New unit: Bone Giant (Jan 13th, 2005)


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal
Here is a magical old creation by the Tomb Kings of warhammer fantasy: Bone Giant.
:) enjoy :)

Here are the files:
Bone Giant

Here are previews


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All right! First post!

Awesome unit, as always, aaglo. I can't wait to download this guy and get him in my game. Excellent animations, especially the death anime. Is that first one a roar of victory? Either way, great work. :D

Though, he does seem to be missing something... :mischief: maybe some kind of headgear :p
It looks excellent. A touch too egyptic to fit seamlessly in MoM (as if the current units formed a seamless pattern...), but that was to be expected. However, I definitely can use it if I just find a place for it.
Holeee.....!! That's one huge skeleton. You know, If I was still into modding Diablo II, I could probably convert that guy to replace some of the Necromancer's high-end Skeletons, since he is about the size the charachters in Diablo II are....
I especially like his swords. Very cool unit, aaglo!
Man that is one heck of a skele! I'll be finding it a home in my mod as a Bone Golem! :nya:
Very nice aaglo! :) I like the way he walks and the death anim is pretty cool too...
mrtn said:
It's cool!
In the large pedia preview you see white in his mouth though...:hmm:
I'm not an expert of the bone giant anatomy - there might be 'bone' behind the mouth, but then again there might not. I that bothers you, you may paint that white area any colour you like :)
Awesome :D Although shouldn't he be swinging a little lower to cut down the puny humans beneath him? :D The walk is especially cool (and the death of course).
Awesome skeleton aaglo! And no, the only bone behind the mouth is the neck bones where they connect to the bottom of the skull.
Awesome unit aaglo! :goodjob:
I've always thought walking skeletons were some of the coolest parts of fantasy. :D
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