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Pax Elohim (Fall from Heaven II: Shadow)

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Stories & Tales' started by EverNoob, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    Shhhh, that is besides the point :mischief:

    I've played the next chapter already, I'm writing it up very slowly. I will most likely post it next weekend.

    Auric is pretty much out of the loop in this game. He can't be on the Overcouncil so he doesn't get the benefit of +1 trade route. So he's economically at a disadvantage as well as diplomatically. However he's still a problem to the Elohim by virtue of simply being Evil. Despite mounting international pressure for him to reform :mad:
  2. Sofista

    Sofista card-carrying

    Oct 16, 2006
    Trento, Italy
    Empyrean enables Overcouncil, CoE the Undercouncil.

    Overcouncil is a place for good/neutral leaders to coordinate a common policy; Undercouncil is... ever seen those movies where the world's axis of evil meets at a table? Something like that, available to evil/neutral leaders. The two 'councils are mutually exclusive.

    @EverNoob: this story is great! :goodjob:
  3. Chip56

    Chip56 King

    Jan 19, 2006
    Just to clearify:
    You don't have follow the religions. You only need the tech honor /deception to join.
  4. TheJopa

    TheJopa Šumar

    Dec 29, 2005
    Update soon?
  5. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    It's coming...slowly...my brain is still fried from an intense exam session :crazyeye:
  6. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    Chapter 10 - The Winter War

    Year 289-306

    Searing heat and smoke was everywhere. The stench of burning flesh permeated the air, punctuated by the occasional death cry. Chalid Astrakein watched as more Illians were engulfed by his Pillar of Flames. He basked in the glory of righteousness as the Light of Lugus purified their wicked souls amidst the burning flames.

    This is what he lived for.

    As he continued walking through the burning streets of Ashtuk escorted by his Radiant Guard, a contingent of Illian defenders threw their weapons down in surrender. The poor souls, Chalid thought, ignorant of the great mercy he would soon bestow unto them. The Radiant Guard Commander awaited his orders.

    “True repentance cannot come through fear of one’s life. Let their trial by fire cleanse their souls, so they may enter the afterlife with purity of spirit.” As soon as he uttered the mantra, the Pillar of Flames surrounded the Illians. Their dying screams short lived as their bodies turned to ash. The Radiant Guard recited their prayers, sending their spirits into the afterlife.

    He moved to the next section of the city as he ordered the Paladins to subdue the western quarter. Though their defense was broken, there were still pockets of resistance to be cleared out. According to his Radiant Guard, Corlindale and his Monks were persuading the Illians to surrender without a fight, in exchange for sparing their lives. Chalid frowned inwardly. There was no room for pacifists on the front lines. Were it not for the Lord Logos' insistence that Corlindale command the Warrior Monks of Cahir Abbey, he would have gladly left the old man back home.

    In spite of Corlindale's interference Chalid looked forward to cleansing the Illian nation. If only the old man shared his devotion.

  7. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    Good to see this return.

    I almost feel sorry for the Illians. Almost...
  8. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    Spoiler Turn details :

    Year 289 - The Illian War

    Auric Ulvin threatened us, asking for Fanaticism. When we refused to give it to him he declared on us!

    Because of the long peace we currently have a fairly small military. Chalid, Corlindale, 7 Chariots, a Vicar and 2 Radiant Guard form the useful portion of our army. Even though it's small, Chalid is a one-man-army and Corlindale is an archmage so it evens things out.

    Most of our army was stationed in Cafes already, except the Vicar in Inishbofin. This puts us in a position to capture the city of Ashtuk this turn.

    Our city of Inishbofin is lightly defended with 2 Warriors and a Vicar, but most of the nearby Illian units based at Sacred Cavern are slow. If they decide to attack we'll have time to reinforce Inishbofin.

    Ashtuk was only defended by 3 Javelin Throwers...using Chalid's Crown of Brilliance we easily captured it. I think the AI needs some tweaking.

    The Illians have Iron near the city of Rorkat. Gostai contains the Temple of Temporance and Hooplak (off the map, north of Gostai) contains the Prophecy of Ragnarok. Ultimately I want to capture the Prophecy of Ragnarok to keep the AC down.

    Year 290 - I'm using Corlingdale with Domination to take control of Auric's units. The spell effect isn't very spectacular so I won't bother with an image. I'm also using Blinding Light from the Radiant Guard to immobilize units until Corlindale can come by to Dominate them.

    Year 291

    Auric's army finally shows up for a counterattack, and is easily defeated using Chalid's Crown of Brilliance + Pillar of Fire.

    Year 293 - Begun siege on Yak's Spur. Corlindale and Chalid doing their thing.

    Year 294 - Battle of Yak's Spur

    We capture the city of Yak's Spur.

    Year 296

    Peaceful handover of Kabhalg

    Since Cardith is such a good pal of ours, he's handing over the settlement of Kabhalg to us peacefully.

    We also bribed Cardith into converting to the Empyrean for 240 gold.

    Battle of Sacred Cavern

    Captured the city of Sacred Cavern.

    Upgraded outdated Warriors to Paladins.

    We're receiving tribute from Tebryn: Iron and Sugar.

    Year 298 - The Altar

    Pontif Elmin adds another piece to the Altar of Luonnotar

    Year 301 - Jonas Endain, Head Counciler

    Jonas Endain has been elected Head Counciler of the Overcouncil!

    Captured the city of Takar

    Year 303 - Done researching Commune with Nature, going for Optics now that we're no longer landlocked.

    Year 304 - Captured the city of Ahepetr

    Year 306 - Welcoming Myrean

    The Kuriotates settlement of Myrean joins our nation!

    We capture the Illian city of Laktor.

    Trading our Silk to Jonas Endain for Bananas.

    Done researching Optics, now going for Astronomy.

    The war so far

    Our military has grown considerably, thanks to Corlindale. All the southern Illian cities have been captured. We're ready to push westward soon.
    Spoiler Map of war front :

  9. Xyan

    Xyan Cyber Monk

    Nov 23, 2007
    Brilliant story. I only just found it and finished all ten chapters in a single read. But realised that it was played on a much older version of ffh2. So I reckoned that there will be no more updates?

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