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BOTM 242: Hatshepsut the Sailor of Egypt.

Hatshepsut the sailor? What's going on? Well it wasn't planned that way. It was going to be, Hatshepsut the Lady of the Mighty Horses. Unfortunately, soon after her loyal subjects had researched, found horses, and learned how to build war chariots, the Great Flood came. It washed away the beautiful city of Alexandria, where all the known horse pastures were located. All the knowledge the wise men had learned was destroyed with them, leaving as the only survivors a unit of chariots, who by good fortune were training on a high hill on the day the floods came. And Hatshepsut herself, who was leading a band of settlers exploring the far South, away from the floods.

Since that dreadful day, brave men have explored and reported back that they can no longer find any land route by which the chariot unit can return to protect their noble Queen. Such is their desperation that it has even been suggested that Hatshepsut's people should endeavour to learn the secrets of building boats to sail across the new seas. To add to their woes, all the ancient maps have been lost; but rumours abound that the only location where horses, or indeed, any resources that might be used to equip people to fight and defend the once-mighty Egyptians, have ever been found is to the North, where Alexandria used to lie. It is believed that, if those resources cannot be reached, then the Egyptian empire will lie helpless against whatever hostile foreigners might lurk in the World.

And that is why Hatshepsut has come, more out of a sense of hope than any current actuality, to be known as 'Hatshepsut the Sailor'

Game settings:
Playing as: Hatshepsut the Sailor of Egypt
Rivals: 6 AIs
Difficulty: Prince
Starting Era:
Speed: Normal
Options: None
Victory Conditions:
All enabled

Map settings:
Map: Inland sea (edited)
World Wrap: None
Mapsize: Standard
Climate: Temperate
Sea level: High
Map latitudes: -60°S to 60°N

Hatshepsut the Sailor is Spiritual and Creative, and you start with The Wheel and Agriculture.

The Spiritual trait gives no anarchy and double production speed of Temple and Cristo Redentor

The Creative trait gives +2 culture/city each turn and double production speed of Colosseum, Library and Theatre

Unique unit: War Chariot (replaces Chariot)
A favourite for early sneak attacks, the war chariot is stronger than a chariot, with a base strength of 5. And it's also immune to first strikes.

Unique Building: Obelisk (replaces Monument)
The obelisk lets you turn 2 citizens into priests. Very nice if you want a super-early great prophet!

Starting screenshot

This is the start of the game (click for a bigger image):

Challenger Class Equalizers:
You play on immortal level (but the AI still start with prince level starting units)

To Enter the Competition:

This competition will open at 00:01 am on 1 Oct 2022, server local time (UTC-6:00). From that date and time, you'll be able to get your chosen starting save >>>here<<<.

Submit the save after your victory (or defeat) here, by 1 Nov 2022 8 Nov 2022.

Here is a link to a list of the differences between Vanilla, Warlords and BtS.

Software Versions

Windows: This game MUST be played in Beyond the Sword (NOT Civ4 Vanilla or Warlords), patched to version 3.19, and with the BUFFY mod version 3.19.005 installed. You can download the BUFFY mod here. Players using Windows Vista or Windows 7 are encouraged to read the notes on Vista fixes here.

Macintosh: This game MUST be played in Beyond the Sword (NOT Civ4 Vanilla or Warlords), patched to version 3.19, and with the Mac BUFFY mod version 3.19.003 installed. You can download the Mac BUFFY mod here.

While playing...

Remember - for your entry to be accepted, it MUST be your first attempt to play this game, and you MUST NOT replay any turns. If you make a mistake while playing, you have to live with it, learn from it, and carry on the game without replaying.

We will open 'spoiler' threads during the month for players to discuss what happens in their games. Do not discuss any details of your game outside those threads.
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Let's review everything. Most important, because all victory conditions are enabled, that includes the Time Victory, so there's a definite endpoint to this game. :twitch: No options means we do have barbs, events, and goody huts (something for the war chariot to search for, while waiting for a galley). And we've been told that all of our strategic resources are up on that island. So...settle in place, build a worker, followed by a settler as soon as practical to move to the hill at the mouth of the river, then get that one building a galley ASAP. Research: Mining for the gold, then Fishing and Sailing. Prince difficulty means we get one free win against barbarians, who won't show up for 30 turns.

I'm looking forward to this!
Mining first for sure....but after that I am thinking Pottery, before Fishing/Sailing.

Riverside gold with flood plain cottages...on Prince! CS is the bare minimum Oracle target....Education might even be on the cards!

I'm also foolishly hoping my chariot can find a nice seaside capital to conquer very early, but I would assume this isn't going to happen.
Settling on gold seems tempting here
yay for the new game! still probably too busy irl to play, but looks very cool. In the worst case, will play later after submission closes
Well I got Covid, which gives me some time to play civ. Unfortunately, yesterday it took me all of six turns to totally botch BOTM 244. So my kind request is that you similarly upload the starting save for BT0M 243 if you are so kind and willing.

Edit: posted in wrong thread.
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