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MLG7: Another Race to Space

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Succession Games' started by pholkhero, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Ralph_Jackson

    Ralph_Jackson Emperor

    Mar 7, 2006
    Edinburgh Scotland
    Well I guess that is the million dollar question that this MLG will give us insight on!!

  2. Meatbuster

    Meatbuster formerly Robo Kai

    Dec 6, 2005
    Looks like my methods are quite poor. While I DID get Great Engineers (note: I'm a CE with Parthenon), they did not go to building wonders so far (I built most of my stuff manually), rather to lightbulbing techs, and as we all know, Scientists get more beakers than anyone else.

    I haven't played my Round 4 yet, I can do it on Thursday and Friday (my days off from work).
  3. Kodii

    Kodii Ka ICE

    Jul 26, 2006
    Vancouver, BC
    Spoiler :
    This is mainly my expansion phase, settling the best cottage sites first (rivers) and then filling the rest in.

    I built the Great Lighthouse... which was kind of late:

    Founded Confucianism and Taoism

    A GG is born in a far away land.. so the other continent must not be very happy with each other.

    I also got the nasty herb event. I got the extra health, but I also got hit by massive anger.

    Monty is becoming somewhat of a monster, having completed several wonders (Hanging Gardens, SoZ, Great Library, Shwadayan) and the Kashi Vishwanath. He isn't neglected his military though...:

    Techs: Currency, CoL, Mysticism, Meditation, Mathematics, Civil Service, Calendar, Philosophy

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  4. Shadzy19

    Shadzy19 Warmonger

    May 7, 2005
    Can we start posting our 4th round already or are we waiting for more graphs from pholk?
    Really looking forward to the progress of the other players!
  5. Meatbuster

    Meatbuster formerly Robo Kai

    Dec 6, 2005
    Spoiler :
    OMG, you got Philo and CS, and I'm just a couple of turns away from CS... :(

    Yer really doing better than I am.
  6. Quotey

    Quotey Emperor

    Jul 24, 2006

    Also, SE players, reply to the Caste System thing. Shadyz can change anytime he wantsm but the rest of ya. I envision me starting a GA to whip Unis.
  7. pholkhero

    pholkhero Deviant Mind

    Feb 24, 2006
    will do ~ :salute:

    nice graph. perhaps you could forward me or pm it to me to use as a base for adding on other players.

    I would rather wait on rd 4 to see if more people are oging to post rd 3. I will take a look at what we have, and make a determination when we've waited too long. I want the rounds to be about 1 per week so that if you have a tighter schedule, you can still participate.

    finally, blid ~ i did click the link, but the page was "not found" :)
  8. Ralph_Jackson

    Ralph_Jackson Emperor

    Mar 7, 2006
    Edinburgh Scotland
    Will do when I get home.


  9. Ralph_Jackson

    Ralph_Jackson Emperor

    Mar 7, 2006
    Edinburgh Scotland
    Here it is, let me know if you have any questions, or I can do the updates for you.


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  10. glenmetz

    glenmetz Prince

    Feb 20, 2006
    Rochester, NY
    Round 3 of Specialist Wang Kon

    Played 51 turns again like a JA. Sorry Pholk.

    Spoiler :

    Plan was to start getting specialists online in most cities and I've done that. Also just trying to tech as fast as possible, things have been peaceful for the most part which is odd. Monty did declare towards the end of the set, but I'm not quite ready to go after him. I can't get Sury or Issy to declare on him either. The 3 of us have formed the Judaism Alliance.

    275BC - 104
    Isabella asks us to cancel any trades we have with Monty, and I agree (I think the only thing I have with Monty is open borders anyways)
    A GP is born in Seoul, don't really want to waste him lightbulbing polytheism so I join him into Seoul. The extra gold allows me to bump Science up to 70%

    250BC - 105
    Sury asks for Meditation, I give it to him

    225BC - 106
    Library finished in Seoul, will build Swords until Size 6 and then will pump Worker->Settler
    Wonsan is Size 4, switch to a Worker to whip ASAP

    175BC - 108
    Ivory is finally online, bringing up the Happiness levels
    Whip the Worker in Wonsan

    75BC - 112
    Seoul Sword->Sword

    75AD -118
    Seoul completes a Sword->Settler

    100AD -119
    Wonsan Library->Sword

    125AD - 120
    Whip a Settler in Seoul

    150AD - 121
    Currency online, tech to Mathematics
    Seoul Settler->Market until growth, then whip a settler again

    175AD - 122
    Whip the Mids in Pyongyang

    200AD - 123
    P'yongyang Pyramids->Sword
    Revolt to Hereditary Rule, just for a few turns until I complete the Sword Challenge

    225AD -124
    Swing the following trades
    Sury Currency for Sailing, Poly, Math, and 10 Gold
    Issabella Alphabet for Priesthood, Pottery, and 50 Gold, and I gift her Currency
    Switch Science to Calender

    250AD - 125
    Monty and Izzy sign a Peace Treaty
    Whip the Library in Pusan

    275AD - 126
    Pusan Library->Market

    300AD - 127
    Namp'o is founded, starts work on Moai

    325AD - 128
    Wonsan Sword->Sword
    Sury founds Christianity

    350AD - 129
    P'yongyang Sword->Sword

    375AD - 130
    Wonsan Sword->Sword

    425AD - 132
    Monty comes demanding Currency, I tell him to shove it and I'm sort of surprised he doesn't declare on me

    450AD - 133
    Sury comes and offers Gold for Iron, and I agree
    Wonsan Sword->Market
    Whip a Sword in P'yongyang, and that should finish the Sword challenge

    475AD - 134
    Caledner in, Science to Construction
    P'yongyang Sword->Duct
    Sword challenge is over, I can either take all Swords get City Raider I promo, or all Melee Units get Drill I

    540AD - 137
    Forgot to revolt into Representation, did it now

    580AD - 139
    Whip the Duct in P'yongyang

    600AD - 140
    P'yongyang Duct->Hanging Gardens

    620AD -141
    Confucianism is FIADL

    640AD - 142
    Whip the Market in Wonsan

    660AD - 143
    Wonsan Market->Granary

    700AD - 145
    Construction in, Tech to Metal Casting
    Hanging Gardens are BIADL

    720AD - 146
    Monty Declares War on me, I can't get Issy or Sury to help me (nothing to offer in trade), but I have 8 Swords, I'm not real worried at this point.
    P'yongwang scraps The Hanging Gardens, starts on a Work Boat
    Seoul Market->Settler
    Whip the Work Boat in P'yongyang

    740AD - 147
    P'yongyang Work Boat->Market

    760AD - 148
    Whip the Settler in Seoul

    780AD - 149
    Seoul Settler->Hwacha
    Whip an Axe in Pusan

    800AD - 150
    Cheju is Founded

    820AD - 151
    Whip another Axe in Pusan
    Went 1 Turn to far, sorry

    All of the 1st page minus Horseback Riding, Metal Casing, and Montheism. Also have Mathematics, Alphabet, Calender, Construction and Currency


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  11. Ralph_Jackson

    Ralph_Jackson Emperor

    Mar 7, 2006
    Edinburgh Scotland
    Well Pholkhero with nothing else for a week I think you should open up round 4 please!

  12. pholkhero

    pholkhero Deviant Mind

    Feb 24, 2006
    i had thought i did, but apparently i just said i'd let you know when.

    however, go for it! (for those of you who are still with us ~)

    more on that topic when i have time for a longer post.
  13. Swiss Pauli

    Swiss Pauli Emperor

    Jul 29, 2006
    Spoiler :
    Round 3

    Well, Sury is coming for me, but I’ve seen him coming, so I should be OK. Or maybe not:

    Let’s hope it’s Izzy, eh?

    Monty declares war on Izzy the next turn.

    Get the mercy event and choose to ignore it. Trade IW to Izzy (Medi and Poly). Have a look at Ravi, and decide I need to get some more attackers in order to claim the city. Calendar is completed (after HBR) on T120.

    Trade Alpha to Izzy for Monarchy.

    Take the city the next turn. Get all mounted units promoted to Flanking. Nice. But not much use against Ballista Elephants…Trade Alpha to Monty for Mono and Archery.

    Seeing Monty’s settler group, I plonked down Warwick south of where I planned. Monty ends up sending them away to settle on a hill :sad: Get a GM and burn him on Metalcasting. Things are looking tight in the war: having to block Sury at Ravi so that his cats don’t smack the city under tree cover. Send some units over to Isvar, and try to tempt an axe out of the city by moving an unprotected cat outside the city. Sury takes the bait and I claim the city next turn.

    Make peace with Sury for CoL. A high price, but worth it to claim two cities.

    What am I doing? Building the Colossus :groucho: Discover CS in 580 and whip Big Fella in 660AD. Lose a city site to Khmer by two turns, so I found in a the runner-up spot:

    Get a jilted bride event with Izzy for -1 rels, having earlier had my GG medic chariot get leadership :rolleyes:

    Looks like Sury will crush me culturally for a good while at Ravi, but I’ve not got a bad footprint, and have the two wonders I wanted.

    I had some problems with the gov assigning scientists in Hastings, so I switch to emphasize f/h/c which is less than optimal as it puts food first, regardless of happiness. Micro will be a pain in the arse and will stop me enjoying this game very much.

    Techs: MC, CS, HBR, Medi, Poly, Monarchy, Paper and part of Compass.

    Attached Files:

  14. Shadzy19

    Shadzy19 Warmonger

    May 7, 2005
    Ghandi SE

    Round 4 : The road to rifles 800AD-1400AD

    Pre-turn plan:
    Spoiler :
    Continue to play like I have been playing , very passive with a high number of scientist.
    Get constitution asap for representation and my UB , and after that head towards rifles to start knocking some heads.

    Round 4:
    Spoiler :

    Before I begin I decide to settle my 2 GS at Delhi , liberalism drops 5 turns immediatly. The reason for doing this is a academy in my other city's is useless untill constitution and also what good is lightbulbing PP when it gives me no immediate help , its better to get to constitution faster.
    And we are off!

    Im surprised im still not the most advanced , lets see in about 50 turns ;)
    The bad news is the 3 civs on the other continent are dead last so I doubt they are gonna be a big help for me later on .

    820AD: Baldy builds Sistine Chapel , trade gems with Baldy for 7GPT

    840AD: GP born for Bella.

    860AD: Bella builds Christian shrine , thats number 2 in Barcelona.

    900AD: GSpy born for Baldy.

    920AD: GArtist for Monty , Baldy gets a Golden Age , get 4GPT from Bella for dye.

    960AD: GS born in Delhi , settle with the others.
    Start oxford in Delhi.


    A turn is a turn! Take nationalism as freebie , start on constitution.

    1000AD: Baldy wants me to declare on Monty , since Bella isnt at war any more Monty's stacks are running free , so hell no , drops to pleased ...
    Trade WM with bella , get some gold aswell.

    1020AD: We get some fantastic news!

    You know what this means? 2 free hammers for every judaism temple/monastry!
    TY Baldy! GP born far away , revolt to Caste .
    Start judaism temples/monastry's everywhere.

    1030AD: We get elected , this will come in handy.

    Baldy's Golden Age ended.

    1040AD: Argh growed Agra in both unhappiness and unhealthiness , :hammer2: !
    Dont have slavery so im gonna have to live with it...

    1050AD: Oxford is build.

    1060AD: Monty and Baldy make peace , this is bad , ive only build some eles and LB's but I cant handle Monty , lets hope he's a good boy.

    1090AD: Bella declares war on Monty , good hes occupied .

    1100AD: Finally , FINALLY!!!

    Start on drama , Islam founded in Cordoba(Spain) GS born far away.
    Revolt to representation and pacifism , our science rate skyrockets!
    We are pulling in nearly 500 beakers/turn!

    1110AD: Drama comes in start Machinery.
    Start building theatres and mausoleums everywhere.

    1120AD: Monty finishes chicken Itza.

    1130AD: Machinery is done start gunpowder.
    Baldy builds the hagia sophia , Bella gets a GG.

    1150AD: Gunpowder is in , guilds is next.

    1160AD: New AP election. We get another GS , build academy in Agra.

    1170AD: Same result.

    Bella gets a GS , our econ is running at 10% bringing in 522 beakers!
    IBT: Bella wants nationalism for Divine right , no.

    1180AD: Guilds is in start on banking.
    NE is build in Agra , it will support tons of specialist once we meet the other continent .
    I desperetly need to get some whips done but im gonna hold off untill rifling.

    1190AD: Banking is in , decide to detour to economics for a free GM.
    Bella is doing a great job atm , shes been holding Monty on her own for quite a while , start directing all my EP's to monty.

    1210AD: Baldy gets a GE .
    Remember the fish near our capitol , I finally remember I still havent hooked it up , have been halting groth for ages due to lack of healthiness ...
    IBT: Bella wants nationalism, uhm no...

    1220AD: Looked at markets and grocers , we only have 1 market resource and 2 grocer resources , since we have no money whatsoever comin out commerce these buildings (and banks) are near useless to us.
    Finally revolt to mercantilism , forgot earlier.
    We now lose money at 0% , congrats!

    1230AD: Economics is done , start on pring press , am I glad i settled those GS's .
    GM is born , max amount I can get is 1300 gold , not bad , i got 4 axes with cr2 , will be nice for 4 cr rifles I guess .
    Baldy declares on Monty again, I think Monty has had 5 turns off peace in God knows how long.

    1240AD: Capture a fugitive from Monty , we get 500 free EP's!
    IBT: Monty wants sugar , like he is in a position to declare war on me now...

    1250AD: Baldy comples Notre Dame , GP born far away
    Need to hire some merchants , outta cash even at 0%

    1260AD: Pringting press is in , replaceble parts is next.
    GS born , academy is Pataliputra comin up.

    1270AD: GM has arrived so fire my merchants.

    1280AD: Start globe theatre in Agra , its the only really heavy food city I have , will get back to farming specialist in the later game.

    1300AD: Replaceble parts is done , start on rifling .

    1320AD: GS is born , he will make a academy in Varanasi.
    Bella gets another GP , I now have enough EP's to see Monty's city's , has 1 giant stack in Sevilla , all the other city's have 4-5 troops.
    Baldy and Bella cant break him.

    1340AD: Monty gets another GG , Baldy finishes Angkor Wat , Bella gets her third shrine (Islam)

    1350AD: We finally get rifling! start on corporation .
    GS is born , he makes a academy in Calcutta.
    I can finally get engineering now that Bella has it .
    Trade gunpowder and get 150g and WM aswell with Baldy.
    We completly turn around our economy and change to nationhood , slavery and theocracy.
    My economy goes from 615 beakers to 330 .

    1360-1400AD: Mass whipping , drafting and getting my army ready , we are ready to declare war next turn.

    Spy's are in place for revolting.

    Tech status:

    Power graph:


    Spoiler :
    This was a good round , we didnt get involved in the war and our economy is at lightning speed.
    Our army is ready and getting bigger by the turn so we can start on expanding again next round.
    To bad the AI's have nothing decent to trade but I fear this will be so for the rest of the game.

    Techs Learned:
    Spoiler :

    Ancient Era Techs :
    Spoiler :
    Fishing 59
    Hunting 59
    Mysticism 74
    Mining 74
    The Wheel 89
    Agriculture 89
    Archery 89
    Priesthood 89
    Pottery 119
    Meditation 119
    Masonry 119
    Sailing 149
    Animal Husbandry 149
    Polytheism 149
    Monotheism 179
    Bronze Working 179
    Writing 179

    Total Era = 1963

    Classical Era:
    Spoiler :
    Iron Working 299
    Literature 299
    Horseback Riding 373
    Mathemathics 373
    Drama 448
    Aestics 448
    Alphabet 448
    Monarchy 448
    Calender 522
    Code Of Laws 522
    Construction 522
    Currency 598
    Compass 598 : MISSING
    Metal Casting : 672

    Total Era = 6570
    Total for me = 5972

    Medeival Era:
    Spoiler :

    Theology 747
    Paper 897
    Optics 897 : MISSING
    Music 897 : MISSING
    Feudalism 1046
    Machinery 1046
    Banking 1046
    Philosophy 1196
    Civil Service 1196
    Engineering 1495
    Guilds 1495
    Divine Right 1794 : MISSING

    Total Era: 13752
    Total for me : 10164

    Renaissence Era:
    Spoiler :

    Gunpowder 1794
    Liberalism 2093
    Economics 2093
    Printing Press 2392
    Corporation 2392 (I have 2331)
    Nationalism 2691
    Education 2691
    Replaceable Parts 2691
    Chemistry 2691 : MISSING
    Constitution 2990
    Astronomy 2990 : MISSING
    Military Science 2990 : MISSING
    Military Tradition 2990 : MISSING
    Rifling 3588
    Democracy 4186 : MISSING

    Total Era: 41262
    Total for me : 25354
    Total for me if the current research towards corporation doesnt count: 23023

    Total research :
    Ancient : 1963
    Classical : 5972
    Medeival : 10164
    Renaissence : 25354 or 23023

    Total = 43453 or 41122

    I will add the techs learned later on when I get a chance to open Civ4 .
    Am I glad I finished this game and immediatly wrote my reports down back in the days that I actually had spare time.
    Ah the good times...

    EDIT : Techs and cost of techs added.

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  15. Ralph_Jackson

    Ralph_Jackson Emperor

    Mar 7, 2006
    Edinburgh Scotland

    Spoiler :
    So last time we had expanded about as far as we could peacefully (one more city to go) and had to decide whether to:-
    i) keep building commerce and infrastructure
    ii) expand militarily

    Of course I ended up doing neither (the classic over builder in my roots coming out) and researched military techs but delayed war with the “Instead of Macemen in a few turns I can have Riflemen..” excuses we all know and love.

    Of course this does mean I have a monster economy but I do need now to switch off builder mode and start leveraging my techs to get more territory.


    Spoiler :
    Research went

    Metal Casting-> Machinery (& with macemen unlocked) my 2 hammer rich cities started to pump out some macemen alongside infrastructure (e.g they built Universities to unlock Oxford for my Capital)

    Printing Press (key for a CE)

    We then sailed off to meet the neighbours (wont spoil things for those who haven’t yet) and used the classic
    i) Gift 10 gold on meeting
    ii) Sign OB
    iii) Don’t rush into tech trades till you know worst enemies
    To get good relations with all of them, despite our different religion.

    I then went on a couple of beelines
    1. Philosophy & Nationalism (So I could win Taj race)
    2. Guilds -> Banking -> Education -> Economics (for the free GM)
    It strikes me that for CE players these free great people are disproportionately important.
    3. Rep Parts - > Gunpowder - > Rifling (At this point I started pumping Riflemen at a decent rate…
    4. Liberalism (Sury was finally researching it) taking Astronomy (free Tech)
    Lastly Chemistry
    Mixed in with this were tech trades:-

    Construction for compass (Sury)

    Engineering for Philo + Optics (Sury)

    Theology from Isabella
    Drama from Isabella
    Horse Back Riding from Isabella


    Popped Silver in 840AD

    Popped Copper in 920AD

    Other events not worth reporting (e.g lose accumulated food etc as I always had cash to choose an “OK” Option)

    End Situation

    Spoiler :
    We have used our 2 GM’s (1 from economics one from capital) to get a shed load of cash for upgrades.

    We have an army of Riflemen ready to go who just need some siege (Steel in 1) and we will attack Sury.

    Economically the game is a complete lock.

    Techs Learned

    Spoiler :
    Turns 0-150
    Fishing 1
    The Wheel 1
    Agriculture 1
    Hunting 1
    Mysticism 1
    Mining 1
    Sailing 1
    Pottery 1
    Animal Husbandry 1
    Archery 1
    Meditation 1
    Polytheism 1
    Masonry 1
    Priesthood 1
    Monotheism 1
    Bronze Working 1
    Writing 1
    Iron Working 1
    Aesthetics 1
    Mathematics 1
    Alphabet 1
    Monarchy 1
    Compass 1
    Literature 1
    Calendar 1
    Currency 1
    Code of Laws 1
    Civil Service 1
    Paper 1

    Turns 150-200
    Horse Riding 1
    Metal Casting 1
    Construction 1
    Machinery 1
    Drama 1
    Engineering 1
    Optics 1
    Philosophy 1
    Theology 1
    Guilds 1
    Nationalism 1
    Printing Press 1
    Education 1
    Banking 1
    Replaceable Parts 1
    Economics 1
    Liberalism 1
    Gunpowder 1
    Rifling 1
    Astronomy 1
    Chemistry 1

    Attached Files:

  16. pholkhero

    pholkhero Deviant Mind

    Feb 24, 2006
    So, i've been putting off writing this, but it needs to get written.

    This game is going nowhere, and I think I am mostly to blame. My RL time has drastically shrunk since the beginning of the year as I'm preparing for exams to become a teacher (which are the middle of next month).

    the game started off well, with LOTS of interest, but it has been steadily declining. I think there might've been a bit of MLG burnout, but I also think that my lack of stewardship has contributed a fair bit, too.

    So, the question is, then, what to do? Obviously, I AM still interested in the concept of the game, but can not devote the needed time right now. If people are still interested, I would gladly hand over the game to someone else to captain. Another option might be to actually start the game I wanted to in the beginning: two SGs with same start, with the two different economies.

    I don't know ~ i'd like to get some feedback about possible directions here, so any input is welcome: good AND bad.
  17. Quotey

    Quotey Emperor

    Jul 24, 2006
    I'm going to play my next round certainly, but it will wait until I have finished a set in Spl02. I like the SG idea, and DMIVII worked out well (or whatever one it was). I would like to continue this MLG too.
  18. Ralph_Jackson

    Ralph_Jackson Emperor

    Mar 7, 2006
    Edinburgh Scotland
    Well Pholkhero I think you are correct in interest waning in the MLG series but wrong to blame your stewardship but more it was just down to MLG burn out.

    So what am I going to do?

    Well I will play my game out to a finish in 40 turn lumps ( I think we are at the stage where 50 is too much)

    I will post reports etc

    And I will do some analysis of other people's saves (starting with mine, Quotey and Shadzy's when Quotey has posted)

    Other participants are very willing to chip in!!

    Reviving the MLG series.
    1. I would suggest a month or two off..
    2. Come up with a cracking idea
    3. Then restart.. (book me a place!!)

  19. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    This just came at a really bad time for me and I could never muster the enthusiasm to continue after my sleep-deprived start. I think there was probably a bid of MLG overkill happening in general as well.

    I agree with Ralph that after a bit of a break, we might be able to get the series back on track.
  20. Shadzy19

    Shadzy19 Warmonger

    May 7, 2005
    I finished my game in the week this game stared , I kept on playing 50 turns/turnset however.

    I would prefer to keep posting them and keep this MLG alive and have at least some people finish their game.

    The only problem for me is that I forgot to write my report for the finish of the game immediatly and lost my notes , I still got some screenshots though to help me reveal the most important stuff and If I remember right my finishing turnset was something like a 55-60~ turns although I can split those up.
    Il have to check up on that when I get a chance to open Civ4

    This is only my first (and probably last MLG due lack of time) so I dont know if the series need a break to get people intrested again , I for one very much liked the idea for this MLG.

    Just give me a ring when to post the next set

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