Medieval reskin shop

I am asking because when I open the unit in Nifscope and attach animations to it things fail hard. As in nifscope won't animate them for me.

As for teaching you I'll give you some advice for a start:
  1. If you haven't already extract the original fpk files that come with Civ4 and BTS using PAKBuild. You can find the download link somewhere in the tutorials forum.
    This will give you access to all the basic units used in the base game complete with textures and animations. Open these files, look around and play around with attaching animations to models.

    I personally try to always start from one of these models when making my own. That ensures a completely clean start with no problems graphically.

  2. Learn how to use Nifscope to copy-paste things around inside a model. When you have two different NIF files open you can just right click and go copy in one, open the other and paste. This also works inside one file. Start with simple things like saytaking say the swordsman and axeman and swapping their weapons around. And continue until you feel you have a grasp on how the internal structure of a NIf should look like.

  3. Change textures in nifscope. And play around with the program in general. Do stuff like that and #2 until you are comfortable using the program.
These things alone will, if mastered, get you about 50% to where I am. It's all about being confident and comfortable with the tools.
I have a big problem with the Pashtun Horseman.
When I install the zip and right click Extract All it gives me an Unspecified Error Code 0x80004005
But with all the other zips it doesn't give me any error. If someone could please upload the Pashtun Horseman 7z or RAR here I would be indebted to them.
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