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My NEW Forums!

Discussion in 'Other Civ-Related Sites' started by spycatcher34, Sep 9, 2001.

  1. Lucky

    Lucky Game- and Quizmaster

    Nov 6, 2001
    Gamecatcher proudly present the newest additions to our gaming activities:

    The Arcade

    Play classic titles like Asteroids or Tetris, one of the many clones of such games or also new ones just waiting for you to master them. Compete with other forum members for the highscores and ultimately become a trophy holder in your favority game! :yeah:

    The Arcade is fully implemented into the forum, so you´ll surely be recognized as a champion wherever you go. ;)
    For now I have installed over 10 games, but more will surely follow. Of course feel free to start discussing with fellow players about these games. Sooner or later we´ll also need polls to decide which games to keep.
    If you have a little free time or feel bored once in a while, this is the ideal activity to keep you occupied. ;)

    And I have also installed the latest version of NGS, from now on known only under the name:
    "The Kabal Invasion"

    Sign up and play now. :yeah:

    And even more, a new RISK type game in it´s beta version, the "The World Domination Game WorDoG" is available to play for testing purposes as well.

    So, have fun.

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