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MLG7: Another Race to Space

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Succession Games' started by pholkhero, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Quotey

    Quotey Emperor

    Jul 24, 2006


    Spoiler :
    Turn 1 (150)

    I'm least powerful. Oopsie.

    Turn 4 (154)

    Sury demands Metal Casting. Fine, take it. Hate you. He also has a massive stack going for Bella.

    I bulb Paper.

    Turn 25 (165)

    Oh man, Issy vassalised to Sury.

    Turn 17 (167)

    Bulb part of Edu.

    Turn 33 (183)

    Bulb the rest of Edu.

    Turn 41 (191)

    Issy is free. Yeah!

    Turn 42 (192)

    Meet a leader on the other continent. I'm ahead of him by a significant amount- no Monarchy yet :O

    Turn 45 (195)

    Meet another leader. I'm ahead of him too.

    Turn 49 (199)

    Meet the last leader.


    Spoiler :
    Monty is almost at tech parity with me :(

    Suryavarman? Missing Philo and gunpowder :(

    I am ahead on the rest. I hope Monty isn't going for lib. Also, I forgot that Scientific Method requires Printing press, damnit, i could have bulbed that instead of building 3 usless acaemies. Not a great set.

    Oh, and Pholk: Was an American leader in Sury's place before? That would have made the game slightly easier.
  2. Ralph_Jackson

    Ralph_Jackson Emperor

    Mar 7, 2006
    Edinburgh Scotland
    So a quick analysis of the 3 of our games as at 1400 AD

    Research wise Shadzy led at 800AD with I suspect the power of lightbulbing pushing him ahead, however the cottage economy shines post liberalism and I have just edged him

    Production wise = Size is Power..

    I will post up some more thoughtful anaylsis of the games at the weekend along with the balance of turns 200 - 250

    Report Phase 1 up to turn 233
    Spoiler :

    Phase one was having obtained a major technological and economic advantage from being very peaceful we needed to expand..

    So despite being our best buddy we were going to backstab Sury. Now he had the Statue of Zeus and as war weariness is a PITA at times it would be a 3 pronged strike taking the S of Z city by sea and moving Northwards.

    And simultaneously attacking from the South to take his big cities.

    Now although these stacks are small there are lots of reinforcements on the way.
    How did it go well lets say Riflemen against Ballista elephants aren’t a struggle , particularly when half way through the war I got Artillery on line..

    Phase 1 Research was
    Music and Divine right through trade (basically some one-sided trades to give Isabella Guilds etc so she could withstand Monty as I didn’t want him getting too big)
    Self Research
    Military Science
    Military Tradition
    Scientific Method
    Physics (wanted the free GS who built an Academy)
    Communism (the G Spy was used for a GA switch to peaceful civics of Univ Suffrage, Free Speech and Emancipation which really turbocharge a cottage economy
    Steam Power

    The preparations for war and wiping out Sury took me through to Turn 233 and it was time for Phase 2


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  3. Shadzy19

    Shadzy19 Warmonger

    May 7, 2005
    Ghandi SE

    Round 5 : The wolf shows his true colors 1400AD-1700AD

    Pre-Turn plan:
    Spoiler :
    The plan for this round is very straightforward , start knocking some heads :hammer: , tech wise il focus on getting biology.

    Round 5:
    Spoiler :
    Pre-Turn : All looks good to declare next turn.
    The power graph atm and we will continue to build / draft many rifles so our power should skyrocket over the AI's .


    1410AD: corporation > chemistry
    Time for Monty to meet his maker.

    1420AD: GP born Baldy .
    IBT: My scout gets attacked for the third time by a capapult!

    1430AD: Capture Tlaxcala , kill 5 no losses
    IBT: Maceman gets killed

    1440AD: Globe Theatre is build in Agra .
    IBT: Lose 2 spears , I should watch my pillagers better

    1450AD: Baldy builds spiral minaret.
    We get our first GG after killing 2 LB's , MI in Lahore.
    IBT: Lose LB

    Kill 6 no losses , direct all EP's to Baldy , most units will be send to make stacks near my border with Baldy.

    1470AD: moving , healing , pillaging
    IBT: Bella wants to become my vassel , this is the first time a AI willingly wants to become a vassel of me! Im unsure what to do but il refuse .

    1480AD: chemistry > sci method
    Capture Texcoco , kill 8 lose nothing , new AP vote.
    Give Baldy liberalism to make peace with Monty , he also gives me his WM and music.
    He already met the other continent , spot borders from Ottomans , Byzantine and HRE.
    Also bribe Bella for peace , give nationalism and 220g and get divine right in the deal.

    1490AD: We stay in charge of the AP
    IBT: Kill mace

    1500AD: /
    IBT: Kill LB , lose ele

    1505AD: Kill 11 unit stack , lost 2 rifles.

    1510AD: Capture Tenochtital , killed 4 no losses

    1520AD: Notice I have a 10xp unit so will start the HE at Lahore.
    Army's are healing and moving.

    Lost 3 rifles to kill 4 LB's , damn hill , GE born somewhere.

    1530AD: sci method - biology
    EP's go back to monty , running out and need revolts.

    1540AD: GS is born , academy at xochicalco , kill knight

    1545AD: GE born somewhere
    Already have 2 stacks of 15~ rifles and a few spy's ready to invade Baldy , need to get rid of Monty first however .

    1550AD: Baldy completes the taj mahal so gets a GA.
    Stacks are finally in place.

    Calix... and Sevilla captured , killed 10 no losses , Monty is no more.
    Get a GG , will become a MI at Vijayanagara.
    Pillaging like a madman .
    Distant civ got circumnav and I havent even met them!

    1560AD: HE is build , more and more pillaging , I have been between -60 and -100 gold for 20 turns and I must have earned about 300~ gold in that time.
    Its Mehmed II of the Ottomans , he is very backwards and somehow im his worst enemy!
    This can only happen if the other continent is all love and no hate , gift him drama for a easy +4 .

    1565AD: GP for Baldy

    Time to whipe that grin of his ugly face.
    I made quite a mistake here since Bella became his vassel , oh well they have always fought together , now they can die together!
    draft some rifles in my city's bordering Bella and I should be fine , have to reorginize my stacks from Monty now though , all of them where on the move.
    OB with Mehmed II , trade paper for compass + 25g + WM
    Spoiler contains the entire other continent.
    Spoiler :

    Mehmed has 6 city's , Justinian has 6 and Charlemagne has 14.
    Also bribe Mehmed II into the war with divine right , need the +

    Capture rajavihara and jayasri , killed 8 no losses.
    Spot no incoming stacks.
    Get optics from Mehmed for philosophy.
    Bella gets a GP, no you dont need any shrine's any more.
    IBT: At Sevilla , kill 3 trebs , 1 ele , 1 crossbow lost 1 rifle

    1580AD: KIll 5 units , all EP's to Bella for now.

    1585AD: Capture Hariha... err lets call it floodplainsheaven , killed 5 lost 1.
    Spot 8 towns and 2 villages $$$$

    Killed 4 lost none.

    Killed 10 lost 1

    1600AD: biology! > astronomy
    Time to start growing , should have enough units to finish off the wars .
    All EP's back to Baldy , also kill a crossbow.
    IBT: Kill ele + catapult , Mehmed offers astronomy for nationalism +1140g , no
    Give him nationalism and education for astronomy + WM + 30g .
    He got no resources to trade , argh...
    Sell him banana's for 8GPT.

    1605AD: astronomy > steam power , start making workers everywhere .

    Killed 13 units , lost none.

    1610AD: GP born , save him for a GA after the war.
    Out off EP's , will have to capture some city's without revolting.

    1615AD: Starting to get worried that I will cross domination if I have this entire island , lets just cross our fingers.
    IBT: kill a musket and 'pult lost a rifle.

    1620AD: Kill musket and ele , get a third GG , another MI for our HE city.
    Capture Baldy's capitol , killed 9 lost 2 , revolt to OR, whipping in buildings like a madman , to bad Montys lands dont have Judaism in the city's will work on converting them soon.

    1625AD: Captured Salamanca , east of Madrid , killed 4 lost 1.

    We get the double shrine city!
    Forget to check what the income was at this point.
    Killed 5 , no losses btw.

    1635AD: GM for Mehmed II

    1645AD: steampower > physics
    Meet charlemagne , hes pleased with Mehmed and yet I got a -4 you have traded with our worst enemy?
    He also knows Baldy who he is cautious with but I have been at war with him for 10~ turns now.
    Makes no sense..
    Gift him paper , hes still anoyed .
    He wants to trade though so give him cow and pig and get corn with silk.

    Baldy is no more , killed 9 lost none , capture 7 workers!

    1650AD: Capture Cordoba , killed 9 lost 2 , 1 city to go!
    Get OB with Charlie , sell him banana's for 15GPT

    1655AD: Mehmed has killed Bella , he really made the diffrence in this war :lol:
    Time to repair the economy , back to bureaucracy , stay at slavery for a bit longer , need more whips.
    My entire army is pillaging .

    1660AD: Meet Justinian , hes the most advanced of the backwards continent .
    Gift him education for +4 , trade maps , get OB and get spices and 6GPT for cows and pig.
    Delete the few outdated units I have left that didnt die on the pillaging duty.

    1680AD: physics > electricity
    Get a free GS , bulb towards electricty.
    Use the GP i still had for our first GA , 12 turns!
    Revolt to Caste system , will build NP in the capitol so it can grow big without having to worry about unhealthiness for my oxford city , it can support 15 scientists at size 30.

    1695AD: electricty > refridgeration
    Justian is also in a golden age.

    1700AD: NP is ready in Delhi.
    Trade liberalism + economics for military science + WM + 70g with Justinian.
    He is a vassel from Charlie at his own will.

    50% pop (this will grow a LOT) and 49% land


    MY continent

    Just notice ive been sending the WRONG missionary's to monty's old city's damnit!

    Tech status
    No SS due to picture limit , not much to see anyway , way ahead.

    Spoiler :
    Strong turnset , killed all 3 AI's on my continent in a mere 40 turns without crashing my economy (stayed over 300 beakers all the time)
    All my city's still need to grow a LOT so I would guess my econ gets at full speed within 20-30 turns.
    We should be set for a easy victory from here on.
    Im so glad I stayed AP leader .

    Plans for the next set will be , beeline superconductors for labs , after that get medicine for environalism , the only thing I lack is food mostly and im sure getting a lot more health for more specialists beats a free specialist.
    After that just beeline the rocketry and industrialism followed by the space race parts and switch some city's to mass production.

    Il add the techs learned later on.

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  4. Ralph_Jackson

    Ralph_Jackson Emperor

    Mar 7, 2006
    Edinburgh Scotland
    Phase 2 Report Turn 233-250
    Spoiler :
    Our economy was dominant now and it was really a question of what did we want to do!!

    Well having wiped out Sury and having lots of highly promoted troops sitting around it would have been churlish to leave them Idle so we pushed on to Wipe out Isabella.

    The only real delay was moving troops from city to city as with Artillery etc there is no need to Bombard defences down and it is simply a matter of having sufficient troops to kill off the defenders.

    By the end of the set Isabella was gone and I suppose you can guess who is the target for the next set…

    Research Wise
    Ass Line

    They key aim was to get Factories up in all production cities and start on the Three Gorges Dam to power them all.

    Basically this game is now about
    1. Racing Shadzy into space as both are games are a lock so to speak and will be fun to see who gets there first
    2. Have some fun taking down Monty with Tanks!!


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  5. Quotey

    Quotey Emperor

    Jul 24, 2006

    It really looks like an SE with limited warring doesn't work. I'm not even sure if I can win my game now. I will try and continue without warring though.
  6. Shadzy19

    Shadzy19 Warmonger

    May 7, 2005
    Im guessing im gonna fall 10-15 turns short compared to Ralph , if I remember correctly I got a bit lazy at the end of the game and stopped microing my city's every turn which might have costed me a turn or 4-5 , wouldnt have made much of a diffrence though.

    For my last set I only have some screenshots and since its been like 2 months I dont remember much of the game any more , it was just a clickfestival anyway , no extra wars and just race to the finish date.

    Il wait for quotey to finish his set before posting the screens and finish date and final save.
  7. Ralph_Jackson

    Ralph_Jackson Emperor

    Mar 7, 2006
    Edinburgh Scotland
    So report for the final set…

    Now if I had been min-maxing the game I probably would have turtled up having taking Isabella and Sury’s land and just raced off to space, nobody was a threat and even with a rapid war it would be doubtful if any newly acquired land would help me get into space.


    That wouldn’t be any fun now would it.

    So we will built some Infantry and tanks and set off to conquer Monty’s land, with the only danger being I would forget to watch for domination and accidentally go over the limit.

    Now although Monty had Grenadiers and Riflemen, and quite a lot of them, versus Tanks and Infantry it didn’t take long and he was soon wiped off the map leaving me to hunker down towards space.

    Particularly when the RNG gave me this great Random Event

    Now I couldn’t be bothered with over planning the tech path too much as is probably shown by the fact I reached future tech 9 before achieving victory.

    But it came in Turn 306 so now lets see how Shadzy did!

  8. Shadzy19

    Shadzy19 Warmonger

    May 7, 2005
    Sorry I forgot about this game .
    Was just about to uninstall Civ4 (cd seems to be broken or else my game is just bugged)
    while checking though my folders and found the screens from my last turnset of this game.

    Congrats on the win and a well played game Ralph!

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