Ser' before original name or generate a random name
    • [Python]create a Westeros unit nameGenerating method
    • add Juvenile 5% withdraw chance,collateral damage
    • reduce dragon combat strength/defense to add Fire damage of the same amount: Hatchling 1,Juvenile 2,Wyvern 4,Dragon 6,Hero Dragon 8
    • change Dragon Slaying promotion to +20% combat vs Beast and +25% resist to Fire
    • [Python]unit with Fellowship,Order,Rune religion killed on non-Snow Terrain and from non-illians civ will chancely reborn as a angel to random Mercurians city for Mercurians if they are active,change chance of unit reborn as angel
    • change Citadel improvement to permanent
    • move Balseraph Hall of Mirrors and Mimic to Sider
    • move Elohim Reliquary to Fellowship of Leaves religion building with Hidden Paths tech to enable
    • change Valyrian Steel Blade promotion +50% combat vs Demon to +100% combat vs Frostling and +20% combat vs Melee unit
    • now Eastessosi Twilight Brotherhood need Temple of Body building to produce and can't ungrade to Druid,add Body2 promotion
    • add Eastessosi Medic Water2,Water Walking,Channeling2 promotion
    • add Marshdweller promotion double movement on Marsh terrain,remove no penalty when attacks cross river
    • add Jungledweller promotion double movement on Jungle feature,change work rate to +15%
    • add New Eastessosi Fujo unit
    Unit Name Base Unit Ability Change
    Fujo - Combat 5,move 1,Eastessosi only,require Priesthood Technology/Temple of Mind building,Medic1,Medic2,Spirit2,Divine,Channeling2,Sixsense,Jungledweller,only defend

    3.Minor change
    • Geograph change near Asshai
    • add pirate cove near Iron Island,The Arbor,Tarth,Dragonstone
    • clear elohim civs team view of Unique Improvement
    • remove K'Dath Sheaim palace on HS01,HS02,HS04-S08
    • add AC Horseman and Avatar of Wrath on HS01,HS02
    • change Drifa which at polar area to Whitedragon on HS02-S08
    • change Wildling frostling unit to normal unit on HS02,HS04-S08
    • change Marsh King and House Frey's scout to goblin on HS02-HS04,HS08-S06
    • build Winter Town city for Stark,remove Stark settler,disciple of leaves on HS02
    • rename House Hightower and House Redwyne leader to Lord Hightower and Lord Redwyne on HS03-HS05
    • add barbarian warrior with held at crackclaw point on HS03,HS04
    • remove 1 White Walker settler and remove some tech on HS03,S01-S08
    • change archer/horseman/scout Demon promotion to Undead,Vulnerable to Fire,Weak,Cold Resistance,Stigmata promotion on HS03,S01-S08
    • rename the Other Leader and change Hyborem name and promotion on HS03,S01-S08
    • change Meshabber to Ice Golem on HS03,S01-S08
    • add the Other Winter Town city on HS03
    • remove Marsh King,change Greywater Watch to Night Watch,move Night Watch unit to Greywater Watch and remove settler on HS03
    • add Leng Ma Temple of Mind building on HS04-S08
    • make Andal of Andalo contact with Andal of Myr,Andal of Lorath,Andal of Norvos on HS04
    • change Stonebridge religion to Fellowship of Leaves on HS04
    • add Yin Temple of Body building on HS06-S08
    • add Ser Willum Royce with Knight,Valyrian Steel Blade Lamentation at Gull Town for House Arryn on HS09
    • remove Wildling city Ashen Veil religon on S01-S05
    • add Valyrian Steel Dagger at Winterfell to House Baratheon of King's Landing on S01
    • add Valyrian Steel Dagger at Winterfell to House Baelish on TS00,S07
    • add Manes to White Walker city on S02-S08
    • add Valyrian Steel Dagger at Harrenhal to House Baelish on S04,TS02
    • add Valyrian Steel Dagger at Gates of the Moon to House Baelish on S05,S06
    • change Arya Stark invisible promotion to stealth on S07,S08
    • remove Aeron Greyjoy on S07,S08
    • add Fujo at Leng Ma of Leng and add Twilight Brotherhood at Yin of Yi Ti on AdvTech
    • move Prophecy of Ragnarok from K'Dath to White Castle on AdvTech

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    Sep 24, 2015
    Next version is 2.00,which will change some FFH civ to fit aSoIaF fiction world
    mostly noteable change is about White Walkers(Infernal civ) and Season System
    in v2.00,due to first time to involve Python changes,and now I have some question need experienced modders to answer:

    1.How to Save Python Variable in Savegame and get value of these Python Variable after loaded savegame file.[Solved]
    add a lot variable in CvEventHandler.py to run a Season System and mark current Season,mark current climate.
    Spoiler :
    class CvEventManager:
        def __init__(self):
            #Ciruela Season 20171014
            self.iSeason = 0
            self.sSeason = 0
            self.iSeasonRatio = 2
            self.iSeasonACRatio = 1
            self.iSeasonTurn = 150
            self.iSeasonTurnLeft = 150
            self.iMaxX = -1
            self.iMaxY = -1
            self.iCurrentColdY1 = -1
            self.iCurrentColdY2 = -1
            self.iMinColdY = -1
            self.iMinPlainY = -1
            self.iMinTundraY = -1
            self.iMinSnowY = -1
            self.iPlotYChangeRef = 0.125
            self.iSeasonPCRatio = 1
            self.iCurrentPlainY = -1
            self.iCurrentTundraY = -1
            self.iCurrentSnowY = -1

    All things Work well until reload a savegame, all Python Variable's value initialized,can't continue to follow the season's trace.
    [Solution]Found by myself and Thanks Nightinggale and Xyth's Advice
    use 30+plots' plotcounter to save and load Variable.
    call save function onPreSave and load function onLoadGame in CvEventManager.py
    Spoiler :
        def onPreSave(self, argsList):
            "called before a game is actually saved"
            #Ciruela Try to save Variable 20171016
        def onSaveGame(self, argsList):
            "return the string to be saved - Must be a string"
            return ""
        def onLoadGame(self, argsList):
            #Ciruela Try to load Variable 20171016
            return 0

    Then add both function in my SeasonSystem.py
    Spoiler :
        def saveVariableOnPlot(self,iVariable,iX,iY):
            iStep = 0
            iTempVariable = iVariable
            while iTempVariable > 0:
                iVar = iTempVariable%10
                iTempVariable = iTempVariable/10
                CyMap().plot(iX,iY + iStep).changePlotCounter(iVar)
                iStep += 1     
        def saveSeasonData(self):
            #Ciruela Try to save Variable 20171016 
        def loadVariableOnPlot(self,iX,iY,iStep):
            iVariable = 0
            iTempStep = iStep
            while iTempStep > 0:
                pPlot = CyMap().plot(iX,iY+iTempStep -1)
                iVariable += ((pPlot.getPlotCounter()) % 10) * (10**(iTempStep-1))
                iTerrain = pPlot.getTerrainType()
                iPlotCounter = self.getTerrainPlotCounter(pPlot, iTerrain)
                iTempStep -= 1
            return iVariable
        def loadSeasonData(self):
            #Ciruela Try to load Variable 20171016
            self.iSeason = self.loadVariableOnPlot(0,0,1)
            self.sSeason = self.loadVariableOnPlot(1,0,1)
            self.iSeasonRatio = self.loadVariableOnPlot(2,0,1)
            self.iSeasonACRatio = self.loadVariableOnPlot(3,0,1)
            self.iSeasonTurn = self.loadVariableOnPlot(4,0,3)
            self.iSeasonTurnLeft = self.loadVariableOnPlot(5,0,3)
            self.iCurrentColdY1 = self.loadVariableOnPlot(6,0,3)
            self.iCurrentColdY2 = self.loadVariableOnPlot(7,0,3)
            self.iMinColdY = self.loadVariableOnPlot(8,0,3)
            self.iMinPlainY = self.loadVariableOnPlot(9,0,3)
            self.iMinTundraY = self.loadVariableOnPlot(10,0,3)
            self.iMinSnowY = self.loadVariableOnPlot(11,0,3)
            self.iPlotYChangeRef = self.loadVariableOnPlot(12,0,1)
            self.iSeasonPCRatio = self.loadVariableOnPlot(13,0,1)
            self.iCurrentPlainY = self.loadVariableOnPlot(14,0,3)
            self.iCurrentTundraY = self.loadVariableOnPlot(15,0,3)
            self.iCurrentSnowY = self.loadVariableOnPlot(16,0,3)

    2. Civ that has Counsil of Esus holycity and adopt Counsil of Esus religion can see all cities(which has Esus religion)'s sight(Which means can see all plot near by city as if a civ's unit placed on that plot). I need find those code to change this ability to Fellowship of Leaves holycity.[Solved]

    I has check all Python code and can't find it,Perhaps within CvGameCoreDLL.dll?
    Finally I found CIV4ReligionInfo XML has <bUpdateSight>1</bUpdateSight>,this one controls this feature

    3.add a minor civ or add a civ permanent war with all other civs.[Solved]

    now I can add a civ and declare war to all other civs,but they will make peace after 10 or more turns.
    [Solution]provided by Nightinggale
    First declare war to each other team,then set two teams permanentWarPeace = true
    #Ciruela Declare PermanentWar to Other Civ 20171010
    for iTeam in range(gc.getMAX_TEAMS()):
        if iTeam != iBarbTeam and iTeam != iInfernalTeam:
            pTeam = gc.getTeam(iTeam)
            if pTeam.isAlive():
                pInfernalTeam.declareWar(iTeam, False, WarPlanTypes.WARPLAN_TOTAL)
                pInfernalTeam.setPermanentWarPeace(iTeam, True)
    4.play with Advanced Tactics gameoption on and without Advanced Diplomacy.

    because i confused with Advanced Diplomacy running method and can't find more infomation to even find out a way/requirement to sign a openborder with other civ.
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