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Leaderhead Idea.. 4 different leaders per Civ.


Dec 5, 2001
Hello.. this is just an idea that pop in to my head and I just wanted to know what others thought....

I have no clue how to implement this or if its feasable or not.. also I'm making an assumption that the each eras leader graphic are in separate files...

Why not have four different leaders show up for each Civilazation? Using each era to swap out the leader.

Just as an example, if your playing as the Americans.. you can have a pic of Washington as the Ancient Times leader, Lincoln as Middle Ages, FDR as Industrial, and Bush as Modern...

I know there will be problems with naming the Leader but you can use a generic name for all of them... 'da man' :cooool: of somethin...

just my thought... what do you think?:)
I think that all this is very well, possible.

Go to Art\Advisors\

Within you'll find a bunch of files, you're looking for the ones that have this format: AB_all.pcx, TO_all.pcx etc...

Within these files you'll find the different expressions for your leader order by row, and the different looks they have according to the era, ordered by column. It should be pretty obvious once you open the file how it works. Just edit those files.

As far as editing the moving images at the beginning of the game you'll have to create an flc image file using FLICster or some other program.

This thread was talking about something leader related as well, might want to see what they've posted there.
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