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Todo List to finish Branch "Plains" [OBSOLETE]

I decided to dig deeper into this one and found the bug in the call stack.
Thanks again for fixing this bug. :hug:

... not the direct cause.
As already discussed, it is most likely the protoype of the "New Movement Cost System" as @Raubwuerger also suspected.
(Negative Movement Points at end turn is otherwise not possible with the old logic.)


Thanks to both of you guys. :thumbsup:
I implemented 2 more Traits modifiers and added a Founding Father for each.

Spoiler :
I am currently trying to add all the modifers for Africa / Port Royal that Europe already has.
I had forgotten to do that when I originally implemented Africa / Port Royal 10 years ago.
So I kind of consider this "finally correcting my old sloppiness". (Improvements that are long due.)

  • iRecruitPriceDiscountAfrica
  • iRecruitPriceDiscountPortRoyal



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I have now finished all Trait modifiers that I felt were missing in XML. :)
(As I said, it was basically cleaning up old slopiness that could have been cleaned up years ago.)

This here was the last remaining addition for now I felt that was important for that old stuff.
(More will most likely be added, once new features are added.)
  • iDomesticMarketProfitModifierInPercent
So if you want to get more money out of Domestic Sales, get this guy here: James Lancaster
(He is from the East India Company and knows how to drive a hard bargain.)



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With the help of @MightyToad the resources for Turkeys, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are now also animated.



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I just realized that due to the decision to allow (Land) Units to be bought in Port Royal we have a problem. :hmm:
The ships that can sail to Port Royal or be bought there can not transport Land Units.
Spoiler :

Which stupid idiot did that balancing of these ships :gripe:... oh, it was me. :scared:
Which stupid idiot then balanced these Units to be bought in Port Royal :gripe:... oh, me again. :lol:

Oh well, I guess I will also have to add a one or 2 more new ships ... :rolleyes:
(e.g. a "Bermuda Ketch" as a small ship with 1 Cargo Slot that can transport Land Units.)
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Why not just allow the smuggler ship to transport units as well?

A) It is really a tiny ship if you look at it on the map and smugglers did not really transport lots of people. (Immersion)
B) It would become overpowered, because it e.g. also has "Smuggling" feature in Europe. (Gameplay)

If I give the "Smuggler Ship" also the capability to transport Units, playsers like myself would in endgame use nothing else.
You would save taxes selling in Europe and also be able to take back Units when sailing home to the colonies.

It is also one of the few Ships being able to sail to Port Royal.
It is also already really fast and even hast 2 Cargo slots.

Now with the changes in Port Royal it can also be bought there.
So it would easily be possible to assemble a whole fleet of it.

Not being able to transport Units is a huge drawback though that balances all of the above.
Thus, the trip back to the colonies is basically wasted unless you transport back goods as well.



This ship is already so good that additionally giving it the capability to also transport Units would make it OP.
(Mostly because it has the "Smuglling Feature". If it could transport Units as well, I would use almost nothing else anymore.)
All right, this makes sense.
That means for me I will adjust the Port Royal trade events accordingly.
There is no reason to change any of the events right now. :)
Actually I am not even sure what you want to change and why. :dunno:

Otherwise simply give me a little bit of time and I will implement that new ship as I had written above. :thumbsup:
It is not a big change and all I need to do is to take time looking through the graphics to select the best model for it.

e.g. a "Bermuda Ketch" as a small ship with 1 Cargo Slot that can transport Land Units.
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All right, this makes sense. That means for me I will adjust the Port Royal trade events accordingly.
It is not a big change and all I need to do is to take time looking through the graphics to select the best model for it.

The ship that can sail to Port Royal and transport Units is now ready to be used. :thumbsup:
(It is the Pirate Cutter from here.)
Thanks to the mini-guide of @MightyToad, these Ship graphics he created are now fully converted to Civ4Col.
All of them have been tested ingame and work, including animations. :)

A lot of this was done so I could learn how to convert Civ4BTS graphics for Civ4Col.
Now I think I understood it good enough mysel to also explain other Civ4Col modders.

@MightyToads mini guide for NIFScope
Additional remarks because I learned painfully wasting lots of time:
Important to know considering Civ4Col:
(Otherwise graphics will crash the game or look pretty strange.)

1) Every single part a Unit graphic for Civ4Col needs a Shader (incl. Shrouds and Flags).
2) Shader TCiv4MechShader seems to works very nicely on ships.
3) Once that is take care of as described here, everything seems to work nicely.

It took me quite some time to make them compatible, create Buttons and create 2D Europe graphics.
Thus I have not yet fully implement and balanced them. I hope that I can finish it though tomorrow.

Like always, that new stuff does not come without small features to it. :mischief:
Will not spoil all of the surprise though before I have them implemented.


Naval Brig:

Royal Troop Galleon:

Royal Frigate:

Slave Barque:


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Should we go crazy with 1st Rate to 6th Rate war ships??? :hmm:

Actually I would only have to integrate 2 more ships of which I already have the graphics. (created by @Schimddie)
All other 4 are already in there, since the "Royal Frigate" is currently already in implementation.

Well, need to think about this concept tomorrow morning when I have coffee again. :coffee:
(It sounds a little bit ... exagerate. But somehow I still like it.)

Feedback to the concept is welcome. :thumbsup:
(All graphics shown would be working ingame.)


1st Rate --> Royal "Man' O War"


2n Rate --> Colonial "Man' O War"


3rd Rate --> Royal Ship of the Line


4th Rate --> Colonial Ship of the Line


5th Rate --> Royal Frigate


6th Rate --> Colonial Frigate


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More ships, particularly the PR unit that can also transport troops, was something I've been yearning for a long time. Love to see this implemented!
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