New Python Events: Progress Documentation [WORK IN PROGRESS]


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Jan 24, 2011
Stuttgart, Germany
So well, all the base configuration in "Yields" is now done and thus allows to create Python Events or Python Quests for a bit of flavour.
And since I feel that it is an integral part of this mod to have such flavour content and it is also a bit of fun to create stuff like that, I will now start working on it.

To be clear, I am not looking for new ideas of others, because I have so many ideas for Events and Quests already that I am not even sure if I can implement even half of them.
All this thread is supposed to do is to allow me to preview / show case / document the Python Events and Python Quests I will implement in the course of the next coupe of months.


All in all I easily have already 50+ new Events I really want to write.
(Actually we have so much new content that it would easily allow 100+ new Events)

I will most likely be busy implementing Events for the next couple of months.
(A few events every week just as I find time to do so.)

However I will not be working on this "full time", but from time to time I will create a few events.
(Just whenever I do not have time or motivation to create anything bigger.)


Thus please do not hijack this thread to discuss your own ideas Python Event and Quest unless you are actually implementing or already have implemented them yourself.
For everybody that is actually going to implement Python Events / Python Quests (in branch "Yields"), feel welcome to showcase your own work in this thread as well. :thumbsup:


(Story concepts exist)

Part 1) Terrains / Terrain Features (introduced in "Plains" already)
  • In the Fog (uses new Terrain Feature "Fog")
  • Sandstorm (uses new Terrain Feature "Sandstorm")
  • Cold Death (uses new Terrain Feature "Blizzard")
  • Rock Reefs (uses new Terrain Feature "Rock Reefs")
  • Coral Reefs (uses new Terrain Feature "Coral Reefs")
  • Rich Waters (uses new Terrain Feature "Pearl Reefs")
  • Falling Rocks (uses new Terrain Feature "Meteor Crater")
  • Deadly Mangroves (uses new Terrain Feature "Mangroves")
  • Ancient Forrests (uses new Terrain Feature "Ancient Forrests")
  • Tropical Grove (using Terrain Feature "Tropical Grove")
  • Dense Forrests (uses new Terrain Feature "Ancient Forrests")
  • Lush Gras (uses new Terrain Feature "Lush Grass")
  • Burning Shrubs (uses new Terrain Feature "Shrubs")
  • Flood Plains (using new Terrain Feature "Flood Plains")
  • River Ford (using Terrain Feature River Ford)
  • Screams in the Bog (uses new Terrain Feature "Bog")
  • Crystal Blue Water (uses new Terrain "Shallow Coast")
  • Thin Ice (uses new Terrain "Ice Lake")
  • ...
Part 2) Military Units & Ships (introduced in "Plains" already)
  • Revolt on the Slave Ship (uses new "Slave Ship")
  • Buccanneer Raid (uses new "Bucaneer" Unit)
  • Hunter`s Misssion (uses new "Slave Hunter " Unit)
  • Slave Master`s Offer (uses new "Slave Master " Unit)
  • Suspicious little Ship (uses new "Pirate Cutter" Unit)
  • Flagship of the Fleet (uses new "Royal Man-O-War" Unit)
  • ...
Part 3) Yields, Resources and Experts (introduced in "Plains" or "Yields")
  • The Taylor and the Lady
  • Milkmaid in Need
  • Pig Breeding made easy
  • Chicken or Geese
  • Vanilla Love
  • Cheap Booze
  • Native Roots
  • Peat Digging
  • Black Gold
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Foxes
  • Sea Gulls
  • ...

Part 4) A bit more stuff with Improvements (introduced in "Plains")
  • Salina at the Coast
  • Windmill
  • Iron Mill
  • Saw Mill
  • Farm (maybe using "PlotExtraYields")
  • Plantation (maybe using "PlotExtraYields")
  • River Ferry
  • ...

Part 4) Quests:
  • Honoring the Death (5 Graveyards)
  • Pirate Fleet (5 Ships with Hidden Nationality)
  • Treasure Fleet (3 Galleons)
  • Slave Trader (2 Slave Ships, 2 Slave Masters, 2 Slave Hunters)
  • ...
  • ...
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Civ4Col Modder
Jan 24, 2011
Stuttgart, Germany
Just as a small reminder of "Event and Quest ideas" I had. :)
(Trying to come up with Events / Quests using our new game content.)

So if anybody wants to take a look and feels inspired to use some of the ideas go ahead. :thumbsup:
(All I would really like to see is that e.g. a few of our new Units, Buildings, ... actually get events / quests.)

Spoiler :

Stuff like this here is acutally pretty simple to do.
(e.g. Just a small Quest to build 5 Graveyards.)
Honoring the Death (5 Graveyards)

It just needs somebody to have enough time and motivation to implement.
(There are dozens of similar examples around.
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