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Imperium Offtopicum XXI Prequel: Destruction of a World

Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by NinjaCow64, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012
    ...and so the axe of the empress was thrust high by the warrior before it came down like thunder to slice the chains in half, freeing those chained by that which fears the spirit of all..

    With the backing of the Kel sanqaads Bin ka Aak’abtal & Diiv Krein, along with the support of the old gods priest Gok Ivah, the ulsaruk (warlord) Brukogru Darastrix and the defecting Ushagi physicist Jeheiney Caisht, the Jennu Jimosan warrior Dhenez Fothisev, will rise to lead her peoples to freedom, creating a great slave revolt against the Controller in Australia. The Anti-Controller Revolt will begin in the city of Darwin, with usage of the Tilsin outposts in Kakadu National Park. May the children of Jennu Hrrac find their freedom in slicing down Xnuk'ek Ts’o’om!
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  2. Mathalamus

    Mathalamus Emperor of Mathalia

    Dec 20, 2009
    nationalistic surge for Cyprus

    following the basically peaceful annexation of north Cyprus, and the effective fall of both greece and turkey, they were free to make their own choices. the greeks presented a plan for unification, and north Cyprus, now hosting the last of the turkish resistance, knowing that they were on the ropes, agreed. a long last, the island of Cyprus is reunified!

    against the aliens. with turkish military equipment, and greek reserve, they shall assist nearby countries in fighting off the alien menace!

    it goes without saying that the turkish people are now accepted as part of Cyprus, and that the constitution that provided for the turks is now properly in force. but, you know... emergency.
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  3. Decamper

    Decamper ..!

    Jul 28, 2014
    Controller reinforcements land in Oslo, Norway.
  4. Sniiperman456

    Sniiperman456 Warlord

    Nov 5, 2016
    Nationalistic surge in USA. USA again becomes more conservative.
  5. Omega124

    Omega124 Challenging Fate

    Nov 1, 2008
    Albany, New York

    "Yes Medvedev-kun?"

    "Do you think we are going to survive this?"

    Putin and his lacky who only exists to exploit a constitutional flaw but still naively thinks Putin will notice him stood in front of a giant, table-sized map of Russia. The positioning of Federation units were represented with detailed models of Russian troops and equipment, while the controllers were just covered with what random crap they had lying about because no one in the Kremlin thought investing in alien miniatures was ever a smart idea. The Russian nation was slowly fighting back, but it could be considered just "barely".

    The bald dictator of Russia laughed, a dark, forced laughter which betrayed his own tinge of anxiety, "Why wouldn't we?"

    "The controllers," Medvedev protested, "the only continient they largely don't control is Europe. They're going to be focusing on whittling down the weakest link`"

    "Well," Putin assured his number two, "We just won't be the weakest link, then."

    "Look what happened to Obama, Putin-senpai! They killed him! They killed him to death!"

    "Obama," Putin retorted, "was a symbol of the weak, decedent American republic. Come this time next year, they still would be collapsing even without the controllers when they elected our lovely orange puppet."

    "Right...." Medvedev knew not to question senpai's judgement, even though deep down he thought Putin was simply a bit too ambitious with that plan. As much as the anti-American rhetoric said otherwise, both of them knew deep down that the Yankees would never really vote for Donald Trump. The Americans had some dignity.

    "But what about the communist robots?"

    Putin sagely nodded. "That is the real concern, Medvedev-kun. The seemingly fight for Russia, and the Russian people trust them. They represent an alternative mode of power beyond United Russia. This can not stand. Only I can Make Russia Great Again.

    But I got a plan."


    "Yes," Putin proudly proclaimed, "Look at this map. Tell me what you see."

    Medvedev blinked. "Didn't we already go over this in a previous paragraph?"

    Putin slapped the cheek of his lacky. "No, baka, look at the countries. Tell me what you see."

    "....mostly this really gross of gold that no one liked but we had to use since we ran out of black ink-"

    Putin interjected, "Remind me to yell at Boris to get more ink"

    "Noted, Putin-senpai. Anyways, there is some more goldish in Kazahkstan, and I guess we're green?"

    "Exactly!" Putin bellowed. "We're green! A very pretty shade of green, only the best shade of green."

    "So," Medvedev asked, even more confused, "what's so special about being green? And what does this have to do with the communist robots?"

    "This shade of green is wasted on Soviets," the Russian dictator slammed his fist on the table. "And every single damn game has Russia going communist, with its comparatively more boring red! But you know what that Russian green represents? Conservatism, strength, power-"

    Both Russian men said at the same time, in unision, "The tsar!"

    Medvedev continued, "You want to invite the Romanovs back?"

    The Russian dictator slapped Medvedev again. "NO! I AM THE TSAR!"

    "But do you have a claim?" the slapped prime minister said, rubbing his cheek.

    "I have been the effective Tsar since 2000. I deserve to be crowned. Plus, the Church hates robots. Something to do with 'wrong ethos'. If I embrace the Orthodox Church, they'll crown me. And then I will once again be the sole authority in all of the Russias. No more elections, no more communist party! Just God and the Tsar!"

    "And the green"



    By the Grace of God, We, Vladimir IV of House Putin, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias, Moscow, Kiev, Vladimir, Novgorod; Tsar of Kazan, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberia, Tsar of Chersonese Taurian, Tsar of Georgia; Lord of Pskov and Grand Prince of Smolensk, Lithuania, Volhynia, Podolia, Finland; Prince of Estland, Livland, Courland, Semigalia, Samogitia, Belostok, Karelia, Tver, Yugorsky land, Perm, Vyatka, Bolgar and others; Lord and Grand Prince of Nizhny Nogorod, Chernigov, Ryazan, Polotsk, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Belozersk, Udorsky land, Obdorsk, Kondia, Vitebsk, Mstislav, and all of the northern countries Master; and Lord of Iberia, Kartli, and Kabardia lands and Armenian provinces; hereditary Sovereign and ruler of the Circassian and Mountainous Princes and of others; Lord of Turkestan; Heir of Norway; Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, Stormarn, Dithmarschen, and Oldenburg, and others, and others, and others.

    (OOC: Nationalistic surge in Russia to turn Putin into a literal Tsar)
  6. spaceman98

    spaceman98 Plotting something

    Sep 1, 2010
    Pastor Frédéric Bintsamou (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frédéric_Bintsamou) the former spiritual and political leader of the Ninja Militia (OOC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ninja_(militia) yes this actually a thing) died during the initial controller invasion. He fell along with the rest of the Republic of Congo's government which he had once fought, and now served. His movement, it seemed would die with him, but the thing about spiritual ideas is that they often outlive their founders. Bintsamou had taught that the Holy Spirit had come to him demanding he recreate the Ninjas and prepare for the end times. His followers, clad in spiritual purple, had fought alongside him with the fanaticism only a cult could. Yet before the controllers came they had laid down their arms as part of their country's long peace process.

    Now, his post was taken by one Father Salomon, a militia leader who, in peacetime, had taken the faith in the coming endtimes to heart and stockpiled weapons in jungle safehouses. The geography of the Pool Department where most of the insurgency's former members had settled was a patchwork of savannah and jungle, fed by the Congo river. After the aliens came and Bintsamou perished, many militiamen regrouped at Salomon's safehouses. Seasoned insurgents, training made up for lack of numbers, and the Ninjas, striking from the shadows like their spiritual forebearers half a world and half an aeon away, managed several victories against the controllers and their slaves. The angolan government to the south, while skeptical of the militia, understood the value of fellow humans fighting the controllers in a region that had partially fallen to collaborationism, so agreed to sell Salomon's band some weapons. Eventually, the Ninjas succeeded in taking over Kinkala, a city of 30,000 before the war, now reduced to 15,000, the former capital of the Pool Department.

    Under the statue of André Grenard Matsoua (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/André_Matsoua) a Congolese prophet who had suffered for resisting a different colonial empire more than half a century ago, Father Salomon, clad in purple to symbolize his suffering and struggle and spiritual victory, proclaimed the rising of a new Congolese Nation: The Ninja Movement.

    OOC: Anti-Controller Revolt in the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pool_Department Pool Department, just north of the new Angolan border.
  7. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama :)

    Jan 27, 2006

    Nationalist surge in Germany. With love for the military at an all time high many are embracing the Germany of the Kaiserreich. Many have openly talked of the Hohenzollern family returning to power, and their is support for this in the military as well. Princess Maria is considered by some to be the ideal Kaiserina, and she has has not discouraged such talk. When confronted about it by the press, she declares she is focused on her military service to Germany, even though she is not required to. This service has encouraged many to place her ahead of her brothers, who have both refused to serve in the military. Perhaps Europe shall soon be know a Kaiserreich?

    Picture of the Princess, serving her Fatherland

    Spoiler :
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2017
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  8. Thorvald of Lym

    Thorvald of Lym A Little Sketchy

    Nov 21, 2005
    A Palace north of Oslo
    Taking inspiration from Mad Max since those damn dirty boat people aliens done effed up the world's petrol supply, patriots revolt in Brisbane, Australia, AKA The Happiest Place on Earth™, under the mantra "Oz for the Aussies!" Here's a sample of their recruitment camp—wait, what? We can't use the Evil Eddie song because it's got the F-word? ... No, no, keep going, I'll think of something. Uuuuuuhhhhhhh...

    Here's a sample of their recruitment campaign as directed by award-winning* video-game designer Gunther Galipot (with the subliminal mind control properties filtred out).
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  9. Ninja Dude

    Ninja Dude Sorry, I wasn't listening...

    May 11, 2008
    Controller reinforcements arrive in Moscow in response to the latest rebellions.
  10. jackelgull

    jackelgull An aberration of nature

    Dec 30, 2013
    Within the realm of impossibility
    The alien destruction of the Indian army also resulted in the destruction of the national government and the collapse of its national parties. Following the initial wave, the communist party of India had ceased to be on a national level. The Kerala Communist party quickly picked up the flag of resistance. The Communist Party had several things going for it-
    1. Anonymity: Before the aliens captured the national government building, the Indian National Congress voted unanimously to destroy all data held by the government to "suppress and hurt alien efforts to control and annex India". As a result, the aliens don't have voter registration rolls to determine who is apart of the Communist party and who might be sympathetic to the rebels.
    2. The Indian Arsenal: While the Indian resistance cell is hampered by the lack of a gun culture in India and the lack of widespread arms, it was given a boost by the decision of many local state governments and militia to seize military arsenals before the aliens could destroy them and hide them. The Communist party has been distributing these weapons to its fighters and now has the fire power to fight.
    3. Alien overconfidence: The aliens in charge of the Indian cell failed to carry out proper reconnaissance or take reports of an Indian resistance cell very seriously. This was proven to be an error when a transport ship full of reinforcements was taken down by a surface to air missile.
    4. A supportive population: India was freed from foreign control relatively recently, and the scars of imperialism remain. Indians have declared liberty or death, and many hang the hammer and sickle on their door in support. Furthermore, rumours of depraved alien experimentation on prisoners have leaked, and the Communists freeing of prisoners from inhumane concentration camps where the aliens keep humans until they can be shipped off to other corners of the galaxy have encouraged fierce resistance.
    5. Centralized control of the resistance: The revolt began as a a decision on what to do with the arsenal the Keralan Communists had seized. Many were in favor of destroying them, but one persuasive voice argued to instead distribute them to any Indian willing to resist. Upon further debate it was decided that the arms were best distributed to a large number of distributors so one lucky raid would not destroy the entire affair. Willing distributors were contacted through ads in the Communist run newspaper. This soon evolved into a complex set of codes in the newspaper and rotating meeting places and the establishment of arms distributors as leaders of resistance cells. This arrangement allowed for better coordination of the insurgency attacks and the centralization of information required to plan.

    Important moments of resistance in the Indian Insurgency:
    Jan 10: The Second Pinarayi Conference is held over how to handle the current situation
    Jan 17: The small arms in the Keralan Arsenal are all distributed
    Jan 31: A small detachments of aliens attempt to loot Padmanabhaswamy Temple. What they wanted with the vast treasures stored inside, if human treasures are even worth anything to aliens is unclear. 30 men waving a red flag with a hammer and sickle stopped their advance throwing bombs and shooting pistols. The battle accomplished no significant objective, but Padmanabhaswamy temple holds great cultural significance, and the Communist defense of such a dearly loved religious icon increased their support among the Indian populace.
    Feb 2: The Communist resistance cell leaks plans of the Sri Lanka invasion to the government of Sri Lanka.
    Feb 8: On this day, the main bulk of the Sri Lanka invasion force were to follow after the advanced vanguard had etablished a beachhead at Colombo Port in Sri Lanka. They made the mistake of routing their invasion through the Cochin port in Kerala. Waiting for them was the largest force the Communists had ever mustered. 3,000 men fought the 30,000 invasion force, but their struggle was not a futile last ditch stand, but a delaying tactic for 1000 men in patrol boats to litter the bay with landmines. The Controller navy lay in ruins in the harbour. The 3,000 men were beaten back with massive casualties on the Communists side. While there is no precise tally of resistance forces, it is estimated that the Communists lost in total about 2/3 of their fighting strength. In the end it was all for naught. Another fleet was rerouted from South Asia (thus saving Malaya from annexation) and the vanguard dug in Colombo and managed to hold on for reinforcements.
    Feb 16: An alien transport ship is downed by surface to air missiles. This attack was merely symbolic - the Communists ability to obstruct alien movements was severely hampered and this was simply a drop in the bucket - but it proved the CPI was still out there fighting.
    Feb. 20: The Communist Party of West Bengal meets and forms a centralized planning board with the Keralan Communist Party to better coordinate resistance. There are plans to reach out to the Communist Party of India (Maoist) seeing as with the collapse of the government and the take over by aliens the concept of a people's war vs democratically bringing about Communism is moot. It is rumoured that the Party plans to reach out to fascists, Hindu Nationalists and Islamic militants for manpower, but those rumours are unconfirmed and unsupported
    Feb 24: There are many alien races involved in the occupation of India, but a certain race in particular has been seen sporting red flags. A combination of feline and humanoid attributes, the creatures have been dubbed Ayyappas after the Hindu god associated with tigers. Little is known about their religion and culture, but they are fierce in battle, and are the advanced vanguards and shock troopers of the alien forces. While some argue they would be a valuable addition to the cause at the very least providing motivation and back ground about the controllers, if the are not trusted with valuable intel, many others have argued that what has been seen of them does not suggest they are full of valuable intel and this is likely to be an elaborate trap.

    The Indian Insurgency Intensifies
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  11. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 The Continuation of the Dream Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    Attention duellists!

    While I hate to do this, I think it is necessary. There's a certain tone I'm looking for in this game, I'm happy with zany antics but I would strongly prefer it if they didn't leave the realm of reality. I think that the recent Putin and Merkel RPs just go slightly too far. I have talked to both the authors about this and we have come to an agreement for working forward in a way that works with the tone of the game. I just want to inform the rest of the players about these expectations so everyone is on the same page. Have a lovely day. :)
  12. Seon

    Seon Not An Evil Liar

    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    Resistance Movement in central Korea as the remnant of defeated and isolated North, South, and US armies form a temporary alliance and begin operations in hidden forts and underground tunnels of North Korea just beyond the DMZ.
  13. Shadowbound

    Shadowbound Scourge of God

    Mar 4, 2007
    Nationalistic Surge in Russia, as the Cynur integrate themselves and their technology into the Russian military and improves its effectiveness.
  14. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012

    Source of image

    Jennu Jimosa or Tilsin are from the planet Jennu Hrrac


    A reptilian humanoid species the Jennu Jimosa or Tilsin are from the planet Jennu Hrrac. The Tilsin are a tall lizard folk species that are cold blooded, they bask in heat through sunlight or artificial methods. They process strong clawed hands. They feet process natural shoes and strong enough to ensure that the species generally do not requires footwear. Their fork tounge can “taste” particles in the air to locate both dead and living creatures. They are omnivores who will consume both vegetable and meat. They are also an oviparous species, which lay eggs with little/no embryonic development within the mother. The iccumbine period is usually 10 to 11 months. They have prides in their tails.

    Cultures & History

    When the Controllers invaded Jennu Hrrac (or Ahroldan in the language of the Ogiim) the Tilsin were embraced in a late iron age, with the largest polity emerging was the Fitritokan Empire which had grown to the height of its power but was under threat of collapse. In returning for submission before what appeared to be gods (the Controllers were henced dubbed the Torke, a term used to describe beings that blurred the line between the mortal and the divine) the Kapraliv (or Empress) of the Fitrtioken was granted support to protect the empire and dominate the rival powers, helping unite Jennu Hrrac as a puppet dominion for the “Torke.”

    Over three centuries since the unification of Jennu Hrrac the Jennu Jimosa have found themselves as part of the Controller’s empire as thralls, with warrior legions send out from Jennu Hrrac to serve in the armies of the “Torke.” Opposition has come against the “Torke” but it has been suppressed, especially thanks to the ability by the Torke to portray themselves as heavenly entities to the reptiles and the usage of rewarding loyal ulsaruks (warlords) should they turn in rebels, a practice that has also kept the clans at bay by allowing internal division within the Jennu Jimosa while maintaining them as a whole unity for use. Opposition continues to come however, especially from movements of the Kel religion which had went from a small underground sect in the lands of the Ogiim into a major religious force that has inspired countless slave strikes and continued to grow despite suppression from the Controllers.

    Tilson warrior cultures have been generally encouraged by the Controllers as a means of gathering mass legions of reptilian grunts. The majority that have been set to the invasion of the Earth are of the Aujir Geou, cultural group of the Fitritok language. They tend to keep to the ways of their imperial past, though the holding has shaken under the control by the “Torke.” The warrior cultural aspect has been encouraged in the armed thrall legions. In the Aujir Geou the system of war is conducted by ulsaruks (warlords), whom often lead their own clans in addition. Their tendency towards honourable conduct has made them very familiar with non-lethal weaponry, though brutal tactics are adopted if needs be.

    Among the invasion force the Ogiim language has founded itself growing, especially from the means of the Kel faith which has a subservience problem to the Controllers due to the constant focuses on justice in Kel faith that regularly results in sonaaks (the priests of the faith) attempt to stir rebellion. Other cultures in the Earth invasion include the Macitica and the Niştimanî.

    Much of the structure and culture of the Tilsin is based on Fitrtioken imperial customs, rewarding warriors and others who contribute to the greater whole with leadership positions. They adopt a feminist meritocratic system (with every lowly grunt processing in their belongings the head of a ulsaruk banner), as well as a council based means of political consent which has result in semi-democratic practices among the lower levels of political society that may escalate should the Tilsin ever break the shackles imposed on them by the Controllers, whom deliberately try to force loyal ulsaruks to lead to avoid revolts.

    How they will live along the munthrek (human) remains to be viewed but the Iron Age Tilsin have themselves adapted to the technologies of the Controllers and may prove able to adopt to Terra, along with adopting new forms of cultural taking with the interactions with Earth’s ideas and the rise of the Kel religion, though the traditions of the old are cling to in the name of protecting the Jennu Jimosa identity in a galaxy of hostility.
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  15. jackelgull

    jackelgull An aberration of nature

    Dec 30, 2013
    Within the realm of impossibility
    "Commander, Where are our reinforcements" Talak asked into his microtransceiver. His 1,000 men had done their duty and secured Colombo harbor for the Sri Lanka invasion, but the expected invasion force that was supposed to arrive had not yet come.
    "I'm sorry captain, we ran into unexpected enemy resistance in Kerala. The fleet was sunk. Another fleet will be rerouted to bring us there, but you'll need to hold out for ten days.
    Talak wanted to shout into the receiver that his people were not their slaves but part of a voluntary force from a client state, and as such shouldn't be regarded as canon fodder, but he knew this would not help anything and might hurt their chances of seeing reinforcements at all.
    Instead he says, "Thank you commander, I will do my best", then switches off the comm. The first order of business would be supplies. Most of the supplies were with the invasions force, but he'd ensured that the advance ship had been well stocked with emergency care supplies and chemical analysis had determined earth animals were ok for his species to eat.
    "Private!" he barks to the young male next to him.
    "Yes sir!" The young man practically jumps out of his skin.
    "Tell the quarter master to take inventory of our ammunition and arms. Order all men back on the ship except for the sniper squad. Tell the cook all men are on half rations except for the sniper squad. Let them know that they can go catch themselves a fish if they're feeling peckish. I know they're all strong enough swimmers for it."
    The Private salutes him and then gets about his task. Talaks likes him even more for it. He hates wasted words.

    The Sun was down and 72 snipers in 8 hours shifts were guarding the harbor. The initial battle to capture the harbor had shattered the enemy, but it would not be long before they were back.
    "What's our supply situation?" Talak asked the quarter master. The man looked grim, but he always looked grim so that told Talak nothing.
    "We wasted alot of ammunition in the initial landing. We only have five hundred bullets left."
    Talak felt more justified of his decision to employ snipers. They'd certinly make the best use of the ammunition that was left.
    "What's our explosives situation like? Do we have enough for land mines?"
    "Ten or twelve, but not much more than that".
    Talak nodded thoughtfully. Not enough, not even close, but it would force the enemy to include them in their calculations and hopefully buy time. Controller weaponry was non lethal but wounded soldiers are as much out of the fight as dead ones.
    "And barricades? Do we have enough material to set up three rings?"
    "Not on hand, but if we include material salvaged from the enemy we probably could. Flipped over trucks make excellent walls."
    Talak made some quick calculations. His personal guard had excellent armor and melee weapons. There was only a dozen of them but they could likely hold the barricades for the snipers. The naval vessel they came in, the Z-class K'rak was top of the line with excellent armor and weaponry. The regular guns didn't have the range to be useful except during a last ditch defense of course, but the plasma cannon could strike anywhere on the island. The Controllers wouldn't be happy that they killed, but Talak was more concerned with having his men survive to receive their displeasure.
    As he made preparations, Talak could not help the sinking feeling that some of these men would not be coming home.
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  16. poketwo

    poketwo Warlord

    May 7, 2014
    Even as the ALIEN CONTROLLERS are pushed back in the DEADLY COMMUNIST CONFLICT FOR AMERICA, the GANGSTER COMPUTER GOD still moves to ensure that the Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy is maintained. For its next HORRIFIC STUNT, it uses FRANKENSTEIN CONTROL to send many CRIPPLED PUPPETS and old folks to VARIOUS SINISTER HOSPITALS to be worked on by The sealed Computer God ROBOT OPERATING CABINET to be "improved". Some Simply had their Inevitability of Gradualness REVERSED, putting them back in tip-top shape to FIGHT FOR JER U.S.A LEM AND COMMUNIST GANGSTER COMPUTER GOD! These were the lucky ones, for they only had FRANKENSTEIN CONTROL MANDATORY DRAFT to deal with. The unlucky ones are instead "implanted" with EXPERIMENTAL NEW-AGE COMPUTER GOD CYBERNETIC "ENHANCEMENTS" fitted with metalic implants superior to previous Computer God Instant Plastic Surgery Secrets, enhancing all levels of the human body, but equipped with new FRANKENSTIEN THOUGHT-CONTROL "SENSORS" to eliminate all RESISTANTCE, while forever scaring the PURE HUMAN BODY with WORST METAL ENSLAVEMENT
    EVEN MORE DARK SCIENCE OCCURS, however. Rumors of development of HIGH-INTENSITY LASER GUNS, PILLS WHICH COULD REPLACE FRANKENSTEIN CONTROL , city-destroying death-bots, and all sorts of other insane and deadly experiments flow from the MIDWESTERN SECRET GANGSTER RESEARCH CENTER, where the MAD GANGSTER COMPUTER GOD uses ancient Slovene knowlege and its MASSIVE MOON-BRAIN PROCESSING CLUSTERS to concoct such mad research into DARK SCIENCES! Ready to usher in TOTAL UNIVERSAL FRANKENSTEIN CONTROL!
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  17. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 The Continuation of the Dream Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    48 hours until softlock. And by that I mean I'll probably start the update a few hours after that so get them orders in everyone!
  18. tobiisagoodboy

    tobiisagoodboy Prince

    Nov 24, 2015
    Germany, in the forest
    Uprising in London.
    Lead by King Harry, the only surviving member of the british Royal family, the people of London, no matter who they are, raise up against the invaders. London turns into a hellscape of urban combat guerillia warfare, a small number of survivng soldiers and many volunteers, armed with whatever they could find (mainly Sterling MPs and LeeEnfields), lead by King Harry, like already said.
    "We shall fight them here and we will fight them till we're free again. We shall never give up, we shall never bow our knees before them and will only stop once we gained a future for our children and their childrens children."

    EPF forces reorganize and continue their offense. Armored units push from Paris towards the Channel coast, cut the French cell apart and encircle the eastern part of it. Combined French-Spanish forces make the push North, while BeNeLux and German troops take care of the encirclement and cleaming out whats in it
    Italian navy and air force units on the other hand start to support the Greeks and Balkans states, using carrier based attack planes and Marines.

    Memories from the Battle of Frankfurt

    "Let's hope that the Luftwaffes new toys work." one of the paratroopers mumbeled, as their Transall flew towards Frankfurt. It had be an emergency launch, several machines full with paratroopers had taken off within a few minutes. In the city itself there was already fighting. All police officers had been equipped with MP5s after the first invasion wave had hit France and althought they had little training, the Landwehr battalions could at least try to fight until the real soldiers moved in. The whole 1st Panzerdivision was already on route and together with the new EPF air cavallery the aliens would soon have to face quite a large force. But now they were only two companies of german and italian paratroopers and they would have to fight for at least two hourse till the helicopters arrived. The new "scrambler warheads", experimental weapons developed to stop the aliens anti air weapons from looking on air targest had mostly worked, one machine had been hit, but everybody had been able to eject before it crashed into one of the cities skyscapers.
    They were equipped with M416 Assault rifles, G3 rifles and Panzerfäuste for larger targets and, as a little new toy, tazer pistols. These gas operated pistols fired small , electically charged bullets, which were meant to be used against the alien slimes. Normal weapons fire was msotly useless against these, but these pistols gave them a chance.
    The moment the first platoon reached the ground, they only had a minute to gather themself, before it started. The characteristic stakato of MP5s told them that some police officers were still fighting and they directly supported them against the groups of aliens. The invaders did not expect the flanking maneuver, precise gun fire quickly mowed them down , with no looses for the paratroopers.
    The police officers were visibly amazed by this effencency, before they explained the situation. A large group of civillians was still inside the building behind them, they had done their best to protect them, but they needed a route out of the city. The platoon leader understood, made a short radio call to base and a minute later told them to gather the civillians and follow them, they would creat a safe path for them. They had no doubt the paratroopers would make it.

    Switzland EPF-Zero :

    EPF-Zero was the main base of operation for the EPF , secondary bases were currently constructed in southern Italy and GIbraltar, but right now all important staff was focused here. The base was a massive underground bunker system, dug into the alpine mountains by the swiss, guarded by rocks, concrete and steel and large parts of the Swiss army. Patriot and Mistral batteries guarded the skies, IFVs and Gepard Anit-Air tanks were patrolling the streets. Tens of thousands od soldiers and enourmos masses equipment and supplies were gathered here. Massive air strips and hangars, mostly inside the mountains, were still partially under construction but already housed hundreds of transport planes, fighter jets and helicopters. The political leadership of Europe and the EPF was secured somewhere else, another bunker system, but far more secret than this one, the fate of the american president had been a lesson.
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  19. Ailedhoo

    Ailedhoo wonderer

    Mar 19, 2012

    The Pahgein; symbol of the Kel

    The Kel faith is a philosophical religion which focuses on the primal aspect of the Kel and the three aspects that prime it, along with the three joints virtues. Each of these aspects combined form the Ro, which is regarded as a soul empowering essence of the way of the Ravek (sacred). The teachings are held in the Sik, the holy text of the Kel faith, along with three texts of the Jun, Kaal and Kro which focuses on each of the individual aspects that leads to Ro. The religion was founded a few decades before the Controller invasion of Jennu Hrrac and ended up growing from a small sect that had been founded after the passing of the faith’s founder (Ishlur) to a growing dominion which has served as a basis for those that oppose the Controllers.

    The aspects of the faith are as follow:

    Stin: freedom, emotion, which are constitutionally laid out in the Jun

    Zin: honor, ethical, consists with the codes of judgement of Kaal

    Onik: wisdom, rational, consist with the teachings of the Kro

    Each aspect can combine with each other: Stin and Zin lead to justice, Stin and Onik lead to the virtues of creativity and Zin and Onik form order. Those who strive to one of the aspects are marked with the “aan” as Stinaan, Zinaan or Onikaan. Achieving the morality Ro hence is to be one of emotion, ethical and rational at its most core.

    The faith is philosophical, with the question of theism varying: those of the Fitritok cultures may adopt their old gods into the framework of the Kel faith, while others have taken the three aspects and applied a triad of gods, while a singular god or an atheist (in a “no supreme being” sense) position have also been adopted.

    On the questions of the afterlife the Kel believe in reincarnation, though the focus of the fiath is more on achieving an ascension in life rather than afterlife. Like the human religion of Jainism the scriptures do reject a diet creationism, instead seeing universal creation as the product of the nothingness leading to the Ro.

    A clergy (known as a rahmun) tends to be loose in hierarchy, based on the practice of sonaaks (the priests of the faith), the sonaaks-in-training known as the mindaziik (teachers of whom are called mindovin) and those elected by fellow sonaaks as their prime voices in guidance plus affairs known the Lotkiin. Specialist priests are referred to as a vaat, their specialism set as a stinvaat, zinvaat or a onikvaat, while the more zealous ones whom focus on the Ro are called sahvaats. Qossaars, a class of philosophical scholars based about the Kel faith (the studying of which is referred to as Hahsarah), are looked high upon. There is also practice of mysticism performed by lahniks, a kind of mystic-monk figure who often set themselves into strict code of chasteness, charity, humility and temperance whom wonder the lands serving those in need while performing mystic rites. Scholar-lahniks are referred to as lahzay.

    The faith overall focuses on the empowerment of existence through its moral philosophy, from being one with one’s nature (stin) to being set to duty for their community (zin) and to achieve the ways to perform the good in all (onik), all to achieve the purity of goodness that is round in Ro.

    The faith’s encouragement on practices of fairness and justice are particularly an antithesis to the Controller’s practice of slavery, especially from those of the stin who regard the practice of zaamus (slavery; slaves are referred to as zaam and a slaver as a aariik) as a vosod: an evil action that rips ones spiritual way and could turn a being of virtue into one bandaged to malevolent practices. The Controllers have attempted to suppress the spread of the Kel religion but the faith has spreaded, especially as those spreading the faith tend to sneak themselves among the slaves to try to awaken them to their status as zaam and to encourage a revolt as an act of spiritual liberation.

    On Earth they may find their path going beyond liberation from zaamus; they may find themselves seeding the faith to a new epoch as potential sects may start to foster among the Tilsin and (potentially) humanity.
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    The Ushag

    Image from the game Stellaris by Paradox Interactive

    Biology of the Ushag

    Hailing from the tropical world of the Oayll in the Reil Thie system the Ushag are a avian race of frugivores, remembering humanoid parrots, sharing their variety in colour. They process strong beaks able to break open hardened fruits. They process s have a strong tongue (containing similar touch receptors to those in the bill tip organ), which helps to manipulate seeds or position nuts in the bill so that the mandibles can apply an appropriate cracking force.They process zygodactyly feet and hands. Without turning its head, a Ushag can see from just below its bill tip, all above its head, and quite far behind its head. Parrots also have quite a wide frontal binocular field for a bird, although this is nowhere near as large as primate binocular visual fields. Outside the reproductive organs the Ushag process no sexual dimorphism and their reproduction is through egg laying which hatches into altricial (helpless) young.

    Ushagi Technological Adaptation

    Due to a mix of the specialistic air levels and the rapid humidity on Oayyl the Ushag are biologically reliant on tropical environments to survive; the atmosphere on Earth is not humid enough and the pollutants would be fatally toxic. A fortune for the children of Oayyl was the advancements in their power technologies and space suits eventually resulted in the creation of a special support suite: a robotic semi-power suit worn by a Ushag to help them survive environments fatal to their biology. Due to the verbal limitation that would cometh thanks to the gap in breathing and the nature of their verbal communicative ability the Ushagi have adapted computerised communication systems in their suits, to help them communicate with each other and (with translation software) other species. The suit is also able to sustain water levels along with air cleanses.

    Culture of the Ushag

    Vrisht is the most dominant cultural group and language among the Ushag to the point the species has ended up cultural hegemonic, much came historically from the growth of the economy of the Vrishy nations but in many ways the path to its domination came in a manner that could be regarded as aggressively imperialist, included practices similar to the Welsh Not conducted in the United Kingdom in the 19th and early 20th century. In terms of ideals technocracy has grown beyond the political into the culturally; curiosity is the key of Ushagi virtues.

    Ushagi History and Politics

    The Ushag once held their own interstellar dominion known as the Ard-Rheam Sarey or Prime Realm Directive. This meritocratic scientific technocratic oligarchy had grown into a realm of innovation and industry, marked greatly by leaps in fusion, robotics, genetic engineering and anti-gravity technology. Much of the labour was performed by machines, while the military was mostly automatised as symbolised by the hene-sidoor or auto-trooper. The society was based around the scollags (scholars, from scientists to engineers to other academics) with the sheckters (administrators) providing the administration. The stiureyders (directors) served as the chief leaders of the oligarchy, with the representative elected among themselves is the Ard-Stiureyder (Prime Director or Chief Directer depending on translation), the first of whom when the Prime Realm came to space was the brilliant astronomer Ree Gorrym.

    The dominion ended when they came into contact with the Controllers, whom took immediate intrigue in the technological advancements of the Ushag and felt threatened by the young growing power, especially from the threat of advance computing and robotics the Ushag engineered with the former taking root in developments towards powerful A.I. systems. Fortunate for the Controllers the Ushag were greatly outnumbered, isolated and the stability they had endured had meant their weapons technology outside of robotics were 'primitive' compared to the Controllers, though the anti-gravity capabilities did enable the Ushagi in early confrontations to conduct guerilla raids against Controller fleets. What set the doom for the Directive was a split among the executive oligarchs known as the stiureyders (directors); though the then Ard-Stiureyder Irree Dunnalagh made a vow to drive out the Controllers the influential stiureyder Ferrish Velvad essentially forged a civil war against the Ard-Stiureyder under the impression that joining the Controllers would enable the Ushagi to advance their scientific interests further, while gaining greater access to the universe. In the end much of the fighting ended up between Ushag and Ushag with Controller backing, ending with the Controller backed Ferrish Velvad forcing Irree Dunnalagh to life house arrest, while Velvad took the title of Ard-Stiureyder, enjoying more autocratic power than thy oligarchical predecessors. The new client to the Controllers agreed to provide their expertise and Velvad was rewarded for joining the Controllers most willingly by having the Ushag cast highly among the castes of the Controllers' empire.

    Now the Ushagi under the Controllers are strictly monitored despite their proclaimed autonomy and status. Any director has to be approved by the overseeing Controllers and fields that are regarded as threatening to Controller politics (such as robotics and artificial intelligence) have been dismantle (though rumours of hidden hene-sidoor is existent...), while the fusion and genetic engineering fields have been widely promoted to support the efforts of the Controllers.

    Ushagi thralls taken on invasions are often chosen for their loyalty and scientific expertise, often granted additionally status. In addition to R&D they also serve in administration, ship engineering and diplomatic engagements. Additionally a selection of anti-graved power armoured Ushagi troopers, known as faarkaghs speyr or sky marines, are also selected as both bodyguard units for the Controllers and as elite enforcers to quell any slave revolts, as well as to drive the Ushag away from memories of the hene-sidoor.

    The more loyal Ushagi tend to be entrusted with navigation and if trouble comes they these navigators are mentally conditioned to terminate their live support systems to avoid capture, which for the Controllers would include liberation from anti-slave revolts. Most though are not granted such and are expected to maintain loyalty by the Ushagi administration itself.

    Though the Ushagi have become a part of the more favourite thralls of the Controllers the memories of the Prime Realm have not been forsaken and many elements have viewed the Controllers as sterilising their scientific developments as best symbolised by the ban on robotics in order to promote the slaver system, along with fear that the combat robots the Ushag once employed could prove a useful asset against the psi capabilities of the Controllers. The Civil War among the empire of the Controllers have witnessed the assignation and house arrest of directors loyal to the Controllers by a rebellion, under the civil directive of Magh Ruy and the strategic brilliant of Gynmor Flanagon. The Controllers on Earth may fear this less so, for the loyalty of the ard-sheckter employed to help oversee the Ushag for the Controller's behalf, Leighaltys Reireyder, has been effective in ensuring a zeal, though the xenophobia the Controllers encourage among the Ushagi towards other enslaved species may have gone to the point that elements are starting to view the Controllers themselves as insects bossing mountains while more liberator elements, such as the physicist Jeheiney Caisht, are starting to spout.

    The dream of the technocratic dominion has not ended, nor has the rewards of robotics.
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