Operation Enduring Freedom

mom still don't let me. :gripe:

It's all good, sometimes moms have other, better reasons (or better yet, intuition! :D :ack:)

General, if you could send me the files I will upload them. PM sent.
Operation Enduring Freedom is here again.

edit: Link is back on first page.
Dude you should consider upgrading, Conquests has a huge bang for buck ratio in my opinion..
but then, its probably my favorite game...
Holy crap!! I had no idea you guys were playing and commenting on my scenario! I feel like such an ass. I come on this site often and I'm fudging around trying to learn CIV IV modding, but I hadn't check if anyone was looking at my old CIV III scenarios. I'm sorry you guys had to do such a roundabout way of getting my scenario to work. It's just been so long since anyone has messaged on my threads, I didn't think about it.

Anyway, I'm sorry guys. Let me know if you need anymore help. I am in the military, but I'm stateside, so I've got time to fool around with this stuff. No better way to pay tribute than to make a scenario like this anyway.

Thanks for playing and commenting guys, I really appreciate it.
So I take my link down now? Feel free to use the image if you so wish. :)
Whatever you like, nice picture though. I'm thinking of making something like this for CIV IV when I finally learning it. There are so many things I couldn't put in the old game that I can do with CIV IV. Thanks alot for helping out and I'm sorry you had to do it.
Link down. It was General 666 that had the files.
Well thanks for picking up the slack. If you ever need something, give me a private message, I'll see that. Although in the future I'm going to be more vigilant.
Ok. I think most of the people that post here frequently are always checking their account ("My Account" link in the top menu) which defaults to showing a list of all subscribed threads recently posted in. It's one way to keep on top of things. :)
that's what i do. :)

btw, do you know if this scenario could be remade for civ III vanilla?
You would basically have to start from scratch and many functions of gameplay present in Conquests would not be available for vanilla. Put simply, if vanilla civ3 is your favorite game, Conquests along with all its scenarios and mods is vanilla x2.
vanilla is all i have and i can't get conquests. :/
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