How do YOU customise CBP?

Discussion in 'Community Patch Project' started by Wario Mario, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. zeta

    zeta Mod Addict

    Jan 26, 2015
    King's Landing
    My customizations:

    1. All resources visible from the start
    2. Barbs can't steal gold
    3. Barbs can't heal in camps
    4. Unlimited barb XP
    5. Wario's Border Expansion (thanks, mate B) )
  2. ilshur

    ilshur Warlord

    Feb 25, 2008
    How do I edit the percentages of Eras? Specifically in Epic or Marathon, turning way up the Science percentage so create 'longer eras'

    Where might this be found?

    And, critically, can it be changed mid-game like some other mods allowed?

    As an example:
    Typically i start like this:
    UPDATE GameSpeeds SET CulturePercent=350, ResearchPercent=400, FaithPercent=350 WHERE Type = 'GAMESPEED_EPIC'; -- defaults 150

    And then When I crack the Medieval era, because I like playing longer with those units, I'll turn it up for this:
    UPDATE GameSpeeds SET CulturePercent=750, ResearchPercent=400, FaithPercent=350 WHERE Type = 'GAMESPEED_EPIC'; -- defaults 150

    Where should I paste this, if it doesnt exist already?
  3. tompliss

    tompliss Warlord

    Oct 7, 2010
    I have a question about modifications I want to try with the unhappiness system :
    Is there a way to edit the % needs (crime, illiteracy,...) in the xml/sql files ?
    I want them to increase faster with population, as I never have any problem with happiness after 100-200 turns in Epic :/
  4. Kolaris

    Kolaris Warlord

    Nov 16, 2015
    You should probably paste it in one of the sql files in the 'compatibility files' folder if you use it, since those get applied last. But just about any file should do.

    As for changing those constants during the game, no. But each tech level has its own cost set individually in (2) Community Balance Patch\Balance Changes\Tech\TechCostchanges.sql
  5. Wario Mario

    Wario Mario Warlord

    Jul 18, 2006
    Wario Ware INC
    I converted a bunch of random civs I use to SQL (so they'd work better with CBP).
    I doubt I'll get much interest but Enginseer and Mitch.sp asked me to post them, after I mentioned them, so here they are.

    Dropbox Link

    The mod file is too large for Civ Fanatics, so I made a Dropbox link. Hopefully it works, I'm not usually on the "upload" side of mods. :lol:

    Again, I made none of these Civs myself. If you are the original author and for some reason *don't* want these available please say so.

    You can find the original civs at the following links:

    As you might expect, they aren't absolutely perfect conversions. Here is a list of changes I made, or at least the ones I remember making :D

    Spoiler :
    • Added Strange religions support. If Strange religions is installed, they will use one of them instead (they each have a favorite choice set).
    • Added support for some of Emperor JFD's mods - specifically, Rise to Power, Exploration Continued Expanded, Cultural Diversity, and Cities in Development using JFD's support file.
    • Most of the data has been reorganized as a result of the conversion.
    • Eggman, Ganondorf, and Dr. Evil all had a shared TXT_KEY that would stop them from talking if more than one of them was in the game. This has been fixed.
    • Some of the Leaders had their Leader biases changed. Specifically, Peach's FLAVOR_USE_NUKE was -2 (is that even a valid entry?). It is now 1.
    • Peach and Dr. Evil had no music before. They now have one song each - the Super Mario Bros. Theme for Peach and "Evil is his one and only name" for Dr. Evil.
    • Ganondorf's trait wasn't much use in CBP (CBP adds it's own early game mounted units that were better than his). I changed it to a bonus when fighting city states.
    • Peach's UB Warp Pipe originally kept 60% of the city's food. It has been nerfed to 40%, as CBP nerfed the aqueduct it replaced from 40% to 25%.
    • Peach's Palace and Wily's Castle give tourism for historical events properly now.
    • Dr. Evil's sharks have been renamed to "Frickin' Sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their frickin' heads" to match what Dr. Evil said in the third film.
    • Dr. Evil's sharks have been sped up, although they are still 1 point slower than the Galleass.
    • The Alan Parsons Project Wonder no longer requires a Military Base built, because I don't think a building requirment makes sense for a wonder.
    • Ganondorf's Training Grounds originally had no art. So I used a random picture of a building from the community Atlas. :rolleyes:
    • Wily's Capsule UU originally replaced a unit that wasn't in CBP. It now replaces the helicopter (and is stronger and faster).
    • Wily's Castle originally did nothing (really!) It now gives 1 science for every 5 citizens in the capital.
    • Lon Lon Ranch now trains mounted units at a +50% rate.
    • Spring Herald originally had a range of 2. As the Gatling gun it replaces now has a range of 2, Spring Herald's was buffed to 3.
    • I added a few dialog lines for Peach, because she originally had so few.
    • Likely tons of stuff I don't remember :D

    There's probably bugs. Ick.
  6. Zares

    Zares Warlord

    Dec 3, 2014
    Thx, Wario, you help much, as always :)

    What about disabling some bonuses from ruins? F.e., I hate when my Scout upgrades to Archer... I buy Scout to be Scout, not military unit :p Or change this bonus to upgrade from Scout to Great Scout (from JFD ExCE) or to Explorer. Or if it would be OP, give large amount of XP instead.
  7. Wario Mario

    Wario Mario Warlord

    Jul 18, 2006
    Wario Ware INC
    UPDATE Units
    Set GoodyHutUpgradeUnitClass = 'UNITCLASS_JFD_GREAT_SCOUT'
    WHERE Type = 'UNIT_SCOUT';
    Obviously, better make sure the mod you put this code in has a reference or a dependency on ExCE. You could also use UNITCLASS_EXPLORER if you want, though getting an explorer in the ancient era might be OP. Note that Great Scouts actually do upgrade to Great Explorers if they're lucky enough to get an "upgrade unit" bonus from ruins.

    I don't know if there is a way to neatly disable a specific ruin bonus. The only things I could think to do would be to delete it, or totally change it into a new bonus.

    DELETE FROM GoodyHuts
    Deleting stuff tends to cause issues, so use at your own risk. :scared:

    Edit: I wonder if anyone else knows how I'd disable a religion from being chosen by anyone without actually deleting it?
  8. Enginseer

    Enginseer Salientia of the Community Patch Supporter

    Nov 7, 2012
    Somewhere in California
    Deleting stuff only cause issues if there are elements that make references toward it.

    Edit: Use LUA to return false for a religion that you don't like and enable that EVENTS_FOUND_RELIGION through a SQL/XML query.


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