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[Mod] True Culture Location and Territory Naming for the Giant Earth Map

Vanilla Feline

Oct 14, 2016
Hey Gedemon,
I was following this mod at its beginning, and then dropped off for a long while. Just hopped on yesterday and saw it was published. Followed all of the installation processes properly, and got all mods working aside from TCL. I could get the giant map going with true starts, but the culture selection wasn't region locked. Is this something you are aware of and working on, or is there an updated version not on Mod.io?

Keep up the great work!


Aug 18, 2020
Hi,does anyone get this to run on the Giant Earth Map after the expansion? I basically only want to play this game with these 2 mods :crazyeye:. I followed installation instructions, downloaded the latest versions, and set number of competitors to 10. But whichever map I pick (the one with -DLC or not) I just get this message and it won't start:

"The operation was canceled.

at Amplitude.Mercury.Game.Game+<DoStart>d__4.MoveNext () [0x00157] in <173fc3c1c3214bc89b88c03b179ae28b>:0
at Amplitude.Coroutine.Run () [0x00019] in <479babf06a1f4b9498857d4c8c52dc95>:0"

Tried to change a few selections but always the same result. Have no other mods installed.
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