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Pax Elohim (Fall from Heaven II: Shadow)

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Stories & Tales' started by EverNoob, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    Spoiler Turn details :

    upgraded to patch "d"

    Year 166

    Faeryl Viconia demands that we stop trading with the Kuriotates. We refused her demand. She might turn on us at any moment...

    Traded Knowledge of the Ether to Cardith Lorda for Hunting.

    Year 167 - Orcish Gambit

    Jonas Endain has declared war on us without provocation! Doh, I wish I hadn't traded KoE to Cardith so I could maybe bribe him with it to declare war on Jonas.

    Clan forces consist of 4 Wolf Riders advancing toward Slane. Thankfully they're only promoted with Flanking. Slane is garrisoned by 2 fortified Warrriors.

    Almost all our Horsemen are in the former Sheaim cities, we're sending 4 fully healed Horsemen to Slane but it'll take 1 turn for them to get there. However we have 1 Horseman at Cahir Abbey that can reach Slane this turn. We use him to attack the Wold Riders and manage to kill 1.

    Clan territory is on the other side of Lanun lands. We've successfully signed an Open Borders treaty with the Lanun in order to be able to cross over.

    Acheron the Red Dragon as awakened from his slumber.

    Year 168 - The Orcs have retreated, we choose not to pursue. Now have 5 Horsmen and 2 Warriors stationed at Slane.

    Year 169 - Sending some Horsemen into Lanun lands to see what's going on.

    Year 171 - Runes of Kilmorph

    Cardith Lorda has founded the Runes of Kilmorph and has converted.

    The Horsemen don't see any Clan forces in Lanun lands so they're heading back to Slane.

    Signed an Open Borders agreement with Tebryn Arbandi. Looks like he's eager for reconciliation.

    Year 173

    The Orcs have reappeared and are heading toward Slane with 6 Wolf Riders. This time some of them have combat I. Our Horsemen are stronger than their Wold Riders, especially within our borders, so we attack them.

    Reduced the Orcish forces to 2 Wold Riders, 1 of which is heavily injured.

    The Great Prophet Belatu Cadros has appeared at Cahir Abbey. Keeping him to build the Empyrean holy shrine.

    Year 174 - The remaining Wolf Riders move past Slane and pillage our cottages. We eliminate them easily.

    Year 175

    5 more Wolf Riders charge toward Slane.

    We eliminate them but we lose 2 of our Horsemen.

    Year 176

    Auric Ulvin and Alexis declare war on Cardith Lorda!

    Managed to negotiate a peace with Jonas, he must be tired of having his Wolf Riders slaughtered. This will leave us available to help the Kuriotate if need be. I'm sending a Horseman into Kuriotates territory to see how things are going in there.

    Begun construction of the Great Library in Inishbofin. Even though I have Marble it's a gamble, the production could be used for more military.
  2. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    Indeed, attacking cities with scouts is a very quick path to oblivion :crazyeye:
  3. Gooblah

    Gooblah Heh...

    Jun 5, 2007
    Cool. It looks like the Elohim are fiercer than the other Empires know.

    If you are going for an Altar of the Luonnatar Victory, then you'll need a huge supply of Great Prophets. You might get some help if you summon Basium (an interesting plot twist), but that would result in a mass crusade against the rest of the world. If Carditha falls, then you're a goner.
  4. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    Since I already have the first altar, need 5 more prophets. I'm not in a big hurry though because I need Ominiscience to build the final altar, and that's a long way off.

    Some FfH2 Lore:
    The Elohim probably view Basium as a last resort and would call on him only if the Infernals were unstoppable. Historically speaking the last thing they want is for angels and demons to slug it out on Erebus since it would result in mortal casualties. The enforcement of the Compact and the preservation of mortal life are at the origins of the Elohim.

    I'm gonna try everything I can to keep Cardith from losing his cities, short of going to war. If I declare war it might escalate and result in a huge good vs evil conflict, which I want to avoid.
  5. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    Chapter 5 - The Dawn in Faeryl's Heart

    Year 177-197

    Faeryl Viconia sized him up as her Hunters escorted him into the Unseelie court. He certainly did not fit the usual image of a Prophet. She had expected a monkish bookworm, instead Belatu Cadros was an imposing figure. Standing several heads taller than anyone in the court, he looked back at her confidently, yet...kindly. Having always prided herself in her ability to discern fear that others wished to conceal, Faeryl was surprised to sense no fear in him. Very strange, she thought, considering he had just been kidnapped1 from his home in Slane.

    As soon as he arrived before her, the Hunters stepped back. By now they usually begged for their lives, occasionally the bolder ones demanded their immediate release. However Belatu Cadros simply stood quietly, waiting for her to speak. Apparently he was familiar with elven court etiquette, she was slightly impressed.

    "No doubt you are wondering why you are here" Faeryl said, carefully watching his reaction.

    "I beg your forgiveness, Your Majesty, but I already know why I am here" he replied candidly.

    She raised her eyebrows slightly. "Indeed, in that case please tell us why we've brought you here".

    "Your Majesty, if I may be so bold, the question of why I am here and why you've brought me here are not the same. The reason why I am here is clear to me through the revelations of Lugus. However your motives for bringing me here are yours alone to know."

    Faeryl could not help but smile. This promised to be interesting. "Please do tell me more about these revelations of Lugus. For example, I cannot help but wonder why a Prophet of Lugus did not foresee his own kidnapping".

    "Lugus did indeed deign to reveal it to me, as it was with foreknowledge of my kidnapping that I dismissed my retainers that evening. Your Majesty, I stayed home alone to avoid harm to those who would protect me from your servants."

    The Queen scoffed in disbelief, surely he was bluffing. However she could sense no deception on his part. And she was an expert at such things. Her curiosity was growing by the minute. "An intriguing answer, but wouldn't you agree, dear Belatu Cadros, that any man in your present situation could make such a claim. How am I to tell the truth from a clever lie?"

    "Your Majesty is most correct. Though I speak only the truth, I have not said anything that could entice you to believe me. With Your Majesty's permission, I would remedy this situation at once."

    Faeryl nodded.

    "The Light of Lugus is open to all who seek the truth. As his faithful servant, many truths have been revealed to me. As we speak, Your Majesty's royal assassin, Alazkan, hides among the onlookers of the court. No doubt he awaits to execute me at your pleasure. Also, concealed behind that fine tapestry next to your throne, a squad of Archers stand alert, arrows ready should I make any attempt to cast a spell. I pray that is sufficient to convince you of my candour, Your Majesty."

    Most impressive, she thought. Several heartbeats passed in silence, as the Queen scrutinized the Prophet. He had broad shoulders and a rugged appearance, which was very unusual for a priest. Upon closer inspection she even thought he was handsome, for a human.

    Faeryl broke the silence. "My dear Belatu Cadros, you have succeeded in convincing me of your honesty. However I am left to wonder about one last truth. If you knew of my Hunters' intentions beforehand, why did you allow yourself to be kidnapped?"

    "I gladly answer Your Majesty's question with two truths. The first is that I stand before you today by the will of Lugus. As for the second", he paused for a moment. Then he continued, looking her straight in the eyes. "Your Majesty's reputation as the fairest maiden in all Erebus is legendary, and it was my desire to witness your beauty with my own eyes. I daresay, Your Majesty, that your reputation is more than justified, and should you decide to execute me this day, I shall die content."

    Gasps and murmurs of nobles could be heard across the court, then gradually all became quiet as every onlooker held their breath. The Queen laughed, and continued laughing for several moments. The onlookers' faces were full of confusion. Even Alazkan seemed unsure what do to.

    Faeryl hadn't enjoyed herself this much in a long time. Killing the Prophet would be such a waste. Finally she managed to stop laughing. "My dear Belatu Cadros, you certainly have peaked my interest. We should retire to my chambers so that you may fulfill your reasons for coming here. Both reasons."


    1. In the game, kidnap is a special ability available to Svartalfar recon units. It gives a chance for a recon unit to capture another civ's great person from one of their cities.
  6. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    Spoiler Turn details :
    Year 177

    The Kuriotates just lost the settlement (I hope) of Clar Karond.

    Alexis asked us to join her in the war against the Kuriotates! Fat chance.

    Year 179 - The Empyrean

    The Empyrean founded in Slane!

    Now researching Archery.

    Traded Honor to Cardith Lorda for Calendar, Way of the Earthmother and his World Map. This way Cardith can switch to Overcouncil.

    We switch to Overcouncil and Foreign Trade. I'm reluctant to switch to City States because of the War Weariness should we go to war.

    Refused Auric's demand that we stop trading with the Kuriotates.

    Year 180 - The Great Prophet Belatu Cadros builds the Dies Diei in Slane.

    Year 181 - Trying to reconcile with Jonas, signed Open Borders agreement with the Clan.

    Year 182 - We convert to the Empyrean.

    Year 184 - Escalation

    The Kuriotates asked us to stop Trading with the Illians. As a gesture of solidarity we accepted.

    Hannah and Jonas have declared war on the Kuriotates. They're all dogpiling on him.

    Refused Jonas' demand to stop trading with the Kuriotates.


    Built the settlement of Cafes deep in the Mystic Forest, near the Illian border. I'm gonna have to be careful, because the heavy forest makes using Horsemen difficult.

    Year 185

    Refused Auric's request to join him in his war against the Kuriotates.

    The Clan and the Lanun destroy 2 Kuriotates settlements. On the bright side, according to our observers inside Kuriotates land none of the cities are in immediate danger.

    Year 187

    Someone beat us to the Great Library! It was probably the Sidar.

    Done researching Archery, now going for Code of Laws.

    Year 189

    We gave Cardith Lorda the secrets of Archery with the condition that he adopts the Overcouncil.

    Trained our first Adept. He'll be used to cast Courage and spring.

    Year 190 - Faeryl's Redemption

    Faeryl Viconia has converted to the Empyrean! She is now neutral. Gifted Way of the Wise to her. After that we'll gift Honor so she can join the Overcouncil as well.

    Year 191

    I've been elected as Head councilor of the Overcouncil! It's diplomacy time.

    Alexis cast River of Blood. Ouch. And she asked us to join her war against the Kuriotates, again.

    Gifted Honor to Faeryl Viconia.

    Year 192

    Faeryl Viconia adopts Overcouncil!

    Cardith Lorda and Auric Ulvin have made peace. Things are beginning to look up.

    Since we're such close buddies on the Overcouncil, Faeryl Viconia has accepted to trade us her Copper in exchange for our Cows.

    Year 193 - We've accepted Faeryl Viconia's request for Way of the Earthmother. The benefit she'll get from that is marginal, so it's worth the diplomatic relations bonus.

    Year 194 - Done researching Code of Laws, now going for Orders from Heaven to found the Order.

    Year 197 - The Ashen Veil

    The Ashen Veil is founded in the Svartalfar city of Brakkah...hmmmm the big question is will she convert to AV and return to her dark ways?

    Jonas converts to the Empyrean!

    So far the Overcouncil includes us, Cardith and Faeryl.
  7. phoenix_sprite

    phoenix_sprite King

    Jan 30, 2006
    Ottawa, Canada
    Your skills are amazing, fully kept me entertained, enough to supply a full imagery waiting for an update to this wonderful storyline as for the game, well good luck, keep your allies close and your enemies closer. :)
  8. FiveAces

    FiveAces Emperor

    Jul 2, 2007
    I'm confused - did she kidnap your prophet? I didn't see it in the turn details, only the story.
  9. Chip56

    Chip56 King

    Jan 19, 2006
    Since he has used him to build the empyrian shrine thats unlikly.
    But it makes a good story :)
  10. Gooblah

    Gooblah Heh...

    Jun 5, 2007
    Evernoob, when did you get the First Altar? It wasn't in the turn logs or stories IIRC..did you play it out and not post yet?
  11. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    Chip56 is right, I used him to build the Empyrean shrine. But since he "disappears" when you build the shrine, I thought it would make a good story. :D

    I built the first altar in year 131 using my 2nd great prophet. Didn't include it in the story becase I thought the first altar wasn't worth writing about yet. I just added an underlined title in the turn reports to highlight it.
  12. Calbrenar

    Calbrenar Prince

    Jul 13, 2004
    So they did or didn't use the kidnap ability? I'm guessing not since you don't get a settled great prophet when founding a wonder but you did say you had one in the city from earlier. I was under the impression that that ability didn't work yet in D
  13. Ekolite

    Ekolite The Mighty Jungle

    Sep 15, 2007
    Celtia Atrebatia
    No, they didn't actually kidnap him, but the kidnapping made a better story then ''the prophet made Deis dei'', which is what really happened. Any idea when the story will be updated EverNoob?
  14. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    My final exam period is coming up soon so my head is in "linear thinking mode" which makes it hard for me to write a good story. I'll try and update it when I can, but I'm not sure when it'll be.
  15. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    Chapter 6 - Shining Light of the Empyrean

    Year 198-229

    "As every dawn is a new beginning for the world, so too can dawn break in even the darkest heart"

    As Queen Ethne and Einion Logos shared their daily morning tea, he could not help but notice how extremely pleased she seemed today. Following the wave of enlightenment that was sweeping across Erebus, the Calabim had openly renounced the Ashen Veil and had instead embraced the light of the Empyrean. But despite his best efforts, Einion Logos was unable to share Ethne's enthusiasm. He wondered if perhaps he was getting too old and cynicism was getting the best of him, he thought.

    "Your Majesty, I feel I must express my reservations concerning Queen Alexis. According to ancient Elohim lore, she is the mother of all Vampires and is quite conceivably the most ancient creature alive on Erebus. She has had thousands of years to embrace the light of Lugus. The fact that she has chosen this particular moment to repent seems highly suspect, to say the least."

    Ethne was rather surprised. Einion was usually the first to grant wicked souls a chance at redemption. "Lord Logos, of all people I did not expect you to question Queen Alexis' repentance. Who is to say how much time must pass before the light of Lugus shines into a dark heart?"

    "In the case of ordinary mortals, Your Majesty would indeed be correct. However Alexis is anything but ordinary. Her immortality depends on consuming the blood of mortals. Even the teachings of Lugus cannot change that fact."

    "Queen Alexis has assured the Overcouncil that Vampires will no longer drink the blood of the innocent. They shall henceforth feed only on the blood of murderers and rapists. Surely there is justice in that, Lord Logos."

    "That point I do not doubt. What disturbs me, Your Majesty, is that Lugus teaches us to give every soul a chance at redemption. Calabim criminals sentenced to be Bloodpets for the Vampires are not given that chance. Also, I fear what will happen in the future once Alexis runs out of wicked souls to devour. For surely if the righteous prevail, wickedness will become a thing of the past."

    "Your words have the ring of truth to them, Lord Logos. However we must have faith in Lugus. I believe Alexis should be given the chance to prove herself. After all we gave a chance to Faeryl, Jonas, Hannah, and even Tebryn. They have all proven their faith in Lugus and are now our allies, therefore it is only fair that we allow Alexis her opportunity."

    Einion Logos was not a man of faith. That is not to say he did not believe in the gods, quite the contrary. He respected and often collaborated with the gods, but he did not serve them. Such was the tradition in the Order of Elohim since the time of Immanuel Logos. Therefore he did not share the Queen's optimistic faith in Alexis' enlightenment. In truth, he strongly suspected that the Calabim were simply giving lip service to the Empyrean out of self-preservation. Still, her point about giving the Calabim a fair chance had merit.

    "Your Majesty, as always I bow to your will in matters of state. Though I have voiced my objections on the issue, you may rest assured that I shall abide by your decision."

  16. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    Spoiler Turn details :
    Year 198 - The Order

    The Kuriotates found the Order in the city of Avelorn. Cardith Lorda beat us to it, so we're switching research to Bronze Working.

    Gifting Way of the Wise to Jonas Endain.

    Year 199

    The Lanun convert to the Empyrean!

    Gifting Way of the Wise to Hannah.

    Gifting Honor to Jonas.

    Year 200

    Jonas joins the Overcouncil!

    We're reconciling with the Illians. Re-signed an Open Borders agreement with Auric AUlvin.

    Gifting Honor to Hannah.

    Year 201

    As Head Councilor we propose a resolution to stop the war against Cardith Lorda.

    Year 202

    The Overcouncil resolution passes. Jonas Endain has made peace with Cardith Lorda.

    Hannah follows the Empyrean but isn't on the Overcouncil yet, so she isn't subject to the resolution. That leaves Cardith Lorda at war with the Lanun and Calabim.

    Year 203 - Sending a contingent of Horsemen to Cardith Lorda's territory to observe the war against the Calabim.

    Year 204

    Faeryl Viconia completes the Bone Palace and goes into a Golden Age.

    We've accepted Auric's demand to share with him our secret of Archery. I'm not quite ready to enter a war with the Illians for the moment.

    Year 205 - Done researching Bronze Working, now going for Festivals.

    Year 206

    Hannah makes peace with Cardith Lorda.

    With the threat of war minimal, we switch to City States and Protect the Meek.

    Year 208

    There's a Sheaim revolt in Galveholm. Grottiburg's cultural borders are pushing into Galveholm.

    Year 209 - Done reasearching Festivals, now going for Priesthood.

    Year 210 - Tasunke of the Hippus

    We establish diplomatic relations with the Hippus.

    Tebryn's Redemption

    Tebryn Arbandi converts to the Empyrean!

    Alexis converts to the Ashen Veil.

    Year 213

    The single currency resolution passes at the Overcouncil.

    Gifting Way of the Wise to Tebryn.

    Year 214 - Gifting Honor to Tebryn.

    Year 215 - The Octopus Overlords

    The Octopus Overlords is founded in the Hippus city of Radonnor.

    Tebryn joins the Overcouncil!

    Auric has declared war on Cardith again.

    Year 217

    Traded Festivals, Masonry and 95 gold to Jonas for his knowledge of Warfare.

    Traded Construction and Festivals to Faeryl for her knowledge of Tracking.

    Year 219 - Done researching Priesthood, now going for Sanitation.

    Year 224

    We trade Bronze Working, Priesthood, Tracking and Festivals to Cardith Lorda for his knowledge of Orders from Heaven and Sanitation(we're only 3 turns away from Sanitation, but Bronze Working should help him against the Illians).

    Now researching Religious Law for Chalid Astrakein.

    Hannah joins the Overcouncil!

    Tasunke converts to the Octopus Overlords.

    Year 225 - The Fellowship of Leaves

    The Fellowship of Leaves is founded in a distant land.

    Alexis's Redemption

    Axelis converts to the Empyrean...wow...

    Year 228 - Gifting Honor to Alexis.

    Year 229 - Age of the Empyrean

    Alexis joins the Overcouncil! Essentially everyone is Empyrean and on the Overcouncil now, except for Tasunke and Auric.

    Cardith is still at war with Auric and Alexis.
  17. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    I know Auric cannot adopt a religion but can he join the Overcouncil once he has Honour?
  18. Rex rgis of Ter

    Rex rgis of Ter Me I'm a Creator

    Jul 10, 2007
    Auric cannot change is alignment, and only good/neutral civilization can join the Overcouncil.

    Remeber to force Alexis to stop the war against Cardith. I think it's time to finish off the Sheaim.
  19. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    Indeed. Auric refuses to turn away from Evil! :mad: We'll have to deal with him eventually. The Sheaim have converted to the Empyrean so aren't evil anymore, I'm inclined to spare them even though they still use death magic. They're on the overcouncil now, I'll eventually want to pass the resolution banning death magic. But yeah I want to propose the resolution to stop the war vs cardith too. So much work to be done on the overcouncil. :king:
  20. EverNoob

    EverNoob Prince

    Jan 26, 2006
    Chapter 7 - Passing the Torch

    Year 230-246

    Einion Logos admired the colourful flowers of the Cahir Abbey garden, which was known across the continent for its unrivaled beauty. Queen Ethne had it built soon after the ice had retreated to symbolize rebirth. It had become his favorite place for meditation and reflection.

    He spent a great deal of time in the gardens these days. Thoughts of the Luonnotar, Lugus and the Overcouncil weighed heavily on his mind. Many of his close advisers were concerned that he seemed very distracted lately. There was little cause for concern however. Under the protection of the Empyrean, the Elohim nation was more secure than it had ever been.

    The Radiant Guard

    Yesterday Cailleach Beara, a prophet of Luonnotar, arrived at Cahir Abbey carrying with him a piece of the Altar of Luonnotar. The prophet had learned that the Elohim possessed another piece of the Altar. Since the Altar was one of the most guarded secrets of the Elohim, Einion was curious how the prophet found out about it. It is said that when all the pieces of the Altar are assembled, the one true god responsible for all of Creation will appear. When asked about this, the prophet rambled on about how the other gods of Erebus were merely pretenders.

    Einion realized he had spent too much time on matters of state. His duties as Head of the Order of Elohim had been sorely neglected. He had been contemplating resigning his position as Head Counciler of the Overcouncil for some time now. Should he step down, Faeryl Viconia seemed likely to be elected as the next Head Counciler. During a recent meeting, Belatu Cadros had assured the Elohim that the Svartalfar had fully embraced the teachings of Lugus so Einion was confident that Faeryl would make a capable Head Counciler. Now was the time, he thought to himself.

    Now that the safety of the nation and the Overcouncil was secure, he could turn his full attention to ancient secrets of the gods.

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