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New CivFanatics logo Ideas created by AI

Some of these gfx are really stylish...
Pixels can be off with AI, but I suppose you would use a smaller version of the graphic anyway.

While I don't see any reason to not have a competition (like Dale suggested), I am unsure about the legal status of the graphic. So in that vein, it might be a better idea (if you go with human creators) to just pay some artist to do it.

I was the first to suggest a competition, thankyouverymuch.

It seems obvious to me that if bot-generated graphics can't be copyrighted - and since there are ad and member (supporter) revenues that are being collected here - copyright should be a relevant concern.

I know "contest" and "competition" have essentially been four-letter words here for many years, due to the fear of "elitism", but honestly... give people credit for being mature. As for the fear of it being a popularity contest rather than a vote for what people genuinely like the best, simply present the entries without the contestant's name attached, and reveal them after the winner is chosen.

That's how Iron Pen works (during the times when I have time and mental energy to hold one and when there are people interested in participating), and it's how some of the avatar contests work at TrekBBS in the voting threads.

So my recommendation is that if Thunderfall is serious about wanting a new logo for the forum, that he decide on the criteria (size, theme, etc.), the rules (logo would have to go well with every theme, for instance), and have a contest. I can think of several people who could do justice to this, and there are probably more who post in the Civ sections but haven't meandered over to OT who are good artists who could do a good job. Of course there would have to be enough time allowed for people to work on the entries, and I sincerely hope that nobody would just use an AI generator - since the contest would have been announced to avoid that very thing.

As for what the winner would get out of it, that would be for Thunderfall to decide, whether pride for a job well done, maybe a 'supporter' badge, or whatever.

(I don't have the artistic ability to pull something like this off; I'm just making suggestions for something that offers a chance for the forum's artists to have an interesting challenge to work on and receive encouragement and feedback on their efforts - and if their work ends up being used, so much the nicer for them.)
I was playing with chatGPT with DALL-E3 image generation.

My prompt was:

It generated these 4 logos. What do you guys think?
I am very impressed but I am confused why it added two IIs to CivFanatics... :confused: Feel free to post new CivFanatics logo ideas here! I think the site could use a new look! :)

Illustration of a stylized globe with hexagonal tiles, reminiscent of the game board from Sid Meier's Civilization series. The globe is surrounded by ancient and modern icons representing different eras of civilization, such as pyramids, skyscrapers, and swords. Above the globe, the text 'CivFanatics' is written in bold, modern typography.

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True to civ, Babylon built the Statue of Liberty but the Zulus got the Great Wall of China.
I assume Shaka took it off Ramesses.

Also, yes, we need a contest!
The CIV FANTATIICS logo competition
I'm going to enter the contest even though I have zero art skills (and even though there isn't officially a contest yet). The starting design challenge to overcome, it seems to me, is how much of a thin band has to be given over to text (if it's going to be true to the current "Civilization Fanatics Center," rather than the AI prompt "Civfanatics.") And your most important word is a graphically cumbersome word. The current logo manages that fairly well, it seems to me. The key text, one bold image, one faint image, all in a color reminiscent of parchment and sand. None of the AI images work at all, because the AI wasn't told to put its design in a thin band (and because AI design never learned Saint-Exupery's principle).
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I got dalle3 to give me one that says CIIV FANATICS

That was after another one I forgot to ask a label for. Anyway I think cIIv FANATICS beats FANTATIICS ;)

I definitely like the direction some of these logos go (namely 1 and 2), though I would definitely get an actual human to draw them up for the reasons mentioned above.

That was after another one I forgot to ask a label for. Anyway I think cIIv FANATICS beats FANTATIICS ;)

dunno why these images no longer show up
Thunderfall is ominously silent in response to these ideas and feedback...
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