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[Graphic Mod] Varietas Delectat v9.2 [civ specific unit sets]


Jul 29, 2006
Budapest, EU

"Variety is the spice of life"
Unique unit sets for civilizations - a graphical modification for BtS




Moderator Action: Updated this post to point to a working download location, kindly supplied by openyourmind. The link to the download database below links to atomicgamer, which has since been shut down. Please contact me if there are any issues with the current download, or if you have access to the proper installer file - Leoreth

Modern Era Expansion for Varietas Delectat included in download (selectable when installing)

Leaders of Varietas Delectat (additional LHs for VD): http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=8034147#post8034147

The Island of Cuba for Varietas Delectat (excellent work by bernie14): http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=253913

Native America Expanded for Varietas Delectat (kudos to NikNaks!): http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=244403

Italy for Varietas Delectat ( eccellente lavoro di 10lire ): http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=360754

Civilization of Hungary addition to Varietas Delectat: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=248462

Polynesia addition to Varietas Delectat: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=317958

Australia for Varietas Delectat: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=319407

Poland for Varietas Delectat: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=319610


This mod started as an expansion to the fabulous Ethnic Artstyles mod v1.09
(now Cultural Citystyles v0.99) and the brilliant Ethnically Diverse Units Mod
(please see the readmes in Modules/Ethnic Artstyles/readme), and grew up
considerably in size and content.

The aim of the mod is to create as ethnically diverse unit sets as possible,
to the extent that in all cases not only the cultural/racial groups were the
bases of these unit sets, but a single civilization.
As with projects of this scope, it's far from being perfect, and some/all
decisions of unit use can be(are?) questionable. The author however tried to
use the best possible options where available.

A great effort has been made to make this mod as optimized as possible. The author
has spent several (not so much fun) hours to optimize all the units used in this mod.
All this is done in hope to produce a mod that not only does look great, but perform
great, too.


- Important: first update your BtS to 3.19

- run the installer;) (now Modern Era Expansion is included, is selected by default at install)


- run the uninstaller found at [BtS_MOD_folder]\Varietas Delectat\


Sample units from v9.2:

Sample units from v9.0:

Germany as an example civ:

Persian ancient set:

Units from v8.0:
Spoiler :

Units from v7.5:
Spoiler :

Units from v7.0:
Spoiler :

Units from v6.1:
Spoiler :

Units from v6.0:
Spoiler :


The author used the units found on www.civfanatics.com,
so all credit due goes to the creators of these brilliant units -
including danrell, Chugginator, Bakuel, bernie14, asioasioasio, Rabbit, White,
sepamu92, Zerver, GarretSidzaka, C.Roland, AlazkanAssassin, Ploeperpengel,
seZereth, Cham, GeneralMatt, Polycrates, The_Coyote, Refar, snafusmith, the Blue Marble Team
and forgive me if left out someone(as I have, I'm sure), but pretty much all
of the civfanatics unit db was used, so thanks to all the unit makers!

Special mention:
- Gedemon - valuable error-findings!
- Polycrates for his insights and units
- mamba for BtS 3.13 patch info
- Amuroray for his buttons fix
- RPG, President of the Varietas Delectat Fanclub ;)
- The Coyote - the correction wizard
- achilleszero - great optimizations
- riddleofsteel, AbsintheRed - beta testers


Spoiler :
There are a couple of things I'm not really satisfied with in the mod. Firstly, some unit choices are questionable, especially in cases when the unit does not accurately represent the era it should be in, or when essentially the same unit is used multiple times with different weapons - I tried to minimalize the impact of both. Secondly, I like the fact that different UnitArtStyleTypeInfos are possible for different civs, but it does not permit the change of the unit name - unless I made it unique, which I didn't want to do - hence some weird instances when a falxman is an axeman, a heavy footman is a spartan, and even worse. I tried to compensate by renaming a couple of unit classes (maceman - heavy footman, horse archer - horseman, cuirassier - heavy horseman), but this is still not the best solution and still lacking.



- added Bakuel's brilliant Ottoman units
- added Bakuel's Celtic chariot
- added Bernie's Me262, Vbl Dingo, Pzkpfwivausfg
- changed Barbarian Knight to Khazar Heavy Cavalry

You might remember I called the previous version a "Performance edition".Not much later I realized that even thou the mechanical
units and the most offending figure units are optimized, there is still a lot I could do to optimize the figure units further.
So I continued with removing the not needed meshes, optimizing texture usage, etc. I cut 25 more Mb, but more important is the
fact that in several cases a unit now uses half the triangle count and half the texture size than previously.

Take a look at the extent of optimizations I've done below and you'll understand why I'm calling this one the "Cheetah edition" ;)

Optimizations to units:
- Ottoman machinegunner optimized
- Zulu Ibutho optimized
- Zulu archer optimized
- Zulu cannon optimized
- Zulu crossbowman optimized
- Zulu grenadier optimized
- Zulu javelin optimized
- Zulu longbowman (greatly) optimized
- Zulu knight (greatly) optimized
- Zulu pikeman (greatly) optimized
- Zulu war elephant - pointing to skull texture corrected
- zulu spear chariot - added missing string.dds (zebra style:))
- Finnish cavalry optimized
- Finnish jaegers optimized
- Finnish machinegun optimized
- Finnish marines optimized
- Finnish sam infantry optimized
- Swedish cannon optimized
- Swedish cuirassier optimized
- Swedish modern inf - removed not needed nif
- Viking warelephant optimized
- American sam infantry optimized
- American warlord optimized
- Captain america archer - removed not needed files
- Captain america maceman optimized and removed not needed files
- Captain america pikeman - removed not needed files
- Sumer cataphract - removed not needed files
- cleaned up Russia folder a bit
- Falxman removed (not used)
- Roman cannon optimized
- Roman cavalry optimized
- Roman chariot optimized a bit
- Roman grenadier optimized
- Roman heavy footman optimized
- Roman knight removed (not used)
- Roman musketman optimized
- Roman rifleman 1805 removed (not used)
- Portugal cannon optimized
- Native american archer removed (not used)
- Native american axeman removed (not used)
- Native american cannon optimized and removed not needed files
- Native american cavalry removed (not used)
- Native american chariot optimized
- Native american horsearcher removed (not used)
- Native american knight removed (not used)
- Native american maceman optimized and removed not needed files
- Native american machinegun optimized
- Iroquois warrior removed (not used)
- Native american warrior removed (not used)
- Native american crossbowman removed (not used)
- Aryan warrior removed (not used)
- Meso America/prophet optimized
- Korean lance cavalry heavily optimized
- Khmer cannon optimized
- Vietcong machinegun optimized
- Japanese cavalry optimized
- Japanese explorer optimized
- Japanese saminfantry optimized
- Italy cavalry optimized
- Indian cavalry optimized
- Indian rifleman optimized
- Indian cannon optimized
- Indian knight optimized
- Indian maceman optimized
- Indian marine optimized
- Indian settler optimized
- Indian spearman optimized
- Indian warelephant optimized
- Incan axeman optimized
- Incan crossbowman optimized
- Incan grenadier optimized
- Incan longbowman optimized
- Incan spearman optimized
- Incan war elephant reshufled
- Holland cannon optimized
- Holland crossbowman optimized
- Holland knight optimized
- Holland longbowman optimized
- Holland pikeman optimized
- Holland spearman optimized
- Greek cannon optimized
- Greek cavalry heavily optimized
- Greek grenadier optimized
- German axeman optimized
- German cannon optimized
- German cavalry optimized
- German great general optimized
- German machinegun optimized
- German paratrooper removed (not used)
- German pikeman optimized
- German spearman optimized
- Waffenss optimized
- French axeman optimized
- French pikeman optimized
- French swordsman optimized
- European cavalry optimized
- European explorer optimized
- English axeman optimized
- English cuirassier optimized
- English longbowman optimized
- Egyptian cannon optimized
- Egyptian grenadier optimized
- Egyptian horsearcher removed (not used)
- Egyptian pikeman optimized
- Egyptian saminfantry optimized
- Egyptian war elephant optimized
- Chinese crossbowman optimized
- Chinese heavy swordsman optimized
- Chinese knight optimized
- Carthagian musketman optimized
- Barbarian antitankinfantry optimized
- Barbarian axeman optimized
- Pirate musketman optimized
- Buryat optimized and retextured the shield
- Conan optimized
- Barbarian spearman optimized and retextured the shield
- Babylonian cataphract removed (not used)
- Babylonian mouted maceman optimized
- Aztec spearman optimized
- warrior_south_america removed (not used)
- aztec warrior removed (not used)
- Asian explorer optimized
- Chinese saminfantry optimized
- African explorer - removed not needed files
- African warlord_ancient optimized
- African warlord_middleage optimized
- African warlord_modern optimized

Changelogs from previous versions:
Spoiler :


- updated to GeoModder's Cultural Citystyles v0.99 (with CIV4PlotLSystem.xml correction)
- added Blue Marble as install option (as NoCustomAssets is now set in mod's ini file)

You can call this one a "performance" edition. I tried my best to optimize the graphics
as much as possible; meaning that VD graphics, Chuggi's CD and Geo's CC are optimized by me:

XML entries removed:

Not used graphics removed:
pzkpfw_38_t notused
korean longbowman (hwarang) notused
roman praetorian notused
roman quinquereme notused
russian strelets
conquistador swordsman
Babylonian SMG Marine
FRENCH med_general (from CD1.1)
GERMAN mod_general (from CD1.1)
MEXICAN cavalry (from CD1.1)

Note: Not all reductions are resolution reductions.
Most of the time the dds textures DXT version is turned to a better one (that creates a smaller texture)

Optimizations to textures and nifs:
vbl panhard: removed french_modern_soldier.dds (not used)
coracle: ee2_galley_diff.dds reduced
french galleon: ship_merchantman.dds reduced
french galleon: galleon.nif removed not used mesh part, one part triangulated (reduced vertice and particle count)
conquistador cavalry: conquistador_torso_512.dds and conquistador_torso_gloss_512.dds removed (not used)
conquistador cavalry: mountedconquistador.nif triangulated
conquistador cavalry: gunnfeathers.dds reduced
conquistador cavalry: imperial_dragoon_diff.dds baked into conquistador_torso.dds
conquistador cavalry: conquistador_torso_gloss.dds reduced
spanish galleon: galleon.nif removed a mesh, triangulated a part
spanish galleon: ship_treasure_galleon.dds reduced
american galleon: ship_brigantine.dds reduced
american galleon: ship_brigantine_transparent_war.dds removed (not used)
american galleon: ship_brigantine_transparent.dds reduced
american galleon: ship_masts.dds reduced
san antonio: sanantonio.dds reduced
celtic warelephant: warelephant_carthage_256.dds reduced
hms hood: texture.dds reduced
zulu war elephant: warelephant_carthage_256.dds reduced
zulu war elephant: warelephant_256.dds removed (not used)
zulu war elephant: warelephant_carriage_128.dds reduced
zulu war elephant: warelephant_carthage_gloss.dds reduced
brigantine: textures reduced (see american galleon)
english galleon: textures reduced (see american galleon)
su25: su25.dds reduced
graf zeppelin: graf_zeppelin.dds reduced
iowa battleship: battleship_256.dds reduced
buryat: warrior_128.dds reduced
buryat: spearman_128.dds reduced
warmammoth_256.dds reduced
[special forces]: south american: antitankinfantry_256.tga removed (not used)
[special forces]: south american: g36.nif removed (not used)
[special forces]: middle eastern: persianimmortalhead.nif removed (not used)
[special forces]: european: g36.nif removed (not used)
[special forces]: asian: el85a2.nif, british_helmet.nif, buddhist_missionaryhead.nif removed (not used)
barbarian antitankinfantry: hat_head.nif removed (not used)
barbarian antitankinfantry: antitankinfantry_256.dds reduced
CD1.1: settler: mod_germanic: copy of barmaid_e.dds removed (not used)
CD1.1: roman: med_general: warlord_ancient_fx.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: mayan: general: warlord_ancient_fx.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: inca: general: warlord_ancient_fx.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: german: med_general: warlord_ancient_fx.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: german: med_general: knight-gloss-128.dds reduced
CD1.1: english: med_general: warlord_ancient_fx.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: english: med_general: knight-gloss-128.dds reduced
CD1.1: aztec: general: warlord_ancient_fx.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: arab: general: warlord_ancient_fx.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: african: general: warlord_ancient_fx.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: asian: prophet: greatprophet_fx.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: aztec: mod_general: warlord_modern.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: aztec: mod_general: aawarlord_modern.nif removed (not used)
CD1.1: french: mod_general: warlord_modern.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: meso: prophet: greatprophet_fx.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: footman: german: knight_templar_weapons_64_gloss.dds reduced
CD1.1: footman: german: knight_templar_weapons_64.dds reduced
CD1.1: footman: german: knight-gloss-128.dds reduced
CD1.1: musketman: mexican: musketman.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: settler: germanic: settler.nif, settler_2.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: settler: med_germanic: settler_a.nif removed (not used)
CD1.1: settler: slavic: settler.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: warrior: celtic: warrior_fx_3.nif, celticwarrior_128.dds removed (not used)
CD1.1: warrior: meso: warrior_fx.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: warrior: meso: warrior_fx_2.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: warrior: native: warrior_fx_2.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: warrior: native: warrior_fx_3.nif removed unused meshes
CD1.1: worker: germanic: worker.nif removed (not used)
CD1.1: worker: mexican: worker_fx.nif removed unused meshes

Optimizations to CCv0.99
Interface/screens/AncientBattlefield - greatly reduced texture sizes
Hanging Gardens - reskinned and reduced triangle count
ancient Mongolian citystly - reduced triangle count
Federal_Style.dds - reduced size
Russian Sheremetova texture reduced (sherem.dds)
India_MtRushmore buddhist_shrine-map.dds texture reduced
kislev1.gloss.dds greatly reduced in size (is it needed anyway?)
mod_Meso_America.nif triangulated (from 5000 triangles to 2600 triangles)
Inca_Bank reduced aztec.dds texture
Mongolia_Theatre gathering.nif triangulated (from 5000 triangles to 2500 triangles)
Inca_Hermitage macchu_picchu.nif academie.nif (from 6986 triangles to 2976 triangles)
Crescent_Courthouse academie.nif academie.nif (see possible problems below)
Mediterranean_MilitaryAcademy NavalAcademy.nif triangulated (from 3951 to 2430 triangles)
Workshop triangulated (from 2538 to 764 triangles)
Plantation_Mediterranean Fur_Traders_house_DIFF256.dds texture reduced
Plantation_Russia Plantation_Renaissance.nif, kislev1.blend.dds reduced
Greco_Roman_Farm.nif Tobacconist_Shop_DIFF256.dds reduced

Possible problems:
CC099\Art\Structures\Buildings\Courthouse\Crescent_Courthouse\academie.nif -> Sceneviewer has buffer overrun when opening!
CC099\Art\Structures\Buildings\Academy\Egypt_Academy\academie.nif -> Sceneviewer has buffer overrun when opening!
CC099\Art\Structures\Buildings\Harbor\Europe_Harbor\Shipyard.nif -> missing shaders


- updated to GeoModder's Cultural Citystyles v0.98

- The Coyote fixed the African Kogge
- 3 button fixes from BAT 2.2
- Korean pre-dreadnought size corrected

- added Bakuel's Spanish- and Portugese ancient and medieval units,
Vietnamese cuirassier and musketman, Byzantine cuirassier and musketman, Mongolian worker units,
El Cid, Count Duke of Olivares, Yusuf ibn Tashfin
- added brand new Arabian set by bakuel, coffee junkie, mechaerik, avain
- added several F-16s by asioasioasio
- added snafusmith's tankpack for each civ
- added Cassador by bernie14
- added Gvozdika 2S1 mobile artillery by snafusmith
- changed French horseman and knight (danrell, coffee junkie, avain)
- added 155MM French Artillery (snafusmith)
- added 75MM French Artillery (snafusmith)
- added 77M German field gun (snafusmith)
- new skin for Arite armor (Nikko) (thou resized to 256x256)
- added American galleon
- added American war elephant
- added The Capo's American grenadier
- added Sukhoi T-50 (The Coyote)
- Avro Vulcan teamcolored
- added Japanese explorer (coffee junkie)
- changed Japanese archer (coffee junkie)
- added 2 new Chinese axemen (Sanguo mod)
- added new Japanese axeman (avain, based on model by danrell)
- added Carthage grenadier, cavalry, elephant ( ambrox )
- changed Celtic rifleman
- changed Egyptian scout (ambrox)
- added new Egyptian settlers (coffee junkie)
- added some new texture parts to Egyptian warelephant (mamba)
- changed Greek rifleman (coffee junkie)
- changed Indian marines
- added Indian war elephant (coffee junkie)
- added new Indian male settler (coffee junkie)
- added Indian cuirassier, new Indian musketman (coffee junkie)
- added Byzantine, Viking, Ottoman ware elephant (coffee junkie)
- added Indian explorer, Indian warriors
- changed English rifleman, infantry
- changed Japanese Samurai knight (based on Mr Blue's work)
- changed Persian warrior, explorer
- changed Russian longbowman
- added Swedish cannon
- changed Chinese marine to a new one, old to Mongolian marine with flag change
- added Viking warmammoth
- added Egyptian marine
- added new Japanese ww2 marine (coffee junkie)

From Total Realism:
(Probably) Corrected models:
- F-22 (less verticles)
- African modern merchant
- African scientist
- African modern warlord
- AV-8b Harrier
- A7CII Portugal (glossy model)
New model/skin for existing units:
- African ancient warlord
- African prophet (less voodoo now)
- Indian antitank infantry
- Italian antitank infantry (nicer hat)
- F-15 (new texture)
- English ww2 marine
- WW2 German marine
- Indian infantry
- WW2 Indian marine
- Indian knight
- Indian pikeman
- Indian maceman
- Ottoman cavalry
- Ottoman axeman
- Ottoman rifleman
- Roman warchariot
- Roman quinquereme
- Russian heavy swordsman
- Kirov corvette (new skin)
- Russian modern general
- Russian rifleman
- Skjold stealth destroyer
- Zulu knight (nice skull mask)
- Atakebune trireme
- Slavic worker
Added units:
- Japanese antitank infantry
- Ottoman antitank infantry
- Dhow
- Aztec Tlaloc canoe
- Meso caravel (and shuffled Meso ships a bit)
- Celtic cavalry
- Piri Reis (Ottoman explorer)
- Russian explorer
- Russian bombard
- Chieftain tank (retextured by avain)
- Handley Page Victor
- Italian early destroyer, cruiser and pre-dreadnought
- several other nif-swaps if needed ( e.g. Tu-160, Drakkar, Whippet )

- optimizations
- lot of other smaller changes


- updated to GeoModder's Cultural Citystyles v0.80 (with WH's Mongol cityset)
- added Portugal sailing ships, Rifleman and planes (JustATourist,asioasioasio,The Coyote)
- added Viking sailing ships (JustATourist)
- added what-if Roman Sailing ships (JustATourist)
- added Tsar Tank (snafusmith)
- added Rommel as German Great General (bernie14)
- added KV-1 heavy tank by asioasioasio
- added Japanese Heavy Tank, Tank Destroyer and Assault Gun (danrell)
- added Joan of Arc, Trung Nhi and Native Great Generals (Achilleszero)
- added Portugal industrial units (The Capo)
- added Swedish industrial units (avain, Rifleman based on The Capo's)
- added Korean industrial units (The Capo)
- changed Russian Infantry
- changed Russian Modern Infantry
- changed Russian WW2 Marine
- added Spanish Swordsman, Axeman, Spearman and Chariot (The Capo)
- added various Xebecs (Achilleszero, The Capo)
- corrected Me-109's and Ki-10's models (Achilleszero)
- corrected Russian Battleship to use Destroyer animations (Achilleszero)
- temporary correction for the missing European Forge texture

Units from Total Realism:
- added English Crossbowman
- added African Galley and Trireme
- added English and Ottoman Carracks
- added (EE2) Coracle
- added Drakkar
- added (EE2) Galleass
- added English Axeman

- removed not used Marine with M-16
- removed African Wargalley
- removed English Caravel
- removed (old) Coracle
- removed Norman Knight


- updated to GeoModder's Cultural Citystyles v0.55 (with minor tweaks and with Walter Hawkwoods improved Mongolian cityset)
- added Bakuel's ancient and medieval Carthaginian units
- added Bakuel's ancient and medieval Byzantine units
- added some more optimized units by achilleszero
- corrected Russian Jet Fighter
- corrected Native Siux Knight
- corrected Sacagawea's animation
- added missing Native Great Prohet's glow texture


- updated to GeoModder's Cultural Citystyles v0.5 (with Walter Hawkwoods improved viking cityset texture)
- added achilleszero's optimized units
- added bakuel's Greek units, and his Holy Roman, Celtic and Swedish musketmans and cuirassiers
- added improved Dreadnought model by Xenomorph
- added The Capo's Industrial Dutch units and his American Cuirassier
- added KrugerPritz's Rooikat as a mech.inf.



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I now have to ban Geo for taking my position...

Nice work avian.
Avian does this include the fishing boat graphic changes that I think geomodder put in done by sepamu92
Avian does this include the fishing boat graphic changes that I think geomodder put in done by sepamu92


PS: this is totally and utterly unimportant, but anyway: it's avain which is 'key' in Finnish, by which name I wanted to register in the first place (alas, in vain) ;)

PS: this is totally and utterly unimportant, but anyway: it's avain which is 'key' in Finnish, by which name I wanted to register in the first place (alas, in vain) ;)

Could have been worse. The forum might have forced you to register as 'vane'. ;)
Could have been worse. The forum might have forced you to register as 'vane'. ;)

Now, I had to check this one in the dictionary:lol:
BTW, if it has a meaning in slang, do share it with this poor clueless Hungarian:confused: :D
Nice job, I think some of the units could use a bit more polish but this certainly takes EDU up a notch both in Ethnic Diversity and Tech depth. I'm getting a copy now and I'm hoping you made it modular.
Now, I had to check this one in the dictionary:lol:
BTW, if it has a meaning in slang, do share it with this poor clueless Hungarian:confused: :D

No slang meaning, I just striked me how the spoken sound of the word is similar to 'vain'. ;) (at least how I read it in English)
Impaler[WrG];5802317 said:
Nice job, I think some of the units could use a bit more polish but this certainly takes EDU up a notch both in Ethnic Diversity and Tech depth. I'm getting a copy now and I'm hoping you made it modular.

Yep, it's as modular as I could make it be. Ethnic Artstyles uses a couple of XMLs that are not compatible with modular format though.
What is the difference between this and just using: EthnicArtstyles1.01? (expanded unit graphics?) And, are you using EthnicArtstyles1.01?
Updated to version 1.01 (added a citybuilding for the medieval Indians), and the main download is now in module format.

Thanks. :)
Avain added more civ-specific ethnic units. The EDU-mod (and Ethnic Artstyles too thus) has ethnic units for the artstyles, not single civs.
What is the difference between this and just using: EthnicArtstyles1.01? (expanded unit graphics?) And, are you using EthnicArtstyles1.01?

Thanks. :)

It's based on EthnicArtstyles 1.01. (I corrected the initial post)
I have what's probably a stupid question, but how do I install this? I'm kind of new to this, but I tried putting it in my mods folder, and it doesn't seem to be working, all the units still look the same.

Help would be appreciated, this looks awesome, it's exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for.
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