My first Shadow Game (Immortal)


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Mar 17, 2013
Lakamba should put :hammers: into a granary then whip when possible, no good tiles anyways for size 3.
Then continue with Holkans for barb defense.
So yup i would switch into Slavery now or next turn.

Mutal on settler for the nice floodplains spot, prolly 2e of cows..granary can be done with overflow and / or chop added.
If you cancel the plains cottage (should be grass anyways :)) and chop on the road, that settler can be out very quickly.


Jul 11, 2021
Budapest, Hungary
Finally found some time to play on:

Spoiler T52 :

Mutal switched to settler, probably warrior after for military police. One worker finished the mine then helped the other worker finish the cottage for a turn. Both workers went off chopping.

Founded Chicken Pizza in the turn the fish got into culture - the WB reached the tile 1 turn earlier, but that's OK. Started granary and landed a chop into it.

Lakhamba finished the holkan and carried on with a granary. Switched to slavery after the holkan finisjed. Granary was whipped when the possibility arose. The city will stay at 2 pop and build a settler, the improved cow will help when finished. After some more holkans probably.

Moved the warriors a bit norther. Decided not to flee from the barb warrior, both of our guys have pretty good chances against him.

Holkan went east to scout/fogbust. Found a barb city, which unfortunately prevents the stone settle. Alternative spots can be 1SW of stone (shared cow, flood plain), on the spices (shared corn but kills a forest) or 1E to the spices (desert tile gets some value, more land blocked). 1E spices might be a little greedy, but I tend towards that for now - the flood plain and the forested spices are not bad tiles.

Eastern situation

Western situation



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