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Morality Poll

Morality Poll

  • Altruistic

    Votes: 6 9.8%
  • Principled

    Votes: 33 54.1%
  • Law-Abiding

    Votes: 7 11.5%
  • Corruptible

    Votes: 5 8.2%
  • Unscupulous

    Votes: 3 4.9%
  • Diabolical

    Votes: 7 11.5%

  • Total voters


Apr 10, 2001
Massachusetts, USA
Where are you on the scale?

The scale runs from top (most virtue) to bottom (least virtue).

I consider myself 'law-abiding' i.e. a lot of room for improvement.
I guess it really depends. I mean, for the most part, I'm law-abiding, and I've stuck to principles like not cheating on girlfriends and not wasting taxpayer's money and the like. But I've done devious and diabolical things, mostly in the day to day practice of being a political hack. Leaks, stacked meetings, subterfuge.

So, it depends, doesn't it?
I'm kind of a Jimmy Swaggert, minus all of the prostitution...so that would put me at "Altruistic"
I suppose a diabolical thing to do would be to lie and call myself an altruist thus lend aid to my collection of public trust so that I may later manipulate and exploit the deepest values and beliefs of those whom I wish to impose my will upon. Only honesty could stop me. Muhaha...

- Maj
Principled. If you lose EVERYTHING else, one thing that can't be taken from you is your principles.
Originally posted by allan
Principled. If you lose EVERYTHING else, one thing that can't be taken from you is your principles.

I'm with you on that!
As I often say in tense conferences and meetings:
"Look!! These are my principles, and if you don't like them,

I've got others.:D

As to the poll, well, there can only be one option: Altruistic:D :nuke:
Really depends on my whim. Some days I love all humanity and want to do good for everyone. Other times my attitude is more like "What's good for me is good for the world, and @#$% 'em if they don't like it."

I am really surprised at this poll, I figured I'd see a bell-curve, but did not expect one with a majority at Principled. We sure have some decent folk here at CivFanatics! :goodjob: :king:

Thanks to all who participated. :)

How dull!

I dumped the good guy crap years ago.

In reality, the bad guys usually win.

Originally posted by Magnus
The scale runs from top (most virtue) to bottom (least virtue).
I completely and strongly disagree with that.
On what basis are you judging "altrusitic" as more virtuous than "principled"?
Altruism is just one choice of high principles. There are other valid principled choices.
So those people who are principled you have never broken any law? So you have never infringed on any copyright laws, you have never lent or borrowed a game, DVD or Video. Yeah right
Quite right Hitro, and that's exactly my point. One person's values may differ from another's. One country's laws may differ from another's. What is considered virtuous in one place may be totally ignored or even vilified somewhere else.

Being principled means having strong values, knowing what those values are, and acting consistently in accordance with those values. It's the knowing and acting consistently that makes a person principled, not acting randomly or just how you feel at the time.
I too chose Principled. I note with some amusement the objections of those who claim we of principle are not. Perhaps we were honest enough to admit that we have violated a few of our principles, and therefore cannot be considered Altruistic, but are not yet bad enough to slide further down?

Altruism is, of course, the ideal. To place the welfare of humanity above our own welfare. Not many can do this, but there are a few, and so the Peace Corps builds bridges and irrigation ditches in Africa.

They do so via the donations, in large part, of we the Principled many.

Hey, everyone go watch Pay it Forward. It's a really good message.
Why do think altruism is the ideal? And why "of course"? As far as I'm concerned, it's an ideal, just one of many. It sounds like it's your ideal FL2, but it's not my ideal. I don't see how you can be so dictatorial about other people's ideals.
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