Mod Component Request Thread


Jan 16, 2006
Please post all mod component requests in this thread please.

Starting early this time round then, eh?
How about starting by adding health on a per city basis :

First, it will follow the same pattern as happiness with three different states (healthy, unhealthy and very unhealthy)
- healthy will work toward a counter that will trigger a "WLTKD" effect. I'm not set if it should stack with or extend time duration of the already existing WLTKD.
- unhealthy will work against the aforementioned counter and, in addition, could reduce growth, science and culture by a small percentage.
- very unhealthy will start at -10 and will multiply the effects of the unhealthy status as well as reducing the great person birth rate.

I think it will require some tweaks in other aspect such as resources, buildings, specialists ... etc ... but this is a general idea and a good starting point. If someone wants to dig further, I will be glad to discuss with him and design the health module this game desserve.
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Mod to remove civ abilities =P
For the times when you just want to pick the civ who's look and music (and units) you like, regardless if you wish to play in the preferred way.
A plea from all those in this thread:

We beg of you, oh great and powerful modders...PLEASE enable animations for us in multiplayer! It would be a blessing from up above to not have to wait for a patch for this!!!

(my girlfriend has been telling me to get a refund for it unless something like this surfaces, on top of it all--she refuses to play it like this!)

/beg :(
Some BUG style requests:

* Scouts on auto-explore should not trespass City-State borders.
* Let us see unit hit points on the map hover.
* A collection of static leaderheads to go with each City-State? Just generic people, like the advisors, would be nice to give a bit of a mental picture to go with your dealings with them.
* Scouts on auto-explore should not trespass City-State borders.
* Art for the red/yellow triangle unit promotions, nothing fancy I just want to look at them & know what they are.
* The Civopedia, who can take what promos to start with.
I mean would someone please add in transport units that carry land units to the sea and take away the self embarkation system.
I would love to see a mod to group units together (via shift-click or control-click on individual units) then give a command to "move" somewhere and have them travel there (preferably maintaining their current formation whereever possible). A real oversight not to put this in the game to begin with.
Request: Small modcomp that doubles research costs and reduces production times to allow some time to actually build a unit before you're in the next age ^ ^
I'd like a modcomp that, when a city is founded, picks a name for it randomly from the civ's city names list instead of always using the same sequence (with an option to randomize the capital name or not).
FFH3 enough said..........
One thing I noticed after playing thru the Ancient Era is that the names of the Great People are not specific to the civ who births them (the Ben Franklin born in India effect).

I had Sun Tzu born in Rome? C'mon now...

How about a Civ-Specific Great Person mod, like we did in Civ4?
Diplomacy, pathing issues, horrid AI... I am not sure how much can be fixed with mods (if any of that at all). Personally, I'd like to be able to see more numbers. Of all varieties.
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