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Green Avenger!


CFC Historian
Nov 12, 2001
No... not that Green Avenger...

The Green TBF Avenger! :lol:

This is a simple reskin job, but one I thought would be nice/needed. Simply put, it's taking the excellent TBF Avenger model created by ArdRaeiss and putting a green skin on it.

The only skin with the original model was US Navy Blue... but seeing as how ArdRaeiss created the model with team colors, I thought it would look better in "team-color mode" with a more neutral green color scheme.

I have left the Green Avenger with "team colors" enabled.

All needed files and button are included in the download.

Download Here

New "Green Avenger" in foreground with original "Blue Avenger" chasing behind.
You had me confused there for a second... Nice repaint job! (Sleek plane, BTW.);)

Actually, I'd never heard of the Green Avenger (not this one, anyway); so despite all of your talk, you still manage to educate a few people.:p

You can send my esteemed salute to ArdRaeiss too (as I've never seen any of his work)!:goodjob:
The Green Avenger could be many things... it could be a Comic Super-Hero, or it could be (quite literally) a Green Avenger.

But in this case, it's just a Green Avenger!

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