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Memory-fix by Harkonnen is out!

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Utility Programs' started by Harkonnen, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. CivalGanjaman

    CivalGanjaman Chieftain

    Nov 14, 2005
    damn i guess Harks gone to bed now, ill download the version already here :)
  2. MourinhoPortuga

    MourinhoPortuga Chieftain

    Dec 15, 2005
    Cascais, Portugal
    Any news?, i'm getting my computer formatted tomorrow so i can start everything from scratch and use the hark's new update.:lol:
  3. Civ.exe Error

    Civ.exe Error RoZpierdalacz

    Jun 25, 2002
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    Hi Harkonnen!

    First of all thank you for this excellent patch :goodjob:
    Now I need your advice.

    patch_on = 1

    1. Low graphics settings (especially textures)
    video_memory + agp_apperture_size - 100

    2. High graphics settings (especially textures)
    video_memory + agp_apperture_size - 120

    vid_mem_usage = 180
    Insane mode = 1

    These are my setting in your .ini file.
    I have a GF 6600 256MB card
    AGP in BIOS set to 256

    I get slowdowns (10-15 sec) between turns all graphics high....any ideas????:confused:
  4. Quetzalcoatl

    Quetzalcoatl Chieftain

    Sep 12, 2001
    St. Louis, Missouri
    First post in over 3 years. Had to have my password reset so I could post my appreciation. Amazing job.

    Sys Specs
    2.66 GHz P4
    512 MB RAM
    GeForce4 448 (64 MB)
    AGP 8x

    I haven't tried your huge save game, but here's test results with a standard world save game (1977 AD) just prior to a domination victory...

    Without patch (after loading and playing one turn)
    VM Size 420 MB

    With patch (after loading and playing one turn)
    insane_mode = 1
    vid_mem_usage = 40
    VM Size 300 MB :goodjob:

    This patch gives me the chance to try larger maps/more civs. Absolutely amazing. Thanks for all of your hard work!
  5. Harkonnen

    Harkonnen Prince

    Sep 13, 2005
    Thank you! :)

    Walter Hawkwood
    Ok, I will get back to your issue after intermediate update release.

    Thanks! Without your info I'd rather turn 'insane_mode' to 0 by default for 1Gb users. Now I plan to do so for '1.5+ Gb' people only. Well, it's all about installer release, not about the one to be posted right now.

    I have read about 'geometry instancing' as I saw such checkbox in ATI Tray Tools. First of all I thought it might be something I am doing with my fix, but later I have found that it's not:

    a) So far I see it's for X600/800/... cards - the new line from ATI.
    b) It requiers support from the software, i.e. it can't be forced like anti-aliasing. It's more like TrueForm setting.
    c) It saves geometry processing, not its size. I.e. same geometry data receives its clipping hints (and probably gets transformed once), but still all the data remains duplicated.

    I don't know yet for sure... Win98 doesn't provide enough info to get the reason of this problem. I will get back to you as soon as I release the update.

    Wow... You made another change to my decision. Now I will ignore memory amount for 'installer' version wizard, only answers about alt-tabbing will matter :)

    No, you didn't miss it.

    It makes me sad, but almost every GF Ti user had problems with my fix... I don't know why GF2/GF3 users benefit more from it.

    Civ.exe Error
    Reduce 'vid_mem_usage' down to 150 or set 'insane_mode = 0'. One of these (preferably vid_mem_usage) should help.

    Good :)
  6. Harkonnen

    Harkonnen Prince

    Sep 13, 2005
    Was sleeping, yes... Because net decided to go down right when I was about to release it :mad:
  7. Sisonpyh

    Sisonpyh Prince

    Nov 18, 2005
    Ok, my performance has drastically improved, which I like alot. Although, in my current game (using Rhye's Earth/18civs map), I've been getting constant CTDs between turns and also when I open the worldbuilder. When I say constant, I usually CTD 20-45 min after I load the game. During the earlier eras I experienced no CTDs, they only showed after Industrial and beyond. Not really sure how to fix this, any ideas Hark?

    My rig is 2.6 ghz, 1gb ram with an ATI 9800 pro.
  8. esks

    esks Chieftain

    Jun 11, 2005
    i have the problem that the there is an error that the "PatchByHarkonnen.dll" could not be loaded! what do i do????
  9. Danb

    Danb Chieftain

    Dec 15, 2005
    sorry Harkonnen but i have win xp with service pack 2
    thank you very much for all the thing you are doing for all us!!!!
    you are the king :king:
  10. Haxxl

    Haxxl Chieftain

    Dec 16, 2005
    I got some random black landscape bug showups (sometimes just happens when I select a Unit) + Ghandi and co. are replaced by a grey screen if i talk to them.

    AMD Athlon 1400 MHz
    512 MB RAM
    Radeon 9200SE 128MB
    tried 0/1 Insane Mode etc. doesnt help :(
  11. Harkonnen

    Harkonnen Prince

    Sep 13, 2005
    About the update.... Dang, I've sped it up with the update and movies started to stutter again while they didn't before... The game doesn't swap, background 3D animation is faster then movies. It looks like civ4 makes some FPS expectations before the movie, and it affects video timescale badly (as the game usually swaps a little to bring movie up).

    I'll hold on a little to this issue and release the update then. Probably it'll be only about gray leader-boxes :( Movie fixes will come later along with globe view improvement.
  12. faithkills

    faithkills Chieftain

    Nov 15, 2005
    Just my opinion but let the movies eat cake!:) If it's faster/leaner bring it on:)
  13. CivalGanjaman

    CivalGanjaman Chieftain

    Nov 14, 2005
    movies are less important than gameplay. :) i seen the movies loads of times for ancient and none for modern because of gameplay.
  14. phalzyr

    phalzyr Warlord

    Nov 3, 2005
    Illinois, USA
    Hark: Got a call from ICN said they fixed my T1 issue :D or should I ay T3 that we connect to to go up to chicago...
  15. maccool

    maccool Chieftain

    Nov 25, 2005

    I installed the patch and it has cause Civ to use less memory (lots less!), but it caused a new display problem. I'm getting blue-green trees. Pretty, maybe surrealistic, but not what I expected. I believed my display problems where corrected with the 1.09 patch (on a directtodrive download version of the game) and I was trying yours to see about speeding things up

    I've attached copies of the screen capture (I've reduced the size to reduce the byte count) and a dxdiag. I've copied in my ini files below as the attacment manager wouldn't let me do any more (appears 2 files is my limit regardless of total size). I removed the comments from the ini info as I didn't think you needed them and it reduced the post size.

    If there is anything else you need, just contact me (I have a 1MB msinfo file).

    Harkonen ini
    patch_on = 1

    vid_mem_usage = 80

    insane_mode = 1

    Civ4 ini

    Map = Custom_Continents

    GameType = singlePlayer

    PitbossTurnTime = 0

    MaxTurns = 0

    QuickHandicap = HANDICAP_NOBLE

    GameSpeed = GAMESPEED_EPIC




    WorldSize = WORLDSIZE_HUGE

    GameName = PANSCEND1

    FileName = 0

    Nickname = FinnMaccool

    Email = PANSCEND1

    Alias = FinnMaccool

    CheatCode = 0


    MouseScrolling = 0

    HideMinSpecWarning = 0

    GameUpdateTime = 10

    EnableVoice = 1

    DisablePAKMemoryMapping = 1

    BinkNoSkip = 1

    BinkCopyAll = 1

    Bink16Bit = 0

    BinkInterlace = 0

    ScreenShot Format = JPG

    MinimapTrilinearFilter = 1

    CutTrees = 1

    PopSlides = 0

    MapRandSeed = 0

    SyncRandSeed = 0

    Bandwidth = broadband

    QuickStart = 0

    PlayMusic = 1

    AllowScreenShots = 0

    SelectIP = 0

    Mod = 0

    FullScreen = 0

    SetMaxFrameRate = 0

    DynamicAnimPaging = 1

    NoMovies = 0

    HidePythonExceptions = 1

    AutoSaveInterval = 4

    AudioEnable = 1

    Language = 0

    UserProfile = Default Profile

    SyncInput = 1

    ForceNumlock = 0


    GenerateCrashDumps = 0

    AutorunTurnLimit = 0

    Autorun = 0

    D3D9Query = 1

    ScreenHeight = 0

    ScreenWidth = 0

    HAPDebugger = 0

    ShowPythonDebugMsgs = 0

    Port = 2056

    LoggingEnabled = 1

    OverwriteLogs = 0

    RandLog = 0

    MessageLog = 0

    BreakOnAlloc = -1


    Attached Files:

  16. arioch99

    arioch99 Chieftain

    Sep 9, 2003
    Ho no,

    Yesterday I play a game on Standard Continent map with 5 civs on that. All were working fine until 1869 where I receive the world map from the Indians Now that most of the map is revealed the Hard Drive is swapping a lot and zooming in and out take a lot of time and scrolling the map too. The game is playable, but very slow and I'm only in 1800's. The patch seem to have a effect on the beginning of the game, but don't much on the later game.

    And the other hand, I've a graphic bug. In diplomacy, now I can see the background, but I don't see the leader or I see only is eye or is mouth. Sometime I only see a grey background.

    My spec
    Windows 2000 SP4
    Civilization 1.09 with Harkonnen memory Patch
    AMD Athlon 1800+
    256 MB system Memory DDR 266MHZ
    MSI Geforce3 TI200 64MB video Memory
    2048 MB of Virtual Memory
    AGP Aperture Size in Bios = 256
    AGP ON
    Anti Aliasing in card configuration app = Manage by application (Try to disable but no result)

    My Setting
    Vid_mem_usage = 70
    Insane Mode = 1
    D3D9Query = 1
    DynamicAnimPaging = 1
    All setting in game to low (Especially Texture)
    Animations and effects is on
    *I've tried Vid_mem_usage 32,70,150,200 and Insane Mode to 0 and no more result.

    Memory usage is between 500 and 600 with all the settings I've tried.

    I know that my spec is low and maybe there is nothing to do for me to increase performance in late game, but please if someone can help it would be appreciate. If not I will play like that and wait... wait and wait... :confused:

    Another question for Harkonnen do your new release of the patch is out for now?

  17. Harkonnen

    Harkonnen Prince

    Sep 13, 2005
    You should set 'vid_mem_usage = 20' or 'vid_mem_usage = 32' since you've got only 64mb of video memory.

    Well, video memory counts and you've got only 64Mb too... You may try 'patch_on = 0' to see what actually happens when the patch is off. I could barely finish my 1961 savegame with 512mb / 128Mb, but at least I could :)
  18. arioch99

    arioch99 Chieftain

    Sep 9, 2003
    Ok thanks Harko I do others tests and see what I can do.

    But If I decide to ugrade my computer, do you suggest to upgrade for another video card (More video Memory) or it is better to upgrade my System Memory. Which increases more the performances. Anyway I don't play large and huge map, I like to play standard or less map. What your suggest.
  19. airbus-380

    airbus-380 Chieftain

    Jan 19, 2005
    this program is great, it made civ-4 load and run faster.thanks harkonnen.
  20. Harkonnen

    Harkonnen Prince

    Sep 13, 2005
    Here is the update. If this post is the very first thing you see about "famous memory-fix", then please follow here. This post is about intermediate test release for those who are with me in this thread helping to make final release out of it (much closer now).

    The movies problem has appeared in some places (intro is still fine with me). I will address it in the next fix.

    "PatchByHarkonnen.dll" attached to THIS post (post #1 is unchanged as this might be worse). You will have to set 'vid_mem_usage' to amount of video memory you have (64Mb users should read below). Just set it to 128 if you have 128Mb of video memory. Set to 256 if you have 256Mb. I will get this info automatically in 'installer' version, it's just too windows-version-dependent to extract all those infos in this small test.

    64Mb users (and probably others):
    Try previous value for 'vid_mem_usage' (the one that worked best for you), plus 50.

    I am primarily interested in following three things:
    1) Do gray leader-boxes still appear (not after alt-tabbing, just on its own)? If the answer is 'yes', did you have this problem before my fix?

    2) Do black terrain/colored trees still appear (not after alt-tabbing, just on its own)? If the answer is 'yes', did you have this problem before my fix?

    3) Does globe view perform worse than before the first version of fix? It shouldn't become faster on its own, my aim with this is not to make it slower at least.

    4) Any new problems / improvements as compared to previous version of the fix (post #1)?

    5) Your old 'vid_mem_usage' (post #1 version) and your new 'vid_mem_usage' (this post #640 version).

    Changes which came into this intermediate release:
    1) 'Harkonnen.ini not found' problem. Now you may double-click savegames.

    2) FPS meter on the left along with reported memory savings (press Ctrl+Alt (Ctrl and Alt simultaneously) to toggle info on/off)

    3) Changed mapper algorithm. Green/golden ships problem seems to have been solved.

    4) Changed memory allocation strategy. Now it accounts textures and unmanaged vetex/index buffers, so it can readjust 'vid_mem_usage' you had to set before at run-time.

    5) Reports when something is already hooking in (e.g. ATI Tray Tools / xFire).

    For 3D programmers (and Firaxians) who care if FPS meter is correct:
    1) Yes, I use high-frequency performance counter.
    2) Yes, I render text via video-memory texture because 'GetDC' calls are slow for D3D.
    3) FPS values are averaged on last 5 frames.
    4) FPS values are update on-screen every 100ms (10 times a second), but are accounted with each frame.
    5) FPS is updated by the time of 'Present' call. Drawing text is wrapped with BeginScene/EndScene calls.

    Attached Files:

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