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[GS] Newbi needs help :(

Discussion in 'Mod Creation Help' started by Fran-Viera, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Fran-Viera

    Fran-Viera Chieftain

    Aug 17, 2019
    Hello all :)
    First of all my english is sadly not so good^^ Im german and having some issues with english, :)
    Well ok to the important part.
    I wanted to create Nitocris from the Fate universe for Civilization 6, and having alot issues with it.
    I watched alot of guideds. Keniisus and Joshs guides on Youtube and some other guides in written from.
    But im getting more and more confused. Some guides are old, or other guides miss something.
    as example. Joshs guide on YT is from 2017 and doenst shows the newest features.
    Keniisu tried hies best but he has no idea how to add textures and other stuff. as a newbi its pretty hard to understand everything :(

    The progress i did was, that iw as able to atleast create something what is really shown in Civ 6 also. But with no pictures at all. No icons nothing, just the absolute basic, the custom unit called Wereret (old Egypt heavy Chariot) is the first unit and not the unit i want it to be.
    I cannot open Asset Editor also. it always shows me the error:

    Ivalid base game assets path : E\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meiers'sCivilization VI SDK\AssetModTools\Cooker

    Usage: AssetsEditor.exe PathToGameInstall ModName ModPantryPath [DependencyName DependencyPantryPath...DependencyNameDependencyPantryPath]

    I know how to create .dds Files via Gimp, but wont help me anything if i cannot open the Development Assets :( I tried to reinstall it, i tried to open it directly with new template, but nope it doenst open in any way.

    I would be pretty happy if someone would help me :( i wanna create a new collection of FATE Leaders and Civs, but im totally stuck. I am reading and watching since nearly a week now guides and i feel like didnt have done any progress :( Please help me :(
    Maybe you have a good template or something what has most stuff included for me with what i can start :(

    Thank you @All for atleast reading it.
    Nice greetings

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