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Oct 4, 2004
The classic Genghis Kai's GEM converted and edited from civ4 to civ5 for YnAEMP, edited by Hornigas for "Play The World" for civ5, then converted and edited to civ6 for YnAMP.

Giant Earth Map is now released on mod.io, get it there with installation instructions

Also available on gitHub

Territory Indexes/Names:

Spoiler Old World, North Hemisphere :
territory names and id old world north.jpg

Spoiler Old World, South Hemisphere :
territory names and id old world south.jpg

Spoiler New World, North Hemisphere :
territory names and id new world north.jpg

Spoiler New World, South Hemisphere :
territory names and id new world south.jpg

to do list:
  • move "Harrapan" start
  • move "Phoenician" start (slot 4) one tile west
  • add mountain pass between Kazachia and Tarim
  • give access to Caspian Sea for Media
  • add a luxury in Mesopotamia (for Hanging Gardens)
  • add bronze in middle east?
  • South America changes

Spoiler Initial post :
This is the development thread for a potential version for Humankind, here is how the imported shape look like (almost no edit yet, just to give a sense of proportions for those not knowing that map)

Spoiler Americas + Europe/Africa :



Spoiler Asia + Americas :



Before working further on it (yes, I already know that Alaska is cropped here), I'm currently testing the game engine at the max size loading without immediate graphical glitch (203x106) on a world-generator map with 10 players and (hopefully) plenty of ressources, if it works up to the last era, I'll start thinking about how to implement the Giant Earth Map (I'll keep it at 180x94 as we have a database full of city names and starting positions for it)
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Gedemon got me all giddy with glee...you som'fin else, fella. Kudos.
Heads up, there is a problem with the current version of the Humankind Map Editor. If you add landmarks it can cause the map to become unloadable, some issues reported on G2G. I've lost quite a bit of progress on a huge earth map (realistic mercator projection).
Looks like you're already making great progress, but let me know if I can be of any assistance, Gedemon!
Good news, it loads.

I've decided to rush a version with the minimal requirement to test in game, meaning with large regions and a few start position (without elevation, features, POI, resources, ...) because I didn't want to discover after hours of work that it doesn't load in game because of the size.

And the new beta version that improve a lot regions validation (showing where are the errors) helped that decision, else that would have been the most time consuming part of the conversion I think !

Even with large regions I'm relatively close to the limit, so I'll keep them large in most areas, except around the spawning points. Which should be the Ancient cultures TSL.

Once I have completed the map, I think I'll start a new project to succeed my attempt at overhauling Civ6. May take some time before I start as I need to refresh my memory from my tests at modding Old World using C# (my experience with the civ4-5 DLL was with C++, maybe a trivial difference for a real programmer, but I'm just a modder liking to code), hoping by then we'll have a community framework to use DLL mods together.

Then the first thing I plan to try is the concept of changing Culture depending on the territory you control, maybe also forcing a change of the Capital position to the new culture TSL and adding stability penalty to cities depending on their distance from Capital...
Great work!

Some observations: The lack of the Sierra Nevada is rather striking, I must say. I'd also argue the Sacramento river should probably run one tile closer to the coast (giving more room between it and the Colorado for the S.N.). And possibly the grand canyon one tile further south but that's more debatable.

The Ottawa might look better connecting with the St Lawrence further south and west so it forms less of a straight westward line, and the Mississippi should run much closer to L. superior than Winnipeg. That weird bay at the SW end of James Bay could probably be made land, too - it makes James bay runs much too far south, and too close to the Ottawa river.
thanks for the constructive feedback
Spoiler Edited NA :
Excited to see what the regions/territories wind up looking like!
finding a balance between historical regions, biomes and the number of regions limit (I think I've read somewhere at ~220 regions) will be a challenge. I'll recruit beta alpha testers when we're at that point.
Here's to the hope of future patches moving the region index to something that can handle more regions!
Here's to the hope of future patches moving the region index to something that can handle more regions!

Yes, Size of Regions regardless of Map Size proved to be a major source of changes in game play during the VIP testing - for a short while we had enormous Regions stretching almost from one side of a continent to the other and put a serious crimp in how anybody played the game - it became a race to nail down the individual regions simply because they cut off early access to large portions of the continent!

Having more flexibility in total number sof regions would be the quickest way to avoid that problem recurring.
I've checked, I've got around 60 index left, should be enough. The only territory stretching on long distance are the 2 mandatory at the poles and a few landless ocean territory to allow ships/embarked units to move through some areas of the map (like the Mediterranean Sea, the Mexican Gulf or the South-East Asia Islands)

I'm also pondering removing all the Mediterranean islands, not sure how to group them together with the lower size limit.
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