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Nov 1, 2023
Hello there! Update 3 with Build Number "1.0.34.F" is finally here. We have also updated the roadmap image to include some of the features confirmed for Update 4, which is currently scheduled for release during June. (The Open Beta is just around the corner!)

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Update 3 Changelog

Featured Changes

  • Added a Restart option. The ESC menu now includes an oft requested “RESTART”, which will re-launch the game with the same settings but a new map seed.


  • Added the Game Rules system. Much like the Restart options, the ability to set game rules is a frequent request. This is now available in Custom Game Settings.


  • Speaking of the new Game Rules system and things that are frequently requested – the first three options presented in Game Rules are settings that allow you to adjust the Barbarians. This is the initial implementation of the feature and new options will be added in future updates.


  • Added a new map – Ring. As the name suggests, this new map generates a ring-shaped continent with a large center sea. The starting positions generally mean that you have only two neighbors to really worry about (until someone gets wise with naval transport, anway).


  • A new Nation default has been added – Nigeria is now available.


  • Implemented an on-map razed Improvement indicator. Much like Improvement upgrades, this appears if one of your Improvements has been razed and allows easy repair of the Improvement.



  • The Pay Homage Innovation now adds +1 Government XP (in addition to +4 Wealth) to Farming Towns.
  • Catapult Bireme HP increased from 50 to 100.
  • Bomb Vessel HP increased from 50 to 100.
  • Galleon HP reduced from 60 to 50.
  • Voltaic Pile Power increased from 1 to 2, workable Power increased from 1 to 2.
  • Mercenary changed from 40 Attack, 32 Defense to 45 Attack, 35 Defense.
  • Mercenary spawn at maximum Veterancy level.
  • Mercenary Morale increased from 20 to 50.
  • Mercenary no longer Type: Ranged (this Unit is outside of normal Unit RPS), also no longer has combat bonus against Type: Line itself.
  • Privateer changed from 39 Attack to 47 Attack.
  • Privateer spawn at maximum Veterancy level.
  • Privateer Morale increased from 40 to 50.
  • Privateer no longer Type: Line (this Unit is outside of normal Unit RPS).
  • Old Guard Grenadier HP reduced from 60 to 50.
  • Old Guard Cavalry HP reduced from 60 to 50.
  • Drone Carrier HP reduced from 90 to 50.
  • Knowledge value of Exhibition increased from 3 to 4, removed the additional Worker slot so that you can make only one Exhibition.
  • Jaguar Unit promotion cost set to 50 XP, regardless of Unit being promoted from.
  • Changed Electricity Ideal of Inventors National Spirit to make Inventions worth an additional Knowledge, removed the +1 worked Inventions.
  • Added scaling cost to Guild Training.
  • The State Religion Office in the Age of Harmony now provides 1 Arts XP (instead of 1 Diplomacy XP) and generates Faith (.5 per population with the State Religion) instead of generating additional Diplomacy XP.
  • Reduced Power Score value of Vassal Population from 10 to 8 per Pop.
  • Increased Power Score value of Towns from 10 to 15 per Town.
  • Seismic Imaging Technology now rewards Specialists (was rewarding IP).
  • Subway Capital Building now rewards Specialists (was rewarding IP).
  • Using an Archangel Laser Strike now negatively affects your diplomatic opinion with the targeted Nation. The reduction is based on whether you are de-shielding, damaging, or destroying a region, with the last of those being almost unrecoverable, diplomatically.
  • All custom Nations were selecting the Revolutionary personality; these now select a random personality at game start.
  • Adjusted Chaos so that it cannot accumulate unlimited negative amounts. Now capped at -5 income and -20 accumulated Chaos. (Propaganda can no longer be used if negative.)
  • Lighthouse of Alexandria is now a possible Innovation Event reward (Age 3).
  • Renamed the Energy Good (generated by things like Power Plants, Deep Sea Hydrothermal Generators, Aether Refineries) to “Stored Energy.”
  • An indication is now shown on the Capital nameplate if there is an Outbreak in the Region.
  • If a Nation has been eliminated, killing any of their Units that were left behind no longer counts for progress toward the Age of Blood.
  • The previously disabled Barbarian Resurgence Chaos Event (disabled because multiple AI Nations getting them could result in unfortunate circumstances for players), have been fixed, re-enabled.
  • When viewing attack range for a City Attack, we no longer show Region nameplates (to avoid making enemy Units that could be attacked obstructed by display of the Region name).
  • Previously, Conquest would reset Integration at a Vassal. That is, you might Vassalize a Minor, wait and invest in Integration until you can convert it into a Region, have an enemy conquer this Region, liberate that Vassal immediately after losing it, and you’d then control a Vassal that needed 50 Integration again before you could restore it as the Region it was previously. This has been changed so that the Integration required scales over time – if you re-capture a Vassal that was taken from your Nation shortly after it was lost, it now requires very little to reintegrate.
  • Noncombatant Units (like the Merchant) can no longer cause “Under Siege” conditions.
  • Changed Biplane Bomber, Airship, Propellor Bomber, Jet Bomber, Low Orbit Photon Bomber, and AI Bomber to select targets randomly.
  • Removed the Biplane Fighter from Age of Harmony.
  • Merchants, Envoys can now be deployed from anywhere within a Region, not only when adjacent to a Capital City.
  • Deployed Merchants now generate wealth for the host where they are deployed (30% of what they gather for their owner).
  • Disabled the Siege Defenses Unit Ability on Naval Units (this is designed to work with some things that are not yet in the game and is currently not worthwhile compared to just attacking directly).
  • Changed how Bribe works. Previously, this applied to specific Unit types (the Barbarian Units). It now looks for ownership. As before, you cannot Bribe Aliens (or Rogue AIs), but you can now use Bribe on a variety of Units that can end up under Barbarian control. Notable here is that the Units remaining when a Nation is defeated switch to “Barbarian.”
  • Landmarks in your territory were not applying the intended bonuses. They do now.
  • Promote Cultural Exports was unlocked in Age 2, now unlocked in Age 1.
  • Adjusted AI to better understand how to build Supermonuments.
  • Adjusted AI to be smarter about attacking when it has noncombatant Units in an Army.
  • Made some changes to how the AI approaches getting Knowledge and using Knowledge-related Culture Powers like Eureka. Effectively, at Adept and below, this makes the AI Nations take longer to progress into the next Age.
  • Improved AI in Age of Departure, now more competitive in this Age.
  • Fixed and issue with AI’s use of Merchants. Previously, they would consider Vassals at full Prosperity as targets for their Merchants.
  • Fixed an issue in the multiplayer lobby that caused problems when players were using nicknames (or changed their Steam name).
UI / Art
  • Updated tooltips related to Technology discounts when other Nations have researched the same Tech for clarity.
  • Added mention of next level of Unrest in the Unrest tooltip. (See second post for images)
  • Expanded Diplomacy tooltips to show what will happen when going to war when Alliances are involved. (See second post for images)
  • Revised numerous Chaos and Innovation Events, improved related text.
  • Sorted and categorized the start bonuses to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • Tooltips for Chaos and Innovation Events now include explicit mention of the percent chance of an Event on the next turn.
  • Revised tooltips for Religion; now much clearer about who follows what.
  • Added display to show if Apprentices (from the Great Masters National Spirit) have been recruited at a location
  • Added a new mappable hotkey for ending the turn. This allows you to essentially move that functionality off of the existing key (assigned to “Enter” by default). When mapped to a different key than the existing “next”, you can quickly step through a number of Armies with multi-turn moves without accidentally triggering the next turn.
  • Added hover effects to some UI buttons in the Infopedia and new Age UI.
  • Improved how tents are displayed (for Units that have moved during the turn). Adjusted tent and Unit placement so that the tents and Units do not intersect. Added new idle animations for some Units.
  • Adjusted the location of the “Destroy Vassal” button, changed it to red.
  • Adjusted National Spirit Ideal tooltips to not repeat what is one the Ideal.
  • Adjusted the display of turns remaining in tooltips showing buffs.
  • Added animation to Treaty button in Diplomacy.
  • Adjusted Goods icons on the map to not block movement or selection clicks.
  • Added visual effects that appear on Units that are created because of a Chaos event to make it more obvious where these came from.
  • Changed Archangel attack so that the visuals are not hidden under fog of war.
  • Updated a number of Unit tooltips to use “Unit Type:” formatting consistently.
  • Made Siege a “full” Unit type and applied this to relevant Units (as they behave differently than Type: Support), added Infopedia entry on Type: Siege.
  • Created a Commando Unit type and applied this to Mercenary / Privateer Units (as they behave differently than standard types).
  • Many Unit sub-types are now shown in the Unit tooltips, including Armored, Assault, Projectile, Siege, Militia, Alien, Barbarian, Rogue AI, Cultist, Naval, Transport, Air Fighter, and Air Bomber.
  • Added a new Power Score entry to the Infopedia, added references to Power Score in several places.
  • Region Capital nameplates no longer stop map scrolling when passed over.
  • Layout fix for Clone Farm.
  • Moved display of game settings to a pop-up (instead of showing this in the Options Menu itself), and added to the details shown.
  • Outliner state now persists between game sessions.
  • Changed the Game Log so that it starts with the most recent entry at the bottom.
  • Added Noncombatant Infopedia entry and tooltips.
  • New art for Dark Forest Landmark.

  • New art for Tropical Rainforest Landmark.


  • Added warnings and notification in Age of Revolution spotlight the Rebels.
  • Renamed the Museum in Age of Discovery to “Museum of Archaeology” to make it distinct from Museum appearing in Enlightenment.
  • Added a notification for the Open the Gates Domain Power to let a target Nation know this has happened to them.
  • Adjusted position and color of ESC menu buttons.
  • Instead of showing game information (like map seed) in the ESC menu, there is now a Game Information button that opens a panel with game information, including the new game rules.


  • Changed how the Combat Alerts appearing in the right-side column function. Previously, selecting these would open the Combat Viewer for the related fight. Now, selecting these jumps to the location of the combat on the map, making what happened easier to see.
  • Added a new icon for Regional Efficiency when showing a debuff (the green icon looked like a buff in all cases).
  • Changed Coup “buff” to use the Chaos icon.
  • Fixed an error with the tooltip on Docks with the Colossus buff.
  • Fixed an error with the tooltip shown when attempting to rebuild destroyed Towns that are not adjacent to your territory.
  • Fixed some errors in translation of German loc lines.
  • Fixed Dedicate Monument (Arts) using the wrong icon.
  • Fixed air Units not being destroyed when the Town they are stationed at is destroyed (by Archangel strikes, for example).
  • Removed “can be built on” in tooltips where unnecessary.
  • Fixed water Regions (Utopia) showing expansion when they should not.
  • Fixed air overlay display showing incorrect information when air Units with different move ability were selected.
  • Fixed valid / invalid moves showing incorrectly on the air overlay in some cases.
  • The Sundarbans Landmark now correctly appears only once.
  • Fixed error with Castle Armory and Castle Town having the wrong terrain requirements (switched these so that Castle Town requires Grassland).
  • Fixed an issue where movement range was not shown correctly in some cases when selecting an Army with zero movement points.
  • Fixed text overflow issue with tooltips for key remapping in some languages.
  • Fixed an issue where other progress toward victory for other Nations was not showing correctly if you had not entered the Age already.
  • Fixed Unit upgrades resetting movement status (which allowed double moves / attacks).
  • Fixed tooltip on Rush to be consistent.
  • Defending air Units no longer get terrain bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue where attacking (destroying) broken enemy Units always caused a move into the tile where the enemy Unit was located.
  • Fixed an issue where banners and Unit formations did not correctly show that they had already moved during the turn after reloading a savegame.
  • Fixed unlocalized text appearing in the tooltip for Space Center in some languages.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect label appearing on the Vassal UI.
  • Fixed Divine Spark Innovation to give +1 Innovation income instead of +1 Innovation on-build to the Inventor’s Lab.
  • Fixed typo in the Seasoning Innovation.
  • Added missing tooltips for Tropical Forest and Dark Forest Landmarks.
  • Fixed many instances of Type: Support Units being shown as Type: Ranged.
  • Fixed the Crossbow Guard targeting incorrectly (it was picking targets like a Line type Unit).
  • Fixed the Khan targeting incorrectly (it was picking targets like a Support type Unit).
  • Corrected references to Artillery in Infopedia.
  • Corrected incorrect starting bonus information for Archer, Warband, and Scout.
  • Fixed typo in Diplomacy tooltip.
  • Corrected Diplomacy Upgrade Line Buildings tooltips.
  • Corrected Call Banners Domain Power tooltip.
  • Corrected Unjustified War Diplomacy tooltip.
  • Clarified the Trade Help Topic to explain using Envoys to initiate Trade.
  • Fixed “Has Embassy” tooltip.
  • Added nested tooltip to Create Shoen Ideal.
  • Corrected Outpost Infopedia entry.
  • Fixed Great Library tooltip to include count of Open Borders.
  • Corrected Pyramid Temple tooltip.
  • Corrected Education Help Topic and several related tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur with restoring defaults keybindings in some situations.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing compounding growth in the value of some Buildings (Congressional Halls, Diplomatic Facility).
  • Reduced the flickering seen in Multiplayer when a player joins.
  • Fixed issue with the Think Tank Capital Building ceasing to provide benefits of the building.
  • Fixed an issue with targeting noncombatant Units never causing the attacker to move into the hex occupied by the noncombatant.
  • Fixed naval Units attacking Units on land incorrectly requiring Movement sufficient to (theoretically) move into the hex occupied by their target to attack.
  • Fixed an issue where the undo UI would not refresh in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard input not being blocked correctly in some situations (which could cause things like closing menus accidentally).
  • Fixed an issue that would allow AI Armies to overstack under some conditions, causing them to form and use Armies larger than possible for the current Age.
  • Fixed an issue where high “turns to complete” numbers could cause display of the count to show incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a missing string to appear for an AI Nation’s personality in Diplomacy tooltips.
  • Fixed some situations where right-clicking to dismiss a combat notification could cause a move order.
  • Fixed an issue with the Horses tech not applying Influence gain correctly.
  • Fixed progress being displayed in the Faction screen showing up at the wrong location on the progress bar.
  • Fixed an issue where Units that had been moved and were displaying their “exhausted” state would return to showing their normal state when the map was scrolled away and back.
  • Corrected tooltip for World Fair.
  • Fixed issue with tooltip for Horses Tech expansion buff.
  • Fixed an issue with combat notifications on the map sometimes conflicting with the Goods icons on the map, which prevented the combat notifications from being dismissed.
  • Fixed some conditions where UI could fail to update correctly when Regional Efficiency was changed.
  • Transporting Units into a Capital now updates Unrest correctly (using Undo also reapplies Unrest correctly).
  • Fixed several scenarios where you could avoid being at War in an Age where everyone is supposed to be at War (such as Blood) by using Diplomatic options immediately before the Age.
  • Fixed some cases where Units killed by air attacks would continue to appear on the map.
  • Sawmill line Improvements (Forester, Saw Pit, Saw Mill, Powered Saw Mill, etc.) now correctly supply a bonus to the Lumber Town Specialization.
  • Fixed a variety of errors in localized text.
  • Fixed a case where the tooltip for Under Siege could show an incorrect value.
  • Fixed an issue where rush completion did not cause “Idle City” to show.
  • Fixed tooltips for Age 6 Chaos Events (Learned Ones and Stubborn Students).
  • Performance improvements to decor spawning.
  • Performance improvements around selection and next action button updates.

From us at Paradox Interactive & C Prompt Games, we hope you love the game! <3
More Images!
  • Added mention of next level of Unrest in the Unrest tooltip.


  • Expanded Diplomacy tooltips to show what will happen when going to war when Alliances are involved. (See second post for images)



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