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[Map] Giant Earth Map

I am playing with TSL , when i load your map in the editor i can only see 8 Startpositions.
The 8. Startpositions is allways not used , i played 5 games the last 3 days ( only till 200 rounds ) , as i play with your TSL mod and
6 additional civs i am unsure where the 8. Player starts,
Is there some secret setting to enable 10 Startpositions ?

And I want to thank you for your fantastic work on the mods for humankind.
I find it so much better than civ5+6 !
positions are different when you set more than 10 players, I've updated the mod's description on mod.io to show the alternate positions used.

for "normal" gameplay, the editor don't show more than 8 players, you have to directly unzip/edit/zip the map files or use the BHKMap tool to edit the 9-10 players positions
I've also added screens showing the territory indexes and names for the whole map in the OP to help for making .json files for custom Cultures with the TCL mod
Hi! Do you plan to update this map with Mt. Kilimanjaro and other stuff from DLC?
If the editor is fixed, yes.
As you yourself re-posted:

Fixed an issue where an error message is generated when attempting to use the import tool and no png image is found.
yep, not that issue, the one about failing to validate the resources on sea.
It is cool and all to have no horse in Americas but when you role playing home bound culture there it sucks when no one trades horses with you and you need them them even in 20th century
dynamic resources would be nice, always on my mind when I think "overhaul", but not so easy to implement.

I don't plan to maintain multiple versions of the same map, but that should be a simple change for any user once the editor is fixed.


  • Giant Earth Map v1.1.2.0-Africa NW.hmap.zip
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Yes, it loads fine. I know it is hard to fit 2 natural wonders in one Kenya, but current placement of Nitron and Kilimanjaro right next to each other creat 6 tiles impassible terrain. Better sacrifice some accuracy in the name of gameplay
any suggestions?
any suggestions?
The only thing that comes to mind is to move the real lake Victoria tiles 1W. That way we will have Serengeti preserve later. Or one can even settle Nairobi between Victoria and Natron in the north. Natron and Kilimanjaro are so close in real life that any separation will require bigger Africa.
There's a mountain range in the south of China, called the Nanling mountains. It goes from southeast Jiangxi, through the border of Guangdong and Hunan, all the way to Guilin city (Northeast Guangxi). There's also the Wuyi mountains in Fujian. These mountains are a big reason why there are a lot of minority languages like Cantonese, Hakka and Hokkien developed because of their isolation from north China. Also, southern China was considered different to northern China by European mapmakers before they managed to fully explore the area. In Latin, they labelled southern China as Mangi and northern China as Cathay. Serica was another Latin term which Romans used to describe the "northwestern part of China" according to Wikipedia. This could be used for Sichuan or Gansu.
New release on mod.io and gitHub (to keep a diff of files) with the city map files I forgot to add in the previous release...
- add and update missing CityMap files
- add Rosetta DB "draft" file (huge thanks to SeelingCat)
Circling back to this, is it possible to work that in for this mod? I’d prefer to not control where I spawn/have spawning *anywhere* be possible
yeah, but I need to fix the mod first.

unrelated, I'd like players feedback on the proposed change posted in the TCL thread
Went ahead and looked at the locations for the new natural wonders from the Latin America expansion - things are getting a bit tight in Guyana and in Bolivia!
Spoiler Wonders :

Atacama and Uyuni
Angel Falls
Lencois Maranhenses
Dye and Porcelain were not placed because I was thinking they could be good candidate for easily added manufactured luxuries, if we can reuse the Soviet weapon mechanism (and can limit placement by adjacent resource/bonus or resources access)
I recently got a chance to play Uncle2fire's Resources Expanded mod and thought back to the comment above. In the mod, Kaolin is a natural resource, and Porcelain is a manufactured resource available via a Classical Era technology. Dye is still a natural resource in that mod but part of production chains. Not sure where this is on your radar at the moment, but might be a useful model for future development.
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