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is there a way to play gotm after they end?


Feb 5, 2007
The Garden State
ok, i'm not talking trying to submit a game after the month is over. i mean trying to just play a file for fun. usually i find that the games are set up well but i just don't have the time to commit to completing a game within a month. but ever since the hof mod has been required when you go to open an older file you get an error that won't let you start the game. any suggestions? thanks
Once the results for a game are published you will find a link to the WorldBuilder file for the Contender version of the start at the top of its results table. You can download that into your \Saves\WorldBuilder\ folder and then open it using Play A Scenario.

If you don't want to wait until the results are released you will have to ensure that you have a copy of the correct software version for the game you want to play, and a copy of the correct HoF Mod for that game. Then you should be able to download and play the start file from the relevant game release page.
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