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Kailric's M:C Journal

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Medieval: Conquests' started by Kailric, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Kailric

    Kailric Jack of All Trades

    Mar 25, 2008
    Marooned, Y'isrumgone
    Yep, Unity game engine. That demo looks awesome. And yeah, I know it takes tons of time especially when you work alone. You have any plans to develop something for the market?
  2. Fullerene

    Fullerene Warlord

    Aug 26, 2009
    For the market? Hmm, maybe if the results of my programming odysseys are satisfying enough. And commercial game requires lot of suitable (graphics) assets that I need to find, buy or create.(And I'm surely not graphic artist.)
    If not I'll just create free open source game.
    Might take some time.

    More offtopic:
    Spoiler :
    I basically have 3 or 4 game ideas:
    1.Traditional Civ game (=food/production/commerce economy) with some new or re-thought features.
    2. Global Colonization/Colonialism/Imperialism game. Basically Colonization like game on global scale.
    3. Scifi strategy game. This would allow lot of freedom for game design.
    4. Mixing Civilization and Colonization. Many people would probably like to see game like this, but it might actually just become micromanagement hell. (And I think this could be better suited for Civ4:Col engine (WHM???)

    Most likely I will go for 1. or 2.

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