Industrial Espionage


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Jul 7, 2004
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Industrial Espionage

Some of you may be wondering what on earth I made those modern units for. Well, this is it. Industrial Espionage is the name of a “modern day” scenario I’ve been making on or off for a couple of years now. It’s something completely different to the regular game, set in a city, which itself and the island it inhabits is called Wolrich, and most things have changed (including a large change of the labels.txt and script.txt files!) The basic outline of the scenario is that instead of “civilizations”, most of the civs are in fact businesses. The gameplay is pretty strait forewords, as I haven’t paid too much interest in setting up a “real life” economic system. Instead, the scenario revolves around a system of two types of resources. The first are “building” resources. Most buildings (cities) will have at least one of these “building” resources, and they generally affect what improvements a building can build and what units are available (for example, office improvements/wonders can only be built in buildings with an “office” resource in its radius, and office units can only be built in buildings connected to an office resource). Some of these resources, such as factories, warehouses and ports, also play a vital role in the “main” victory condition which will be set out below. The second type of resource is your standard resource, which allows extra units, and improvements and wonders on top of the standard ones available for a building (so, a shop with access to a supply of ammo will be able to build an “Ammo Store” improvement). So, come on in, and give yourself a feel of the scenario! :D

Victory Conditions

In this scenario, you’ll have the standard victory conditions of conquest/domination, a slightly altered “cultural” victory (in this scenario, culture is the amount of “sales” a building has made. Naturally, “shops” will be your typical culture-generators), an altered space ship victory, etc. etc.

However, the “main” victory condition will be a “reverse capture the flag” condition. Basically, the way that this works, is you’ll need a warehouse, and access to either a “factory” or a “port”, or both (neither of which need to be in the radius, so you can (if you’re quick!) still seize a supply of them via trading), in order to build an improvement which generates a “goods” (flag) unit every 25 turns. This must then be taken to a victory point location, which are located in all the local shops in the scenario, as well as certain other buildings where goods may be sold, such as hotels. Thus, for some civs, it is perfectly (technically) possible to play through this scenario without going to war once (although the likelihood of this happening in a crowded map with 31 other civs, and cities with victory point locations, is near impossible, even if you try to keep your head down!)

As previously stated, most of the civilizations in this scenario are businesses, and other such organisations, such as local religious groups and even the general public. All but two of these civilizations will be playable. Note that any resemblance to any real world businesses and the such is purely coincidental! Here’s a general walkthrough of the civs:


Also known as Militech Arms, these guys are an international business who make everything from your standard army surplus equipment to jet fighters. They’ll generally have an antagonistic relationship with the Local Authorities, who they’ll need to trade resources with (the authorities require a special “Militech Products” resource to build many of their units, and Militech themselves require a special “Armed Forces” resource to build plenty of their stuff- which is controlled by the authorities!). Militech are often seen as one of the more “shady” companies on the island, and have taken over the two smaller islands, one of which is connected by a singular road (and contains the “hub” of Militech), and the other on the other side of the map which is a special research station. Militech are probably one of the easiest civs in terms of defence.

Wolrich Mafia

The Wolrich Mafia are one of two such criminal organisations on the island (the second being the Wolrich Triad. They have access to a spare port resource, so may be good to trade with. However, from playtesting, I know that they’re aggressive. Very aggressive.

Local Authorities

The poor local authorities have been tasked with keeping some sort of order in this city! They’re paired in a locked alliance with the Public Transport Bureau, who can be a liability for the poor authorities, as the Bureau is a pretty aggressive faction. The Local Authorities cannot really partake in the VP-scoring game, as they don’t control any of the necessities (i.e., a warehouse or a VPL), so they’ll need to be aggressive if they wanted to do this.

Church of Fundamentalists

Usually abbreviated to “C of F”. The C of F encompasses a large range of religious institutions on the island. Despite their name, they are not actually all that radical. The C of F play a fairly minor part in the scenario, although they can trade their religious artefacts (resource), which is useful for shops, mostly. They can also, if they’re aggressive enough, get involved in the business system in the island. The C of F are in a locked alliance with the religious-talkshow radio station, Radio GO6 19.


Rumor has it that Hotelopolis somehow employs the dead – a claim which Hotelopolis passes off as their workers seeming dead because they’re so tired (they work long night shifts). All that is known about Hotelopolis, is that they own the vast majority of the cities’ hotels, and also most of the old country houses that dot the landscape in the countryside (most of which themselves have been turned into hotels). One of the unfortunate things for Hotelopolis, is that they control many VPL’s – this often sees them getting attacked by other greedier factions! ;)

Mystical Nature

This is a company who mainly deal with religious artefacts, although they’re always willing to branch out. They also run a religious shrine in the “nature reserve” part of the island (that’s the East side, where there are a lot less buildings!). Mystical Nature is also fortunate in that they control one of the Island’s many ports.

Wolrich Triad

The Wolrich Triad are the second of the two “organised crime” organisations on the island. They own many fast food restaurants, which means plenty of VPL’s (not that they couldn’t hold on to them!)

Big Mart

One of the “friendlier” multinational corporations on the island are Big Mart. They operate much like any other business really – they have a warehouse and a couple of shops, a few resources, but need to trade for goods.

Entertainment Plex

Entertainment Plex are a fairly neutral international company who mostly deal with electronics, as well as operate Wolrich’s cinema, and a local TV station. They act pretty much like the other businesses.

Radio FD102

Poor old Radio FD102 have only one building on the island! (or at all, in fact! :p) They do have plenty of supplies of the “Entertainment” resource which they can trade, but they’re still one of the hardest positions in the game! You’d probably want to drop the difficulty level down a notch or two if you want to play as these guys!

A and E Corporation

A business who dish out private health care. They’re generally a positive force on the island, and act like other businesses.

The General Public

One of the two unplayable nations, it is the upstart General Public’s job to cause hell to anyone and everyone! They’re led by the Angry Customer, Steven Merrit, and their units are stronger and cheaper than everyone else’s. To put it bluntly, you don’t want to get on their wrong side!

Business Inc.

These guys are a pretty neutral business who’ll deal with anything! Although related to Research Inc., they are not in any sort of locked alliance with them. Generally, they operate just like any other business.

Public Transport Bureau

As mentioned earlier, these guys are the Authorities’ aggressive little brother. They control most of the transport on – and off - the island. This includes the island’s airport and main port. You will generally do good resource-wise if you stay on their good side, although this cannot be guaranteed!

Goods Productions

Goods productions are one of this Island’s homegrown companies – the only one to have successfully ventured abroad, too! They own a fair bit of land in the North of the island – and have everything they need to start up their business empire, such as both a factory and a port, a warehouse, a farm and the all-important shop! These guys are generally one of the easiest businesses to play.

Farmer’s Union

The Farmer’s Union occupy a rarity in this scenario, as they are provided with all the means for a VP victory (i.e. several farms), but don’t have any victory point locations to take the goods to! The Farmer’s Union own land in the far SE of the Island – although it is not the best farmland, as this has been taken by Goods and Militech!

Reals ‘n’ Rods

Reals ‘n’ Rods are a local company who specialize in fishing equipment, and also making specialist fishing boats. They’re a small company who don’t really have a chance of winning this scenario, so you’ll probably want to play on a lower difficulty level as these guys!

Spelilop Advertising]

These guys essentially control all of the advertising on the island. I think I’ll be giving them plentiful supplies of a special “advertising” resource. Other than this, they act just like any other business.

Channel 8

Channel 8 is a small TV station (which also controls Channel 9). They’re another of this cities smaller companies, so this should be beard in mind should you want to play as them!

Wolrich Stores

Wolrich Stores is the local shop/post office organisation in Wolrich. There’s really no chance of them succeeding, and they operate within close range of the Public’s main houses! The Wolrich Stores are in a locked alliance with the Wolrich Trust

Trade Federation

Also known as the International Trade Federation, these guys are bigger than they first appear, and are going to be designed as posing a threat even to Militech. These guys have everything they need for a successful business, and as such are one of the easier businesses. Their main “control base” is in the extreme West of the island.

Wolrich Priesthood

The Wolrich Priesthood are another of this cities’ religious groups. They’re also very small – they have two cities, both located in the extreme SE corner of the map. I’ll probably end up giving these guys some extra strong defensive units to help them out, perhaps ones which spawn from wonders (‘cus I want them to remain fairly small throughout the game).

Garry’s Cars

Garry’s Cars are the islands premier – if slightly dodgy – car dealers. They also control an insurance company, and plenty of garages. The latter is important, because it gives them almost a monopoly on Garages – a resource required to build most motorised units. Furthermore, they also have access to a duel port/warehouse! From playtesting, however, I can tell you that playing as Garry’s Cars is no walk in the park – they have a large amount of VPL’s, which is a liability! :D

Radio GO6 19

Radio GO6 are a small religious-based radio station, in a locked alliance with the C of F. Their position is split between their main station, and a call station, which is another small building nearby. Like the other small civs, these guys are pretty hard to play as!

Boats Plus+

Boats Plus+ (or simply Boats Plus) is a company which specializes in making boats. They have a factory and a port, but no warehouse (at least, not at this period of time; I may add them one if I feel they need one). They’re another of the international companies, but they have a rather small presence, scattered around the city.

Research Inc.

Research Incorporated is the sister company to Business Incorporated, but as previously stated, are not in a locked alliance with them. They own a large tract of land in the southern portion of the island, and as their name suggests, are primarily conserned with research.


Retailorz are another of the large international businesses, and are one of the “friendlier” ones. They deal with whatever they can, and have a smaller presence on the island (i.e. only 3 cities!) Otherwise, they work like any of the other businesses.

The Underground

The Underground Brotherhood is the second unplayable civ. They’ve been described at times as a cult, a religious movement and a radical political movement. In truth, no-one knows much about them, despite them holding sway over large swathes of the city. What is for sure is that they like stirring up trouble with invisible/HN units, very cheap units, and high-defence “guerrillas”. They mostly control land in the south, where they have several “main bases”.

Wolrich Trust

The Wolrich Trust is a non-proffit organisation, dedicated towards furthering learning and preserving the Island’s history. They have many buildings scattered around the island, including the local zoo (which will allow special units to be built!) As previously stated, they’re in a locked alliance with the Wolrich Stores.


Trashcare are the island’s waste disposal company (waste disposal was privatised in Wolrich in 2006). They’re an average-sized company (4 cities), although they don’t control any such ports, warehouses or factories, so this puts them at a significant disadvantage. Still, they have pretty much any non-building resource you may need (you’ll be surprised at what they uncover in your trash!) They also control all the routs into the newly-developed Industrial Park – so unless you’re going by sea, you’ll want to be extra nice to these guys!

Wolrich Carnival

The dodgy Wolrich Carnival is another playable faction! They’re gonna have a whole slew of special carnival characters, and also control a garage and a fast-food restaurant. However, they’re a little on the small side (they have 3 buildings).

In this scenario, governments represent the “management styles” of the businesses (although many of the non-business factions will have their own unique management style).

In general, management styles will support the smaller factions, and penalise the larger factions. This has been achieved by giving the governments a set maximum amount of unit support, and decreasing this for every building in the factions’ control. This mean you’ll have to balance between a strong enough army, and a sizeable enough empire. This is an effect that you can see in most of my scenarios, somewhere or another, and I think it works quite well.

The Map

As can see from the above editor shot, the map is a pretty complex labyrinth of roads and towers! :D You can also see (from the mini-map) that the West is pretty heavily industrialised, whereas the East seems a lot less so. That greenery in the East is actually greenery in-game – it’s mostly “parkland” and “nature reserve”, which is to be looked after by the Wolrich Trust. Parts of the nature reserve can be chopped down and either roaded or settled – and it also contains some important extra resources! The large tract of Desert up north is a newly-developed “industrial park”, containing many more warehouses and a couple of ports, although you’ll need to terraform it to get anything done! The large block of mountains at the south of the map is a trendy-new multi-billion of whatever currency was used shopping centre, which can also be settled, and similarly needs terraforming. It contains some new shops, ports and a few offices. Settling can only happen between the mid and late game, however.

The Tech Tree

The tech tree technically spans 4 eras, although each of the eras will be available from the start, each offering a different type of tech (these being Business Building; Industry + Research; Assets and; Misc). It’s an idea I’ve stolen from NavyDawg’s “Space Opera” scenario – I hope he doesn’t mind, but since he hasn’t been heard from for a while, I don’t think there’s any way of getting in touch with him about it :(
”Building” Resources

So, as previously mentioned, almost every building will have at least one “building” resource in its radius. These will dictate what units can be built (in all connected cities, obviously), and what improvements/wonders can be built (usually with regards to what building is in the radius). So, here they are:


Shops act as the general finance (assets) and culture (sales) generators of your business empire. They all contain a VPL, and thus you can take “Goods” to them. They have a reasonable amount of units associated with them, and can build plenty of improvements to rake in the cash/culture, depending on resources available. Shops are the only building which can grow to size 3.


Ports are important, because they are needed to build “Foreign Shipping Storage” improvements in warehouses. They contain a medium amount of improvements, mostly concerned with increasing the yield of water tiles, and plenty of units (including sea units if you can get access to a “Boats” resource).


Warehouses are your standard production buildings, although they are not as good in this regard as factories. They are also necessary in order to build the storages for “Goods” from factories and/or ports. They have a medium amount of units and improvements available to them.


Farmers are available in the various farms on the island. They have a nice selection of units, and are going to be able to produce their own “Goods”, even without access to a warehouse, port or factory. Farms generally have good growth and reasonable production, but little else, really. They’ll probably have a small selection of improvements.


Offices are good all-round buildings. They have a large selection of units, improvements and wonders, and gain pretty much any advantage. They can get up to size 2, and have improvements which alter sales, production, assets, research; you name it, they can probably do it. Offices are also required to build Intelligence Centres, for espionage!


Hotels can bring in assets and sales (although not as well as Shops). They have a small selection of units, and usually also contain a VPL, so you can cash in “Goods” there if you wish.

Factories are the best production buildings in the game, and also give a method of producing “Goods”. They have a medium-small amount of units. There are only a few factories on the map.


This is a resource available to many of the TV and Radio stations on the map. They have a small selection of units, improvements and wonders, but I’m thinking of giving them powerful advertising-based wonders, which will greatly improve sales.


Currently, this is two resources, although I will probably merge them together, since there appears to be no difference to their placement on the map :blush:. They’ll allow for a small number of strong units, and good science-bolstering improvements and wonders; they’ll be your science centres.


Garages can be found dotting the map at various intervals, most being controlled by either Garry’s Cars or the Public Transport Bureau. Alone, they only have a small number of improvements (mostly production- and sales-producing), and a small number of (pretty powerful) units. However, they are required to build almost all the vehicles of the game, and so are pretty important in that respect. They can also make use of “Goods”, as they house VPLs.


There’s only one carnival on the map, controlled rather conveniently by the Wolrich Carnival. They’ll be able to build ample amounts of carnival-related improvements and units. The Carnival is also a VPL, so you can use it to cash in “Goods” if need be.


Found mostly outside the buildings of The Underground and The Public are rioters. To the normal civ, they won’t be of much use – no improvements and a tiny amount of units can come from them. However, the Public and Underground will be able to make use of them.

Mystical Artefacts

Mystical Artefacts can be found outside many of the religious buildings. They’re only really useful for the various religions on the island, although the other civs can use them for their shops.

Zoo Animals

These can be found in the local zoo and aquarium, and are going to be able to be used for various “wild” creatures, such as lions, tigers, sharks, etc. However, there aren’t many of these, and they start heavily guarded by the Wolrich Trust. They won’t allow too many improvements, and the ones that they will are usually sales-generators.


Pilots are similar to Garages, in that they mix with the other building resources to create units. The Public Transport Bureau holds the monopoly on these, although Militech also has a supply. Buildings with a supply of pilots in the radius will be able to build a small amount of improvements and wonders which allow for an increase in sales and assets, mostly.


There is only one bank in the game, and this is owned by the Authorities. The Bank will only be able to provide a simple amount of improvements, and will also act as kind of like an office crossed with a shop (i.e. will be able to build a good number of all-around improvements, but will generally increase sales + assets most)


As with the Bank above, the Police resource is pre-placed in one location, this time outside the Police station (although I may extend this to the Prison, also). Only a limited number of units will be available there for most factions, although the Authorities will be able to build some police units, and the Criminal gangs will be able to “bust out” some of their criminal friends. Generally, the Police Station will be able to build corruption-reducing and production-increasing improvements.

Armed Forces

This resource will (with the exception of the Authorities) only be of use later in the game. It will allow a few military-useful improvements and wonders, and is only in two adjacent locations on the map. Later in the game, however, many “military” unit will be able to be built by the various factions! Eventually, this will include nukes too, so this resource will become incredibly important (and you’ll really want to wrestle it out of the Authorities’ hands before it’s too late!)
Screenshots Go Here

The centre of my holdings as the Trade Federation. An early expansionist game paid off!:

The Ghetto of Wolrich city. It's the main holdings for The Underground:

In this slightly older screenshot (as you can see, no new development places), it seems like it would be a Herculean task to get to Militech Island!

And editor shot of the newly developed Shopping Centre:

And another editor shop of the new Industrial Park:

One final editor shot of the "downtown" area:

The "Business Building" part of the tech tree. It's a little sloppy ATM, and those arrows were drawn on using paint, just to give you an idea of what leads to what :blush: :
This one of the most original scenarios I've ever heard of. Good luck, I'll give it a try when you release it.
Virote_Considon, this scenario looks and sounds like a lot of fun. I wish you good luck for it. :)
Wow. That's like "Lord of the Key-ring: Return of the Paper Pusher." :D
Great Concept! Yet another Virote Considon scenario to look forward to.

Some interesting anarcho-capitalist action going on here.
Cant wait to play it how soon can we expect a playable version?
Also are the buildings pre placed or do you have to use some kind of settler unit to build them?
Cant wait to play it how soon can we expect a playable version?
I'm not sure of an ETA, but if I keep working at it like I have been for the past couple of weeks, it'll be a few more weeks until a playable version is released, I'd say...

Also are the buildings pre placed or do you have to use some kind of settler unit to build them?

Most of them are pre-placed, but you can use Settler units to build new cities. There are many spaces in the new industrial and shopping complexes, for example, and you can also torch some of the "nature reserve" away for new buildings!
Hmm... I think I'll be the goods productions first...
Sounds interesting though!
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