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Oct 9, 2009
So I apologize if this is somewhat of an inappropriate topic but it felt like this forum was still the most appropriate place to ask it.

I have been playing Rfc Dawn of Civilization for a few years and I have never come across a strategy game like it, it's my favorite by far. There is one aspect in particular which I love and that is resource management. Playing to win the UHV's, the player has to make many difficult decisions - what to research, what to build, which combat odds to accept, choosing the right timing...there is just no way to do it all. And I love that because that's how life is, you always make choices and you can't have it all.

So my question is this: Does anyone know of any kind of game where the same resource management logic applies but you only control one person and not a whole nation or city or whatever? I have played many RPG's in my life but almost all of them allow you to explore so much of the game's content in one single run that it's totally unrealistic for my tastes. Or have things like infinitely regenerating health and mana between every encounter. I'd love an RPG (or another kind of game where you only control one character) where you have to make tons of meaningful choices. Like in RfC Doc you can mess something up and you won't even realize it until 50 turns have passed. And you either live with the mistake or you restart the whole thing. Most RPG"s don't let you make mistakes like that (except for some talent choices but it's usually not game breaking)
Also I don't want much story and exploration, I am mostly interested in resource management. It can be other styles than RPG, that's just the one I know most intimately.

Does anyone have any ideas? :)
Okay, maybe this is crazy and not what you are talking about at all but maybe take a look at One Hour, One Life.
Mmmmmm....opportunity costs.....aggghhhhh.

Seriously though I just ran about 15 Portugal games up to maybe 50 turns each just to see if running 10% culture will generally get me the fish 1W of Santiago and if it is worth the impact on science.
For the UHV you don't need it but if you really want to have it...I played quite a few games as Portugal and when I didn't go for the UHV I beelined Humanities to engineer rush the Sistine Chapel. Saves all your culture worries. And it's on the way to Geography anyway so depending on availability of tech trades it may not delay you much or at all in the grand scheme of things.
I played a lot of Renowned Explorers: International Society. It's a really tight resource mangagement game, but it's a strange mix of stuff that crosses a few genres. And it's one party of 3 so not precisely a one character game.
That sounds cool but I am specifically looking for a game with one character because I want to use it as a simulator to learn something about psychology and human behaviour.
Life and Suffering of Sir Brante. Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies to lesser extent. Maybe Pathologic.
Thank you everyone for your advice, I found what I was looking for :)
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