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Hints of role-playing byzantine

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by lasombra1984, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. lasombra1984

    lasombra1984 Prince

    Mar 19, 2010
    After number of victories as Justinian, mostly domination & 1 diplomatic (that was in fact domination :) - me and 5 my vassals voted for me) I've decided to play a game as would byzantine emperor. Not as player who gets Feudalism from an Oracle & lightbulbs Guilds
    I've studied a bit of information on wiki that gave me general way. So let's start

    Hereditary Rule or Police State - Byzantine Empire was despotic monarchy with several dynasties, also many popular & succesful warlords became emperors
    Vassalage - Empire was divided on themes, each had a military-civilan rulers - strategoi
    Any labor civic - Slavery & Serfdom is very adopt with theme administration type, Caste System is good fit for unlimited merchants that filled byzantine treasury.
    Free Market - merchant specialists & trade routes are main resourse of byzantine treasury
    Theocracy - no comments)

    Christianity. Turn on "Choose Religion" & try to found it. If not - adopt Chritianity.

    Strong Fleet. Greek fire made a Byzantine Empire a mediterranean powerhouse.
    Your must spend couple of hammers each turn on a units.
    You must be military strong. Lead Power rating.

    Prefered Wonders
    Hagia Sophia in Constantinople
    Great Lighthouse - as trading sea empire
    Temple of Artemis - v.s.

    Any "religion" wonder: Oracle, Sistine Chapel, Apostolic Palace etc.

    Try to get a Theology as soon as possible - you will be able to build your main wonder (HS) & civic Theocracy.
    Code of Laws - Justinian the Great implemented reforms in roman law. Law had severe importance in empire.
    Astronomy - delay it as long as reasonable. Byzantines had not high progress with it.

    Ask leaders to adopt Christianity. Adopting Christianity has high importance when you truce with someone.
    Any AI that refuses to adopt it is your potential target.

    To be continued
  2. Raw is War?

    Raw is War? Soul Reaper

    Nov 13, 2001
    Leeds, UK
    Nice idea, I often do this without thinking to some degree. Like founding Christianity as Rome, or Taoism as China, or trying to get the early 'marble wonders' as Greece.

    But then I don't play this game to 'Win'.
  3. Darth Caesar

    Darth Caesar Might be a Wizard

    May 6, 2010
    A Tower
    Sounds cool.
  4. Dachs

    Dachs Hero of the Soviet Union

    Feb 23, 2005
    Themata were military administrative systems that employed peasant farmer-soldiers and supported them on State land. I'm not sure how any of that relates to slavery, although slaves were held and traded in the Byzantine world.
    No, the land tax was. Trade wasn't as impressive as some fawning Byzantinists would have it.
    The fleet fluctuated wildly in relative power over the centuries. Land power, and especially in the form of fortified places, excellent logistics, siege weapons, and cavalry, were key to Byzantine power on the strategic defensive.
  5. lasombra1984

    lasombra1984 Prince

    Mar 19, 2010
    I will agree with high land taxes (that can be displayed in game as :gold: % higher than science).
    But I don't like nonconstructive criticism. If you have better understanding on this topic - give advices yourself

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