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History Questions Not Worth Their Own Thread VII

Discussion in 'World History' started by Plotinus, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. r16

    r16 not deity

    Nov 10, 2008
    this possibly stems from a curiosity about the effects of Religion on financial matters . Once again , am just a pseudo expert but history kinda proves it became an effective straight jacket with the interest rate during reign of Kanuni , 1520s to 60s , was about 12.5 , compared to maybe 3 in Europe . You know , while it's not supposed to exist in the first place . The influx of Spanish silver from the Americas devastated the economy reportedly worse than elsewhere . Rebellions , wars lost , being an agricultural empire of diverse ethinicities prone to rebelling , lack of revenue as Europeans discover other routes to replace this famed "Silk Road" and you are behind . You lose more wars , you are more behind . By 19th Century and the fact that you are behind means the "other" Great Powers have the power to interfere , to degrees you might not ever come to believe , in the internal affairs of the state . Despite all those attempts of modernization and straight copying will not be enough . Corruption , lack of brains and lot will then become the straight answer . The Ottomans , it's widely repeated around here in Turkey , were rich enough to fund the Italian invasion of Libya ...

    it's this vicious circle with no way out . Without defeating Western powers in battle you can not have the financial background that might allow you survive long enough to defeat the Western Powers in battle . It's such an irritating thing for certain Westerners that everything in the "book" was invented while fighting against us .
  2. Flying Pig

    Flying Pig Utrinque Paratus

    Jan 24, 2009
    Perfidious Albion
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