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Sep 28, 2010
... also should using transport boats be possible much sooner. If not, things like the Illian war, Karthagian War, Greece colonisation... are not possible.


Oct 2, 2010
I find it really hard to believe that no one has mentioned a tech era limit mod? :D

I'd like a tech era limit mod, I hate post-medieval warfare, if anyone knows how to do this I'd appreciate any pointers (although I'm not much of a modder at all)... Or if someone made it into a mod that would be great...


Jan 29, 2004
I find it really hard to believe that no one has mentioned a tech era limit mod? :D

I'd like a tech era limit mod, I hate post-medieval warfare, if anyone knows how to do this I'd appreciate any pointers (although I'm not much of a modder at all)... Or if someone made it into a mod that would be great...

Seen this on the mod browser for all era's a few days ago.


Jan 29, 2004
I have a request:

Units who fortify on forest/jungle tiles become invisible to the enemy, until they move again or unfortify (ranged combat).

Think it would be cool to be able to strategically hide your units for ambushes & such... Another reason to keep some forests around for the later stages of the game (hide some AA :D)

is it possible to make it so that its different from the submarine invisible tag? would suck if destroyers/subs could see those hidden-forest units.


Jan 29, 2004
Arrgh my mod browser doesn't work as it should, it just loads... do you know of a specific name perhaps?

nope.. my mod browser doesn't work either.. other than a few seconds. When i saw it it was on the first page. Not there anymore, afaik.


The Mad Modder
Sep 30, 2010
+2 prod for each city
city natural defense +2 additional
city walls +10 defense not +5
Removal of great scientist free tech ability
Removal of A.I. civ's to even consider lump sum gold or city trades.
allying city states doesn't double effectiveness

Let's make the game real and not stupid, gimmicky war rush :(


Oct 2, 2010
Can someone make a MOD that enables building removal (only buildings, no wonders). Maybe everytime you delete a building (1 per turn/city) the city goes trough a revolt for 4 turns, like when you annex a city.


Nov 9, 2001
Please somebody make an equivalent of the "Exotic Foreign Advisor" that was in CIV IV .

Here is the original post for it.

Exotic Foreign Advisor

This advisor came about because the original Advisors seems to have a dearth of important information

Credits: SupremeOverlord - for the Enhanced Foreign Advisor from which the code for the Resource and Tech screens were taken (with a fix or two and some changes)
Bhruic - for the "Tradeable" mod from which the idea was gained to separate the resources into "Surplus" (more than just 1) and "Used" (only 1).
Mysterio10000 - for suggesting adding the qualitative attitude to glance screen and the centering of the Foreign Advisor title
Cammagno - for pointing out and testing a bug related to Glance coloring and translating some of the text into Italian.
Major Tom - for pointing out a bug and providing a save file to fix it with


1. Added in a "Glance" screen which shows how each AI feels toward everyone else. Also added in color coding and the ability to sort this screen.
a) This is basically a big table which I generated myself where the ROW leaderhead is the target and the COLUMN leaderhead is the one whose attitude is listed (so if you check on the number where Washington's ROW meets Montezuma's COLUMN, you are viewing Montezuma's attitude TOWARD Washington).
b) The color coding right now is based on player's attitude toward another. If he's friendly to another, it's green. If he's pleased with another, it's cyan. If he's annoyed with another, it's magenta. If he's furious with another, it's red.
c) To sort on a leaderhead (how that leader feels about other players), just LEFT-click on that leaderhead or ANY NUMBER in that leaderhead's COLUMN.
d) To change the direction of sorting, click on the big + button in the top left corner.
e) None indicates either the leaders have not met or that they are the same leader.
2. Added in an Info screen with the following information.
a) A player's state religion (and if he has the holy city)
b) The trade is the net trade you have with EACH opponent for ALL your cities. So, if you close open borders, you will LOSE this amount of commerce (and likely gain a much smaller amount)
c) The current civics this player is running (from left to right is Government, Legal, Labor, Economy, Religion)
d) The player's favorite civic (along with the type of civic)
3. Added in resources and technologies that the leader WANTS to the main resource and technology trading screens. Resources are divided into "Surplus" (Player has > 1) and "Used" (Player has ONLY 1) resources. Thanks to Supreme Overlord for the basic code.
4. Added in the technologies that the other players can research BASED ON THE INFORMATION from the technology trading screen. IOW, it will only calculate which technologies the other players can research based on what you know they have.

From SupremeOverlord's Readme:
- Displaying the names of the leaders of the other civs can be switched on or off.
- The border around the rows can be switched on and off.
- At the top of the screen the available amount is shown for all the resources that a
player has extra's of.
- The amount can be configured to show the total available amount or the extra available
amount (total - 1).
- The resources that a player can trade with another civ are shown on the same row as the
resources that that civ will or won't trade with the player.
- The resources that a player can trade are divided into two groups. One for the
resources for which the player has extra's available and another for those resources
for which the player has no extra's.
- It is possible to group the columns showing resources together as export or import.
- The amount of gold that a civ can pay per turn is displayed
- It is possible to show two extra columns to display the resources that are traded in
active deals.
- When the active deals are displayed the total gold amount that is traded is also shown,
a positive amount means that the civ is paying the player, a negative amount means that the
player is paying the other civ
- For each other civ three columns are used to display the techs that civ wants, the techs
that civ will trade and the techs that civ won't trade.
- An extra column is used to display the amount of gold that the civ can pay
- You can use small (32x32) and large (64x64) icons for the technologies.

You can change the layout of the screen by editing the file '' in the
'Assets\python\screens' folder of the mod.

In this file you need to look for the line 'def __init__(self):' (somewhere at the top of
the file). All the options are listed below this line and have the format
'self.OPTION_NAME = value.


Exotic Foreign Advisor should NOT be installed in your main Civ IV location, as it will overwrite one necessary file.
Instead, it should be installed at: "My Documents\My Games\Civilization 4\.
Prior to installation make sure you have upgraded to patch 1.09 as the compatibility changed when Civ IV upgraded (some functions were renamed).
Please note that you MAY have to clear your cache once or twice before the installation/uninstallation will be complete. To do this, hold down the SHIFT button right after you launch Civ IV (i.e., double click the icon). Or go to your cache folder (for me it's My Documents\TempSettings\(UserName)\AppData\My Games\Civilization 4\cache) and delete everything from the directory (this is the recommended method).
To install: Just unzip the zip file with the target being the above indicated directory (may be different for different languages).
Installation will create many new files. The following is the list: in subdirectory CustomAssets\python\screen in subdirectory CustomAssets\python\screen in subdirectory CustomAssets\python\screen in subdirectory CustomAssets\python\entrypoints, in subdirectory CustomAssets\python
-CIV4AdvisorInfo.xml in subdirectory CustomAssets\xml\text
-CIV4EnhancedTextInfos.xml in subdirectory CustomAssets\xml\text
-white_circle_50.tga and in subdirectory CustomAssets\art\Interface\buttons
-white_circle_40.tga and in subdirectory CustomAssets\art\Interface\buttons
-white_circle_20.tga and in subdirectory CustomAssets\art\Interface\buttons
-up_arrow.xcf, up_arrow.tga and in subdirectory CustomAssets\art\Interface\buttons
-down_arrow.xcf, down_arrow.tga and in subdirectory CustomAssets\art\Interface\buttons

and will create a new copy of two files: in CustomAssets\python\entrypoints
-CIV4ArtDefines_Interface.xml in CustomAssets\xml\art

To uninstall, all that is needed is to move, remove, or rename the from the My Documents\My Games\Civilization 4\ directory AND ANY SUBDIRECTORIES OF IT.
Note: If you have BOTH the Special Domestic Advisor and the Exotic Foreign Advisor, install the AS in the aforementioned directory.
To combine this mod to another mod, just add the new files,, and Civ4AdvisorInfo to the aforementioned My Documents directory (or your mod directory) and make the changes documented in if you have changed it in your mod.

Known Problems


Future TODO


- Fixed a major bug where if another civ can trade a technology but "can't research" it, the foreign advisor screen becomes unresponsive.

- Fixed a bug where the glance screen wasn't colored correctly for Italian
- Added in the technologies which another player can research to the technology trading screen.
- Added in cammagno's italian translated xml file

- Fixed a bug where the glance screen wasn't colored correctly for foreign languages.
- Changed the Foreign Advisor Title so that it's in the center of the screen.

- Colored the glance number based on the qualitative attitude one player has toward another
- Changed the resource and tech trading screens to SupremeOverlord's version because they were far superior to mine
- Added in religion, civic, and favorite civic information to the renamed "Info" screen (was "Gold")
- Made it compatible with v1.52 patch
- Changed Exotic Foreign Advisor so that it actually inherits from the Foreign Advisor so that the code we actually don't change is used (in case Firaxis makes some improvements in other areas).

- beta version of release (waiting for feedback on it and still need to pretty up and document a lot of the code).


Dec 4, 2007
Could someone make it possible to place signs like in civ 4? Please? I'll be your best friend and bring you cake every day....


Jan 28, 2008
  • Bring back cottages and allow for them to develop into hamlets -> villages -> towns! Currently you have the same horsehockey trade post for 1000 rounds without any development, and no distinction between newly founded cities and ancient cities with 30+ population! And link the development time to the nearest city's population, so that smaller cities need longer to fully reap the rewards (which will balance large empires with a lot of small cities against small empires with a few large cities)! Also this will make pillaging far more useful if the enemy has to slowly build up his towns again!

  • Mines: Have them go through a couple of development stages as well and give them a chance to discover a new resource on the plot if the mine is worked!

  • Farms: The same as for mines, a small chance per round to discover a food resource that gives additional :food:!

  • Luxury resources in quantities like strategic resources. This has been mentioned in the thread already, but I was thinking of a slightly different system: One luxury resource should give +4 happiness, two of the same kind another +2 and a third adds the last bonus of another +1 happiness!

  • Up the unit-per-tile restriction to 2 civilian and 2 military units (4 units maximum). Two civilian units (or maybe more with industrial/modern era techs) will allow for faster improvement, especially in the industrial/modern/future eras where I still have to wait 25+ rounds for an improvement to be completed! I know there are mods that completely abolish the one unit-per-tile restriction, but I think that's too aggressive and the stackless gameplay is actually one of the few things I like in Civ5.

  • Mastery victory. A definite must have! Every victory condition combined, with the game not ending after one player achieves a certain victory!


C2C Supreme Commander
Mar 13, 2006
Ok i have a few requests they are part of my Prehistoric Mod (civ iv): I will list by priority:

1. CaptureSlaves mod
2. Espionage mod
3. Militia mod
4. GreatPerson mod

and in the module of DancingHoskuld: Subdue Animals mod


Nov 13, 2006
any chance anyone would be able to mod in a 'your details' button like Civ IV had so you can change your civ's name while playing the game.
Also add in the edit button for the AI civs on advanced set-up to let you change the names of AI countries as you already do your own on the set-up game screen.
maybe thats not possible though.


Oct 2, 2010
nope.. my mod browser doesn't work either.. other than a few seconds. When i saw it it was on the first page. Not there anymore, afaik.

I did it! :D I found it on the first page, in those couple of seconds, and managed to download it :D Thanks for the heads up ;)


Apr 7, 2009
Is is possible to change the way ancient ruins will add population to cities upon being discovered? They seem to add population to the nearest city which often is left starving and shrinking again, even when "avoid growth" is checked.
Adding the population to the smallest city or only when city has enough food would be a much better aproach.
Haven't found a file which handles this, anyone got an idea or would look into it?


Feb 19, 2006
There is a Diplomacy Number mod in the ingame mod browser but my 'game' is bugged, so I can't download it. Perhaps someone can upload all the mods out there and put them on Civfanatics.


Between the Lines
Oct 20, 2007
### UI - Production Menu Filter ###

I would really like to be able to filter my build options in the city production menu, per city. So if there's a building I know I'm not going to want in a given city, I can send it to the hidden list, for that city. Obsolete builds should move to the hidden list automatically. If possible, it would also be nice to have a generic list of filters that can automatically filter for a particular group, such as by flavor, ie: cultural, militaristic, scientific, etc. That way I could select a flavor for the city and only see the build options that make the most sense.


Sep 23, 2010
Please create 'Top Five cities' menu and Graphic comparison between in-game civilizations.;)
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