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Military, Standing Armies, Etc.

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Medieval: Conquests' started by Kailric, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. orlanth

    orlanth Storm God. Yarr!

    Nov 17, 2001
    Yes that sounds good. It could be a nice touch to have a variety of special Promotions good against certain Unitclasses or Unitcombats, with an element of rock-paper-scissors mechanic where one super-unit isn't good against all others, but instead some types are good against other types. (ie you'd want to gradually train a good variety of combined forces to handle various foes in an Invasion; eg some foot soldiers with Pike Square Formation or Caltrops to resist Cavalry charges, maybe some shield units with Testudo that are especially good against Archers, infantry with Boiling Oil to resist a siege or Escalade to attack enemy fortifications, etc etc. The REF could have a variety of different buff troop types and ships where you'd need to have developed the right combos of Techs and Promos to counter them all properly. :king::viking:
  2. Kailric

    Kailric Jack of All Trades

    Mar 25, 2008
    Marooned, Y'isrumgone
    Posting this here to keep the ideas in correct place.

    The question is, just how to implement the costs of the different military systems. I have been wanting to add a new Civic xml option that lets you set a Profession Equipment discount based on CombatType instead of per Profession. So, that you could have a discount on all Combat Melee types, Combat Mounted, etc. And also a Military Wide Equipment discount. These could be used to make the Military types cost more, like Professional Armies could cost +25% more to equipment, but gain a bonus Promotion for being Professional.

    Also, there could be a YIELD_GOLD requirement for Professionals. Say, 50 gold, and each turn this amount is reduced by 1 to represent the soldier being paid. Once it hits zero the refill cost is charged to the Players bank. This goes around to all Units costing Gold and if the Gold runs out the Unit could lose its Profession and or other adverse effects. A text display would show the current cost of troops that turn and the next so the player will know how much is required to maintain his army.

    Well, if you have done any battles with units with combat abilities then you have experienced it. The only thing is that its mostly hidden effects. After battle you can go back and look at the combat log and it will tell you of these things, like Glancing Blows for half damage and such. I want to implement a system that keeps a better visual track of these things but haven't put any thought into it much yet.

    DARCK-PHOENIX Chieftain

    Jan 23, 2011
    1 )the great general has no real use . U should use great general to make some buildings to train soldiers .. The 20 xp 1 time use is ....

    2 ) units ouside of cities should cost upkep of food . now u can have 1000 soldiers all u need is some weapons and/or tools .. it is too easy

    3) i dont like immortals units . units should have age( expiration date )

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