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Help fixing this LUA script please?

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Creation & Customization' started by mattpilot, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. mattpilot

    mattpilot Warlord

    Jan 29, 2004
    I tried bumping the old thread ( http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=415499 ), but no luck ;)

    Mylon made an awesome "naval counterattack" mod that worked great many moons ago before i took a break. Not working anymore now. Perhaps a patch changed something? Mylon is awol so i beg thee all for some help :)

    The script is relatively short - perhaps someone can figure out whats wrong with it?

    Spoiler :
    -- Lua Script1
    -- Author: Jeff
    -- DateCreated: 16-Mar-11 13:56:17
    print("Naval Counterattack Loaded")
    function NavalCounterAttack(iAttackingPlayer, iAttackingUnit, iAttackingUnitDamage, iAttackingUnitFinalDamage, iAttackingUnitMaxHP, iDefendingPlayer, iDefendingUnit, iDefendingUnitDamage, iDefendingUnitFinalDamage, iDefendingUnitMaxHP)
    	-- First, let's make sure we're looking at a naval vs naval engagement
    	if iAttackingUnit > 0 and iDefendingUnit > 0 then
    		local AttackingUnit = Players[iAttackingPlayer]:GetUnitByID( iAttackingUnit )
    		local DefendingUnit = Players[iDefendingPlayer]:GetUnitByID( iDefendingUnit )
    		if (AttackingUnit:GetDomainType() == DomainTypes.DOMAIN_SEA and DefendingUnit:GetDomainType() == DomainTypes.DOMAIN_SEA) then
    			if (AttackingUnit:GetBaseRangedCombatStrength() > 0 and DefendingUnit:GetBaseRangedCombatStrength() > 0) then
    				--We're in business.  Let's launch a counter-attack.
    				-- Initialize the attack-tracking if this is the first attack of the turn.
    				--if HasAttackedThisTurn == nil then
    					HasAttackedThisTurn = {}
    				--On an initial attack, neither ship will have the flag, so let's flag the attacker.
    				if HasAttackedThisTurn[DefendingUnit] ~= true and HasAttackedThisTurn[AttackingUnit] ~= true then
    					HasAttackedThisTurn[AttackingUnit] = true
    				--If the defending unit has the flag, then this will prevent a counter-counter attack.
    				if HasAttackedThisTurn[DefendingUnit] ~= true then
    					--print("Qualifies for a counterattack.")
    					DefendingUnit:RangeStrike( AttackingUnit:GetX(), AttackingUnit:GetY() )
    					--Now that the attack has been made, let's reset the defender's attack flag so that it may defend from another attack.
    					-- By this point, the attacker will already have been checked to make a counter-counter attack, so let's delete our table.
    					HasAttackedThisTurn = nil
    					--print("This unit is flagged as having attacked already, unable to counter-attack.")
    --function ClearCombatMemory()
    	--HasAttackedThisTurn = nil
    Events.EndCombatSim.Add( NavalCounterAttack )
    --Events.PlayerDoTurn.Add( ClearCombatMemory )


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