Hirohito of Japan: 3D Animated, Era Specific Leaderhead (10-04-2005)


Leaderhead Engineering
Jan 1, 2004
Montevideo, Uruguay
UPDATED: 27th August, 2005 - Corrected animation speed so that it looks alright in game

Another addition to the WWII leaderheads pack. Now I'll just do FDR, and probably stop doing this pack for a while to make different LHs

WWII time in modern era:


WWII time in industrial era (and a different modern era) - just the modern era and PCXs:



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Most excellent! :)
Goldflash said:
Shouldn't the bowtie in the new modern be black?

It could be black, but this time I decided to let it be white, since I've seen a "modern" pic of Hirohito (around 1987, I'd say) with a white bowtie like that.
And since it's quite weird IMO, I decided to have it that colour.

About Anarki's complaints: the background: deal with it. Unless it's too white in some spots (which could make it "transparent" in game), I won't change it. And then the hat... well, most emperors in Japan were balding when they used that hat, so you could distinguish it from the hair. Since Hirohito didn't lose a single hair (or so it'd seem looking at various pics of him), I decided to let him keep that precious hair. There is, though, a subtle difference in the textures of the hat and hair (though as they are both black, can barely be noticed)

And Sword: yes, the look on the modern era is his angry look. Guess I wanted to try something different from the usual frown expression.

To everyone else, thanks for the comments, good or bad ;)
hey jorde. excellent job with your leaderheads. :goodjob:
are you thinking of making one for roosevelt? it would be awesome if you do. a whole set of all the major leaders in WWII. keep up the good work
Your leaderhead is excellent! :goodjob: However, when I looked at it in game, it seems to suffer from the same pallette problems that ShiroKobbure had with Meji. Some areas of the background show up as black... Maybe you could have a look?

Another thing. I would be interested in not only a leader head, but a full set of Asian (Japanese) avisors. Do you think you would have the time to do that? They are actally more important for the game since you see them all the time (and you rarely see your own leader).
Could you post a screenshot of the problems, so I can know which parts are the one that need re-colouring and I can repost them (along with the ancient age Stalin which had the same problem)

Well, I could consider doing the Japanese advisors after ending this first part of the WWII LHs. The main problem for doing it is the I don't have enough Japanese style props/clothing, nor I do have enough ideas for them. So if you had any kind of "concept art", please post it or email it to me (jordevi986@yahoo.com)
The black is in the upper left corner. I guess you should leave that color out.

Unfortunately I don't have any concept art. If I find something I will let you know. However, it is ok if they are pretty generic. The Rising Sun scenario can, after all, be played with many civs. They will in any case be better than the default ones! :)


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Whoa, so THAT's what he looks like! :eek: Fantastic!

Now who'd wanna nuke him?
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